Guitar Chat With Nemanja, Milenkovic Ivan, Pavel, Muris Etc. 2008-03-01
Mar 5 2008, 04:23 PM
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01:46:00 ZakkWylde-Dimebag: if anyone gets on the chat,can this person explain me what does Em7 or F#m7 means?thanks
01:46:16 ZakkWylde-Dimebag: or Gmaj7
01:46:22 ZakkWylde-Dimebag: or A7
07:27:10 Staples: I have no clue what that is but what I can tell you is that I know nothing about theory and that alternate picking is up down up down.
15:56:32 DeepRoots: Zakk (for when you log back in) they are chords
15:56:53 DeepRoots: they will be easier to explain inthe forum- post a topic smile.gif
16:28:56 beebo: hello
16:28:57 beebo: ?
16:29:13 beebo: sad.gif aww noones ever here when i am
17:35:33 Nemanja: evo me
17:40:10 Nemanja: hi tuubsu
17:40:14 Tuubsu: hi
17:40:27 Nemanja: what is going on
17:40:56 Tuubsu: not much, should go to sleep soon the time is almost 1am
17:41:00 Tuubsu: how about you?
17:41:38 Nemanja: nothing..working on my solo album(late at night)and waithing Ivan to come to the chat room
17:42:11 Tuubsu: your making a solo album... gotten how far?
17:43:11 Nemanja: well...have all the song..arr.but new comp just at the moment I am working on the druns for all the songs..and it is going ..ok I think
17:43:45 Tuubsu: What type of songs are composing?
17:44:51 Nemanja: well...betwen James Blunt..and mofern Serbian pop
17:44:53 Milenkovic Ivan: napravicu sobu na chatu posto se chat loguje jel ok
17:45:06 Nemanja: vazi samo kako da udjem u sobu
17:45:07 Milenkovic Ivan: ti udji u sobu a mozemo chatovati i ovde ali javno
17:45:12 Milenkovic Ivan: cek sek
17:45:27 Tuubsu: ahhh... now I feel too left out....
17:45:30 Milenkovic Ivan -> soba 1: sifra - kao ona tvoja sifra
17:45:39 Soul_Decision: Lol, yeah
17:46:02 Tuubsu: whats up soul?
17:46:10 Soul_Decision: Not too much
17:46:22 Soul_Decision: Just practicing on the guitar
17:46:29 Soul_Decision: you?
17:47:10 Tuubsu: just finished paractising for today... going to sleep soon, what are you practicing or just excersices?
17:47:34 Soul_Decision: I'm practicing a Dream Theater solo and sweep picking for a Jason Becker song
17:47:51 Tuubsu: what jasons song?
17:47:55 Soul_Decision: Altitiudes
17:48:00 Soul_Decision: Altitudes*
17:48:05 Tuubsu: Same here
17:48:10 Staples: o.0
17:48:12 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:48:36 Soul_Decision: Once I get the Sweep part down everything else will be easy to learn
17:49:02 Tuubsu: that sweep part is so Cool from altitudes.
17:49:08 Soul_Decision: Oh yeah
17:49:13 Tuubsu: My favorite song ever possibly
17:49:31 Soul_Decision: I can only play the sweep part at 75% speed
17:49:44 Soul_Decision: That last 25% is tough lol
17:50:04 Tuubsu: yeah
17:50:13 Soul_Decision: What's going on Staples?
17:50:50 Staples: Not much, just woke up.
17:51:00 Soul_Decision: Where do you live?
17:51:06 Staples: Japan for now.
17:51:19 Soul_Decision: Ooooo
17:51:21 Soul_Decision: Nice
17:51:22 Staples: Yepp
17:51:27 Staples: It ain't bad.
17:51:29 Soul_Decision: I Want to be in Japan
17:51:38 Tuubsu: oh taht explains, I'm srom Finland and going to sleep soon. Japan is cool
17:51:44 Staples: I'm not on mainland though, I'm on a little offshoot island Okinawa.
17:51:56 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:52:38 Tuubsu: well, I guess I'll be going to sleep now... C ya!
17:52:43 Staples: Have a good one man.
17:52:44 Soul_Decision: See ya
17:53:26 Staples: Anyways.
17:53:35 Soul_Decision: Lol
17:53:45 Soul_Decision: How long are you in Japan for?
17:53:58 Staples: Originally 2009 but I extended until June 2010.
17:54:10 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:54:13 Soul_Decision: School?
17:54:27 Soul_Decision: Or job?
17:54:38 Staples: Military
17:54:49 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:55:18 Staples: Yeahh it ain't bad.
17:55:39 Staples: It's a pain to get guitar stuff over here, two-three weeks wait so basically when you buy, stock up on what you need.
17:55:54 Soul_Decision: Ahhh, that sucks
17:55:56 Staples: They sell some no-name brand stuff for ridiculous prices.
17:56:05 Soul_Decision: :/
17:56:23 Staples: Ha
17:56:27 Staples: Whadya play?
17:56:56 Soul_Decision: You mean as in what guitar I play?
17:57:13 Staples: Yeah
17:57:30 Soul_Decision: I play a Schecter Damien FR
17:57:40 Staples: Nice
17:57:46 Soul_Decision: Thanks
17:57:49 Soul_Decision: How about you?
