Help Me List Some Of The Most Beautiful Music In The World, ummm... please!
Jul 14 2008, 09:51 PM
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Day after day I just keep falling more for the Beautiful side of music, rather than just cool distortion riffs.

So, now I'm on a quest for composing. And I won't rest until I manage write a song SO beautiful, that even the hardest and cruelest of men will break into tears as they hear the sweet melodies of Tuubsu's masterpiece! mad.gif ......... laugh.gif

So, Let's gather up some gorgeus music to study and for the sheer pleasure of listening too, beautiful music, Any music style, Any instruments(no need for guitar), no matter how old or new, a possible link to youtube or some other video site would be great ofcourse, if possible.

Now it's hard to define Gorgeus music, it's a lot about opinion but I'll put couple of links for starters:

Paganini's sonata opus 3 number 6 in Em, by Oh Seung Kook

"Secret Garden", by Oh Seung Kook

Connie Francis singing "I'll wait for you"

"Una Limosna por amor de dios", by Loana Gandrabur

I wish, I wish I could remember the name of the song which I heard in a classical guitar consert some time ago, it had a very long tremolo part in it, but I don't remember composer all I do is it was something about roses, but in spanish... unsure.gif

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