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12 Jun 2021
Skin, the vocalist from Skunk Anansie has been awarded an OBE, in her own words, "not bad for a skinny black girl from Brixton".

Some of you may know I have a PRS SE Ace Signature, Ace is the guitarist with Skunk Anansie and I've become good friends with him on Facebook over the years having some good chats.

Check out their, in my opinion, finest hour, Paranoid And Sunburnt cool.gif
12 Jun 2021
Hello folks,

I don't think I'm "tone deaf" because I can tune my guitar to itself once I've got the low E sorted, I can do unison bends, and I know if the tab I'm using is a semitone out (as long as I've listened to the solo enough or if I play the incorrect note over the recording).

What I really really struggle with is bending to pitch, my brain doesn't seem to recognise when I've reached a semitone or a whole tone etc, I've spent many hours with ear training apps, many hours picking a note, dropping down a fret or two then trying to bend to it but I have to rely on my Boss TU-3 to tell me if I'm correct. I don't use the Boss to help me get there, I only look at it when I think I'm at pitch, but, most of the time the needle is halfway between 0 and - 50, it's not very often sharp, mostly flat and once in a blue moon it's within 5 cents but I just put that down to luck.

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get it, it's not like a mechanical skill that can be developed, it seems to be like colour blindness.

Any ideas to find something that might help? I've even thought about hypnosis rolleyes.gif


10 Jun 2021
Hello folks.

Can someone explain why he's saying what he says at the following points in this video please? Thanks (links take you to the correct point in video.

It's something I don't really understand in TH-U also, not all cabs give the option of Tube or SS.

Thanks for educating me smile.gif

3 Jun 2021
I'd like to congratulate Kris Dahl on his very first pass in the REC Zone, as many of us know, this can be a daunting arena to enter but Kris took it like a boss.

Well done buddy, you da man cool.gif

1 Jun 2021
What they say:
A very big thank you for all your enthusiastic comments on the SuperCabinet and for the great suggestions you are giving us!
As always, we carefully listen to all the feature requests and add them as free updates whenever possible. So we are proud to offer you a free TH-U update (v 1.4.2) which adds the following features to the SuperCabinet:

1. The AUTOGAIN function, that automatically adjusts the level when mixing multiple IRs
2. Exclusive Solo function, to quickly compare IRs!
3. The Z-Curve control, which adjusts the electrical coupling between the amplifier and the speaker

See it below
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