Recording Video &audio With Ableton, Starting REC program and never uploaded a video before
Nov 26 2016, 11:49 PM
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hello friends....I use Ableton as my DAW and have Guitar Rig 5 as my guitar plugin. It is running on an Apple Imac.

My question is what is the easiest and most professional sounding method to upload a video with a backing track using Ableton and my Imac camera. I would invest in some gear if this setup will not work.

Thanks so much.


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Nov 27 2016, 03:04 PM
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I'm not sure i understand exactly. Do you mean 'record' a video while playing against a backing track? I've done this many ways, both in and out of Ableton.

A few things I prefer if you mean recording a video.

1. I've recorded a video from my phone using both Quicktime and IMovie. I believe in Quicktime (and maybe IMovie), I had to select my audio source speaker out which was not my system speaker out as I have a Motu AudioExpress.This requires ableton to still be running with the backing imported and the input source monitored, but not necessarily recording. This should be the same if your using the built in camera.

2. I've imported the video into Ableton to sync with my recorded audio and found that it was more difficult than exporting my recorded track from Ableton and then using iMovie to Sync the video and Audio.

Here is my present flow. Note I use a camera via USB as I don't have a built in camera. I had at one point used my iPhone for the video recording but that was more of a hassle to set up and manipulate. I have an old Canon camera that records decent video and canon has a control program that the camera functions can be controlled using the computer.

1. I import the backing track into Ableton in Session view.
2. I make another audio track and arm for record.
3. I open my camera controller and arm for video record and start recording video.
4. I start recording audio in Ableton.
5. Stop when done. Save video from camera. Mix and export audio from Ableton.
6. Import both video and ableton audio into IMovie. Sync ableton audio with video. Separate from video the Audio recorded with it and delete the audio portion. (I delete the audio as I think even setting the volume to zero still requires the program to attend to those instructions and may increase render time)

You can also do this using quicktime and possibly skip portions of steps 3-5 as the audio in quicktime will be from the computer out source. The reason I do it in the manner above is that I usually only record video for Collabs. And I need to have a pure audio track with just my part, no backing, and that can't be done using just quicktime or another recording program (at least ones that are free). If you don't need a pure 'me only' part, you could record Audio and Video together using Quicktime or IMovie or something else. The problem with that is if you are adding audio, i.e. a solo section, to an already recorded backing track you can't balance or mix the part you've added with the backing. Which is the other reason I do it in the fashion above. Understand?

I found importing and syncing the video with the audio within/using Ableton more difficult than importing both into/doing it in IMovie. Plus I could add video effects and title pages and stuff in IMovie that I could not in Ableton.

For your setup, using a built in camera, I would record both audio in Ableton and Video in some other manner (quicktime/imovie/etc) at the same time. Then use ableton to balance the audio, import the video into ableton, and sync them in ableton or, as I do, export the final audio mix from ableton, import ableton audio and recorded video into IMovie, and sync/develop the video in IMovie. In either case, you have to separate the audio recorded with the video in the video program and delete it or simply mix it out by setting its volume to zero in IMovie/ableton or whatever program you use to sync in ableton's audio and develop the video.

It sounds like a lot, but honestly, it pretty darn fast once you've done it once or twice.

(Also. I didn't notice before, but you posted in the OLD Archive of the Forum. Perhaps the Admins will move it.)

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Don't miss today's free lick. Plus all our lessons are packed with free content!

Don't miss today's free blues, jazz & country licks. Plus all our lessons are packed with free content!

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