Guitar Chat With Pavel, Muris, Bogdan Etc. 2007-12-03
Dec 6 2007, 10:00 AM
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10:29:45 botoxfox: No one here... sad.gif
12:35:09 botoxfox: Still no one here... sad.gif
14:49:18 Tjchep: No
14:49:21 Tjchep: one
14:49:44 Tjchep: again sad.gif
17:11:09 botoxfox: bah
17:31:21 chast: hi
17:31:30 Bondy: Waz up chast
17:31:38 chast: not much^^
17:31:55 chast: just chatting
17:32:00 chast: and you ?
17:32:08 Bondy: not been in here much before noone ever seems to be in here
17:32:29 chast: yeah
17:32:31 Bondy: Where u from
17:32:41 chast: well the last times i wasnt here often aswel
17:32:42 chast: l
17:32:45 chast: from germany
17:32:53 chast: what about you ?
17:32:59 Bondy: Cool iam from uk
17:33:09 chast: smile.gif
17:33:16 chast: in which city?
17:34:03 Bondy: I live in a place called telford which is about 40 mins away from birmingham closest city to me
17:34:23 chast: ok
17:34:33 chast: i heard of birmimgham
17:34:35 chast: biggrin.gif
17:34:56 Bondy: Just taking a break at the mo trying to learn some hendrix
17:35:06 Bondy: what u plaing
17:35:14 chast: which style ?
17:35:34 Bondy: I play manly classic rock
17:35:43 Bondy: Hey Pavel
17:35:45 Pavel: Evening! smile.gif
17:35:46 chast: i play nearly everything
17:35:49 chast: hi pavel
17:35:51 Pavel: Wow - somebody is in biggrin.gif
17:35:56 chast: yeah^^
17:36:16 Bondy: LOL will play most things except screamo
17:36:29 Pavel: going to sleep, jsut thought i would click the CHAT button to see if somebody is inside biggrin.gif
17:36:39 Pavel: have fun here! good night
17:36:40 chast: and now there is somebody wink.gif
17:36:43 chast: good night pavel
17:36:45 Bondy: nice one pavel see ya later
17:36:57 chast: well
17:37:03 chast: at least i try to play everything
17:37:04 chast: wink.gif
17:37:12 Bondy: thats what normally happens maybe its me
17:37:25 chast: lol i dont think so ^^
17:38:10 Bondy: You ever used a korg pdx4
17:38:26 chast: nope sad.gif
17:38:33 chast: did you ?
17:38:47 Bondy: oh thinking about getting one this week
17:38:58 chast: its getting famous at gmc biggrin.gif
17:39:30 Bondy: Lol i know i would rather have pedals but its starting to get expensive
17:39:54 chast: hmpf yeah guitar is an expensive activitie
17:40:10 Bondy: Plus is a good price compared to say a new pod x3
17:40:40 Bondy: What guitar do ya play
17:40:56 chast: an esp horizon
17:41:16 Bondy: cool I have a jackson dk2 lefty
17:41:47 Bondy: esp are ace i want one but not much choice when your a lefty
17:42:04 chast: luckily im not a lefty tongue.gif
17:42:10 chast: it sucks
17:42:20 chast: well
17:42:22 chast: i mean
17:42:27 chast: i am in a big guitar shop
17:42:31 chast: everywhere guitars
17:42:36 chast: and there is a small corner
17:42:39 chast: with 5 leftys
17:42:39 Bondy: Lol thanks for reminding me its a lot better than it was 10 years ago
17:43:14 Bondy: U used to get les paul and fender copys and that was it
17:44:22 Bondy: I hater going to try out new stuff because i have to take my guitar because all the leftys they have are crap!
17:44:34 chast: did you try to play right handed?
17:45:19 Bondy: Yeah six months learnt 3 cords bought a converted right hand lernt 3 cord in 3 mins
17:45:32 chast: oh
17:45:35 chast: :/
17:45:51 chast: well if you are pro and rich you can get a custom guitar smile.gif
17:46:26 chast: how long have you been playing ?
17:46:31 Bondy: LOL i wish maybe one day iam saving up for a GIBSON sg at the mo aswell
17:47:14 Bondy: I played for likre 6 plus years then had a familey just started up again 3 months ago
17:47:25 chast: ah ok
17:47:40 chast: im playing for 2 years and 8 months i think
17:47:45 chast: im not sure^^
17:48:05 Bondy: But first time around only played chords only just learning lead but going well
17:48:06 chast: time is passing by too fast wink.gif
17:48:47 Bondy: Pavel says its not how may years but how may hours think he is right cause iam crap LOL
17:48:54 chast: yep
17:48:57 chast: same here
17:49:10 chast: i dont practice enough
17:49:17 chast: im too chaotic
17:49:24 chast: i practice a bit
17:49:32 chast: than i start to play some pc games
17:49:36 Bondy: Ahh me too well least i cant get any worse
17:49:42 chast: and im sitting in skype
17:49:46 Bondy: LOL thats what i do
17:49:52 chast: and than something other
17:50:01 chast: and than its too late to practice
17:50:08 Bondy: I used to be in a bf2 clan
17:50:13 chast: and thats what it is now biggrin.gif
17:50:21 chast: i want to practice but my father sleeps already
17:50:27 chast: and i want to play with amp
17:50:34 chast: hey beebo
17:50:39 Bondy: yeah i gotta go to bed in a min get headphones
17:50:44 beebo: whew
17:50:50 Bondy: hi beebo
17:50:51 beebo: almost clicked the exit button
17:50:59 beebo: hello
17:51:01 chast: how can you ?
