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28 Jan 2011
Hi all,

I guess this is strictly a topic for those who have had experience with low humidity.

In Mexico City at this time of year, there's not much water around to speak of, and the humidity is generally listed in weather forecast at below 20%. my violin case hygrometer agrees.

I know, I know, I know I shouldn't, but I have both of my guitars on stands in the room most of the time. One of the reasons is that I don't have hard cases with me here. Anyway, I have noticed the action getting lower on my acoustic over the last few weeks, it is actaully really nice, but I am going to do something about that, probably get a hard case and humidifier.

but the question.. sorry for being so long.. I'm irish you know, have to find the long way round to get to the point. - the question is, I picked up my strat the other day and the action seems to have got higher! It really had a beautiful low action, I got it second hand, but whoever had it before had it set really really low with 9's on it.

Now, from what I can make out, wood contracting usually pulls the neck back and lowers the action, so i'm wondering if anyone has had any experience of low humidity having the opposite effect on a strat (it's a mexican strat from 2000)

The other possibility, is that I got so used to the slowly lowering action on my acoustic, a Yamaha APX-700, that when I picked up the strat I thought it had got higher, but I would have to be going a little crazy for that to happen, as the strat was always lower and easier to play than the Yamaha.


9 Aug 2010
Looks like access via linkmembers has been seriously reduced?

I'll be honest with you and tell you that I'm not going to make a subscribtion to GMC this year or probably the next year, - I just don't have the time to get down to it and practice, however I have enjoyed occasionally taking a look at a lesson, like maybe one every three or four months.
For a while that was a pretty good return on giving a link to the site, which if it helps is great!

However, I can't reactivate my account anymore, I get told my pages don''t have a high enough page rank anymore.

Fair enough, you're obviously not going to give free access out to everyone who has a webpage.
But what rank does GMC want? I even tried a page that has a higher rank than GMC itself and that still wasn't good enough.


21 Sep 2009
Hi All, i got myself a well bashed-up rock-n-rolled fret worn mexican 2000 strat the other day in a flea market, and i was checking out some of the sounds with NI Guitar Rig. wow.. never new a guitar could sound like that. I don't know if the pickups have been changed from the originals on this mexican guitar, it does have the treble bleed mod on the volume and also a hum killer coil, that works great in the mid-bridge position. but i digress..

I found a nice sound, really plucky, almost twangy, with a little tremelo and delay and some of that psyche delay octave thing and I found myself palm muting and I thought - that'd sound great with "Every breath you take", so i did a quick search on GMC and then for a tab on the net. I was surprised how easy it is to play, although i would need a lot more practice to attempt to sing it at the same time.

Now I know Andy Summers is not known for playing strats, but he is certainly one of those guitarists that stands out in history for playing his own style. - but not a single "in the style of" lesson here on GMC!!

26 Dec 2008
Hi all, I'd like to make a humble suggestion for a minor change to the site.

I often have my speakers up loud when I am working, listen to music and everytime I hit, I get "You ready?!!!!..." blasting out through the speakers, and I have to rush to scroll down and pause that video.

My humble suggestion is to put an option somewhere to not autoplay that video. Or maybe set a cookie so that it doesn't display after visiting the site 10 times.

It was pretty cool the first time I hit the site, and the second, and the third. But after having heard it 200 times, you know, it's starting to get a little irritating.

Please understand, this may be my first post and it is criticism, but it's the only one I have. My praise for the site is loud by its absence.


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