17:58:10 Staples: Little old epiphone LP custom silverburst.
17:58:20 Staples: On my pay kiss anything over 800 goodbye.
17:58:47 Soul_Decision: Ahh, that really sucks
17:58:57 Staples: Yeah but I was surprised, it's a great guitar.
17:59:05 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:59:33 Staples: I played for a while before I went in, never had any lessons... Learned ALOT of bad habits so now I have to unlearn them all. Frustration.
17:59:42 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:59:55 Soul_Decision: How long have you been playing?
18:00:13 Staples: A few years.
18:00:51 Staples: Never learned AP sweep picking, learned a little finger tapping... So my picking habits are pretty wretched. Just got my guitar about a month ago and working on fixin that.
18:01:36 Soul_Decision: Nice
18:02:00 Staples: Ha
18:02:49 Staples: What kinda stuff you play?
18:02:56 Soul_Decision: Hold on a sec
18:05:05 Soul_Decision: Ok
18:05:09 Staples: K
18:05:26 Soul_Decision: I play a lot of Rock Metal and Neo-classical stuff
18:05:34 rokchik: Wow been a while since I've been in here smile.gif
18:05:39 Soul_Decision: Yeah
18:05:45 Staples: Ah
18:05:48 Soul_Decision: I should bug you on FB more tongue.gif
18:05:55 rokchik: smile.gif
18:05:59 Staples: This is my first time with me not having to make conversation with myself in here.
18:06:09 rokchik: LOL!!!!
18:06:18 Soul_Decision: How are you Rokchik?
18:06:23 rokchik: as long as you never answered yourself it's all good smile.gif
18:06:43 Staples: Errhhh
18:06:46 rokchik: I'm good Soul Decision How about yourself?
18:06:52 Soul_Decision: I'm doing great
18:07:01 Soul_Decision: I got a awesome new guitar 2 weeks ago
18:07:08 rokchik: cool what kind
18:07:18 Soul_Decision: Schecter Damien Fr biggrin.gif
18:07:27 rokchik: Hey Staples I don't think I've ever chatted with you. How are you?
18:07:39 Staples: Tired. How about yourself?
18:07:40 rokchik: I'm looking at a new guitar soon to
18:07:50 rokchik: good...just getting ready to head out actually
18:07:56 Staples: Fun stuff?
18:07:58 Soul_Decision: What type?
18:08:33 rokchik: Bar stuff smile.gif and SD I'm looking at Schecter, Ibanez and ESP....just haven't decided which yet
18:08:50 Staples: Bar stuff works.
18:08:52 Soul_Decision: Schecter plays pretty good
18:08:54 rokchik: yep
18:09:01 Soul_Decision: The one I got is very versatile
18:09:13 rokchik: I've never played a schecter so right now they are based on looks
18:09:41 rokchik: Staples a buddy of mine is playing at a bar tonight so I'm going to show my moral support
18:10:10 rokchik: I have to work in the AM so won't be out very late and no liquor. I'm DD
18:10:16 Staples: Ha, well that works too.
18:10:23 rokchik: yep
18:11:02 rokchik: So Staples where are you from?
18:11:21 Soul_Decision: Time to order my new amp biggrin.gif
18:11:33 rokchik: cool....have one in mind?
18:11:37 Staples: From Michigan, in Japan.
18:12:03 Soul_Decision: Yeah
18:12:07 Soul_Decision: A pocket pod biggrin.gif
18:12:10 rokchik: very nice. I've been to Detroit to see the Red Wings but that's about it.
18:12:16 Soul_Decision: Brb
18:12:23 rokchik: Ahhh i just got a podxt
18:12:27 rokchik: ok
18:12:40 Staples: Michigan ain't bad, just cold.
18:12:53 rokchik: I'm from Canada so I knwo about the cold smile.gif
18:12:59 Staples: Bah, I just ordered one of those digitech multi-effects, RP350 or something, can't remember the model.
18:13:03 Staples: Touche'
18:13:08 rokchik: smile.gif
18:13:11 Staples: Been to Canada once or twice.
18:13:26 rokchik: I'm from the east coast
18:13:45 Staples: ah
18:13:53 Staples: I've only been to the nearby areas.
18:14:17 rokchik: Ontario I'm assuming
18:14:59 Staples: Yeah basically right over the bridge. Not sure which area along the east of Michigan, that was years ago, but my most recent one was Sault St. Marie... I think.
18:15:22 rokchik: cool. So what type of music do you like/play?
18:16:18 Staples: Basically rock/metal that kind of thing, new and old. I like some stuff in the other genres but mainly just the rock side of things.
18:16:35 Staples: Now let me guess you like rok?
18:16:55 rokchik: how'd ya know? smile.gif
18:17:00 rokchik: LOL
18:17:21 Staples: I'm just that good.
18:17:50 rokchik: Yeah classic rock, hard rock whatever it's all good. I like metal too but not the growling stuff. Haven't really got into that
18:18:29 Staples: Meh I'm not too into that either, I have my exceptions but for the most part bleh.
