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Niko Fran
29 years old
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Guitar ;)
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22 Apr 2009
Hi GMC, I'm writing a school assignment about Glam Rock at the moment, and I'm writing about the characteristics of the theory and the music. I do have some ideas of my own, but it would be really good if people could share some of their knowledge concerning this genre, as I dont know where to start sad.gif I'm mostly looking for info about how the songs were build, and the scales they used. Thanks alot, I would really apreciate it if someone would help me out smile.gif
25 Jan 2009
I was given the assignment in school to locate five errors in the following text, but I wasen't able to locate that many, can anybody figure some out? Thanks alot!

On Sundays we like to go for a walk in the nature. lt's nice to get away from our usual surroundings and forget about all the work we ought to do. The problem is, of course, that the pollution in this city creeps in everywhere, and is felt even in the parks. The civilization has made the life easier, but there are some drawbacks as well: the parents are concerned because more and more children become allergic, and the unemployment seems to be increasing year by year.
17 Oct 2008
Hello people of GMC!

I recently made myself a myspace music profile (with the help of Bogdan) to upload the better things I record. There isn't much to it, no drums no bass, no piano, just guitar tongue.gif Yesterday I uploaded a song called Green Fields, it was originally made for my band, but we're busy with other songs at the moment, so I thought I would upload it on myspace! The name Nico Loove is a joke I have with my band, they asked me which name I would have as a lead guitarist, something like "Slash" or alike, and I choosed - Nico Loove! They werent really happy with it, but it stays biggrin.gif Anyway, here is the site, feel free to add me as the more that hear it, the better smile.gif

You can also add my band - Liquid Rocks - which can be found under friends. We havent uploaded any songs yet, just some text which I encourage you to read biggrin.gif!
16 Oct 2008
Hi, I cant really seem to figure out how to make a profile where I can upload music, I allready have a normal, but was wondering if you could "upgrade" that or do I have to make a brand new one? And how of course biggrin.gif
21 Sep 2008

I've been playing guitar for around 1,5 year now, and is doing just great, got a good hang on the theory and even play lead in a band, but one thing is nagging me, I cant seem to really speed things up, and just simply cant move my fingers fast enough to sweep. Not that I need sweeping in the band at the moment, but sweeping is so cool biggrin.gif (And can really spice things up at the peak of a solo!)

So I thought that some of the exercises could help me, but there are so many of em, and I dont know where to start! Can anyone post a few exercices that could help me develop some speed, and just get more comfortable around the guitar?

Thank you smile.gif
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