Guitar Chat With Muris Etc. 2007-12-26
Dec 28 2007, 07:18 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
18:27:47 Muris: hmm,hair smells odd...
18:28:13 Muris: hope i didn't burn it 8)
18:31:46 Muris: ohooo
18:31:50 Smells: hey mate smile.gif
18:31:57 Muris: Hi Chris smile.gif
18:32:01 Muris: how's it going?
18:32:31 Smells: good thanks, got a pod xt live for christmas, playing around with the online stuff atm
18:32:40 Smells: its sooo ocool
18:32:40 Muris: nice smile.gif
18:32:43 Muris: congrats
18:32:56 Muris: gonna see Mirza tomorrow or day after tomorrow
18:33:05 Muris: will let you know about the progress wink.gif
18:33:15 Smells: arr great, so excited about it cant w8 lol
18:33:22 Muris: can tell smile.gif
18:33:38 Smells: spent a fortune on gear this year lol
18:33:38 Muris: how is the weather in UK?
18:33:55 Smells: grey & damp
18:34:00 Muris: snow?
18:34:17 Smells: not too cold warmed up a bit today `bout 7 degrees ... no snow sad.gif
18:34:28 Muris: I see
18:34:36 Smells: hows bout Bosnia?
18:34:37 Muris: here's about 10cm of snow
18:34:45 Muris: -7 atm
18:34:49 Smells: eeek
18:35:04 Smells: coldest its got here was last friday -6
18:35:13 Muris: we used to have Winter Olimpic Games in Sarajevo
18:35:17 Smells: hey JVM smile.gif
18:35:17 JVM: hey smile.gif
18:35:17 Muris: guess why smile.gif
18:35:24 Muris: hey JVM
18:35:32 Smells: does it snow this time every year there?
18:35:39 Muris: ohh yeah
18:35:44 Muris: sometimes even in September
18:36:02 Smells: so your probably bored with the snow when we`re all excited about it
18:36:07 JVM: tongue.gif
18:36:07 Muris: lol
18:36:10 Muris: sort of wink.gif
18:36:30 Smells: hows it goin JVM
18:36:32 Muris: JVM,how is it in states?
18:36:41 Muris: mean weather
18:36:44 JVM: right now its kind of "chilly"
18:36:47 JVM: but no snow sad.gif
18:36:50 Smells: sad.gif
18:36:56 Muris: want some?
18:36:58 Muris: wink.gif
18:36:59 JVM: yes biggrin.gif
18:37:01 Smells: we need to fly to Bosnia m8
18:37:08 JVM: I'm sure if I went up just a bit north I could find some snow
18:37:10 Muris: be my guest smile.gif
18:37:20 JVM: i'd love to go to bosnia
18:37:36 Muris: well,at least you can come freely
18:37:40 Muris: smile.gif
18:37:50 JVM: can you not go freely?
18:37:59 Muris: oh no
18:38:03 Muris: we need Visa
18:38:06 Muris: Viza
18:38:14 Smells: american express
18:38:16 Muris: for almost every country in the world wink.gif
18:38:31 JVM: I think we have to have a visa as well
18:38:33 Muris: lol
18:38:39 Muris: I have Visa electron
18:38:41 JVM: at least i had to have one when I went to mexico and brazil
18:38:43 Muris: doenst help mate
18:38:50 Smells: damn
18:38:54 Muris: wink.gif
18:39:03 Smells: I`ll start a petition
18:39:17 JVM: I heard you turned down an offer to go to berklee muris
18:39:20 JVM: true?
18:39:25 Muris: yeah...
18:39:28 Muris: was young
18:39:34 Muris: had some issue at home
18:39:54 Muris: that policy of USA changed radicaly to muslim world
18:39:59 Muris: you know the rest smile.gif
18:40:02 JVM: yeah
18:40:18 JVM: but it all turned out just fine in terms of your music career right wink.gif
18:40:26 Muris: well yeah smile.gif
18:40:32 Muris: I'll not complain
18:40:40 Muris: I'm happy with what I do
18:40:46 Muris: can be better of course
18:40:53 Muris: but I still hope I'm young
18:40:54 Muris: LOL
18:40:58 JVM: ehh i can always be better
18:41:04 JVM: it*
18:41:13 Smells: lol, yea plenty of room for imrovment here too mate
18:41:21 Smells: improvement*
18:41:23 JVM: but I can always be better too tongue.gif
18:41:29 Muris: wink.gif
18:41:32 JVM: I think my next move is to get some better recording stuff
18:41:38 Muris: I was thinking of whole situation
18:41:38 JVM: going to buy an sm57 with christmas money
18:41:41 Muris: in region
18:41:46 JVM: then save a little and get a delay pedal
18:41:51 Muris: ahh,wanna mic your amp?
18:41:53 Muris: great smile.gif
18:41:54 JVM: yeah
18:41:59 JVM: not totally satisfied with the toneport
18:42:08 Muris: well cab is cab
18:42:12 Muris: that's for sure smile.gif
18:42:20 JVM: and I guess the mic will come first since I can always add delay after recording
18:42:35 Muris: absolutely
18:42:43 Muris: record it as dry as possible
18:42:53 Muris: latter on you can add whatever you want
18:43:11 Muris: as the matter of fact
18:43:14 Smells: JVM do you use riffworks?
18:43:17 Muris: I read some article
18:43:18 JVM: nope
18:43:21 Smells: k
18:43:23 JVM: I have the toneport gx, just comes with gearbox
18:43:23 Muris: about Vai's live setup
18:43:42 JVM: what about vai?