17:51:01 beebo: biggrin.gif
17:51:03 chast: ohmy.gif
17:51:27 Bondy: I use headphones on my amp
17:51:29 beebo: Just trying to learn Paradise City solo and Eruption :|
17:51:31 beebo: annoying
17:51:42 chast: hm i dont like headphones^^
17:51:52 Bondy: Cool i was just getting pissed of with foxy lady
17:51:53 chast: im wearing them all day anyway while sitting at thhe computer
17:51:55 chast: tongue.gif
17:51:57 beebo: I HAVE to use em' my mom says
17:51:58 beebo: sad.gif
17:52:02 Bondy: LOL
17:52:08 beebo: :|
17:52:10 beebo: thnx
17:52:21 beebo: it gives a different sound if ya ask me
17:52:27 beebo: screws w/ my hand
17:52:29 beebo: head*
17:52:52 Bondy: Yeah it does a bit but depends what headphones ya using
17:52:59 beebo: true
17:53:07 beebo: wink.gif
17:53:39 beebo: my fingers are frozen and man it's a lil difficult to play w/ frozen hands
17:53:42 Bondy: If ya screwing with ya hand u cant broadcast it on GMC LOL
17:53:46 beebo: :{
17:53:50 beebo: lol
17:53:55 beebo: :|
17:54:11 beebo: I don't know if Kris'd appreciate that
17:54:18 Bondy: Any more smileys the server will crash
17:54:25 beebo: uh oh
17:54:26 chast: brb
17:54:30 beebo: why?
17:54:44 Bondy: lOL jOKING
17:54:53 beebo: sad.gif
17:55:05 Bondy: I gotta go to bed see u guys later
17:55:10 beebo: bed?
17:55:14 beebo: where do u liver
17:55:16 Bondy: To sleep
17:55:19 beebo: live*
17:55:23 Bondy: UK
17:55:26 beebo: oh
17:55:29 beebo: I'm in USA
17:55:36 beebo: it's bout' uh....5
17:55:50 beebo: bama
17:55:51 beebo: whew
17:55:54 beebo: yeah!!!!!
17:56:04 Bondy: ah thats funny the bf2 clan i was was american its like 11pm here
17:56:12 beebo: bf2
17:56:13 beebo: ?
17:56:32 Bondy: Battlefield 2 Online FPS
17:56:48 beebo: oh yeah...........*cough* don't have a clue *cough*
17:56:54 beebo: biggrin.gif
17:56:58 Bondy: LOL
17:57:01 beebo: ok
17:57:09 beebo: nighty night don't let the bed bugs bite
17:57:11 beebo: ;D
17:57:16 Bondy: See Ya later beebo
17:57:21 beebo: wink.gif
17:57:22 beebo: bye
17:57:26 beebo: aurvoir
17:57:30 beebo: adios
17:57:39 beebo: .....yeah I'm out
17:57:46 beebo: Hi everyone
17:57:49 beebo: bye everyone
18:20:27 Muris: hi Steve wink.gif
18:20:42 steve25: hey muris
18:20:51 Muris: how's it going?
18:20:57 steve25: yeah not too bad u?
18:21:08 steve25: just got a load of college work to do but saving it for tommorow now lol
18:21:15 Muris: i see wink.gif
18:21:19 Muris: take your time
18:21:41 steve25: yeah well got to be in wednesday but not too bad. how was your break away?
18:21:59 Muris: well,was great
18:22:05 Muris: saw many cool things
18:22:08 Muris: few gigs etc
18:22:14 Muris: but don't have time to rest
18:22:18 steve25: nice, all good then?
18:22:24 Muris: had 8 hours recording session today
18:22:28 Muris: Matt!!!!!
18:22:30 steve25: quality smile.gif
18:22:32 Muris: hi smile.gif
18:22:33 mattacuk: Muris !!!! biggrin.gif
18:22:44 mattacuk: and hello Steve !:)
18:22:47 steve25: new stuff ur making is it?
18:22:48 steve25: hey man
18:22:53 Muris: good to see you here
18:22:58 Muris: first time,right?
18:23:03 Muris: mean together wink.gif
18:23:13 mattacuk: haha ! yes... I havent been on chat in a long time
18:23:26 steve25: im not usually on here
18:23:28 Muris: it's never late wink.gif
18:23:30 steve25: well now and then
18:23:40 mattacuk: its late here, what time is it for you guys
18:23:40 Muris: give me a sec
18:23:46 Muris: must take some drink
18:23:55 steve25: matt i live next county from u
18:23:57 steve25: so same time tongue.gif
18:24:04 mattacuk: tongue.gif
18:24:20 steve25: prob head off for bed about 1 lol
18:24:33 Muris: 0-24 am here
18:24:40 mattacuk: I should be in bed, but I am watching a DVD smile.gif
18:24:46 steve25: ah i see
18:24:51 steve25: was listening to music on pc
18:24:52 Muris: movie or concert?
18:25:06 mattacuk: a concert, you can probably guess who LOL
18:25:06 steve25: while doing assignment work, but cant be bothered with assignments anymore lol
18:25:11 Muris: lol
18:25:12 steve25: buckethead
18:25:13 Muris: drill man
18:25:14 steve25: tongue.gif
18:25:14 Muris: LOL
18:25:20 mattacuk: yes! smile.gif
18:25:24 steve25: yeah awesome
18:25:26 Muris: 1 3 4 wink.gif
18:25:30 steve25: u no that vid u sent us the other day
18:25:32 mattacuk: naaaah lol
18:25:36 steve25: where those ppl come up and ask him something
18:26:08 mattacuk: I am working very hard to get my own picking style smile.gif
18:26:16 Muris: why?
18:26:30 Muris: you're not good with common ones?
18:26:52 steve25: alt picking works good for me
18:27:11 mattacuk: I am... What I mean is that I want to be original
18:27:16 Muris: sorry smile.gif
18:27:29 Muris: mean like fist position?
