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12 Sep 2019
Here's wishing a very Happy birthday to Mr GMC himself, Kris.

Happy birthday buddy, enjoy your day and thank you for this wonderful thing called GMC.


29 Aug 2019
Hello folks,

I've found a great YT channel for people struggling to follow where they are when improvising, trying to follow chords etc. I haven't looked at everything yet so I don't know how many tempos there are, but it will help you to practise developing a sense of time by using the visual count on the screen. You'll understand what I mean if you watch the video below.

After a few bars of very simple beats he does add a little bit more.

29 Aug 2019
Back in August last year I posted THIS

Today the hits on my thread with Gab reached 250,028 that's an average of 865 views per week. Incredible! I just hope people are getting some kind of inspiration and/or comfort seeing my trials and tribulations, my battles with my head and my hands, and that they can see that maybe it's not just them that struggle with fitting this incredible journey into that crazy thing called life.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, one step at a time, try to enjoy the journey for there is no destination, the horizon never gets nearer. You'll sail calm seas and rough seas and each will teach you something, either about the guitar or about your self, just stay at the helm and steer that ship as best you can.

11 Aug 2019
I am really not looking forward to work tomorrow. On Friday morning I switched on my computer by my machine, it wouldn't open up my database located on the server, it said "Unrecognisable format", I tried again, same result, reboot same result. All of my databases are backed up to three locations AND locally on my hard drive so that if the server dies I can still get to my stuff. The same thing happened with the local files.

I logged onto another workstation to try there, at that point one of the lads said "Phil, my shortcuts are saying "location unavailable or location moved", then another lad said the same, then another lad said "Phil, all of my CNC programs have the words "No more ransom" after them and they won't open.

Long story short, the server did a backup over night and got infected with some malware, anyone who logged on that morning got all of the modified files. Luckily our general manager came in late, I had disconnected his computer from the server so he still had a clean backup from late Friday afternoon (it backs up any changed files every half hour or so).

Tomorrow the company that looks after our server and all IT is coming in but it looks like a long day possibly into the night with big headaches mad.gif sad.gif
11 Aug 2019
Hello folks, I'm thinking of upgrading my music laptop. I don't really need a laptop but I don't have room for a second desktop tower. I've come across these and wonder what your thoughts are.

Any advice/opinions gratefully received, thanks.

I would likely purchase from HERE something like THIS spec but with 512gb SSD and 32gb ram.

I just want to be able to swap it with my laptop, for the record, my laptop only has 3 usb ports and an hdmi out.

It needs to come in at around £850 before tax.

Thanks in advance of your help, I keep wondering if I'm missing something that is staring me in the face as to why I can't just swap it over, obviously there will be the set up but I'm hoping there is some quick way of cloning the hard drive from one to the other, somehow, maybe huh.gif


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