18:19:09 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:19:11 rokchik: Opeth I like....children of Bodom some stuff but I think that's as heavy as I get
18:19:18 Milenkovic Ivan -> soba 1: is there anybody here
18:19:26 Milenkovic Ivan -> soba 1: what's up guys
18:19:33 Staples: In Flames, Dethklok, along those lines
18:19:41 rokchik: cool
18:19:41 Soul_Decision: Ooo
18:20:33 Staples: Yessum
18:20:33 rokchik: Mostly I'm a Led Zeppelin, RATM, GNR, Tragically Hip kind of girl with some Flogging Molly thrown in for good measure smile.gif
18:20:52 Soul_Decision: Rok have you head of a band called Revis?
18:20:57 Staples: Good bands
18:21:03 rokchik: I don't think so....
18:21:17 Soul_Decision: They are a good rock band
18:21:25 Soul_Decision: They only made one album though
18:21:39 Soul_Decision: Hi Pavel
18:21:42 Pavel: hey there
18:21:47 Soul_Decision: How are you?
18:21:50 rokchik: Hi Pavel
18:21:52 Pavel: fine thanks
18:22:08 Nemanja: hi Pavel
18:22:09 Soul_Decision: Great
18:22:14 Pavel: Hey Nemanja!!!
18:22:34 Nemanja: what is going on
18:22:53 Pavel: Just bumped in to have time go faster biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
18:23:12 Nemanja: smile.gif
18:23:21 Soul_Decision: Lol there is actually people here for once
18:23:38 rokchik: Hi Nemanja
18:23:43 Pavel: hahaha nah - there are often people here
18:23:53 Pavel: the day before yesterday we had a huge chat session smile.gif
18:23:57 Nemanja: hi rokchik
18:23:58 Staples: Not when I'm around. I think I scare the kiddies.
18:24:21 rokchik: I saw that....I was working and missed that chat sad.gif
18:24:23 Nemanja: interested what is your internet speed
18:24:29 Soul_Decision: Oh
18:24:34 Soul_Decision: No one is on when I was here
18:24:40 Soul_Decision: I was here for 5 hours yesterday
18:24:41 rokchik: Who me Nemanja?
18:24:48 Nemanja: every bodu
18:24:55 Soul_Decision: T1
18:24:56 Nemanja: body:)
18:25:07 Nemanja: what is T1 speed
18:25:25 rokchik: I have no clue....I know how to get on GMC and use Gearbox...that's my computer knowledge smile.gif
18:25:26 Pavel: 2Mbit/512Kbit
18:25:38 Pavel: that's my speed
18:25:44 Pavel: T1 is 1Mbit speed
18:25:45 Nemanja: 2..that is fast
18:26:00 Nemanja: oh..thaks pavel
18:26:11 Pavel: T3 is considered to be over 2Mbit...
18:26:18 Pavel: 2Mbit is pretty fast but still nto fast enough hahaha
18:26:20 Staples: Mine is bottomend DSL.
18:26:32 Nemanja: me 512 sad.gif
18:26:56 rokchik: according to the little icon when I right click it says speed 10.0 Mbps...whatever that means
18:27:09 Pavel: Hey cheer up! u was on 312Kbit 2 years ago hahaha
18:27:25 Pavel: rokchik the icon in teh system tray?
18:27:31 Nemanja: haha
18:27:38 Nemanja: fast
18:27:41 Pavel: if you ahve router connected to your LAN card than it's not your Internet speed
18:28:03 Pavel:
18:28:13 Pavel: rokchik could you please do a test to find out your speed?
18:28:31 rokchik: Ok you've gon way over my head but yeah I think it's connected to a LAN card
18:28:33 Pavel: because the system try icon shows the speed of your ethernet adapter
18:29:32 Soul_Decision: ahhh
18:29:51 Nemanja: Pavel...what is going on in Croatia(Hrvatskoj)
18:30:28 Nemanja: will you go to Hvar..uf the best place on a seeside
18:30:48 Pavel: I usually stay in Rijeka - don't go around too much smile.gif
18:31:09 Pavel: you know - to go somewhere you need to ahve a good company and most of the time people i hang out with study for UNI - together with me!
18:31:17 Staples: My DL is apparently 5956kb/s and my upload is 421
18:31:28 Pavel: WOW!!!!!!!
18:31:33 rokchik: Pavel it says 1357kb/s on download and 424 kb/s upload. But they did not have our server here listed so used the recommended one.
18:31:34 Pavel: now that's a SPEED
18:31:35 Nemanja: what do kids wow..yeah
18:31:37 Staples: But it's a load of crap.
18:31:41 Staples: Doesn't run that fast.
18:31:55 Nemanja: sory..ment to say the internet speed
18:32:01 Pavel: rokchik You have a bit slower connection than me than
18:32:24 rokchik: OK...I'm a bit computer illiterate so you'll have to excuse my ignorance smile.gif
18:32:36 Soul_Decision: Mine got 7835 kbit
18:32:44 Pavel: rokchik no worries wink.gif
18:32:44 Soul_Decision: 8735*
18:32:48 Staples: Does anyone else have the lessons here load slower than things on most sites?
18:32:52 Soul_Decision: No
18:33:03 Nemanja: ok..guys must go work in the album...see
18:33:09 Staples: Later
18:33:14 rokchik: But then again I basically like in the middle of nowhere so it makes sense it would be slow
18:33:25 Pavel: Nemanja see you around m8!