18:43:48 Smells: soz Murs carry on
18:43:53 Smells: Muris*
18:43:53 Muris: ok smile.gif
18:43:55 Muris: so
18:44:14 Muris: he's micing dry sound on cab
18:44:22 Muris: it goes to mixing board
18:44:27 Muris: but his efxs rack
18:44:31 Muris: which is on stage
18:44:41 Muris: is conected to mixing board as aux
18:44:46 Muris: LOL
18:44:59 JVM: so his technician can tweak his sound as needed while he's playing?
18:45:01 Muris: so he add all efxs after the sound is miced
18:45:04 Muris: wink.gif
18:45:07 JVM: awesome
18:45:18 Muris: maybe not for every single gig
18:45:27 Muris: but surely that's the greatest solution
18:45:36 Muris: adding efxs after sound is miced
18:45:47 Smells: yea that`d be cool, you`d have to so trust the guy doing the mixing tho
18:45:52 JVM: yeah tongue.gif
18:45:54 Muris: oh no
18:45:55 JVM: what if he got angry
18:46:06 JVM: *plunk plunk*
18:46:10 Muris: guy on the mixer doen't have anytinihg with efxs
18:46:10 Smells: lol
18:46:16 Muris: Vai adds it
18:46:24 Smells: arr right
18:46:24 Muris: it's aux on some 70%
18:46:27 JVM: ah
18:46:38 Muris: and Steve changes presets etc
18:46:41 Muris: awesome wink.gif
18:46:48 JVM: cool
18:47:14 Muris: have you heard what happened to my Triaxis?
18:47:18 JVM: no?
18:47:22 JVM: bad news?
18:47:23 Smells: no
18:47:23 Muris: I got this power conditioner
18:47:28 Muris: fron 220v to 110
18:47:32 Muris: from *
18:47:40 Muris: and it says 50wats
18:47:47 Muris: triaxis runs on 30wats tho
18:47:50 Muris: I pluged it
18:47:57 Muris: sound is awesome tho smile.gif
18:48:05 Muris: I played maybe 4-5 hours
18:48:06 Muris: and them
18:48:15 Smells: you blew it??
18:48:17 Muris: smels of burning....
18:48:21 Muris: not entirely
18:48:23 JVM: ack ohmy.gif
18:48:24 Smells: phew
18:48:27 Muris: but it went too hot
18:48:30 Muris: conditioner
18:48:47 Muris: so i took it to a friend,el,guy
18:48:58 Muris: he'll make me one solid 100wats coditioner
18:49:10 Muris: I bought this 50wats cause it isn't that big
18:49:19 Muris: did I say I hate big things?
18:49:21 Muris: LOL
18:49:26 JVM: lol
18:49:31 JVM: so its okay though eh?
18:49:31 Smells: heheh
18:49:39 Muris: so this 100wats will be a bit bigger
18:49:43 Muris: but not too much
18:49:56 Muris: hope to get it in next few days
18:50:03 JVM: you'll have to let us hear it
18:50:07 Smells: what do you think your next gear related purchase will be
18:50:09 Muris: of course smile.gif
18:50:22 Muris: ahh dunno Chris
18:50:29 Muris: as crazy as I am
18:50:34 Smells: lol
18:50:46 Muris: I'll probably thorw all my rack in trash can and go for some tube head
18:50:47 Muris: LOL
18:50:50 JVM: lol
18:50:55 Smells: lol
18:51:03 Muris: no idea mate
18:51:08 Muris: give me few days or som
18:51:09 Muris: LOL
18:51:12 JVM: hehe
18:51:14 Smells: lol
18:51:27 Smells: have you got any guitars on order with Mirza atm?
18:51:38 Muris: well yeah
18:51:46 Muris: one to Croatia,one to Sweden
18:51:52 Muris: there's a guy from states as well
18:51:58 Smells: excellent
18:52:02 Muris: deal is
18:52:03 JVM: smells you're getting one arent you?
18:52:07 Muris: he's doing ALL the work
18:52:21 Smells: yes m8
18:52:22 Muris: that's why he doesn't have a website still
18:52:29 Muris: can't accept too many orders
18:52:33 Muris: unfortunately...
18:52:37 JVM: hi klock
18:52:41 KloCkWorXx: whats up
18:52:42 Muris: thanks JVM
18:52:49 Muris: hi Klock
18:52:52 Muris: smile.gif
18:52:57 Smells: Hi Klock m8, hows it goin
18:53:20 KloCkWorXx: haha hungover still
18:53:23 JVM: lol
18:53:26 Smells: lol
18:53:26 Muris: LOL
18:53:42 Muris: too much?
18:53:46 JVM: hey muris.. just a little request
18:53:48 Muris: how many nights?
18:53:54 Muris: sure JVM
18:53:58 JVM: whatever your next unrecorded lesson is
18:54:03 JVM: think you could include some swells?
18:54:09 Muris: ahhh
18:54:20 Muris: I'm english sucker mate
18:54:27 Muris: pardon my language
18:54:28 Muris: LOL
18:54:30 JVM: ahh well
18:54:34 Muris: swells?