18:28:12 mattacuk: Im not sure what im talking about now... im so tired haha !:D
18:28:18 Muris: wink.gif
18:28:28 Muris: just try to have it naturaly
18:28:32 mattacuk: I have been practicing all day wink.gif
18:28:40 steve25: at the moment i'm just working on vibrato mainly
18:28:46 Muris: giving it originality while having troubles isn't the deal
18:28:49 Muris: if you follow me
18:29:03 steve25: theres other ways of being individual
18:29:16 mattacuk: i do i do, I dont seem to be haveing troubles with any of the techniques im studying which is great
18:29:28 Muris: that's good smile.gif
18:29:35 Muris: and explore a lot
18:29:45 Muris: might come up with many cool things
18:29:50 mattacuk: Im starting to feel very confident , but I have worked very hard all year
18:29:56 Muris: it's endless treasure
18:30:07 steve25: i find im very inconsistent
18:30:10 mattacuk: absolutley !:)
18:30:25 mattacuk: I have been working super hard on Sweep picking and Alt picking
18:31:27 mattacuk: My alt picking is good at 100 bpm now which is agreat acehivment
18:31:38 mattacuk: and I have been doing sweep picking solos at the same !:)
18:31:46 Muris: what measure,16th?
18:31:54 mattacuk: 16th triplets smile.gif
18:31:59 Muris: nice wink.gif
18:32:13 Muris: 3nps or something else?
18:32:15 steve25: im nowhere near that yet lol
18:32:20 mattacuk: 3nps yes !:)
18:32:21 steve25: the highest i can do 150bpm at triplets
18:32:24 Muris: try this
18:32:36 Muris: straight 16th in 3nps
18:32:43 mattacuk: ok
18:32:50 Muris: and triplets in 4 nps
18:33:02 Muris: sounds really cool
18:33:02 mattacuk: cool idea ,thanks !:)
18:33:12 Muris: you can feel accent change
18:33:16 mattacuk: I am going to start your speed burst lesson this week also
18:33:28 Muris: and you'll expand your vocabulary
18:33:29 mattacuk: I really like the change in measures
18:33:39 Muris: notes and techniques wise
18:33:46 mattacuk: awsome!:D
18:33:53 Muris: wink.gif
18:33:57 mattacuk: wink.gif
18:34:08 Muris: ever played 5nps?
18:34:16 mattacuk: not yet!... but i will try anything
18:34:22 Muris: good
18:34:27 Muris: bit of sliding
18:34:35 Muris: but gives you wide range
18:34:42 mattacuk: sounds wild!!
18:34:55 Muris: I mean,you can play enything you want
18:34:59 Muris: just play wink.gif
18:35:05 Muris: point is in playing!
18:35:27 mattacuk: I just love to play,
18:35:33 Muris: yeah
18:35:36 Muris: play chords
18:35:37 Muris: anything
18:35:42 Muris: you'll achieve somthing
18:35:55 mattacuk: chords are one thing i dont practice so much, I work so hard on Sweeping and Alt picking i miss out
18:36:09 mattacuk: pavel has given me some great ideas for sweep melodys
18:36:20 Muris: chords are great
18:36:29 Muris: sometimes harder than one note stuff
18:36:33 mattacuk: Chords are great, i should use them more
18:36:38 Muris: needs more accuracy
18:37:04 Muris: specialy when you need to shift positions,types of chords etc
18:37:13 mattacuk: awsome
18:37:15 Muris: you gave me nice light
18:37:22 Muris: gonna make lesson about it wink.gif
18:37:26 mattacuk: biggrin.gif
18:37:31 Muris: wink.gif
18:37:35 Muris: hey Jason
18:37:40 Muris: good to see you here
18:37:45 mattacuk: I have been itching to start your Gilbert Lesson smile.gif
18:37:53 leedbreak: hello all
18:37:55 Muris: go for it!!!!!!!
18:38:00 mattacuk: hi Leedbreak!
18:38:07 mattacuk: I just love his licks, i dont know what it is,
18:38:07 Muris: Smells is doing great job there
18:38:40 steve25: when you guys record your lessons for people to give you help on do you include a backing or not?
18:38:53 Muris: LOL
18:38:55 Muris: sure we do
18:38:57 Muris: why?
18:39:03 steve25: no as in the students
18:39:09 Muris: hmm
18:39:15 Muris: not sure if I got it right
18:39:29 Muris: ahhh
18:39:31 Muris: I see
18:39:33 steve25: ok so say u made a lesson and some1 practiced it and wanted to record themselves to get feedback
18:39:41 Muris: you can use backing to record your take of lesson
18:39:48 steve25: ok
18:39:50 mattacuk: Rok!
18:39:53 Muris: I guess some guys are fiding way to download it
18:39:55 mattacuk: woohoo
18:39:56 steve25: to be included in the audio file?
18:40:09 rokchik: Hey everyone...been a long time since I've been in the chat
18:40:13 Muris: hi Rok wink.gif
18:40:15 steve25: hey
18:40:21 Muris: Jason
18:40:31 leedbreak: yes?
18:40:33 Muris: how did you get backing for my al pick lesson?
18:40:41 steve25: u can use audacity
18:40:43 leedbreak: ready?
18:40:57 Muris: Steve needs backings
18:41:10 leedbreak: there is a temp copy in the temp folder while the backing window is open
18:41:10 steve25: its ok i no how to do it just wasnt sure if we were meant to
18:41:17 Muris: or you played it from site?
18:41:22 Muris: ahh
18:41:23 Muris: ok
18:41:36 leedbreak: copy past and you have it
18:41:41 Muris: and you did Save As?
18:41:45 Muris: wink.gif
18:41:56 leedbreak: in the temp inter net folder
18:42:00 rokchik: was your trip?
18:42:05 Muris: Steve,you got it?
