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28 years old
Helsinki Finland
Born Aug-20-1993
Guitar, drums, bass and keyboard.
Hobbies: Thaiboxing.
I started playing guitar after I got my first guitar when i turned 14 and I've been loving guitars since then. Now I'm the lead guitarist of a band called Las Hombreros (the name won't give you a clue) which is a Finnish parody music band. (new genre :D)
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1 Feb 2011
I happened to remember a solo by Europe which I practiced months ago biggrin.gif Now that I've got my recording gear aka Samsung Galaxy S I decided to record it one take no retakes. Tell me what you think! Criticism please. I know there are a couple of mistakes in the fast licks but anything else? laugh.gif

Cheers ppl cool.gif Love ya all, peace!
19 Nov 2010
Hello Zsolt! I was wondering if I could have the presets for Another Day solo and Wisdom solo biggrin.gif And if you have some favourite presets could you post them too?
I really love your approach on melodies (in Wisdom for example) and the tones your using are stunning. In addition to Guitar Rig 4 are you using any other methods (e.g. in logic pro etc) to make the sound so clear and smooth even in aggressive licks. Or is it just your fingers? I wouldn't bee surprised if it was so cool.gif Modal madness has been the breakthrough for me in developing speed, every week I'm a bit faster and faster and now that I'm in a band (project name: Silent Seeker) I've realized how much help GMC has been to me! Thanks for great lessons keep them up!
Cheers laugh.gif

Ps: I donno if this is the right place for this post

And my email if you need it: [email protected]
12 Apr 2010
I have couple of times been on great gigs where the audience eventhough everyone loves the music they can't just get in to the show if you know what I mean. Though it doesn't usually happen in a headbanging gig. I've just been wondering what is the magic that makes some bands so absolutely awesome live? Some bands are great live but they just lack the magic if you know what I mean and if you don't know, here are some examples taken from tours of my favourite band. cool.gif
OH yeah "Imaginations Through the Looking Glass" is totally the most epic live DVD ever!

And here the crowd is chanting the chorus long after the song was "over"
15 Mar 2010
I just wanted to share our live show with all of my fellow GMCrs. Sorry about the quality, sad but the solos can't be heard too well. Well here they are! The singers are just random people because were still hunting for a singer, because I can't play lead guitar and sing at the same time. Our album will be released in the beginning of May. I hope you enjoy watching and as a tip don't take our music too seriously smile.gif
Cheers people!

25 Aug 2009
So well i tried to record some playing today with my brand new imac. Well it didn't go as I expected sad.gif I plugged my guitar to my pod xt and then pod xt to imac using usb-2. And well it sounded kinda like this. (File below) I have newest drivers etc. Can anyone help me to get a clue from where to start troubleshooting. Otherwise my mac works well Itunes work as it should no other problems with sound sad.gif

Sincerely MigeZ
Ps. Thats just some random playing so it bad. Well like you'd hear it form that mess biggrin.gif

Well heres some 3 string sweeping which now thanks to my imac sound like Dragonforce (live)
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happy bday!
21 Aug 2010 - 6:02
Sorry about the song thingy I kinda explained it somewhere but to repay that I'll be adding a song or two from our bands upcoming album during few months.
3 Feb 2010 - 22:08
Happy B-day man!
20 Aug 2009 - 19:17


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