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My interests are of course guitar playing. Besides that I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan through and through.
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20 Dec 2018
...and I have no clue what I'm doing! Have a listen to the attachment. These drums are just programmed by the way... I'm not THAT good yet!

Hints and tips are welcome! biggrin.gif Anything that needs to be fixed volume wise, EQ'd etc? Let me know!
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17 Dec 2018
Relative simple topic and question. Anyone tried Presonus Studio One 4? I'm watching videos on it, and I'm inclined to try it, as it looks to have some very neat functionalities. I'm currently very happy with Reaper though.
16 Dec 2018
I know we have had kind of similar threads, but this time I'm more interested in talking equipment rather than just pictures, but feel free to provide pictures too! smile.gif

So what equipment do you have and use in your setup?

Here's some of what I use, some of which could still need to be upgraded. I am also missing a bass still/again, as I sold the one I had.

DAW: I went from Cubase to Reaper some 3 years ago, and I haven't looked back. Really liking the functionalities that it offers, and while at first it didn't seem very intuitive, I find that it was quickly a lot easier than Cubase and Pro Tools, which I have also tried.
Guitars: Ibanez RG752MFS-VFD and an Ibanez RG3570Z LB.
Amp and cab: Laney Ironheart IRT60H and Laney Ironheart IRT212
Effects: TC Electronic Nova System and Behringer FCB1010.
Mics: Behringer B-1 and Røde NT-1
(Midi) Keyboard: Akai MPK88 and Akai LPK25.
Drums: Roland TD6 expanded a bit
VST and Plugins: Positive Grid Bias Amp, Positive Grid Bias FX, Toontrack Superior Drummer 2+3 and the Progressive Foundry Expansion, Omnisphere 2 + Keyscape, Trilian and finally at times East West Cloud Composer Subscription.
Audio Card: Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen
Monitors: B&O Beovox S45
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

Most of of which is finally set up here in my new house that I moved into in May. It's been a bit of a struggle, and while I'm not entirely there yet, it's getting there! I still want an SM57 for recording my Laney amp/cab, but money is a bit tight, so here to hoping for a good Christmas present! Everything else is set up and connected to the audio card and computer and basically ready to record/play with just a touch of a button or two.

Here's a picture! It's basically where I spent the majority of my time!

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9 Dec 2018
I'm finally diving into setting up my Akai MPK88 to have some actual, useful functionality with all the knobs, faders and so on. Or at least I have decided to do so.

But what are some common functionalities that one would need?

I have a lot of knobs, faders and so on, and just to quote the AKAI website: "Control up to 72 software parameters with 24 assignable Q-Link knobs, buttons, and faders"

I don't use the MPC pads, so I think I'm gonna set them up to change between patches in Omnisphere in the LIVE-MULTI part of that.

But what parameters would I need control of and also have use of to control with the knobs and faders?

Shoot me all your suggestions and knowledge on this smile.gif
7 Dec 2018
Sometimes YouTube suggestions are great!

I was still watching while I posted this thread, but just finished watching, and I can honestly say that was one of the best videos I have seen on YouTube in a long time!
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