18:33:29 rokchik: see ya
18:33:42 Nemanja: good night
18:33:48 Nemanja: smile.gif
18:33:50 Staples: Yeah here on base we're pretty limited, but everyone on this island whose offbase whether it's military or locals get some blazing fast speeds.
18:34:38 Pavel: we hacve a crazy speed at UNI
18:34:52 Staples: Yeah?
18:34:55 rokchik: Well guys I must go too. Almost time for my buddy to start his set at the bar and he'll be really mad if I'm late
18:35:10 Staples: Alright have a good one.
18:35:10 rokchik: it's his first show
18:35:12 Pavel: building next to us is the center of croatian academic internet at UNI we can achieve speed up to 35MB download
18:35:24 Staples: Nice.
18:35:31 rokchik: bye
18:35:35 Staples: An internet pirateer's dream.
18:35:40 Pavel: you click the ATI drivers to download and the window jsut closes - you're like WTF?
18:35:47 Staples: Ha
18:35:55 Pavel: than i check the desktop and see the EXE file of 45MB ready biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
18:36:15 Staples: Mine screws with your mind. Speeds up. Oh sweet thirteen seconds to go! Come back twenty later and it's at five minutes. WTF.
18:36:37 Staples: Then it'll get down to 3 minutes and then just suddenly finish.
18:36:43 Pavel: haha yeah well that's what usual users get biggrin.gif
18:36:47 Staples: Ha
18:37:01 Staples: So how long you been playing for Pavel? I know it's been a minute.
18:38:27 Staples: Agh my chat box just went stupid.
18:38:57 Pavel: around 6 years....
18:39:03 Staples: Ah
18:39:06 Pavel: to be honest i lsot the count biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
18:39:13 Staples: Hey it happens
18:39:14 Pavel: i started electric at 15 - now i am 20...
18:39:21 Pavel: well it's a bit over 5 years
18:39:25 Staples: So it's been a bit
18:39:38 Pavel: yeah
18:39:51 Staples: I'm 19 been playing since 13... One problem. Never had any lessons until after I got in the military... So I've got nothing but bad habits.
18:39:52 Pavel: it has more to do with the hours i spent with guitar than actual years
18:40:04 Staples: Yeah years just gives ya a little idea.
18:40:09 Pavel: i never had electric guitar teacher myself
18:40:16 Staples: Where'd ya learn?
18:40:30 Pavel: video instructionals, and jsut watching and lsitening to my influences
18:40:35 Staples: Ah
18:40:53 Pavel: i was playing classical guitar in music schooč - but my teacher hated electric and i never picked the pick up before i bought the electric
18:41:03 Staples: Ha
18:41:16 Pavel: in music school i played stuff like Kosei is teaching
18:41:22 Staples: I never had any instruction of any kind. Ended up playing all downstroke, no metronome.
18:41:28 Pavel: but i'm not a fan of classical guitar and i stopped playing it
18:41:34 Pavel: switched to electric and carried on on my own
18:41:34 Staples: I heard some of his stuff
18:41:48 Staples: Yeah I love my electric.
18:42:03 Pavel: somehow i ahd a feeling for this stuff from the beginning and i bnever layed only downstroke
18:42:10 Pavel: never played*
18:42:14 Staples: Ah
18:42:22 Pavel: i picekd up the guitar and AP was so natural to me...
18:42:29 Pavel: but now i'm working hard on building speed
18:42:32 Pavel: that's the biggest problem
18:42:47 Staples: Well from what I see, any of this takes time.
18:43:01 Pavel: yeah it does
18:43:05 Staples: I have a hard time with AP, when I stop focusing I end up getting into economy, but I do that well.
18:43:08 Pavel: you get to a certain level and than you are stuck at that level
18:43:15 Pavel: than you get anther level up and you're stuck again - i ahte it
18:43:20 Pavel: hate*
18:43:35 Staples: Yeah I bet everyone just about does, never fun to hit a wall.
18:43:41 Pavel: i suck at economy picking biggrin.gif
18:43:48 Staples: So for the past month I've been unlearning downstrokes and learning the metronome.
18:44:01 Pavel: sweeping and AP are my best friends biggrin.gif
18:44:09 Staples: I can't wait to get sweep down.
18:44:12 Pavel: that's a good thing to do m8
18:44:21 Pavel: once you pass by it you'll never have to get back to it
18:44:32 Staples: I'm focusing on AP just to get the basics down before I move to sweeping.
18:44:38 Pavel: yeah sweeps are beautiful but nasty to learn
18:44:50 Staples: I do like the metronome, everything I do sounds so much more fluid, but just slowed down so much.
18:44:50 Pavel: sweeping is a whole new level and i'm still learning it...
18:44:58 Pavel: every day i discover something new
18:45:31 Staples: My biggest problem, I started sweeps, it's muting. I have to really concentrate to get it down, so it's not too natural to me yet.
18:45:44 Staples: Yeah your lessons and Muris' are the big ones I'm going off of.
18:46:28 Pavel: muting is the worst part in all techniques
18:46:41 Pavel: it's almsot impossible to explain in words - you have to feel it
18:46:52 Staples: Yeah I know. I'll play something clean, sound great, pop on distortion and get smacked upside the head by noise.
