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Bas Cuthach
33 years old
Redding California
Born Feb-1-1986
Guitar, Computers, Chess
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Bas Cuthach



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4 Oct 2015
Tabs Please =D
2 Jul 2014
my friend told me about this program, you can create a project, record, mix and master, and you can have others working on it with you at the same time, so while your recording your next take your friend can be editing your last take, ha ha
10 May 2012
sad.gif is this just me or do you have this problem to, I restarted my computer, disabled blocking and even waited for over an hour sad.gif
4 May 2012
I was told that I like to watch my dad play the guitar when I was young, in the 5th grade i took a guitar class and learned well nothing really, at the age of 14 I got my first Nylon String Classical Acoustic Guitar, I learned how to play the intro riff to Metallica's Enter Sandman, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama intro riff and a few other intro riffs to various songs, most the time I just messed around and lost a lot of interest in it however I did try to turn it into an electric, kinda worked, i remember rapping wires around the metal wound strings and getting a slight sound and then I would turn the volume way up to hear it good, and also i would plug headphones into the mic jack and use them as a microphone, from there I would stick them in the guitar and get sound, just dont stand to close to the speakers, at 15 I had been given a bunch of guitars like my first one, some in ok shape some in bad shape, one in really bad shape so I let a neighbor girl smash it, I got my first electric at 16, worked with cal-trans for a day and made just enough, as the school year went on I would print out little by little till I had a book of tabs, the look on the teachers face when he saw the stack of papers, he was relieved to hear that it was not done all in one day lol, I picked up little bits from these papers, not much though, when I was 20 I let a neighbor borrow the book who lost half the papers trying to burn down the building, thought about this after he moved, lost my keyboard and amp in his car as he claims that the plates had been switched, and the person he was buying the car from was still trying to get it in their name as the person they where trying to get it from passed away before the paper work had finished, also the guy had a flask next to him and a bag of pot when he got pulled over, a new neighbor was moving in to the old place and I playing my drums trying to write something, he came down to see what was going on and I asked him if it was too loud, he said he was a writer and was writing a book but he was also a singer and then we started the first band writing our first bits, see Dirk Greg Aaron, , first set of songs, Greg wondered off to never be seen again and Dirk over dosed later on, his Mixer and the tapes with most the music was taken before I could get the rest of the music off, after this I found a way to record better sound using audacity and plugging straight into my computer as before we ran through a mixer that gave a back ground hissing noise, my friend Alex needed to make a demo tape so that he could get a job making music for movies in Washington, I watched him as he recorded and from there I created my own style of writing music, on Alex's tab he wrote every thing except for "Love For Me" , he sang it as I paid him $5 to, he went to write music for movies and now has his own band, then I met Joel, he inspired me once more with a scale he played, This is when I really started writing my music, See Draziw, , And Joel and I became "Project Demise" there was a lot more music though due to disagreement it was removed and only so much was found to be replaced, and the last bits of music was created by passing files over the internet between me and a friend who taught me how to work on the computer, now I'm starting to learn scales and chords and rhythm and how to organize songs, a neighbor gave me the name Bas Cuthach, it means "Death Rage" and its the language of Gaelic, I searched High and Low on the internet and have bookmarked a ton of pages, some I have added to my site, I have access to a ton of information and now I need to memorize it and learn to use it and out of every site I have gone to, GMC has really got my attention and I will continue to tell people about it, thank you for reading

Bas Cuthach
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