18:42:09 Muris: was cool
18:42:15 Muris: I went into Pyramid
18:42:20 rokchik: sweet
18:42:21 Muris: almost lost my breath
18:42:27 Muris: too much cigarets
18:42:28 Muris: LOL
18:42:34 rokchik: smile.gif
18:42:41 mattacuk: so Muris, Im looking to take my alternate picking to the "next level" , can you recommened one of your lessons ? smile.gif
18:42:54 Muris: hmm
18:42:57 Muris: let me see
18:43:00 mattacuk: tough question!
18:43:02 Muris: ahh
18:43:02 leedbreak: Semina lesson ALLLLL the way buddy
18:43:07 Muris: upstroke focus?
18:43:14 mattacuk: yes !!
18:43:20 Muris: you tried it?
18:43:35 mattacuk: not yet, but it looks good, I could not decide on that or speed bursts
18:43:43 Muris: take 2 wink.gif
18:43:55 mattacuk: yeah why not... I will do it !!!!
18:44:01 Muris: sure!!
18:44:10 Muris: and then onto my 1st alt pick
18:44:14 rokchik: I've found since I got back I've lost focus as to what I want to do with my playing. My practice is all messed up and I'm all over the place. Anyone have any suggestions
18:44:16 Muris: smile.gif
18:44:19 mattacuk: biggrin.gif
18:44:43 steve25: leed whered you get em from?
18:44:43 Muris: watch some good concerts
18:44:47 Muris: get more motivation
18:44:55 Muris: helps me here and there
18:44:57 mattacuk: yes that helps me so much
18:44:58 leedbreak: Well, I have to just warm up more when I have been gone
18:44:58 rokchik: good idea Muris
18:45:10 mattacuk: it really gets me in gear to work hard
18:45:16 Muris: sure smile.gif
18:45:19 leedbreak: steve25 , the backing?
18:45:24 steve25: yea
18:45:33 Muris: bad thing is to get disapointed after seeing good player
18:45:38 Muris: it should be boost
18:45:51 rokchik: I've been listening to a lot of the music I want to try to play but it's done nothing for me lately...I'll try some concert vids though
18:45:56 mattacuk: if i see a good player, i want to acehive what I see ! smile.gif
18:46:05 Muris: way to go Matt! smile.gif(
18:46:12 rokchik: same Matt
18:46:18 Muris: btw,have you tried sweep tap lesson?
18:46:23 mattacuk: I always think, if he/she can do it, why cant I
18:46:35 mattacuk: Muris I havent tried it yet, but I think i could give it a good shot
18:46:42 Muris: sure
18:46:46 rokchik: It's just life is really getting in the way atm and it's hard to focus I find.
18:46:52 Muris: try it withpout slides for the start
18:46:55 mattacuk: My sweeping is very clean at the moment and I love sweep taps
18:46:57 Muris: than add slides
18:47:01 Muris: my suggestion
18:47:11 mattacuk: ok thanks, I will beso busy... haha smile.gif
18:47:22 Muris: busy is cool wink.gif
18:47:27 mattacuk: wink.gif
18:47:35 rokchik: sometimes
18:47:50 Muris: mean playing smile.gif
18:48:09 rokchik: Matt congrats again on the Seniors title smile.gif
18:48:16 Muris: ohh yeah
18:48:18 rokchik: Ahhh Ok Muris then Busy is great
18:48:19 Muris: congrats smile.gif
18:48:21 mattacuk: There is only one negative thing in my mind about guitar playing, that is not my ability to acheive , but that i wish i had started younger
18:48:30 mattacuk: and thank you so much Rok and Muris !;)
18:48:32 Muris: ohh
18:48:37 Muris: no worrie about that
18:48:39 Muris: believe me
18:48:51 rokchik: Amen to that....I so wish I started in my teens not when I was almost 30
18:48:51 Muris: age is not that imprtant
18:48:53 Muris: I mean
18:48:57 Muris: you're not 40 or som
18:49:01 mattacuk: 26 smile.gif
18:49:06 Muris: that's cool
18:49:13 Muris: as the matter of fact
18:49:13 steve25: << 18
18:49:18 mattacuk: i started 1 year ago, and have acheived huge amounts
18:49:40 Muris: you have more brain to absorb some things faster and betten than someone at 10 or 15
18:49:52 rokchik: My problem isn't so much the age at which I started it's just that I have so much going on that it's hard to get in good practice time
18:50:33 mattacuk: yes I have noticed today I am much more capable of absorbing quickly, when I was young i could have never done this because I didnt want to learn anything
18:50:44 Muris: you see wink.gif
18:50:50 mattacuk: I was scared of reading music etc
18:50:54 leedbreak: Hey, whats wrong with 40
18:51:05 Muris: AND you avoid unneeded things in life
18:51:08 Muris: LOL
18:51:12 Muris: nothing
18:51:19 mattacuk: but in 1 year I have learnt to read music, learnt the fretboard pitches , techniques etc... very cool !!:)
18:51:32 Muris: more than cool
18:51:35 rokchik: great job matt
18:51:40 Muris: and it's getting better everyday
18:51:45 Muris: music is something else
18:51:49 Muris: not office job
18:51:56 Muris: you feel it
18:51:56 mattacuk: im so pleased , especially with the freatboard pitch skill
18:51:58 Muris: hear it
18:52:02 mattacuk: biggrin.gif
18:52:04 Muris: can't touch it
18:52:12 Muris: but it can touch you wink.gif
18:52:15 steve25: even tho im told i have learnt a lot in a year it doesnt feel like it to me. i started learning just over a year ago and i do have a feeling of disappointment i must say
18:52:16 mattacuk: wink.gif
18:52:31 rokchik: very well said Muris
18:52:31 mattacuk: aww steve sad.gif maybe we can help?
