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I'm Here to learn the basics since I was self taught I skipped the theory and other essential stuff. After that I plan on getting more skills to become a better guitar player.
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49 years old
Maine USA
Born Aug-1-1971
Metal, Classical...Mix them together and thats where I am
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14 Jan 2009
I was wondering if maybe any of you instructors out there may love this band (D.A.D - Disneyland after Dark)....I Do and was wondering if maybe we could get a lesson on thier style. In particular I love the sounds and style they produced on the no fuel left for the pilgrims cd. Songs like sleeping my day away , grow or pay ,girl nation ..and Laugh n a Half ..Is it a possibility to get a style lesson from these guys?
8 Jan 2009
Ok here's my deal I was working on a collab and in attempts to work a section to be faster I spent hours going at it. I started to get sharp little pains in my left forearm on the underside. So I took it easy and took longer breaks so as not to exert it. However I'm at the point that it feels like its popping and sharp pain...obviously i need to completely stop now and try some very slow and simple things when starting back up in a day or so..I am curious since this has never happened before any of you had had similar problems and if so what did you do to recover or make the situation better so it didnt happen again? It feels like it may be a tendon issue.
7 Jan 2009
Ok heres my deal I simply have a guitar an amp and a computer do I get the sound to go directly to the computer for editing and saving? I grabbed a simple stereo cord to go from the headphone jack to the mic part of the comp...i'm thinking this is not correct since I have a ton of static on the recording. Is it just settings at this point or am I off base completely?
2 Jan 2009
Ok heres my deal...I used to play a band etc this was back when I was 17 or so I'm now 37 most of the tunes I knew I have forgotten since I have't really been into the guitar much since way back then. I was self taugh...used ez tab and so never really hit any basics...chords or anything. I can play ok and learn songs no big fail is the fact when I sit back I realise I know nothing. I probably have 2,000 bad habits to break as well. I'm unable as of yet to understand some of the diagrams in which alot of the lessons are taught with. Ok so with that novel written here is what I'm thinking I need...
1. Some structure like start here do this lesson that on and so forth.
2. learn how to read these diagrams so I can understand what all the colored circles mean and where they are pointing to.
3. learn the patterns in such a way I can visualize them (if Possible)

I know this is alot to put in here all at once...but from what I have seen so far ..this is exactly where I should all have been so ready to help everyone with from the simplest problems to the hard problems ..I am hoping you can all help me out ...I will thank you all in Advance for your time and patience with me and my troubles smile.gif
25 Dec 2008
Howdy all from my home state of Maine USA, Took many years off from playing the guitar ..grabbed a Ibanez and a Spider amp and decided to make another try at the playing the guitar thing. My son recently got a guitar for his birthday and wanted me to teach him...hahahaha and here I am with all my song forgotten...and was self taught so I couldn't even teach him chords. So here I am At GMC trying to learn from scratch almost ...hope this far so good...I Think this place is right where I need to be smile.gif
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