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28 Jul 2009
just thought i'd share this funny song by the funny MC Lars.

see if you can notice the real guitar hero in this video tongue.gif
21 Jul 2009
Hola, GMC, its been a while since I've actually been active, I've been really busy as of late. Anyways, I've written a new song for my one-man band project, and its the second I've done without help from my main band (we recently split on bad terms). I was hoping to go for a Post-Rock/metal-ish approach, but it kinda started to do its own thing haha. Nothing technical, its just simple stuff.

Its a work in progress, as I'm having trouble with transitions to other parts. I haven't started recording it yet, so I can only upload the GP5 and Midi file. Any help would be appreciated smile.gif
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6 May 2009
I stumbled upon this band, like, yesterday, and I'm already madly in love with this band. They're atmospheric black metal, with a touch of post-rock, and its amazing IMO. Check them out, you might fall in love with them like I did.

if the video doesn't work, try the myspace link below
27 Mar 2009
Hi guys, its Johnny again. Again, I'm having problems. Oh so many problems smile.gif

My main problem is like the title says, I'm rusty. I haven't played in almost 2 months now. The reason for that being was I fractured several bones (and broke a finger) in my left hand during a BMX accident, and it had to be in a cast for 6-8 weeks. Last week, they took a x-ray of my hand, and deemed it healed, so now the cast is off and I'm free again.

Obviously, my left arm grew week from disuse, so now I have to build up my lost muscle mass and a little motor skill. I expected that this to affect my guitar a lot (that's a duh moment haha). It did. It feels like it did when I first picked up the instrument 2 1/2 years ago. My fingers are fumbling around, the callouses healed up, and my bending strength is gone. I retained a little finger independence, and I can still use all four thankfully.

I know I have to work up to where I was before, but I'm just wondering, even though I remember will songs, chord shapes, and scales, will my muscles have to relearn them too? Or, when my strength is back, will I magically be able to play everything I knew (just not up to speed). Also, what are some good exercises for (re)building finger strength? I swear, I feel like a beginner again haha.

Thanks in advance,
25 Mar 2009
Yep, if you're a fan of the great Mastodon, then you should know that their newest album, Crack The Skye, dropped today. In case you didn't know, well, now you do smile.gif
I haven't had a chance to listen to the album yet, but I was pleased with video of the song "Divinations." Are there any Mastodon fans out there, or am I floating in this sea alone?

Btw, here's the video of the song, Divinations.
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Jose Mena
It is about $1000 maybe less, mine had a quilt maple top and greenburst so it adds a little to the price. Very nice guitars
23 Jan 2009 - 13:19
Jose Mena
The guitar on the lesson is a Carvin C66, love that thing.
9 Jan 2009 - 14:21

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