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> Linear Shred Zone, Lesson By Ben Higgins
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post Jan 28 2017, 12:47 AM
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Learning Roadie

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Original lesson: Linear Shred Zone by Ben Higgins

Having locked myself away for the last few months and subjected myself to Todd's Alternate Picking torture I thought I'd try and have a go at this. Lots to improve here but the fact I'm posting this is testament to the improvement. I always imagined but never thought I'd ever be able to do anything like this! Simon

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Todd Simpson
post Jan 28 2017, 12:02 PM
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Nice!!! Your torture time is paying off in spades!!! Also, your Von Picks are doing their part! Without the proper amount of practice and dedication, picks won't help. But with practice, and patience and throw a von pick on top, BOOYAAAHH!!!!!!

You have very nice pacing on this, your not really rushing or lagging, and you have very spiff control over your alternate picking. The lack of flex on the von picks can really help on something like this. Even if you don't end up using the Vons as your main pick for everything, they are perfect for things like this and for training your hand not to dig too deep past the point of the string plane for BOOTCAMP MISSIONS!!!!

P.S. You are doing very well on your right hand Mute as well here smile.gif Not overly relying on your right hand to mute strings and keeping a nice flat, out stretched right hand that lets you mute all the strings at once. Keep this up and you'll be ripping through MISSION 400 in no time!!!


Todd E.G. Sarge smile.gif

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Gabriel Leopardi
post Jan 28 2017, 05:41 PM
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That's GREAT man. This is so close to sound totally flawless. Your picking and overall techniques are very promising, and I think that with some more days of practice your alternate picking will be top level which is not a small thing!

You need to continue working trying to adjust two things:

- Hands Sync: You tend to lose the sync between both hands in some of the faster parts. Put all your focus on making both hands going totally tight.

- Timing: You tend to go before the beat. It's small but it's happening. Move your head with the backings groove and try to go tighter.

These are details that will be fixed soon. Congrats on your great job mate.


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Darius Wave
post Jan 31 2017, 11:16 AM
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From: Poland
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Hey there!

First of all - congrats on your impressive results. Aside from speed that you achieved, your picking tone and muting job are really great.

I like your tone in general. I also like how you execute vibrato and that single bend at the end. It's genle, it has amoothly attached vibrato and good pitch.

Now from the things to be fixed. Hand sync and timming. Timming is the less visible and I believe it doesn't need much care - rather more focus while playing

As for the sync - I believe you are able to have a good sync already. The problem occurs on the very first runs. When you repeat similar run again. it sounds much more in sync. I would not treat it as an overall issue. It's just a matter of finding yourself a way to better dig into to very first fast notes. You need to "tense" your hand a little earlier to be ready to execute those runs. Or sometims it helps to do exact opposite - start by making very soft picking and increase the strength. Keep in mind we speak only about ways to solve very first fast notes sync problem. You don't have to do any chnages to your picking hand mechanics for the rest of take.

Well done smile.gif
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Ben Higgins
post Jan 31 2017, 12:42 PM
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Group: GMC Instructor
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From: England
Member No.: 9.820

Hi Simon, I love the tone and overall execution of this piece. our vibrato is very tasteful as well, I must say!

Your picking technique looks nice and relaxed, with a good hand position. As the lads have pointed out, there's a few instances where the hand sync doesn't quite line up, you can hear these little 'fluff's every now and again where a note doesn't quite ring through or a finger lands before the pick or vice versa. Nothing major but a few of them appearing in the piece is enough to show that the sync needs a bit more work in general.

Keep it up!
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post Feb 2 2017, 09:07 AM
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Learning Rock Star - Wiki Coordinator
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