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30 years old
Rhode Island USA
Born June-1-1991
Guitar, Anime, Martial Arts thats pretty much it

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tendonitis again...
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25 Nov 2009
Hey GMC, I am stuck. Not with my learning abilities but with my solo compositions. I recently started a metal band at college and I am lead guitar. I got a solo in a song we just created but I can't finish it. Every time I have a lick of sorts, I throw it out as garbage because I feel like its nothing spectacular. Obviously, if I feel like my solos are generic, they are. I know I just need some inspiration or something to work off of. Can you terll me what inspires your solos. What do you do to write one?

8 Nov 2009
Hi Luciana! I have a question about metal screams that I am sure a lot of people here want to know... ok, so, how exactly is it possible to scream and reduce as much damage as you can to your vocal chords? Is there a difference between inhaling and exhaling? Should I practice how to sing properly first? And what is your take on growling and death "gurgles." I would very much like to know how to do it like in the style of Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Immortal, Moonspell, etc. If you can help me out that would be great!

Thank you!
4 Nov 2009
Hey GMC! Its me for those who remember. I left a while back because my tendinitis was getting worse. But for the past month I have been able to play with almost no problems. I even managed to learn half of Dethkloks Dethalbum during my absence biggrin.gif. I am glad to be back and plan to start my lessons this weekend. I hope nothings changed during my leave as well. I hope to be friends with all of you!

And for those who dont know me, Ill do a second intro. I am a metalhead through and through but I have a large respect for all styles. I try to improvise with metal technique but my riffs always come out bluesy... which is frustrating for the people I play with but I dont care. biggrin.gif I am very obsessed with trying to play things perfectly and spend months at a time on one lesson...even if it is level 1 smile.gif I have a modded fender stratocaster with alcino pickups and a scalloped neck i did my self. It is really ghetto but Ill show you guys later.

I missed the community and its good to be back!
23 Aug 2009
Well GMC this is it. I regret telling all my friends and fellow guitarists that I am leaving the site. I made some good friends and do not want to quit but my tendinitis is leaving me unable to play. Its about time I part ways with this wonderful community and begin my journey of healing. My account will end by tonight and hopefully some of you will add me to your facebook or something haha (under Alex Sasha Batrakov). Thanks for everything GMC instuctors, you taught me a lot! Even with non guitar related issues smile.gif . Be good y'all...and i'll see all of you on the cover of Guitar World biggrin.gif

Alex Batrakov
19 Aug 2009
Hey everybody! biggrin.gif . Well, ive decided to scallop my entire fretboard. I hear you need a light touch to play a scalloped neck so I thought it would teach me to relax my wrist a little more haha. My question is can you use lemon extract instead of just lemon oil to clean the fretboard? Lemon extract ingredients are water, alcohol, and lemon oil. Does anyone have any experience with lemon extract...and/or scalloping?

Alex biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the add.
Peace !
3 Aug 2009 - 16:53
Ramiro Delforte
Sure mate! You're welcome. I thought that could be the problem because the way you play was ok. I assume that if you play all the time solos you're pushing too hard and that could be the problem.
Let me know how's evolving.
11 Mar 2009 - 21:35
Both DT and LTE :D. The link between the two is Rudess who hopped in for the 1st Liquid project. So when I mean DT, I mean the period from 1999 till today. Both are awesome! Nice new guitar btw! May it serve you well :)
26 Jan 2009 - 9:29
Sup dude, It's going good man, thanks for asking. Keep rocking!
10 Jan 2009 - 5:05
Whoo! :D I tried it once but I find it boring. Good luck with it, man! Can I see a video maybe? :)
If you like, you can try my lessons as well. If you master one of them, you can make a request! :-)
6 Jan 2009 - 21:02


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