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26 Aug 2009
So I'm really diggin this song.
<language warning>

"....and put some ice on your AN GER...."
24 Apr 2008
I hope everyone here is familiar with the work of Mr. Rocky George.
He used to play lead for Suicidal Tendencies before they went down the trendy "punk" style with no lead breaks....
So disappointing when bands do that. (eg Metallica & the St. Anger album)
turn it up!!

& the song that brought them to my attention when I was a teenage skater....
15 Mar 2008
I'm going to get one of these from the local music shop next week.
They are quite cheap & if nothing else it will allow me to record myself for practice purposes.

I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these?

From what I gather the package includes 30 day trial versions of 3 different amp combos. After that you pick the 1 you want & download it.
It also includes "Kristal Audio Engine multi-track sequencer and Audacity audio editor". - does anyone have any knowledge of these pieces of software?

For $75 would this be a good purchase or are there better ways to go?
I'm not too keen to spend alot of money & all I really want is to be able to listen back to myself playing (to hear where I am lacking) & also create backing tracks to jam with.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. biggrin.gif
8 Mar 2008
If you love Les Pauls you should check this website.
Design your own flavour of LP.
Not true Les Pauls but you get the idea

Hope this works...

12 Feb 2008
Hi everyone.

I'm from Newcastle, Australia & I've been playing for about 18 yrs.
I say "playing" but I really mean I've been bashing my hands against guitars & occasionally a nice sound would come out.
I've never had any lessons & I really regret that I didn't have any scholarly instruction when I started playing.

I have always loved guitars & always wanted to be a guitar "maestro", however I was lacking in the necessary discipline to practice properly. I picked up bits & pieces from here & there & attempted to learn songs from bands that I love. What would always seem to happen though was that I would be able to learn a few licks & the basic rhythm of a song, then I would hit a "tricky" bit & that's where I would leave it. I would continue to practice the bits I knew, but never attempt the hard stuff again. Obviously now I have a large repertoire of half songs & random licks. Not how I wanted to end up. sad.gif

After almost 2 decades of playing I am tired of being embarassed when someone asks what songs I know & I have to answer, "well, I know the first half of The Four Horsemen & most of Jump in the Fire a little bit of Battery & most of For Whom The Bell Tolls." (I like Metallica by the way. blink.gif LOL.)

Imagine my delight when I saw a clip on Youtube of Kris Dahl playing like greased lightning & obviously really enjoying himself. I found the website & have been lurking here for a month or 2. I must say the one thing above all else that has convinced me to subscribe is the strongly evident personality & honest enjoyment with playing displayed by Kris Dahl. Thank you in advance, Kris, for pointing me down the road to satisfying & fun guitar playing.

The lessons & everything else about the site also seem excellent & I am very much looking forward to "unlearning" all the bad techniques & habits I have accumulated over the years. To this end I am starting at the very basics & learning all the pent boxes again from the beginner lessons. It's kinda frustrating to go back to stuff I think I know, but I can already see that I have much to learn over.

Wish me luck, guys.
And thanks for having me.
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