18:52:43 steve25: i dunno i might just be slow or something
18:52:59 Muris: what kind of music you're listening to?
18:53:10 steve25: whos that to?
18:53:15 mattacuk: I remember kris told me when I started that within a year he turned his playing around,
18:53:24 mattacuk: i thought that was so cool! ^ ^
18:53:44 Muris: metal,rock,blues?
18:53:58 rokchik: steve I find it's just that there is so much to possibly learn that sometimes it feels like your getting now were. That's why I keep a log of my progrees. So I can see how far I've come with each practice
18:54:14 mattacuk: Good idea !
18:54:40 steve25: yeah i keep trying to record something to post up to gmc to get some feedback but 1, i just cant do recording at the moment and 2, nothing i record comes out right from my playing
18:55:10 rokchik: I don't have the means to record either so don't feel bad
18:55:31 Muris: Steve,main thing is to set up the goals
18:55:41 Muris: Why do you play?
18:55:49 rokchik: try keeping a log...I know it helped me a lot.
18:55:55 leedbreak: I used to have a free recording program that worked pretty good
18:55:55 steve25: I know what i want to acheive but i just have no idea how i'm going to get there
18:56:08 steve25: im on cubase at the moment
18:56:24 Muris: just practice Steve,you CAN'T wrong here
18:56:26 Muris: smile.gif
18:56:33 rokchik: exactly smile.gif
18:56:44 leedbreak: Well, why can you not record
18:56:44 mattacuk: Yeah totally, I practice everything I can lay my hands on !!!!
18:56:45 steve25: yeah it just gets pretty frustrating sometimes
18:56:46 Muris: whatever you practice,you're goung further
18:57:03 Muris: more practice ,more progress
18:57:07 Muris: or go like this
18:57:13 Muris: take some easy solo and say
18:57:16 leedbreak: There is another way to get backing but kris may com get me
18:57:25 Muris: I WON'T stop until I get it
18:57:30 Muris: By ear!!!!!!!
18:57:54 steve25: ive been practicing for months on marcus' beginner solo lesson and still havent got it
18:58:04 steve25: beginner :/
18:58:07 Muris: try learing something by ear
18:58:13 Muris: you do that?
18:58:22 steve25: what do you mean?
18:58:30 Muris: you play a tune
18:58:34 Muris: mp3 or som
18:58:41 Muris: and triying to get notes by ear
18:58:51 Muris: not using GP always
18:59:17 steve25: ah theres no way i can do that yet, not ear trained enough. wont be able to decipher through tunings, tone, effects, slides pull offs hammers etc
18:59:23 Muris: guys and girls,ear is the blessing smile.gif
18:59:33 Muris: trust me
18:59:44 Muris: it is connected with you enviroment
18:59:50 steve25: lol i doubt id be able to play it with a tab, let alone by ear
18:59:51 Muris: Steve,take it this way
18:59:59 Muris: you have no PC
19:00:01 Muris: Net
19:00:03 Muris: GP
19:00:08 Muris: just mpo3 player
19:00:14 Muris: now what?
19:00:19 steve25: buy tab books
19:00:21 steve25: tongue.gif
19:00:24 rokchik: smile.gif
19:00:31 mattacuk: Im not so keen on tabs !:P
19:00:33 Muris: you're locked in the house wink.gif
19:00:33 Ryan: hows it goin guys
19:00:38 steve25: lol
19:00:38 rokchik: Hey Ryan
19:00:42 Muris: anyhow
19:00:42 leedbreak: DL power tabs?
19:00:47 mattacuk: lol
19:00:48 Muris: when you have acces to all that
19:00:55 Muris: you're loosing motiv
19:00:55 steve25: hes already said nets off
19:01:09 mattacuk: Am I the only one who loves written music? or am I a geek ? HAHAH
19:01:19 Muris: noo smile.gif
19:01:27 leedbreak: Hey I love tabs too
19:01:27 mattacuk: dont answer that :|
19:01:29 leedbreak: lololoool
19:01:32 Muris: I just wanna say that useing ear is great advance
19:01:32 rokchik: Basically Muris your saying keep things simple. Listen to a song and try to figure it out on your own...right?
19:01:36 steve25: thing is i'll say ill try it but i no whatll happen, i'll give up after not being able to fin dthe first note
19:01:38 Muris: you'll see with the time
19:01:45 Muris: yeah Rok
19:01:48 Muris: by your own
19:01:55 Muris: that's best way of learning
19:02:03 Muris: of course you can't learn all that way
19:02:09 Muris: but try with simple stuff
19:02:33 rokchik: I'd suggest starting pretty simple don't try to learn the November Rain solo right off the get go......
19:02:37 leedbreak: Best way to learn buy ear is have a way to loop the part you are learning, get pretty easy then
19:02:40 Muris: and those are tunes we can't tab here wink.gif
19:02:53 mattacuk: I think the key to success is to know you can acheive your goals, then pick a lick or exercise and just do it smile.gif
19:03:14 steve25: i do have a tendancy to take a lick and make it my own
19:03:18 Muris: of course,that's practicing oart
19:03:23 steve25: change it so it sounds better to my ears
19:03:27 Muris: I was talking of learnign part smile.gif
19:03:59 leedbreak: well, time to go practice
19:04:05 Muris: LOL
19:04:09 Muris: knew it
19:04:16 mattacuk: i have already practiced today ! biggrin.gif
19:04:27 Muris: 2:1 ;0
19:04:34 rokchik: I'm on fingers need rest smile.gif
19:04:43 mattacuk: I did a sweeping solo for 2 hours
19:04:44 steve25: lol i havent practiced today
19:04:50 Muris: LOL
19:04:52 Muris: fair enough
19:04:55 mattacuk: and I did alt picking for 1 hour smile.gif
19:04:56 Muris: I haven't either
19:05:05 Muris: but I played for 7 hours
19:05:06 rokchik: Legato and Gabs Modern Metal 3
19:05:06 steve25: i just didnt feel like it
19:05:08 Muris: wink.gif
19:05:18 leedbreak: I practice for 25 plus hours this weekend
19:05:19 mattacuk: 7 hours, whoa!