18:54:35 JVM: knopfler does it a lot
18:54:37 JVM: volume thing
18:54:41 Muris: ahh
18:54:42 JVM: kind of fades in
18:54:45 Muris: sure,got it wink.gif
18:54:49 JVM: cool thanks smile.gif
18:54:53 Muris: but ther's one small issue
18:54:58 Muris: since I use Pnadora
18:55:02 Muris: Pandora*
18:55:08 Muris: it's digi unit
18:55:17 JVM: ahh so when you turn the volume down it doesnt sound as good
18:55:31 Muris: those ins are great on tube or amy amp actually
18:55:33 Muris: yeah
18:55:40 Muris: doesn't came that great
18:55:42 Muris: but hey
18:55:49 JVM: yeah I kind of know what you mean from using the toneport
18:55:52 Muris: it might come nicely if I use less drive
18:55:57 Muris: that's is solution wink.gif
18:55:58 JVM: might
18:56:10 JVM: well its up to you man smile.gif
18:56:13 Muris: consider it done
18:56:17 JVM: thanks again
18:56:29 Muris: Knopfler lesson n0 2 is on its way wink.gif
18:56:39 JVM: biggrin.gif your knopfler lesson is one of my favorites
18:56:42 JVM: you nailed it
18:56:49 Muris: kind of " You and your firend"?
18:56:54 Muris: wink.gif
18:57:01 Muris: ahh
18:57:04 Muris: friend *
18:57:12 Muris: knwo that tune?
18:57:16 Muris: know *
18:57:22 JVM: yeah
18:57:27 JVM: or brothers in arms or something
18:57:32 Muris: yep smile.gif
18:58:12 Smells: I dont know much of there stuff just the main stream thing, I really should listen to more variety
18:58:24 JVM: ahh knopfler is amazing tongue.gif I can't stress it enough
18:58:25 Muris: ohh
18:58:34 Muris: Dire Straits is way too great band mate
18:58:38 Muris: they from UK tho wink.gif
18:58:39 Smells: I`m just an old rock head stuck in me ways lol
18:58:43 JVM: and his solo stuff is good too
18:58:54 Muris: Golden Heart
18:58:59 Muris: Darling Pretty
18:59:02 Muris: wink.gif
18:59:08 JVM: heard the one he did with emmylou harris?
18:59:14 Muris: oh yeah
18:59:16 Muris: well
18:59:25 Muris: whatever Mark does,it's great
18:59:48 Muris: man is a giant
18:59:51 Muris: pure legend
18:59:51 JVM: yep
18:59:55 Muris: living one wink.gif
19:00:01 JVM: he did the soundtrack to princess bride if you've seen that movie
19:00:06 JVM: genius stuff smile.gif
19:00:08 Muris: think so
19:00:15 Muris: Local Hero as well
19:00:17 Muris: old one
19:00:52 Muris: think we are killing our rocker friends JVM with Knopfler smile.gif
19:00:57 JVM: lol
19:01:04 Muris: Chris?
19:01:07 Smells: lol no not at all
19:01:07 Muris: c'mon mate
19:01:20 Muris: it's about drive above 9.0
19:01:21 JVM: I began listening to toto based on your lukather lesson by the way, muris
19:01:23 Muris: LOL
19:01:31 Muris: thank smile.gif
19:01:35 Muris: Toto is great band
19:01:40 Muris: lots of great music
19:01:52 Muris: playing,vocals,tunes in general
19:01:52 Smells: see now theres another band that I like what I hear all the time but I `ve never bought any of there albums etc
19:02:00 JVM: toto? biggrin.gif
19:02:05 JVM: I just got their greatest hits thing
19:02:07 Muris: yeah,Toto
19:02:08 Muris: wink.gif
19:02:09 JVM: so I cant claim to know much about em
19:02:13 Muris: fair enough
19:02:15 JVM: but I like them os far
19:02:16 JVM: so*
19:02:20 Muris: but look for more
19:02:24 Muris: they are awesome
19:02:34 Muris: studio musicians made a band
19:02:40 Muris: what more do you need smile.gif
19:02:43 JVM: tongue.gif
19:02:53 JVM: worked for led zeppelin
19:02:59 Muris: for many
19:03:03 Muris: Elton John
19:03:15 Smells: now Elton john strangely enough I love
19:03:19 Muris: but Luke did way too much
19:03:25 Muris: check out his website
19:03:31 Muris: discography
19:03:33 Muris: ahhhhhhhhh
19:03:45 Muris: list is endless
19:03:46 Smells: as in love his music ofc
19:03:56 JVM: he did a christmas album with steve vai, slash and some others biggrin.gif
19:03:59 JVM: I have to hear that one
19:04:04 Muris: man
19:04:05 Smells: really?
19:04:07 JVM: yep
19:04:07 Muris: you can't believe
19:04:10 Muris: list of artists
19:04:19 Smells: wow
19:04:20 Muris: Areta Franklin
19:04:24 Muris: Michael Jackson
19:04:28 Muris: Elton John
19:04:32 Muris: etc
19:04:35 Muris: Tom Jones
19:04:39 Muris: millions
19:04:39 JVM: van halen was on that album too
19:04:48 Muris: top notch
19:04:49 JVM: definitely gotta check it out for myself
19:05:03 Muris: Luke is amazing
19:05:10 Muris: and he sings like hell too smile.gif
19:05:31 JVM: I can't figure out who the lead singer for toto is
19:05:34 JVM: they seem to have a bunch tongue.gif
19:05:47 Muris: sort of,yeah
19:05:59 Muris: main singer is Bobby Kimbale
19:06:04 JVM: yeah I figured so
19:06:07 Muris: but he was out for some time
19:06:10 JVM: great voice
19:06:19 Muris: then Luke took his place
19:06:24 Muris: plus some other guys
19:06:29 Muris: there were some ledies too
19:06:31 Muris: wink.gif
19:06:33 JVM: do you know who sings on 'gypsy train'?
