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10 Jun 2019
Hi! I'm working on a song now that sounds like this:

I'm not happy with the lead guitar sound. I want it to sound like this :

Discussion and help is greatly appreciated. Also the rhythm guitars... should I try to make them fatter or will that happen by itself when I add a bass?
1 May 2019
Hi! I haven't been active here for a while because of the project I released today. It's a silly chiptune album with lighthearted music for a puzzle-platform video game. Now I can finally start focusing on guitar a bit again! So basically...

I'm back! And here's what I did while I was gone:
24 Oct 2018
Hi! Again an electronic track made for a game. This time I've focused more on creating a pleasant soundscape while using modern and retro sounds. Feel free to give feedback! There's certainly a lot that can be improved. Would you like it to be longer? What would you do with this track in the condition it's in now?

I often feel very comfortable writing in almost any style of music if I can focus the composition on melody and harmony. In this track I tried to focus more on a simplistic groove to begin with, however! as you can probably hear it ended up very "note-y" and with a lot of focus on melodies. This is something I always tend to do.

What are some of your idiosyncrasies when trying to compose in a new style?
10 Oct 2018
It took me quite a while to figure out how this plugin works. Had to mess about with for about two days before I could somewhat start to shape my sounds and add any kind of character to them.

So NES VST is a free vst built to mimic the how sounds in an Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) work. The NES had three synth channels, one noise channel and one DPCM(or sample) channel. The three synth channels generously offered two pulse-waves and one triangle wave. The pulse waves could be configured as 6% 12% 25% 50% or 75% pulses where 50% would be the closest to a normal squarewave. A smaller percentage means a thinner sound. You can also have a pitch, fine-pitch and volume envelope to create different characters of sound just like a normal oscillator synthesizer.

The triangle wave was presented "as is" and could only be modified in pitch and volume.

What I wanted to be able to do was create versatile sounds with qualities like... String-like, plucky, growling, singing, flute-like, etc. To do that all I had to realize was that the colorful boxes were just simple "step"-envelopes that work just like a normal ADSR. There's a generous tempo option with a minimum of 16ms between steps(when you turn tempo sync off, otherwise it goes in increments of note-values).

Drawing sinewave-like shapes in the fine pitch window will give you a vibrato which can also loop from a different point than the starting point(that's the thin colored line in the top of the window). So you can have a note that begins to oscillate in pitch after a certain number of steps. Which is desirable for a "singing" type vibrato.

Strings can be made quite easily with a stair-like volume envelope. The more LFO Steps and the shorter the Step Time, the smoother the attack.

In conclusion, this plugin is extremely versatile and useful if you want to have 8bit sounding synths anywhere.
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6 Oct 2018
Had this guitar for less than a week and I love it so much. So okay... it's not the best gypsy jazz guitar out there.. in fact... it may be pretty bad... But since I've never played one before I find it utterly wonderful to play this beast. The tone isn't all that great but it's extremely percussive, just as it should be!

If only my technique was a bit better. But I've only played gypsy jazz since this summer and haven't had enough time to practice.

Anyway, this is La Gitane which means "The Gypsy".

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