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I'm Mike Capasso, been playing about 10 years. The last 5 years or so have just been playing cover tunes in bars, and writing some songs on piano/guitar, and practicing singing. Haven't been a good guitar student, so i've come back to GMC to get off this musical plateau i'm stuck on.
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29 Mar 2014
Anyone have any funny, or Nightmare stories about Auditioning strangers to join your band? In my case, we find those musicians on In Connecticut lol. If you don't know what craigslist is, its a site for people to sell used furniture/cars, a place for prostitutes to advertise, and a place where musicians look for bands lol.

We were auditioning a bass player one time, and to my surprise, i was going extremely well. The dude was a little twerps looking, and kind of a nerd...but he had soul, and knew his music. If i threw a few chords at him, he was right there in the pocket with me.

Well in a moment, i turned my back to him to adjust my amplifier, and i hear "SPLASH"

I turn around, and this poor kid had throw up all over himself lol. Big puddle on the floor, on his shirt, it was hanging off his base strings for god's sake lol.

Needless to say, he didn't get the gig lol. Luckily a few more weirdos later, i found my current bass player, who i swear is the best bass player my area has ever seen. Because he came from craigslist, we were just waiting for the weirdness to come out. Pull his pecker out at a gig, Fight a Fan, or the bartender......but luckily he turned out to be normal lol

I'd love to hear your guys funny stores. I got this idea when i recently commented on the Poser thread, becuz i came across quite a few on craigslist haha
29 Mar 2014
So i tend to this quite a bit, I'll write song fragments, that i think have real promise, and just can never find that last progression/riff to wrap things up. Well i guises the real problem is that i never get around to writing lyrics for the 15+ songs i have that need them lol. But in this case i've really liked this little tune ever since first came up with it. I was starting to really experiment with 7 chords, and augmented/diminished and this came out one day.

So If your up for some songwriting and want to help a guy out over here, I've supplies a sample video of all of the progressions that i have so far, and i've outlined the chord changes below. record a vid of yourself playing a bridge that you think could work, or even something that your not quite sure about, but think it might give me some ideas, id love to hear it! Or maybe you've got an interesting chord suggestion that i haven't thought of and want to type about it, thats cool too. I've just had this song laying around for a few months now, and normally i can finish them up the same day or at least week i start them. Thanks in advance!

PS: sorry there seems to be a latency issue i can't fix on the video, but it should still give you a good enough understanding of what the song sounds like along with the chords below.

PSS: I write song just for fun, but it goes without saying i don't expect to see any of you guys on MTV playing my song lol

The Progression is as follows:

Verse part



Pre-chorus breakdown



Eminor____Aminor___D____G (3 times)
29 Mar 2014
Original lesson: Jazzy Blues Phrasing by Piotr Kaczor

ok I've been putting in some work in the last 8 hours or so. I've got a Fayeen lesson in the works that is way out of my comfort zone, and i started a darius lesson today too, but i thought i'd slow it down before i try and record those with this one. I know this vid is sloppy, and i'm not sure why i decided to try it on an acoustic, but i wanted to put this take up for some advice on the fast licks. The one at about 40 seconds, and the sweep towards the end. Im trying to step out of my comfort zone and learn to play "outside" notes, and i've also never been a sweeper, so i thought this would be a good lesson to attempt.

29 Mar 2014
Original lesson: Melodic Yoppe by Yoppe

hey guys, i've I'm a self taught guitar player for the most part. On and off again when my own guitar progress gets stale I've come to gmc for inspiration. This is my first submission, and the first time i've ever had my playing analyzed. I thought i'd start with a fun phrasing lesson. Hope you enjoy, and thanks in advance for the input.

29 Mar 2014
anybody have an issue submitting their take? I'm trying to submit melodic yoppe, and my submit take button at the bottom never lights up. I am posting the youtube link, not sure what i'm doing wrong
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