19:06:34 Muris: ladies *
19:06:40 Muris: that's Luke
19:06:42 JVM: ah
19:06:44 JVM: cool
19:06:46 Muris: on Gypsy
19:06:56 Muris: on the whole album
19:07:08 Muris: that's tambu or kingdom of desire?
19:07:14 Muris: anyhow
19:07:24 Muris: he did all vocals for both albums wink.gif
19:07:29 JVM: cool
19:07:33 JVM: well I like his voice too tongue.gif
19:07:39 Muris: course you do
19:07:42 Muris: LOL
19:08:08 Smells: do you do much vocals Muris?
19:08:19 Muris: more or less,yeah
19:08:26 Muris: usualy I sing on every gig
19:08:39 Muris: not tomorrow tho
19:08:46 JVM: sore throat?
19:08:47 Smells: do you sing in English
19:08:47 JVM: lol
19:08:48 Muris: I'll be playing on bigger concert
19:08:54 Muris: few major stars from region
19:08:57 Muris: singers
19:08:57 JVM: cool
19:09:07 Muris: so my bend will be kind of "on stage" band
19:09:11 JVM: smells I think he has some samples of his singing on some of his videos and in his myspace
19:09:15 Muris: I'll do some backings,nothing lead
19:09:21 JVM: you sang on parisienne walkways right?
19:09:34 Muris: yeah smile.gif
19:09:48 Muris: and While My guitar gently whips
19:09:55 Muris: there are few more from the same gig
19:10:00 Muris: didn't upload it
19:10:24 Smells: ooh I`ll have to go check it out smile.gif
19:10:33 Muris: ok smile.gif
19:10:40 JVM: hey smells, you like opeth?
19:10:44 JVM: biggrin.gif
19:10:57 Smells: not really mate
19:11:00 JVM: ah
19:11:00 Muris:
19:11:06 Muris: there you go wink.gif
19:11:10 JVM: whats your thing then?
19:11:20 JVM: lol
19:11:24 Muris: LOL
19:11:25 JVM: I love opeth by the way
19:11:32 JVM: just throwing that out there
19:11:34 Muris: you can stay here mate while watching those vids
19:11:36 Muris: LOL
19:11:44 Smells: lol it signed out lol
19:11:54 Muris: hold my hand
19:11:55 Muris: LOL
19:11:59 Smells: I`m into much older rock mate
19:12:00 KloCkWorXx: why do people hate CC Deville from Poison haha?
19:12:04 JVM: ahh
19:12:07 JVM: well... how about thin lizzy
19:12:28 Smells: oohh yea love lizzy
19:12:35 Smells: that kind of thing mate
19:12:38 JVM: cool biggrin.gif one of my favorites
19:12:47 Smells: Priest, maiden, saxon , dio etc
19:12:51 JVM: ahh
19:12:53 JVM: there we go
19:13:03 JVM: I haven't heard much of saxon though
19:13:10 JVM: I mean I've hear people mention them but i haven't heard them
19:13:14 Smells: nah they are still going
19:13:21 JVM: heard*
19:13:25 Smells: huge in the eighties
19:13:55 Muris: who likes Police?
19:13:58 Muris: smile.gif
19:14:00 JVM: me! me!
19:14:03 Muris: wink.gif
19:14:22 JVM: another band i mostly know from greatest hits type things though
19:14:25 Muris: wrapped arpund your finger
19:14:26 Smells: yup I dont mind a bit of police
19:14:32 Muris: that tune is killing me wink.gif
19:15:52 JVM: muris, what kind of delay do you use live?
19:16:04 Muris: mean settings or?
19:16:12 JVM: more like brand kind of thing
19:16:20 Muris: from prophesy so far
19:16:23 JVM: ah
19:16:26 Muris: nothing external
19:16:38 JVM: think I'll get a boss pedal
19:16:46 Muris: boss is great
19:16:48 Muris: as is said
19:16:55 Muris: I might get amp and pedal
19:16:57 Muris: wink.gif
19:17:00 KloCkWorXx: i have a dd-6 boss its a good pedal
19:17:01 Muris: sorry
19:17:05 Muris: pedals *
19:17:06 JVM: cool
19:17:07 Muris: LO(L
19:17:13 JVM: I was thinking maybe the dd-3 cause it's a lot cheaper tongue.gif
19:17:31 KloCkWorXx: yeah same thing pretty much too
19:17:34 JVM: yeah
19:17:51 KloCkWorXx: i split to 2 amps though so i went with the dd6
19:17:58 JVM: ah
19:18:06 JVM: what kinda amps do you play?
19:18:17 KloCkWorXx: 5150 and jsx
19:18:23 JVM: ohmy.gif nice rig!
19:18:31 Muris: Peavey fan ha wink.gif
19:18:33 JVM: do you have a preference between them?
19:18:48 KloCkWorXx: 5150 has an awsome metal sound
19:19:15 KloCkWorXx: id prefer the 5150
19:19:36 Muris: what about clean on 5150?
19:19:52 KloCkWorXx: haha there is no clean channel
19:19:58 Muris: wink.gif
19:19:59 JVM: lol
19:20:03 JVM: is there a gain footswitch?
19:20:27 KloCkWorXx: i use the rythm channel gain on .5 for a clean tone
19:20:36 Muris: have you ever heard Eddie playing clean?
