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♦ I'm Danny, 18 years old from the UK.

♦ I'm currently studying Music Technology at The University of Huddersfield.

♦ My two favourite guitarist are Paul Gilbert & Andy Timmons.
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28 years old
England, UK
Born Mar-22-1993
Music, Movies, Books. Girls, Beer and Pool.
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21 Apr 2012
Hey guys, hope everything is going well.

i thought i'd share my first Youtube video with you. Its an adaptation of the Beginner Rock Solo lesson by Trond Vold.

For an assignment at university i had to create a video for youtube, stupidly i left it till the last day so i had to: learn, record, film and edit, all in a very short time, hence why its not perfect! As a requirement we had to have a certain number of individual clips that have been edited together, which is why its segmented.

Anyway, here it is. I've given credit to Trond and Guitarmasterclass (in the description) so hopefully everything is ok! biggrin.gif

P.S Sorry if i hurt your ears! tongue.gif

22 Nov 2011
First of all hello to everyone! I hope everyone is doing ok smile.gif

I'd like to share with you a few pictures of a guitar i built last year. For the second year of my Technology course i was given the option to design and build a product of my choice to which i immediately screamed "GUITAR". I was however met with some opposition from my teacher who explained to me that my Guitar would have to be in some way different to conventional guitar on the market. This is what i came up with...(you'll notice i hadn't installed the jack socket when i took these pictures tongue.gif)

The Concept behind the design is as follows:

1. The shape of the guitar could easily be changed.
2. The neck/pickup module could easily be changed from say a 21 fret neck with single coils to a 24 fret neck with EMG's while still maintaining the body shape the user desires.
3. The Neck could be changed to a 12 string if required.
4. Tunings can be quickly altered if needed in a live application. For instance changing from standard tuning to Open G for slide guitar playing.

If you have any questions regarding the guitar or any part of the building stage (i've got about 200 photo''s of this!) then please feel free to ask. Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to have a look. smile.gif
4 Nov 2011
Hey guys.

I'll try not to take up too much of your time. I'm Danny, 18 years old from the UK. I'm currently studying Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield and im in my first year. The course delves into a lot of electronics behind audio equipment which i find pretty interesting and would love to be able to build my own amp.

Before moving to university i took A-levels at my secondary school which involved me building my own guitar (including my own neck) with salvaged wood from an old door frame. If you guys are interested i've still got a bucket load of pictures of the build and a sort of log-book for of the building stages that i'd be happy to share, however i wont go into it anymore for now. tongue.gif

Musically i began playing the drums at a young age and did so for a couple of years. However, due to downsizing house etc i wasn't able to continue. Roughly 2 years ago now i begun teaching myself the guitar. I've never had any lessons or intuition, however i receive help from time to time from 2 of my close friends who have around 6 years experience each. I've always found myself trying to compete with one of the two which has been my main source of motivation and progression, but unfortunately he's recently started to lose interest in playing and also will be moving away soon. Consequently i joined up to GMC last month to help keep me motivated and to learn as much as possible. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Music i find myself returning to:

Mr Big, Van Halen, Danger Danger, RHCP, Feeder, Stereophonics, Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert.
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