19:05:24 Muris: recording session
19:05:30 Muris: whole band together
19:05:35 mattacuk: awsome!!
19:05:37 Muris: 7 hours,yep wink.gif
19:06:03 mattacuk: I always feel exausted after 3, but i work so hard in that space of time
19:06:03 Muris: for new years eve program on National TV
19:06:10 mattacuk: i never stop for a second wink.gif
19:06:25 Ryan: So hows everyone doing today??
19:06:26 leedbreak: and going to go get 4 hours in right now, yall be good in here
19:06:30 rokchik: Muris.....I wish I played for 7 hours...instead had to work at travel....didn't even get to go to outside until after work...I hate paper work
19:06:36 mattacuk: sad.gif
19:06:36 Muris: hey Ryan smile.gif
19:06:41 mattacuk: hey Ryan !
19:06:56 Muris: we all have paper work
19:06:59 Muris: ...
19:07:09 Muris: not like you
19:07:11 leedbreak: hi ryan and see you all later on
19:07:17 Muris: but paper is killing part
19:07:25 Muris: I feel you
19:07:33 mattacuk: ok my lovely friends, I must go to sleep tongue.gif
19:07:42 rokchik: Muris...I'm behind as was gone for three weeks so have been playing catch up
19:07:48 Muris: good night Matt
19:07:50 rokchik: see ya Matt
19:07:51 mattacuk: Good Night all !
19:07:59 Muris: hight smile.gif
19:08:00 mattacuk: and thanks for the challenges Muris wink.gif
19:08:03 rokchik: Hey David
19:08:05 David.C.Bond: wvwnin all
19:08:09 Muris: no worries
19:08:14 Muris: youre welcome smile.gif
19:08:17 David.C.Bond: oops that should have said evening all
19:08:19 mattacuk: Good night
19:08:28 Muris: hi David
19:08:47 David.C.Bond: hi muris, was just checking out your myspace, nice tunes!
19:08:59 Muris: thanks smile.gif
19:09:07 rokchik: Muris rocks smile.gif
19:09:14 Muris: LOL
19:09:22 Muris: Muris is dying here
19:09:23 rokchik: well you do
19:09:28 Muris: my left eye is closed
19:09:37 Muris: and right one is half clpsed
19:09:38 Muris: LOL
19:09:39 David.C.Bond: dying? that doesnt sound good
19:09:39 rokchik: must be pretty late over there
19:09:50 Muris: tired
19:09:52 Muris: really tired
19:10:07 David.C.Bond: what time is it where u are?
19:10:07 Muris: didn;t get rest from the trip and started new jobs
19:10:14 Muris: it's 1 am
19:10:28 David.C.Bond: ok
19:10:29 rokchik: no wonder your tired
19:10:43 rokchik: I'm usually a zombie by that hour
19:10:49 Muris: and whole month is gonna be like this
19:10:56 Muris: wish me luck wink.gif
19:10:57 rokchik: ouch
19:11:02 rokchik: good luck smile.gif
19:11:16 Muris: must record 2 live albums
19:11:23 rokchik: sweet
19:11:29 Muris: more than 20 gigs in next 27 days
19:11:31 Ryan: You gotta be spot on for that recording
19:11:32 David.C.Bond: you doing session work or?
19:11:45 rokchik: that's a lot man
19:11:48 Muris: not jam sessions atm
19:11:49 steve25: im off now ttyl
19:11:53 Muris: no time for that
19:11:57 rokchik: by steve
19:11:58 Muris: roccording sessions
19:12:01 David.C.Bond: ok
19:12:03 Ryan: It sounds like loads of fun Muris
19:12:04 steve25: nn
19:12:08 Muris: it is fun
19:12:10 Ryan: your lucky
19:12:15 Muris: but stress as well wink.gif
19:12:19 Ryan: yes
19:12:22 Ryan: that is so
19:12:24 rokchik: I can imagine
19:12:39 Muris: 5 guys
19:12:41 David.C.Bond: yeah but stress is good, means your being productive
19:12:54 Muris: one makes mistake and you must do whole tune from the start
19:13:07 Muris: so we have deal
19:13:18 Muris: each mistake is 50 euros
19:13:20 Muris: LOL
19:13:23 David.C.Bond: haha
19:13:25 Ryan: lol
19:13:28 rokchik: Well boys I must go walk the doggies and get back to practice. Chat again soon
19:13:36 Ryan: later
19:13:37 Muris: ok Roc
19:13:40 David.C.Bond: later rokchik
19:13:43 rokchik: c ya
19:13:45 Muris: have a nice walk and see ya soon smile.gif
19:13:54 rokchik: thanks...night all
19:14:04 Muris: night
19:14:21 Ryan: man that new jimi hendrix style lesson is great. I love the sound of it.
19:14:32 David.C.Bond: so muris, i was asking you about tapped harmonics yesterday
19:14:45 Muris: ahh yeah
19:14:48 Muris: in lesson therad
19:14:49 David.C.Bond: got any tips for making them sound clearly?
19:14:54 David.C.Bond: yeah
19:15:00 Muris: more gain for sure
19:15:09 Muris: brights in EQ section
19:15:18 Muris: good thing is to have all tube setup
19:15:29 David.C.Bond: full gain and boost the hight frequencies?