19:20:42 Muris: LOL
19:20:42 JVM: maybe once or twice lol
19:20:58 JVM: I'm saving up for a laney
19:21:02 JVM: but that will be a while
19:21:27 KloCkWorXx: paul gilberts laneys are nice that was the first time i saw one
19:21:44 JVM: aye and tony iommi plays one
19:21:52 JVM: opeth as well. I love their metal tone and clean
19:21:55 Muris: Laney is great too
19:22:06 Muris: friend of mine bought Road King few days ago
19:22:17 Muris: really good price
19:22:28 Muris: so now I'm asking,praying,offering my body etc
19:22:31 Muris: LOL
19:22:32 JVM: lol
19:22:42 Muris: really
19:22:46 Muris: he promised me
19:22:49 KloCkWorXx: haha
19:22:55 Muris: if he ever planing to sell it
19:23:03 Muris: I'll be first on the list
19:23:06 JVM: cool
19:23:10 Muris: tho he's bit of a liar
19:23:12 Muris: but who cars
19:23:12 JVM: lol
19:23:13 Muris: LOL
19:23:17 Muris: cares*
19:23:43 Muris: first must connect Triaxis and G-force I guess
19:23:48 JVM: hopefully after I get one I'll be more or less fully content with my live setup for a while tongue.gif
19:23:50 Muris: spend few years with it
19:24:02 Muris: then up to something else
19:24:10 Muris: might keep Force tho
19:24:16 Muris: for efxs in loop
19:24:29 Muris: Hi Ctodd smile.gif
19:24:35 Ctodd: Hello
19:24:42 Muris: what's new?
19:24:46 Ctodd: for once there is actually someone else here
19:24:52 Ctodd: not much
19:25:04 Ctodd: almost bought a classical guitar today
19:25:05 Muris: playing maybe?
19:25:07 Muris: wink.gif
19:25:09 Muris: ahh great
19:25:11 KloCkWorXx: haha this is actually my first day on the site
19:25:19 Muris: oups
19:25:24 Muris: you said amlost
19:25:27 Muris: my fault....
19:25:30 Ctodd: haha
19:25:35 Muris: almost*
19:25:40 Muris: sherd typing it is
19:25:42 Muris: LOL
19:25:45 Muris: ahhh
19:25:47 Muris: shred *
19:25:51 Muris: you see?
19:25:59 Ctodd: haha, nice
19:26:10 JVM: welcome to the site smile.gif
19:26:11 Ctodd: i like that, "shred" typing
19:26:12 KloCkWorXx: if shreddin was only as easy as typing haha
19:26:20 Muris: yep wink.gif
19:26:40 Muris: chris,are we on same channel mate?
19:26:53 Muris: earth call Chris
19:26:56 Ctodd: same channel?
19:26:58 JVM: I think not tongue.gif
19:27:02 Ctodd: what do you mean?
19:27:06 Smells: lol sorry
19:27:07 Muris: we lost him....
19:27:09 Muris: LOL
19:27:10 JVM: hehe
19:27:12 Muris: ther he is
19:27:12 Smells: noo I`m here
19:27:37 Ctodd: is there more than one Chris in here????....
19:27:45 Smells: sorry messing round with te drums on riffworks, watching Muris and reading the ink JVM sent me
19:27:47 Muris: ahh you're Chris too?
19:27:47 JVM: lol
19:27:51 Ctodd: yep
19:27:54 Smells: link*
19:27:58 Muris: well guys
19:28:10 Muris: try to put your name in nick next time
19:28:11 Muris: wink.gif
19:28:28 Muris: look at me per example
19:28:34 Muris: can you call me...Steve?
19:28:36 Muris: nooooooo
19:28:39 Muris: LOL
19:28:41 JVM: lol
19:28:53 JVM: muris you're a little crazy man
19:28:57 Smells: lol
19:28:59 Muris: ahh mate
19:29:01 Muris: not at all
19:29:10 Muris: I just brned my hair a bit
19:29:15 Muris: LOL
19:29:23 Muris: burned *
19:29:23 Smells: lol
19:29:26 Muris: wink.gif
19:29:26 KloCkWorXx: burnt hair smells good haha
19:29:38 Smells: how`d ya manage that .... lol
19:29:43 Muris: well
19:29:46 JVM: shredding so fast obviously
19:29:49 Smells: lol
19:29:55 JVM: fingers caught fire, ran them through his hair
19:30:02 Ctodd: clearly that is the only possible scenario
19:30:05 Muris: shred typing + hair fan
19:30:12 Muris: means
19:30:15 Muris: burning hair
19:30:17 Muris: wink.gif
19:30:38 Smells: now ya see I dont have that trouble in the middle part of my years lol
19:30:50 Muris: got it now LOL
19:31:06 Smells: ,ine was once long.. very long
19:31:07 Muris: how old are you once more?
19:31:12 Smells: 37
19:31:16 Muris: ahh yeah
19:31:18 Muris: smile.gif
19:31:36 Smells: I shave it now, hides the thin bits
19:31:38 Muris: give me 9 years and I'll get you
19:31:39 Muris: LOL
19:31:59 Smells: nooo, 46 then ouch
19:32:10 Muris: loosing hair you say?
19:32:21 Smells: lol yea
19:32:25 Muris: ouch
19:32:30 JVM: 9 years I'll be 26
19:32:43 Smells: lol
19:32:45 Muris: is it too much or?
19:32:45 Ctodd: i swear im losing my hair... and im 20
19:32:46 KloCkWorXx: haha i turned 26 2 days ago
19:32:48 Smells: thanks for that m8
19:32:50 JVM: biggrin.gif
19:33:08 Smells: a good friend of mine was as bald asa coot at 16
19:33:13 Smells: at*
19:33:20 Muris: I'm losing mine too, but cause is something totaly different mate
19:33:22 Muris: LOL
19:33:23 JVM: I've seen people go gray or white at 20ish
19:33:23 KloCkWorXx: prob got served haha
19:33:55 Ctodd: my old football coach was 80% bald and he was only 27
19:33:59 Smells: yea, fortunatly thats not happened, I kinda skipped that part
19:34:01 Muris: yeah
19:34:13 Muris: grey seems to be good looking
19:34:15 Muris: or som...
