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39 years old
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Tennessee , USA
Born Dec-12-1982
hEAVY Metal ,Trash Metal ,Neoclassical,

Bands=Metallica,Megadeth, Pantera,Killswitch Engage ect.

About Me=, Im Married (7 years),With a 1year old Son and 6year old Girl, I like The Family Life

Goals=To Master Sweep Picking,Improve On The GuitarOn A Monthly Basis,Record My Own Music

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22 Dec 2007
Hey GMC smile.gif
I think most of you know me (shredmandan tongue.gif ).Well anyway just wanted to say its great to be back on here.It has been a real pain the past 5 or 7 days.My internet went out about a week ago and after constant calling from a neighbor's phone they tell me i need a new modem.So i finally ride out to the comcast store to get a new modem then they tell me that i have to go to another store thats like 40 miles away sad.gif .I was very upset cause it was too late for me to go to the other store and i have been without the internet especially gmc for so long,even my telephone is through vonage which uses the internet so i didnt even have a phone all this time.Well finally i just go home and go outside and start playing with wires and somehow i fixed it and it wasent the modem after all. smile.gif Sorry for the long boring story .Just to get to the point just wanted to say it has been torture without the web and gmc and im glad to be back wink.gif Im telling you ,you think one day without gmc stinks imagine a week sad.gif
13 Dec 2007
Hey Andrew
I just saw that you have the Ibanez Sweeping Demon Wah pedal biggrin.gif .I had looked at it online and it seemed like it would be a very nice wah,do you like it?The only wah i have ever owned was the Crybaby gcb which was really just the original cybaby.It had very weak sweep range and was just about boring to use for anything but classic rock.

I heard this thing has some nice settings like an adjustable sweep range and some sort of spring.Could you let me know alittle more about the pedal and how well you like it.A review would be awesome smile.gif ,but even just some details about it would be great,as i am thinking about buying one in afew months when i get caugh back up.
23 Nov 2007
Just wanted to see what you GMC'ers like your guitars to be like. smile.gif
22 Nov 2007
I want to see what you all think.This is very tough for me because there both great and i love them both,but which ONE has made better RIFF'S on guitar over there 20 year carrer.Make sure NOT to vote for your favorite band ,vote just by the topic of which has made the best guitar parts ,songs or however you want to phrase it.

Also just for fun i put which one do you feel is a better vocalist.This one to me is very easy to answer unlike the question above but ill wait to vote once we got some votes in. wink.gif
15 Nov 2007
Hey Guys
I just wanted to hear some of your favorite shredder's from the 80's.I know not everyone likes Shred but for you all that do give me a list of some awesome shredder's that i can check out.Im hoping to hear a few people that i havent listened to before from you guys.Ofcourse we all know MAB ,Paul Gilbert ect smile.gif
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