18:47:06 Pavel: hehe that's why i ALWAYS practice with distortion
18:47:14 Pavel: i never practiced on clean sound
18:47:27 Staples: I try to but sometimes my roommate is sleeping or it's late at night so I just play w/o amp infront of my computer.
18:47:32 Pavel: controlling the noise is a big skil land you can't practice that on clean sound
18:47:39 Staples: Yeah I noticed
18:47:52 Pavel: i was playign at my friend's house and his dad is a guitarist his whole life
18:48:06 Pavel: and i crancked the distortion and gain up all the way and played some sweeping...
18:48:27 Pavel: his dad came in and asked: how the hell are you muting that? You ahve awesome control of distortion!"
18:48:46 Staples: Oh man, a good sweep.. There isn't much like it.
18:49:03 Pavel: it's all in your RIGHT hand
18:49:15 Pavel: you get that down and you're a king of the hill
18:49:19 Pavel: not many players have clean sweeps
18:49:21 Staples: AP, EP, tapping have their sounds and those are more the fundamentals, but sweeping just produces it's own sound that's so appealing.
18:49:35 Staples: Yeah I thought I had some sweeps down, put on the distortion when my roomie woke up, and puke.
18:49:43 Pavel: hahaha
18:49:48 Pavel: don't worry mate
18:49:55 Pavel: you can't even imagine my start with sweeping
18:50:01 Staples: Ha
18:50:05 Staples: Bad?
18:50:07 Pavel: i was like: "Ok, maybe i should seel the guitar?"
18:50:11 Pavel: sell*
18:50:19 Pavel: i saw TOTALLY no future in sweeping
18:50:31 Pavel: but i was amazed by MAB and his sweeping and i carried on
18:50:38 Pavel: today it's my favorite technique
18:50:49 Pavel: you can be EVERYWHERE you want to go on the neck in just seconds
18:50:54 Staples: It's a great sounding one that's for sure.
18:51:11 Pavel: chord changes are unlimited so it's unlimited fun
18:51:16 Staples: Yeah I can keep my hands in sync, but it's the muting that's making it nasty.
18:51:32 Staples: I'm still having troubles with the metronome.
18:52:05 Pavel: don't be afraid of moving the right hand up and down the bridge
18:52:15 Pavel: once you get the movement down you'll gain tons in your muting
18:52:33 Staples: I do that sometimes, most of the times I do do it, but my palm just isn't placed right to mute it.
18:52:47 Pavel: that's what you'll hve to find out on your own
18:53:00 Pavel: jsut a few months ago i found out the best way to mute for me
18:53:14 Pavel: i've been sweeping for 3 years and jsut recently discovered new things...
18:53:20 Staples: Like what?
18:53:23 Pavel: it sucks but you'll always have to elarn...
18:53:32 Pavel: like: how to mute properly
18:53:41 Staples: Ha
18:53:54 Pavel: the basic concept is alwas the same but to me and my hand - i found the right position and angle
18:54:07 Pavel: so that's what you ahve to find for yourself
18:54:16 Staples: I can find it but I always have to concentrate, doesn't come too naturally yet.
18:54:38 Staples: Then my left hand USUALLY can play fairly clean but sometimes I don't mute or I pull off to hard and it rings.
18:55:39 Staples: Frustrating but it's getting a little better.
18:56:12 Pavel: it will get better over time
18:56:34 Staples: My biggest focus ATM is AP and the metronome. That thing can drive you insane.
18:56:37 Pavel: you know 2 years ago i was: "hey i can sweep 6-tuplets at 70 - WOW"
18:56:43 Staples: ha
18:56:44 Staples: Nice
18:57:01 Pavel: today i can sweep 6-tuplets at 140 - and in a year it will be even faster - it's an ongoing process...
18:57:32 Staples: I think the fastest I got with a decent sound, but couldn't keep it consistent everytime was 120bpm 8ths. Nothing too spectacular.
18:57:49 Pavel: no worries - time solves many things - and practice of course
18:57:56 Staples: Yeah
18:58:53 Staples: I'll probably start that bending heaven solo today.
19:00:01 Pavel: cool! What time is it there?
19:00:06 Staples: 9am
19:00:14 Pavel: 01:00 here biggrin.gif
19:00:24 Staples: Nice
19:00:41 Pavel: sleeping time in a 20 minutes biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
19:00:48 Staples: Understandable
19:00:54 Pavel: practiced a lot today - need to ahve some rest and continue tomorrow smile.gif
19:01:04 Staples: How many hours you usually put in a day?
19:01:53 Pavel: it depends on what i practice
19:02:00 Pavel: before i used to practice up to 6 hours and even more
19:02:08 Pavel: right now even 3 hours of constant practicing are enough
19:02:17 Pavel: because now i practice stuff which is really killing you
19:02:33 Staples: 6 hours dang.
19:02:53 Pavel: my all-time record is 11-12 hours
19:02:55 Pavel: only did it once
19:03:04 Staples: I bet.
19:03:19 Pavel: there is realyl no point in it
19:03:31 Pavel: the best learning process is while you are not tired and can concentrate
19:03:36 Staples: I'd think so, after a while you'd just get exhausted and then that can become counterproductive.
