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24 Oct 2017
I bought the Yngwie Volcano course, and I must say it has really changed how I view picking technique, and has improved my speed and accuracy a lot.
It's not easy to change the way you pick but with some discipline and practice results came very fast... Now I totally understand why I've always had problems with speedy licks in certain situations, especially jumping from higher to lower strings.
I'd recommend this to anyone, at least check out his free YT videos, Cracking The Code. Just watching them will tell you what this technique is all about.
I'm working on YJM Trilogy Suite song now, and I'm almost there with speed and accuracy, which I want close to be able to do a few years ago when trying...
18 Jan 2014
Being a super strat guy, having 4 guitars of that genre, I have some serious gas for something different.
I may have a deal coming up regarding a ESP Eclipse 1 from 2005(not LTD). It's in nice condition what I can see from pics and from the seller description.
I have played one many years ago and remember it being very comfortable and of high quality. Anyone here have an Eclipse? Please share your thoughts if you do. I like fast, thin necks.
What worries me a little is weight and upper fret access. It's supposedly thinner than Gibson LP's which for me is a good thing. So it may be nice with a LP- style guitar with some strat properties.
2 Jan 2012
I'm Stefan from Sweden. I recently signed up again after a break from GMC (and guitarplaying). I got the motivation back and I really find many lessons here quite good. I've set myself the goal to learn at least a few lessons around the 7-9 level... I especially like Emir Hot's and Muris lessons.
I've played many years but never really practiced seriously. So I guess you could say I've played effeciently for about the equilant of someone who played 5 years.
Nowadays I only play at home, with this gear:

Peavey Vandenberg Custrom Quilt
Peavey Vandenberg 2nd Edition
Ztevie Signature from REK Guitars, Poland
Yamaha LL6X

Here's a family photo of the electrics:

Here's a short video of a Student Lesson I did here at GMC a long time ago, recorded with the "Ztevie" guitar:

And here's a recent recording I did for a competition I found on YouTube. Sloppy and flaws everywhere, but I only had a few hours to record before deadline. I just came up with a basic melody and filled in the rest with improvised stuff. Guitar used is the Vandenberg Custom:
9 Nov 2010

Well, I haven't been very active the last 6 months or something, my guitarplaying's been in a kind of sleeping state lately...

Anyway, my favorite parts always been the Competition section, but I see nothing much happening there lately? How come? Also there seem to be a slowdown in the Collaboration area...
I hope it's a temporary setback?

15 Dec 2009
So I got a new addition to my small collection of geetars today.

Packed well enough:

Looks like a Peavey of some sort?

Ouch! red!? Girlie color...

A Peavey Vandenberg 2nd edition. The guy said it was mint, and I don't disagree. Not a ding or scratch, and no fretwear that I can see... Everything looks in tiptop shape, no rust on the hardware and the neck is straight as an arrow... Some pick swirls can be seen in the right light though.
Incredible shape for a 20 year old piece of wood...
Needs some polishing, and a string change. I will also swap the pots and the switch, there is some noise going on when switching, a problem my old one also got in the end.
I made a mistake seeling a black 1st edition a few years ago, so I've been looking for another one since.

There's a Full Shred in the bridge but the guy also sent the stock pup. I will try a few other pups in there to find the optimal tone, but other than that, this is a plug and play shredder machine!
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Patrik Berg
hallo dar, I have student collab in the practice forum, it's the rhythm part to game of thrones theme that requires a melody, you should post a take :)
I like the youtube recording, very tasteful playing.
4 Dec 2012 - 0:05

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