19:34:19 Smells: distinguished
19:34:22 Muris: gray*
19:34:24 Muris: ahhh
19:34:30 JVM: looks kinda cool tongue.gif
19:34:32 Muris: or it is grey?
19:34:36 Muris: nned help here
19:34:37 Muris: LOL
19:34:38 Ctodd: no one knows
19:34:41 JVM: like.. dante from devil may cry or something tongue.gif
19:34:42 Ctodd: biggrin.gif
19:34:48 Smells: grey, gray its all the same
19:34:48 Muris: ahh
19:34:50 Muris: Like Dante
19:34:51 JVM: if you know what I mean
19:34:53 Muris: cool guy
19:35:03 Muris: scarry game tho
19:35:15 Ctodd: you need a huge sword to compliment the gray/grey hair
19:35:17 JVM: yeah
19:35:19 Ctodd: and guns
19:35:19 JVM: lol
19:35:21 Smells: lol
19:35:29 JVM: and twin black and white pistols
19:35:36 Muris: I'm tottaly out there mate
19:35:46 Muris: no idea what you said
19:35:47 Muris: LOL
19:35:58 JVM: hey sam smile.gif
19:36:02 Smells: hiya sam
19:36:05 JVM: we've got ourselves a little party going now
19:36:05 Muris: now this is the nick
19:36:08 Muris: hi Sam smile.gif
19:36:12 Smells: his names Pete
19:36:17 Muris: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
19:36:18 Smells: lol
19:36:20 Muris: LOL
19:36:37 Muris: how's it going Sam?
19:36:54 Sam Hook: hey guys
19:37:01 Sam Hook: yeah not too bad thanks
19:37:02 Muris: hi there smile.gif
19:37:08 Smells: you from UK sam?
19:37:14 Sam Hook: yep, you?
19:37:17 Smells: yea m8
19:37:21 Sam Hook: cool
19:37:30 Muris: I'm not.may I still be your friend sad.gif
19:37:40 Smells: most definatly
19:37:49 Muris: awesome biggrin.gif
19:37:49 JVM: lol
19:38:03 Smells: dinner?
19:38:13 Muris: bed time actually
19:38:20 Muris: what's the time in UK Chris?
19:38:25 Muris: around midnight?
19:38:27 Smells: ouch yea 12.40
19:38:37 Muris: 1:40 here
19:38:38 Ctodd: 7:40 here tongue.gif
19:38:40 Smells: eeeeek
19:38:43 Muris: lucky you
19:38:44 JVM: 7:40 too
19:38:46 JVM: east coast?
19:38:47 Muris: wester people
19:38:48 Muris: ahhh
19:38:49 Ctodd: yep yep
19:38:52 JVM: woot
19:38:55 JVM: high five
19:38:58 Smells: wot time u got JVM?
19:39:03 JVM: 7:40ish
19:39:11 Ctodd: I'm from pennsylvania
19:39:17 JVM: north carolina
19:39:30 Ctodd: nice
19:39:32 Muris: Bosnia...never mind
19:39:34 Muris: LOL
19:39:35 JVM: lol
19:39:37 Smells: lol
19:39:55 Muris: did I say my hair got fried
19:39:56 Muris: well
19:39:59 Smells: lol yea
19:40:03 Muris: you understand me know I hope
19:40:17 Smells: yup wink.gif
19:40:22 Muris: being this silly isn't my style to be honest
19:40:26 Muris: or...
19:40:28 Muris: maybe
19:40:30 Muris: dunne
19:40:38 Muris: I'm not that stable person after all
19:40:40 Muris: LOL
19:40:45 Smells: lol
19:41:06 Muris: so,anyone tried my country lesson?
19:41:11 Muris: any clips perhaps?
19:41:15 JVM: too fast for me ohmy.gif
19:41:21 Ctodd: Haha i wish i was that good
19:41:23 Muris: well,take is slow mate
19:41:27 Muris: there are slow backing
19:41:32 Muris: no need for hurry
19:41:32 Smells: tbh, no, if I did I`d skip what I`m doing and prob give it a try, so refraining
19:41:34 JVM: I'm working on your lukather and blues lesson
19:41:34 Muris: wink.gif
19:41:40 JVM: which are kinda similar
19:41:50 JVM: so maybe I'll give a clip of that
19:41:56 JVM: except it'd be an mp3
19:41:59 Muris: so you're saying I made 1 lesson and got paid for 2???????????
19:42:01 Muris: ahh man
19:42:05 Muris: that's not fair
19:42:06 JVM: lol
19:42:06 Muris: LOL
19:42:19 Smells: Lukather Lesson is sweet
19:42:26 Muris: sure it is mate
19:42:32 Muris: and it's NOT blues lesson
19:42:35 Muris: LOL
19:42:36 JVM: you're making a song from it arent you?
19:42:46 JVM: I know i Know but the first video or two have similar stuff in em tongue.gif
19:42:46 Muris: well thought so
19:42:46 Smells: I love that I just wish it was twice the length
19:42:50 Muris: actuallt will do
19:42:57 Muris: just don't have enough time
19:43:02 Muris: to finish whole record
19:43:10 Muris: not to mention making new tunes
19:43:12 JVM: I've like to hear a song from the oriental shred lesson tongue.gif
19:43:18 Muris: ahhh
19:43:20 Muris: me to smile.gif
19:43:28 Muris: you like it?