19:15:31 Muris: tho I used fuly digital stuff for the lesson
19:15:35 David.C.Bond: *high
19:15:38 Muris: yeah
19:15:41 Muris: highs smile.gif
19:16:00 David.C.Bond: ok, and i guess brand new strings?
19:16:08 Muris: absolutely smile.gif
19:16:14 Muris: newer as possible
19:16:26 Muris: AND good accuracy in tapping
19:16:41 Muris: small move to left or right and you won't have it
19:16:59 David.C.Bond: ok, where would you tap?
19:17:04 David.C.Bond: right over the fret wire?
19:17:11 Muris: directly ON the fret
19:17:13 Muris: metal part
19:17:31 Muris: yeah,guess that's the wire
19:17:39 David.C.Bond: ok, do you tap with your nail or with the skin?
19:17:50 Muris: finger tip
19:18:01 Muris: nail would produce metalic sound
19:18:05 Muris: not needed here wink.gif
19:18:21 David.C.Bond: ah ok:)
19:18:25 Muris: and tap it kind a hard
19:18:32 Muris: avpoid being gentleman here
19:18:34 Muris: LOL
19:18:41 David.C.Bond: haha!
19:18:44 Muris: really
19:18:52 Muris: easy tap is not for this
19:18:57 Muris: tap it hard
19:19:10 Muris: specialy last tap on D string
19:19:18 David.C.Bond: feels wrong hitting a guitar!
19:19:22 Muris: highest hrmonic
19:19:31 Muris: yeah
19:19:37 Muris: feels wrong
19:19:43 Muris: sounds good wink.gif
19:19:48 David.C.Bond: haha indeed
19:20:06 Muris: David,how ols are you?
19:20:10 Muris: old*
19:20:16 David.C.Bond: 21
19:20:19 Muris: ok
19:20:23 David.C.Bond: you?
19:20:25 Muris: how plng have you played?
19:20:28 Muris: I'm 28
19:20:35 David.C.Bond: erm about 13 years i think
19:20:47 Muris: good
19:21:01 Muris: guess you started with classical stuff,right?
19:21:08 Muris: hey Bogdan wink.gif
19:21:12 David.C.Bond: of course! who didnt?
19:21:19 Muris: just asking
19:21:23 Bogdan: Hey man wink.gif tj djes covek wink.gif
19:21:31 Muris: and when did you start with electric?
19:21:41 Muris: evo nije lose,malo deveram wink.gif
19:21:52 David.C.Bond: hmm, about 10 years ago now i suppose
19:21:57 Muris: good
19:22:04 Muris: lots of time in your hands
19:22:13 David.C.Bond: you must have been playing for a very long time too?
19:22:19 Muris: have some clips of your playing?
19:22:28 David.C.Bond: yeah man, one sec
19:22:35 Muris: well,for about 13-14 years I thing
19:23:05 Tjchep: hey guys
19:23:10 Muris: no need for it now David smile.gif
19:23:13 Bogdan: hHHi TJ
19:23:15 Bogdan: Hi
19:23:15 David.C.Bond: here ya go muris:
19:23:16 Bogdan: wink.gif
19:23:17 Muris: post it in upload section
19:23:22 Muris: ok smile.gif
19:23:24 Tjchep: how you doin bogdan
19:23:39 Muris: hi Tjchep
19:23:42 Tjchep: Man.. the goverment keeps calling for me!
19:23:46 Bogdan: Great just was playing something and getting ready to go to bed wink.gif
19:23:48 Tjchep: Dont want to awnser.
19:23:54 Tjchep: smile.gif
19:24:08 Bogdan: where are you from TJ
19:24:22 Tjchep: sec'
19:24:31 Muris: is that Pod Port?
19:24:46 David.C.Bond: yeah line 6 toneport
19:24:59 David.C.Bond: very handy device!
19:25:00 Muris: ok
19:25:11 Tjchep: I'm from CT, the states
19:25:14 Bogdan: I have the toneport its great
19:25:15 Tjchep: nice playing davic
19:25:17 Tjchep: david*
19:25:20 Tjchep: me too lol..
19:25:25 Tjchep: I got amplitude too..
19:25:27 David.C.Bond: thanks tjchep
19:25:28 Tjchep: amazing
19:25:37 Muris: Nice vid tho smile.gif
19:25:58 Tjchep: david what kind of s series is that?
19:26:09 David.C.Bond: thanks muris, but as impressive as some of your vids though!
19:26:13 Bogdan: yeah very nice playing
19:26:21 Muris: thanks wink.gif
19:26:23 David.C.Bond: hmm i think its S470
19:26:30 Bogdan: why is goverment calling you Tj wink.gif
19:26:35 Tjchep: I donno!
19:26:44 Tjchep: I have the same guitar! and.. a toneport ohmy.gif
19:26:55 Tjchep: To bad I'm not as good tongue.gif
19:27:00 David.C.Bond: haha thats crazy!
19:27:11 Bogdan: which toneport do you have , the ux1 or the bigger version ?
19:27:12 Tjchep: yeah, i have it.. but cant use it.. lame.
19:27:15 Tjchep: Ux1 here.
19:27:22 David.C.Bond: ux 2, the bigger one
19:27:32 Tjchep: Muris wehre were you again?
19:27:48 Muris: mean where am I from?
19:27:53 Bogdan: me too, got it from a friend a long time ago for small got very handy later on
19:28:11 Tjchep: no no
19:28:15 Tjchep: you said you just got back or somthing
19:28:19 Muris: ahh yeah
19:28:23 Muris: was in Egypt
19:28:29 Muris: Cairo and Alexandria
19:28:33 David.C.Bond: see the pyramids?
19:28:34 Tjchep: very nice. for what reason?
19:28:35 Muris: we played our traditional music
19:28:38 Tjchep: o.
