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9 Feb 2013
I've recently bought a capo and noticed that when I put it on my acoustic guitar, it sharpens the notes. Sure, as long as I don't do concerts I can tune the guitar when the capo is on, but it would take too many time during a concert. As far as I understand the problem is caused by excessive tightness of the capo. Is there any way to fix the problem?

P.S. the notes are not sharpened when I don't use the capo.
25 Dec 2012
I was reading some material about improvising over dominant7 chords when I saw a Mixolydian b13 b9 scale. When I took a closer look on it, I realised that it is the fifth mode of Harmonic Minor scale. Well, since Harmonic Minor scale is a minor scale, shouldn't Mixolydian b13 b9 be called Phrygian #3 instead? At first name "Mixolydian" led me into missunderstanding about where the mode had come from...
Mixolydian b13 (or b6) is the 5th mode of Melodic Minor scale, so shouldn't it be called Phrygian #2 #3 as well?

P.S. I've found these scales in our Scale generator as Phrygian Major Scale (Mixolydian b13 b9) and Mixolydian flat 6 (Mixolydian b13 (or b6)).
13 Dec 2012
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my new guitar! Altamira M01D
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I was nervous about ordering one without trying, but once it arrived all my hestitations disappeared! It sound and feels very great!
The online store where I bought it was (thans to Bossie for suggesting it) and the service there is very nice. The guitar came with case in which they put backup strings and some mint-flavoured candies biggrin.gif
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I am the happiest man in the world now rolleyes.gif
20 Nov 2012
Hello! I was thinking about learning some acoustic fingerstyle songs by ear. Could you recommend me some easy songs to start with? Something of Tommy Emmanuel or Chet Atkins maybe? rolleyes.gif
3 Nov 2012
Hello! I am going to buy Selmer-Maccaferri style guitar. At the moment I have 3 options:
Gitane DG-250
Paris Swing GG-39
Cigano GJ-10
My favorite here is Paris Swing GG-39. Does anyone here have an experience with selmer style guitars? I am looking forward for an advice smile.gif
Also, what can you say about
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Hi Maarten,
It is Samick Royale 3. You can read its specs at http://www.gregbennettguit ;)
10 Aug 2011 - 12:51
Hi K1R,
I love the look of your guitar. Could you tell me what guitar that is, please?
Thanks! :D
10 Aug 2011 - 8:04


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