19:03:38 Pavel: as soon as you're sick of what you're doing you can't learn
19:03:53 Pavel: hey Owen
19:04:10 Owen: hey guys
19:04:33 Staples: That's why I try to mix up lessons.
19:04:48 Staples: Even if they're all AP I learn a few.
19:05:00 Owen: Pavel, I have to say, I <3 you, I was at my mates today and I just about made him cry and my much improved ability in sweep picking tongue.gif
19:05:11 Owen: with my*
19:05:28 Staples: Nice
19:05:51 Owen: I really appreciate those first vids you made, because without them I'd have absolutely no clue at all
19:06:16 Owen: heh, sorry, have I killed this conversation sad.gif
19:06:31 Staples: Ha don't worry about it man you didn't
19:06:37 Pavel: You're welcome m8! I'm really glad they can help someone smile.gif
19:06:48 Pavel: no, no worries, we were talkign about sweeping and practicing in general smile.gif
19:07:01 Owen: cool
19:07:18 Owen: I'm still crap at 3 string sweeping LOL, I started on the 5 string patterns and I like them so much better
19:07:30 Pavel: hehehehe you'll love them both alter
19:07:37 Pavel: it's even better when you combine those 2 shapes
19:08:42 Staples: Soon I'm going to try to get some theory down, for now I'm trying to get some decent habits again.
19:09:14 Owen: yeah, I need to learn some theory, I cant compose that great and it would help quite a bit
19:09:24 Pavel: i suck at theory biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
19:09:29 Staples: Ha
19:09:35 Staples: So all that stuff just kinda comes to ya?
19:09:53 Owen: hah, you know a few scales
19:10:09 Pavel: yeah you learn scales and that becomes part of the skill
19:10:11 Owen: I'm not going to swallow the whole book, just set a few paths to follow tongue.gif
19:10:13 Pavel: i never think in theory way
19:10:26 Pavel: i jsut play around and see what fits and in general i hear a melody in my head smile.gif
19:11:02 Staples: Yeah that's kind of what I'm going for. Get some basic scales down, skim over other things to get an idea of where I'm going and just play.
19:11:08 Owen: I can hear it sometimes, I just have trouble getting them melodies down tongue.gif
19:11:27 Pavel: i wish i could handle theory liek Andrew biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
19:12:17 Owen: really?
19:12:38 Pavel: yeah
19:12:43 Pavel: he OWNS theory
19:12:51 Pavel: i jsut don't ahve enough will to learn theory
19:13:00 Pavel: sorry for typos...
19:13:21 Staples: I'm sure it's good to know but I find that sometimes it gets a little dull or I find myself entirely clueless.
19:13:31 Staples: So I go practice AP.
19:13:43 Pavel: hehehe
19:13:57 Pavel: you know so far i never found myself stuck in theory - i mean - i never saw a need in theory...
19:14:10 Pavel: i am sure once life is gonna kick me in the face and i'll start learning theory biggrin.gif
19:14:42 Staples: I see it's purpose, but it seems for most guitarists it's something to probably get the jist of it and just go with it. I don't see the need to be a theory master
19:15:07 Staples: Learn your scales, some patterns, basic shapes and some of the rules of the game.
19:15:56 Pavel: theory opens doors to new stuff but for now i don't need it
19:16:02 Pavel: i first want to nail technique
19:16:13 Pavel: than i will be able to learn theory together with having fun on guitar
19:16:21 Staples: Ah
19:17:39 Staples: Some of it's nice to just understand. I see people talking about Amaj7# or something like that and I have a total brain fart. Things along those lines.
19:18:17 Pavel: yeah well i know what that means biggrin.gif but that's considered to be basic stuff
19:18:31 Staples: That's why I'm trying to get the basics. Ha
19:18:39 Pavel: ok - cool than smile.gif
19:18:52 Pavel: Owen! You're quiet!
19:19:04 Pavel: still amazed by ripping your friend's ass with sweeps? wink.gif biggrin.gif
19:19:37 Pavel: he's away i think
19:19:51 Staples: I believe so
19:20:30 Owen: still here
19:20:35 Staples: Hey Pavel. What lessons of any instructor do you think are no shit great ones to get down? You, Muris, Kris, Andrew, anybody.
19:20:39 Owen: just got caught up on msn
19:21:05 Owen: people are talking to me about my career plans, I may be doing a university course on sound engineering
19:21:15 Staples: Join the Marines! Ahahaha
19:21:20 Pavel: hahahaha
19:21:30 Pavel: Owen sound stuff is amazing
19:21:33 Owen: NOOOES
19:21:35 Pavel: if you ahve a chance - go for it
19:21:38 Owen: @ marine bit tongue.gif
19:21:50 Pavel: Staples I like Marcus's stuff
19:22:01 Pavel: i think his stuff is the craziest, together with some Muris's AP lessons
19:22:01 Staples: <Marine w00t
19:22:10 Owen: yeah, I really want to do it but at the same time I want to know I can get a job out of it and not just waste 3 years of my life on something thats not going to pay off
19:22:13 Staples: Hmm... ::goes to look::
19:22:36 Pavel: Owen well - i would have studied that if i had a chance
19:22:44 Pavel: but you're right about the job
19:24:18 Staples: Hmm
19:24:31 Owen: cos like 60% of sound engineers are either self employed or only work part time or freelance
19:24:52 Pavel: Owen same goes for musicians biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
19:24:53 visi0n: hey there guys biggrin.gif
19:24:56 Pavel: hey m8
19:24:57 visi0n: hey Pavel biggrin.gif
19:25:02 visi0n: how are you ?
