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15 Sep 2019
Original lesson: Picking Hand Basics by Ben Higgins

Movie Maker gave me some trouble syncing the backing track with video but I think it's fine now.
EDIT: turns out the final compilation video is still out of sync though it was alright in the creator.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
2 Sep 2019
As in the title, my Kustom Arrow 16DFX is starting to break, namely clean channel's volume is really low: loudness at 4/10 some time ago is currently only after I crank clean volume all the way up and I'm better off using dirty channel with minimal gain (dirty's volume is as it always was). Does anyone have an idea what could cause this? If it's one or few parts that are easy to replace, I'd do that to keep my box alive longer.

Sorry for writing in a rush. It's all fine with my other guitars, so I'll look into the cavity when I have some time.

Guitar forums say to look for a loose wire or a cold solder joint (or a bad pot, but I put in a new set recently and it was working well ever since). How can I spot a cold solder joint?
31 Aug 2019
I'm happy to announce I'm directing a team working on an RPG game based on Danganronpa series and tons of cultural references. I wasn't sure if it would be more than an idea and a dream but we reached a point where it has become very much real. I can't share any materials but demo is scheduled for release at the end of this year. I'm really happy for it but moreover, something I spent three years researching for my silly thesis won't be wasted. It takes a lot of time just to write basic scripts but I'm happy when it's finally working. I'll probably put my musicianship to use as well to create the soundtrack. Everyone is so absorbed and working hard to give it their best, I was really to meet them. I hope we will finish the whole thing with the same enthusiasm and get somewhat positive feedback!
25 Jul 2019
SOme time ago I build a varitone switch based on schematics I found on the net. It uses 6 different capacitors, used originally with single coils, humbuckers, telecasters and 3 used commonly in bass from what I inferred. I am upgrading Avion's pots, so I thought I'd update the switch as well. I use 3 of the caps at most, so that leaves me 3 configurations to swap.
I could try germanium diodes wired for asymmetrical clipping, shutting the signall (off button) and one more thing, possibly.

The thing is the stock pots weren't what I'm looking for and I got a pair of Bourns. They are huge and the holes were drilled in a way it's impossible to make another one. Only SPDT are small enough to be a viable option.

I want to add a kill switch to the mix and...

My Avion is the LP type, so there's one cavity at the top and the killswitch won't fit there unless I remove some wood and I don't want to.

My options are as below. New pots aren't push-pull type, so I can't use this for switching cap modes. I'm thinking to play each cap for a while and decide one I'll keep and get back to traditional wiring. I really like having pickups toggle at the bottom but I'm willing to go back to standard to make it work. I didn't have a tone pot for a while in this guitar and it sounded alright regardless. I feel volume is more important to keep if I have to choose one.

What would you say?

Edit: I accidentally put this in the wrong board, I meant Gear and Production.
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23 Jul 2019
I'm looking to get a set of the band's albums since they were there for me in the hard years and I can finally afford it. I just realized they re-released Ecliptica. Personally, I prefer the original version, at least vocals-wise. Instrumentals are really nice in remastered version, though. Which would you say sounds better to you? Maybe it's nostalgia but I'm leaning towards 1999 edition.
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