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Good day, my name is Peter. I am 16 years old and have played the guitar for about 1 and a half year now. In addition to guitar, I play the piano and have just started with the violin. Most of the days are spent playing either of the instruments, composing or writing down music.
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29 years old
Mosjøen, Norway
Born Sep-21-1992
Music... And that's about it :)
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21 Feb 2010
Hello. Long time, no see! I was just going to ask about if MK Guitars is still running. I told a friend about it, and he's very interested, so I'm just wondering if it's still possible to do business with Mirza? Would like an email-address if it was possible smile.gif

Thanks in advance, Peter.
13 Sep 2008
Ok, as you might have noticed I've started to use you guys as a living lexicon (Just take it as a compliment) tongue.gif.
The thing now is that I'm going to get some new headphones just for use when I'm at school, out walking etc. I don't want anything where the bass is really loud and all that stuff that youngsters look for these days, I want something that isolates outside noises well and have a good overall sound quality so I can get the details in the music I'm listening to and all that. Please tell me what you think smile.gif
31 Aug 2008
Well, now I am going to get antivirus software for my Macbook. I don't want anything expensive or complicated, and a friend of mine talked about a program called AVG. The only problem with that is that it's only made for Windows. Do you guys have any tips? tongue.gif
19 Aug 2008
Well, now I'm set up with my little idea factory and just now I tried to make a drum track with Guitar Pro and importing the midi-file into Pro Tools. The stupid thing is that when I import the file into Pro Tools, I don't get only the Midi-file, but 16 new audio tracks as well. The midi-file does always appear on the 10th track, probably because the drums are on the 10th channel in Guitar Pro. What I think is happening is that it imports the midi-files from all the 16 channels in Guitar Pro, but that's not what I want, I just want that one midi file! mad.gif Does anyone know how to solve this?
4 Aug 2008
Hello, I have just bought a Mac and an Mbox 2 Pro. I have had some problems launching the program, and I just discovered that the version of Pro Tools that I bought (7.3) was made for Mac OS X 10.4 while I have OS X 10.5.2. Therefore I downloaded the 7.4 version for Mac OS X 10.5.3, and now I'm downloading Mac OS X 10.5.4. I just wonder if the Pro Tools version that I'm downloading is working for 10.5.4. Do you know?
Please read my thread on the Chill Out Room:
for more information on the problem tongue.gif

Thanks in advance, Peter
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