19:25:07 Pavel: goo
19:25:10 Pavel: good* biggrin.gif
19:25:13 visi0n: biggrin.gif
19:25:46 Owen: Hey! smile.gif
19:25:53 Owen: theres a lot of grinning going on
19:26:01 Owen: someones eaten all the cheddar biggrin.gif
19:26:18 Staples: I did it.
19:26:47 Pavel: hehehehehe
19:28:02 Staples: Blerghrghaasshghz
19:30:35 visi0n: i really need to sleep, im so tired
19:30:39 visi0n: worked 6 days this week
19:30:49 Staples: Then sleep man, do whatcha gotta do
19:31:04 visi0n: but i want to play guitar lol
19:31:15 Staples: Play in your sleep.
19:31:21 Staples: It's an admirable skill.
19:31:25 visi0n: yeah doing it often
19:31:35 Owen: I'm so awesome at sleep picking
19:31:38 visi0n: i think, people can also practice without a guitar
19:31:48 Staples: I try to sleep pick, just can'
19:31:53 Staples: t mute properly.
19:31:56 visi0n: just thinking about the moves with your fingers and think about the notes
19:32:00 Pavel: i often write lessons and exercises while in a bus biggrin.gif
19:32:02 Staples: lose focus really quick.
19:32:14 Pavel: i jsut hear a thing going in my head and i immediately start to air-play it biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
19:32:33 Owen: heh, I have nowhere near that level of musicality
19:32:43 visi0n: but pavel if you play air .. how do you gonna now it sounds right
19:32:56 visi0n: biggrin.gif its just the flow of aaaaaaair
19:32:56 visi0n: haha
19:34:48 Pavel: i've been playing scales for so long that i make it right in 98% wink.gif
19:35:10 Pavel: really, i come home pick up guitar and just find the starting note and all the shapes i actualyl thought of - are right there
19:35:25 Pavel: it's not hard - if yu practice it
19:35:33 visi0n: i know what you mean
19:36:01 visi0n: sometimes i also can pick the note that i just want, and without thinking of it
19:36:09 Muris: evening biggrin.gif
19:36:13 visi0n: goodnight sir varajic
19:36:16 visi0n: lol
19:36:22 Muris: i'm not sir
19:36:30 Muris: that'd be Elton John LOL
19:36:33 visi0n: well Mister
19:36:34 visi0n: biggrin.gif
19:36:49 Staples: ooo Muris and Pavel. Nice.
19:36:50 Muris: how's it going here?
19:36:58 Staples: Makes me learnz de geetar bettar.
19:36:59 visi0n: well i just came few minutes ago
19:37:14 Pavel: hey Muris
19:37:16 visi0n: think its going good..
19:37:23 Muris: hi Pavel
19:37:31 Pavel: can't sleep? wink.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
19:37:34 visi0n: haha
19:37:37 visi0n: same .. :X
19:37:38 Muris: well not really
19:37:43 Muris: came from gig
19:37:48 Pavel: cool
19:37:51 visi0n: how did it go ?
19:37:52 Muris: so will try to sleep in few hours wink.gif
19:37:59 Muris: same as always
19:38:00 Staples: Man I'm in Japan. When I'm up everyone else is going to sleep or already passed out.
19:38:14 Muris: private party for Tuborg
19:38:24 visi0n: cool
19:38:26 Muris: and I'm non alcoholic...pssstt wink.gif
19:38:38 visi0n: wink.gif
19:39:11 Muris: Staples ,you are originaly from Japan?
19:39:19 Staples: Nah
19:39:22 Staples: US, Michigan
19:39:26 Muris: ahh right
19:39:28 Muris: Navy?
19:39:37 Owen: The japanese dont handle their drink well do they?
19:40:05 Muris: have you seen any ninjas btw? biggrin.gif
19:40:23 Owen: he's been too busy with his dragon tongue.gif
19:40:24 visi0n: hahahaha
19:40:34 Muris: ninja rules dude
19:40:36 Muris: trust me
19:40:37 Muris: wink.gif
19:40:40 visi0n: yea
19:40:53 Muris: Sho Koshugi
19:40:55 visi0n: but Muris you had also some ninja reflexes right ?
19:40:56 Muris: my man biggrin.gif
19:41:10 visi0n: lol
19:41:15 Muris: yeah..was long ago...i miss that biggrin.gif
19:41:31 Staples: Marines
19:41:35 Muris: imagine shred with ninja reflex
19:41:36 Muris: man
19:41:39 Muris: ultra stuff
19:41:41 Staples: I saw Grass ninja's.
19:42:01 Muris: grass ninja?
19:42:21 Staples: They cut lawn and do hedging but they're covered head to toe by some kind of drab or another, all you see is their eyes.
19:42:22 visi0n: what is a grass ninja ?