19:43:30 JVM: yeah
19:43:34 Ctodd: me too
19:43:35 Muris: tried it a bit?
19:43:39 Muris: tried*/
19:43:41 JVM: not yet
19:43:46 JVM: too many lessons to try
19:43:49 Muris: sad.gif
19:43:50 JVM: can't do them all tongue.gif
19:43:53 Muris: sad.gif
19:44:00 JVM: but I have a plan
19:44:01 Muris: sad.gif
19:44:03 Smells: noo we are mere mortals sad.gif
19:44:07 Muris: sad.gif
19:44:09 JVM: I'm going to work on doing all the lessons ranked 1-3
19:44:13 JVM: muris stop it tongue.gif
19:44:14 Muris: sad.gif
19:44:20 Ctodd: haha
19:44:25 Muris: sad.gif sad.gif
19:44:25 Ctodd: im in your shoes too JVM
19:44:27 JVM: then eventually i'll move to 4 and 5 and such
19:44:33 Muris: sorry
19:44:36 JVM: I can do level 4 and 5 stuff but not all of it
19:44:41 Muris: keyboard got stucked
19:44:43 Muris: LOL
19:44:45 JVM: lol
19:45:04 Muris: about levels
19:45:16 Muris: it's really hard to put every lesson in one level
19:45:18 Muris: i mean
19:45:22 Muris: too many licks
19:45:30 Muris: and Kris is doing great job so far
19:45:33 Muris: ranking it all
19:45:34 JVM: yeah
19:45:49 JVM: thats what I mean though, I can play a couple level 5 lessons
19:45:55 JVM: but not every one
19:45:56 Muris: yeah
19:46:02 Muris: that's what I mean
19:46:10 Ctodd: I struggle enough with the 2-4 range lessons
19:46:13 JVM: and I try to really master it before I continue
19:46:17 JVM: don't want it to sound bad
19:46:22 Muris: I have one huuge issue
19:46:27 Muris: you know Eddiecat?
19:46:30 Muris: great guy
19:46:41 Muris: requested many beginner lessons
19:46:56 Muris: and I do it too coplicate
19:46:59 Muris: every time
19:47:02 JVM: lol
19:47:08 Muris: true
19:47:11 Muris: dunno how
19:47:17 Muris: I try so hard
19:47:20 Muris: to make it simple
19:47:24 Muris: but always
19:47:34 Muris: it went bit too much
19:47:52 Muris: I'm I stupid?
19:47:56 JVM: I guess he should slow it down a bit
19:48:05 JVM: but then look at some of the lessons on level 2 shred
19:48:06 Smells: this lvl thing, one thing I find hard to grasp with it
19:48:09 JVM: its insane stuff ohmy.gif
19:48:30 Smells: your In style of Paul gilbert is a 9
19:48:33 Muris: it's really hard to go to pure beginner level
19:48:35 Muris: indeed
19:48:45 JVM: yeah I know muris
19:48:54 Muris: maybe just to play chords??
19:48:56 Muris: D
19:48:59 Muris: now C
19:49:03 Muris: and....
19:49:04 Muris: G
19:49:06 Muris: ??
19:49:07 JVM: your mixolydian beginner lesson is pretty easy
19:49:09 Smells: now I`m nearly there with that, was gunna post you something in next week or so, but I do not class myself as advanced at all
19:49:42 Ctodd: some of the classical lessons are easy enough for anyone to pick up a guitar and start playing
19:49:57 Muris: I'll say advance intermediate wink.gif
19:49:58 Ctodd: thats where i started
19:50:40 Smells: yea, thats kinda what I mean, some of the 7 stuff is way harder I find
19:50:49 Muris: wink.gif
19:51:07 Smells: dont get me wrong, the PG is mega hard lol
19:51:11 JVM: lately I'm having a bunch of fun with fabian's blues shuffle lesson
19:51:15 Muris: ohhh
19:51:19 JVM: so groovy tongue.gif
19:51:27 Muris: but can you make easy lesson in style of PG??
19:51:34 Muris: think not smile.gif
19:51:43 Smells: lol noo not saying that
19:51:48 Muris: wink.gif
19:51:54 Ctodd: the next PG lessons needs to involve the drill
19:51:58 Smells: lol
19:51:59 Ctodd: biggrin.gif
19:52:01 KloCkWorXx: haha even paul gilbert playin his 3 string guitar is hard as hell
19:52:04 Muris: may I use shovel??
19:52:05 Muris: ahh
19:52:09 Muris: don't have it
19:52:09 Smells: buy an old guitar to do it on tho m8
19:52:11 Muris: LOL
19:52:20 Muris: got stolen
19:52:36 Smells: ar the stolen shovel
19:52:37 Muris: it was my lucky shovel tho
19:52:49 Muris: nice one
19:52:56 Muris: used to clear all snow
19:52:56 Smells: lol i bet the shovel dont think its lucky
19:53:00 Muris: and now....
19:53:07 Muris: I'm stucked
19:53:46 Muris: you like Greg Howe?
19:53:57 Muris: was thinking to make lesson in his style
19:54:16 Muris: simple 2 hand tapping
19:54:21 Muris: nothing too hard
19:54:47 Smells: yea gunna work on my tapping so that`d be col
19:54:55 Smells: cool*
19:55:03 Muris: meal cold?
19:55:11 Smells: lol
19:55:13 Muris: LOL
19:55:22 Muris: guys
19:55:28 Ctodd: am i missing half this conversation?
