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Periphery, Bullet For My Valentine, Black Tide, Asking Alexandria, Trivium, In Flames, Parkway Drive, Nevermore, Killswitch Engage, Falling in Reverse.

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Learning Apprentice Player
26 years old
Diamondhead, MS
Born Feb-9-1995
Photographer, Guitar Player and Student.

Lover of Metal and Video Games.

My name is Trey and I'm pretty simple and easy going.
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30 Dec 2014
Hey everyone,

I couldn't figure out if this needed to go in the practice room or with theory so I decided to go ahead and post it here. Currently in my practice regiment I'm trying to write using weirder time signatures (as most of the bands that I'm listening to lately use odd time signatures).

Could anyone help me understand time signatures in 3/4, 5/4, 7/8, 9/8 and so on?

Thanks everyone!
26 Dec 2014
Hey guys,

So I usually just use Guitar Rig 5 and play through that but lately I've wanted to actually use effects pedals and what not. My question is what types of pedals should be linked together? Eventually I plan on having multiple different types of pedals but I want to know what types of pedals go before or after the other.

Currently I have a Boss MT-2 metal zone distortion, a Protone Haunted Delay, a Protone Bulb Overdrive (in the building stage) and a GreenHouse effects Stonefish Chorus. I know that I'm going to need a power supply of some sort as well as a true bypass switcher.

Thanks for the help guys!
18 Jun 2014
I've noticed ever since I got my PRS that the neck of the guitar has a sticky feel too it. All of the other guitars that I've ever owned have never had a gloss finish on the back so I've never run into this problem.

If you've run into this problem, how did you fix it?
16 Jun 2014
Hey guys,

So I randomly stumbled upon this amazing facebook group full of guitarists around the world that are buying, selling and trading guitars and guitar products. Not only that but I've found that often times very hard to come by instruments are there as well (Caparisons, Mayones, Daemoness, Blackmachine, Bernie Rico Jr., etc). A lot of them I've noticed are shipping internationally too.

Thought I'd share the link for any of you looking for a special axe or just looking to get rid of one.

You have to request to join if I'm not mistaken but check it out. It's definitely been worth it for me.
24 Mar 2014
Hey guys,

So after seeing one of my favorite bands, The Weeks, a few nights ago I got an idea. Why not share bands that are local to us with one another?

So here I am sharing. The Weeks are an amazing band from Mississippi. They play a bluesy, southern rock, funk and indie blend of music and recently opened on world tour for Kings of Leon as well as just signed a record deal.

Here are a few of my favorites of theirs:

Share some of your local bands!
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Hi Trey. I actually grew up down the road from you in Gulfport. But Hurricane Katrina blew me to the extreme north of the state just south of Memphis. Later.
5 Apr 2013 - 19:21
Sorry for late reply. I use a Jackson SLSMG. It's the same as Trond Vold's here.
8 Mar 2013 - 14:41
thanks bro !
Take care.
24 Dec 2009 - 17:02
Awesome Dude ! They do rock! Fortess is there other album. Also really good!
Rock on brother !
22 Jul 2009 - 5:39
Man, it was just a click... No problem ^^
21 Jul 2009 - 21:44


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