19:42:25 Staples: Hence grass ninja's.
19:42:32 Muris: ahh
19:42:32 visi0n: haha
19:42:35 Muris: awesome
19:42:43 Muris: real size or?
19:42:51 visi0n: Muris
19:42:58 Pavel: MIddle size Muris wink.gif
19:43:02 Muris: lol
19:43:05 Staples: They're about normal height for the Okinawans. So about 5'6 and below
19:43:10 visi0n: that last lesson of yours, i forgot wich one .. but your t-shirt matched very good with the color of your guitar
19:43:20 Muris: may I ask for a favour?
19:43:20 Pavel: orange one wink.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
19:43:23 visi0n: yea
19:43:35 Staples: Maybe?
19:43:36 Pavel: i thnik he wants himself a ninja from Japan haha
19:43:44 visi0n: haha
19:43:56 Muris: take a picture of those ninjas and post it in forum?
19:43:59 Muris: please biggrin.gif
19:44:06 Staples: Hmm I'll do what I can
19:44:17 Staples: They're around once or twice a month so I'll have to keep my camera handy.
19:44:22 Muris: put guitar in his arms
19:44:28 visi0n: haha muris
19:44:28 Pavel: hahahaha
19:44:29 Muris: that'd be cooooooolnessssssssss
19:44:31 Muris: lol
19:44:34 visi0n: lol
19:44:44 visi0n: flying guitar grass ninja's
19:44:48 Muris: looking forward to it,thanks man wink.gif
19:45:07 Staples: My friend has one on his myspace.
19:45:19 Staples: Normally theres swarms of them but he only has one, would you be happy with that for now?
19:45:39 visi0n: i have also a picture when im standing with the kyokushin tournament
19:45:57 Muris: you mean one ninja with guitar?
19:46:02 Muris: on picture
19:46:16 Staples: No no guitar. But I do have photoshops.
19:46:22 Muris: nahhh
19:46:34 Muris: that doesn't count
19:46:39 Owen: so muris
19:46:45 Muris: so Owen
19:46:49 Owen: wy did you not get a ninja custom guitar!?
19:46:53 Owen: why* tongue.gif
19:46:55 Staples: I'm pretty sure I'd scare the hell out of them. Some Marine comes running outside in cammies with a guitar HOLD THIS HOLD THIS HOLD STILL IMA TAKE PICTURE!
19:47:14 visi0n: HA HA HA
19:47:18 Muris: wink.gif
19:47:33 visi0n: i can imagine that
19:47:35 Owen: it should have been big, black, with shuriken tuners and a stealthy ability to disappear when danger is near
19:47:36 Muris: well,dunno what ninja guitar should be...any ideas?
19:47:38 Staples: I might get stomped if he really does have the lightning reflexes of a ninja.
19:47:40 Owen: it'd be the ultimate guitar tongue.gif
19:48:17 Staples: It would fire ninja stars out of the headstock and right beside the output jack there would be a foldout knife. Flat black paint with chrome humbuckers.
19:48:25 Muris: to disappear when YJM is near LOL
19:48:50 Staples: Yes. That's the beauty. You can never get the guitar. Everytime you go to grab it it's suddenly sitting behind you.
19:49:06 Owen: it would be so stealthy the audience would think you were playing som awesome air guitar tongue.gif
19:49:12 Muris: yeah that might be the problem
19:49:17 Staples: It can fly too.
19:49:22 Staples: Ninja's can do anything.
19:49:46 Staples: They can teleport from place to place, but they live an active life so they prefer to pounce from place to place.
19:49:50 Muris: i prefer climbing on trees and smoke bombs
19:50:02 Muris: but shurikens tunners would be cool wink.gif
19:50:47 Staples: Everytime you solo it spews homemade smokebombs into the audience.
19:50:53 Staples: If you can grab it.
19:51:45 Muris: but is there a point in having gig and throwing bombs in audience?
19:51:47 Pavel: ok i'm off to sleep! Dream some ninjas biggrin.gif:D
19:51:49 Muris: lol
19:51:53 Owen: biggrin.gif
19:51:54 Staples: No but Ninja's do as they please.
19:51:56 Staples: Later Pavel
19:51:58 Muris: lol
19:52:01 Muris: sure biggrin.gif
19:52:03 Pavel: night guys!
19:52:08 Muris: I'm off too guys
19:52:13 Muris: just wanted to say hi
19:52:15 visi0n: i was too late
19:52:16 visi0n: sad.gif
19:52:17 Muris: tired a bit
19:52:17 Staples: Later
19:52:21 visi0n: yes same
19:52:28 visi0n: good that you came to say hi muris
19:52:30 Muris: latter guys
19:52:37 visi0n: im going off too bed too
19:52:40 Muris: see ya next time smile.gif
19:52:42 Owen: yeah
19:52:42 Owen: same
19:52:42 visi0n: see you muris smile.gif
19:52:42 Owen: tongue.gif
19:52:43 Staples: Would a non guitar grass ninja do?
19:52:43 Muris: bye
19:52:47 visi0n: byebye
19:52:48 visi0n: goodnight
19:52:53 Owen: Bai guys, keep on ninjaing!
19:53:00 visi0n: haha see you ma wink.gif
19:53:03 Staples: later

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