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7 Nov 2007
I'm so glad I'm finaly able to get a membership to GMC. The free lessons definately helped me to want to get it as soon as I could manage. Thanks for putting up such an awesome and inspiring collection online.

Of course, I'm just saying hi but let me tell you a bit about me, and my interest in music.

For as long as I can remember I've been involved with music, but not as a guitarist, not even as a bassist. Although my brother had taught me some chords on his acoustic guitar, and we played/sung songs for a while I never picked up the guitar seriously. I was more fond of the drums, so most of my experience involves around drumming, from big bands, marching bands, show bands (yes, there's a big difference in the two wink.gif) up to amateur pop, rock 'n blues bands. It all went great for as long as I had a studio I could use, or just some generic practice space. Unfortunately I was forced to move, and with that I lost the ability to keep my drumkit. I could store it for a time with my mom, but lost it entirely when she too had to relocate to a smaller house.

I also have been composing with a midi keyboard, which I unfortunately lost and never replaced. I used to play around in Cubase and abusing Cakewalk at my brother's place. Lately I just been playing around in Musicmaker, but it wasn't as satisfying so after trying two versions I stopped.

So from that time on (roughtly around the year 2000), my interest in playing drums or music in general was very low. It wasn't until I bought a game for my man, about a few months ago. I got him Guitar Hero 2 and he kinda liked it. Seeing him playing the game made me want to try it too and I got hooked for a few weeks played it out on easy and medium and started tackling the hard difficulty. From there on I noticed that I started to look more or diffent at music that I listened to (Joe Satriani, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Hanson etc) and began to search on the net about easy guitar lessons. GMC popped up many times but I was rather intimidated by the lessons, even those mentioned as beginner lessons.

First thing I did, unwise as it was financially, was buying myself an electric guitar. People I spoke to all said I should get an accoustic beginners guitar - well that's all fine and dandy, but I thought why buy something like that when I just really wanted to play an electric guitar? I didn't really care about what was proper, but rather what I think I would enjoy.

I found a Dutch website that taught me the basic chords by playing songs I knew very well, and such for very little money and I got a guitar course on disc as a gift (Guitar Method), so a couple months later I checked GMC again and found it to be a lot less intimidating and finaly signed up (after saving some, since buying the guitar was quite an expense on my usually very small budget).

I bought a cheapo Eleca guitar and amplifier (10 watts I believe), because I wasn't sure whether this would be another "once in a blue moon" episode. Since I've kept at it for several months now I've began to think of getting a nicer guitar in the future.

From reading you probably figured already that I'm from the Netherlands, but I'm not completely dutch, I'm also part Indonesian. Born in the Netherlands though. My name is Francisca, but most call me Fran and I like to think of myself as a creative person. I like to draw, mess around with music and write scary stories you don't want to tell your kids. I also play games to kill time and keep myself distracted (currently a lot of City of heroes/villains aka CoX and Tabula Rasa).

And now, I'm off practicing some beginner's lessons.

Just in case people are wondering how I look like I took this picture last week at my mom's house, after she shredded my hair. So, she can't play guitar but she sure can shred!
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