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GMC Forum _ REC _ Jazzy Blues Phrasing

Posted by: capasso2 Mar 29 2014, 03:13 PM

Original lesson: by http:///instructor/Piotr-Kaczor

ok I've been putting in some work in the last 8 hours or so. I've got a Fayeen lesson in the works that is way out of my comfort zone, and i started a darius lesson today too, but i thought i'd slow it down before i try and record those with this one. I know this vid is sloppy, and i'm not sure why i decided to try it on an acoustic, but i wanted to put this take up for some advice on the fast licks. The one at about 40 seconds, and the sweep towards the end. Im trying to step out of my comfort zone and learn to play "outside" notes, and i've also never been a sweeper, so i thought this would be a good lesson to attempt.

Posted by: Darius Wave Mar 29 2014, 09:22 PM

Hi there friend! It's not that sloppy at all! smile.gif There are a few missed notes but if You already know about them is a half of success smile.gif

Personally I think that practicing acoustic guitar is great idea. It's more demanding and most of us usually use thicker strings on it. When I make my acoustic playing period I feel much comfortable when I go back to electric guitar. Everything seems to be much easier then smile.gif

I watched Your vid a few times and made additional attention to the mentioned moments but I see no obvious problems. You're right hand position, pick grip and angles look well. In this case the only tip could be to think about where You can relax Your hand and when to tense. I usually make harder picking on the accents or...on the very first note when i skip to another string. But to make it happen I try to release tension (softer picking) on the last note, just before skipping to another string. I found this helps me a lot and very often picking issues come of being tensed through full lick. Everything else is a just a practice smile.gif

Well done smile.gif I can't rate this vid but as promised - You got some feedback. Waiting for Your electric guitar version smile.gif

Posted by: Cosmin Lupu Mar 31 2014, 03:09 PM

Hey man smile.gif Great advice here by Darius already!

I liked the vibe of your take and as Darius observed, there's nothing that needs actual fixing and playing things on an acoustic guitar already makes you a more careful player wink.gif

Try to record it on the electric so we can grade smile.gif

Keep rocking!


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