19:55:33 Muris: gonna say bye at this point
19:55:39 Smells: tis late m8
19:55:40 Muris: must get up in 6 hours
19:55:46 Ctodd: alrighty see ya
19:55:49 Muris: long day
19:55:53 Muris: have a great time
19:55:59 Muris: was nice chating
19:56:03 Smells: been gr8 chatting m8, speak to ya soon
19:56:04 Muris: see ya soon I hope
19:56:04 Ctodd: indeed
19:56:05 Muris: smile.gif
19:56:08 Muris: night
19:56:11 Ctodd: g'night
19:56:35 JVM: aww sad.gif lol
19:56:38 Smells: how you getting on with the band thing JVM
19:56:58 JVM: good
19:57:05 Smells: gr8 smile.gif
19:57:11 Ctodd: how long have you guys been playing?
19:57:13 JVM: I think it was audun we're waiting for to get recording equipment
19:57:24 JVM: but hopefully he got some this christmas
19:57:32 Smells: arr ok m8 ... I`ve been playing about 22 years
19:57:40 Ctodd: haha
19:57:46 Ctodd: longer than I've been alive
19:57:50 Ctodd: no offense
19:57:58 Smells: lol yea .. none taken
19:58:23 Ctodd: ive only been playing for like... 8 months
19:58:36 Smells: cool, and how ya finding it
19:58:41 Ctodd: awesome
19:58:46 Smells: gr8 smile.gif
19:58:54 Smells: I love it m8
19:59:10 Ctodd: how did you start out
19:59:17 Ctodd: i mean what got you into playing
19:59:31 Smells: started off playing drums at 12
19:59:36 Smells: was in a band
19:59:42 Smells: at 14
19:59:54 Ctodd: I wish i started that early....
19:59:57 Smells: my parents moved to a different area
20:00:06 Smells: and I couldnt practice my drums there
20:00:12 Ctodd: ouch
20:00:13 JVM: i think im going to upload a jam mixing in a couple lessons here in a minute
20:00:16 JVM: if you guys are interested
20:00:23 Smells: so I picked up guitar
20:00:55 Ctodd: definitely JVM...
20:01:07 Ctodd: my story isn't wuite that intersting
20:01:13 Ctodd: quite*
20:01:30 Ctodd: my neighbor in my dormitory had a guitar
20:01:35 Ctodd: this was last year
20:01:54 Ctodd: and i picked it up one day because there was a foot of snow outside
20:01:58 Ctodd: and i had nothing to do
20:02:17 Smells: arr right, well, it takes something like that sometimes
20:02:30 Ctodd: yep...
20:02:48 Ctodd: now i feel that it has really changed my life, cuz now im thinking about switching my major
20:02:51 Ctodd: to music
20:02:53 Smells: I just wish I`d put as much effort into my playing then as I do now
20:03:14 Ctodd: yeah, i feel the same way sort of
20:03:31 Ctodd: "Why didn't i start playing when i was 12?!?!?!"
20:03:40 Smells: I`ve wasted many years stuck doing the same things really
20:03:42 Ctodd: i find myself thinking that a lot
20:03:53 Ctodd: you mean in your practice routine?
20:03:59 Smells: yea
20:04:13 Ctodd: I'm kind of doing that right now...
20:04:30 Ctodd: but im still getting faster... so thats still productive right?
20:04:50 Smells: absolutly so long as its still clean and accurate as speed
20:04:54 Ctodd: yeah
20:04:56 Smells: at*
20:05:18 Ctodd: right now im working on playing pentatonics up and down at 80 bpm
20:05:22 Ctodd: 16th notes
20:05:26 Smells: sweet
20:05:32 Ctodd: thats up from 70 bpm last week tongue.gif
20:05:44 Smells: good scale to start with, it covers many areas and styles
20:05:54 Ctodd: yeah, thats what i've been told
20:06:11 Ctodd: the only thing is thats really all i have been playing.
20:06:24 Ctodd: that and i try and play a few of vinods classical lessons
20:06:56 Smells: well thats ok, start introducing something else into your routine
20:07:28 Ctodd: yeah, i need start trying to change rhthym i think
20:07:47 Ctodd: like mix in 8th notes, quarter notes and such
20:08:10 Smells: yea, gotta mix it up a little smile.gif
20:08:18 Ctodd: hehe, yeah i kno
20:08:19 Ctodd: w
20:08:19 Smells: keeps it interesting
20:08:46 Ctodd: well I'm not bored yet so, i figure as long as I'm getting faster, I'm being productive
20:09:17 Smells: yup I agree m8, I`ll play stuff for hours upon hours sometimes, your definatly going to see a result so its worth it
20:09:58 Ctodd: do you think buying the guitar pro program is worth it?
20:10:14 Ctodd: do the guitar pro tabs help that much?
20:10:27 Ctodd: ive never used it or scene it, so I'm not sure
20:11:10 Smells: errm to be honest, I couldnt say, I`ve never had it myself, others would argue that perhaps you need it but really until your thinking about your own songs etc I dont think you need it
20:11:40 Ctodd: ok, thanks.
20:11:59 Smells: well guys
20:12:04 Smells: 1am here
20:12:25 Smells: so I`m just gunna flick through the forums then I`m outa here
20:12:36 Ctodd: alright, thanks for the chat
20:12:41 Ctodd: have a good one
20:12:54 Smells: been great chatting with ya, goodnight smile.gif
20:23:58 JVM: okay well I'm out I guess
20:24:01 JVM: if you're stll there

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