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15 Sep 2007
Has anybody else got ringing ears? Im kinda scared im going to lose my hearing at like the age of 20. Will the ringing ever go away? And am i close to losing my hearing? Does anybody where ear plugs at gigs?

any advise is welcome
6 Sep 2007
Marty Friedman - The Scene has been my favorite guitar album for a while now, and I'm just wondering if theres any other albums by diffrent artist that have this sort of style? Or any album thats meaningful and emotional like the scene

And if your reading this and haven't heard about the scene go here

And listen to Angel

6 Sep 2007
Its been a recent problem to me that whenever I try to learn a new song I learn a bit of it then I kinda just say to myslef this is quite boring and this wont teach me anything i dont already know. I kinda think learning songs are getting useless. Is this just a phase? I'm always thinking of new music to create all the time though, thats basicly all the motivation im getting to play guitar right now. Should I just focus on making
something new? or creating my own style?

Anywho kinda making me think a little. Has anybody had an experience like this?

4 Sep 2007
I've heard a lot of people make good backing tracks, and I just cant make seem to make mine sound decent

first off is there a way to get like fake drums? And can you use them with reaper? do you have to buy a program or somtin?

When doing backing tracks do you just do guitar, bass, and drums? do you guys layer your recordings?

I'm quite new to recording so any help is welcome
25 Aug 2007
My Cousin is in love with this band and I think there great so i thought i'd just tell u about them.

Can you say Christian neo-clasical thrash metal?

O ya all those wrapped into one band. Marty Friedman actually played on one of there albums called "Where Moth and Rust destroy" which was a sweet album. Check em out.

The first song has amazing lyrics which I think you gotta check out it just proves you can play metal and not have to sing about death, satan or politics etc. The first song is against animal abuse called Ark of Suffering and has a great message in it. Pretty sweet solo too.

Heres there myspace page check out drawn and quartered
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