19:28:43 Tjchep: cool man
19:28:47 Muris: sort of cultural visit
19:28:55 Tjchep: thats cool thought.
19:28:59 Muris: had politicans with us
19:29:13 Muris: we putted salt in theirs salats etc
19:29:14 Muris: LOL
19:29:20 Tjchep: lol
19:29:26 Bogdan: wink.gif
19:29:39 David.C.Bond: im off guys, got university in the morning...
19:29:45 Muris: mean sugar
19:29:46 Muris: wink.gif
19:29:52 Muris: ok David
19:30:01 Muris: nice dreams
19:30:02 Tjchep: bye
19:30:23 David.C.Bond: speak soon, bye!
19:30:29 nickmarx12345678: hello
19:30:40 Tjchep: hey nick
19:30:45 Tjchep: is david an instructor?
19:30:52 Tjchep: or a student*
19:30:52 nickmarx12345678: david...?
19:31:00 nickmarx12345678: ohh im not sure
19:31:11 Tjchep: ah. so how are you nick.
19:31:22 Muris: thi David
19:31:23 nickmarx12345678: im pretty good
19:31:25 Muris: Bond?
19:31:31 nickmarx12345678: lots of homework tonight
19:31:40 Bogdan: Hi nick
19:31:43 Tjchep: yes david bond*
19:31:52 Tjchep: is he an instructor?
19:31:52 Muris: member as far as I know
19:31:55 Tjchep: oo
19:32:23 nickmarx12345678: so what countries do you all live in?
19:32:33 Bogdan: Serbia wink.gif
19:32:36 Bogdan: you ?
19:32:36 Tjchep: Us.
19:32:39 Muris: Bosnia
19:32:45 nickmarx12345678: usa
19:32:51 Tjchep: what state?
19:32:55 nickmarx12345678: minnesota
19:33:03 Tjchep: ahh
19:33:07 Bogdan: jel znaju oni gde je srbija i bosna pitam se ja wink.gif
19:33:23 Muris: vecina zna,za divno cudo wink.gif
19:33:54 Muris: koliko imas godina?
19:33:55 nickmarx12345678: hmmmm well I can speak french okay
19:34:02 Muris: sorry smile.gif
19:34:03 Bogdan: wink.gif
19:34:10 Muris: won't happed again wink.gif
19:34:11 nickmarx12345678: lol thats not french
19:34:18 nickmarx12345678: what language is that?
19:34:34 Muris: Slavenic language
19:34:35 Tjchep: serbian?
19:34:37 Tjchep: owch
19:34:42 Muris: generaly
19:34:44 nickmarx12345678: k
19:34:44 Bogdan: I'm 22
19:35:02 Bogdan: I have to go to sleep its been nice talking to you
19:35:03 Tjchep: How many langueges do you guys know?
19:35:08 Tjchep: bye bog*
19:35:08 nickmarx12345678: 2ish
19:35:13 Muris: bye smile.gif
19:35:21 Bogdan: good night
19:35:23 Tjchep: seems like alot of people on this site know a few
19:36:07 nickmarx12345678: yeah its interesting because mostly the language spoken is english but hardly anyone is british or american
19:36:29 nickmarx12345678: very diverse instructors
19:36:34 Tjchep: o yeah
19:36:42 Muris: thanks wink.gif
19:36:50 Tjchep: did you learn as a kid muris?
19:37:06 Muris: learn english?
19:37:28 Tjchep: yes
19:37:45 Muris: nope haven't learned it in school ever
19:37:50 Muris: or course
19:37:58 Muris: all from music,books,magazines etc
19:38:07 Muris: ans chat wink.gif
19:38:10 Tjchep: really?
19:38:16 Tjchep: thats very impressive smile.gif
19:38:22 Muris: not that much
19:38:24 Muris: trust me
19:38:32 Muris: english isn;t hard to learn
19:38:38 Muris: you can hear it everyday
19:38:42 Muris: that;s the point
19:38:45 Tjchep: ahhhh
19:38:47 nickmarx12345678: i bet chat would be a good way to pick it up quick
19:38:53 Muris: of course
19:38:57 Muris: chat is great
19:39:06 Muris: and english isn;t hard tho
19:39:13 Muris: per example Bosnian
19:39:20 nickmarx12345678: that was the wrong button to push
19:39:22 Tjchep: lol
19:39:26 Muris: it's torture for americans
19:39:53 Muris: we have thigs called padezi
19:39:57 Muris: check this out
19:40:03 Muris: my nema is Muris
19:40:09 Muris: name *
19:40:17 Tjchep: this is probably equal to theory wink.gif
19:40:25 Muris: in english,I was in muri's house
19:40:37 Muris: in bosnian, bio sam u Murisovoj kuci
19:40:44 Muris: see how name is changed?
19:40:48 Tjchep: yes
19:40:50 nickmarx12345678: ooof
19:40:54 Muris: there are 8 of them
19:41:03 nickmarx12345678: that might give me some trouble
19:41:07 Muris: yeah
19:41:15 Muris: specialy for western people
19:41:30 Muris: I saw Muris
19:41:34 Muris: vidio sam Murisa
19:41:38 Muris: another one wink.gif
19:41:40 Muris: etc
19:41:45 Tjchep: Yeah I bet its not as hard to go from bosnian to english
19:41:48 nickmarx12345678: ?
19:41:48 nickmarx12345678: hey how long have you been playing
19:41:51 Tjchep: vs of course bosnian to english
19:42:03 Muris: yeah
19:42:08 Muris: you're right
19:42:37 Muris: BUT we have something easier than in english
19:42:40 Muris: wink.gif
19:42:42 Muris: spelling
19:43:00 Tjchep: well now I have an excuse
19:43:25 Muris: will talk about spelling next time guys
19:43:31 Muris: must take some sleep
19:43:36 Tjchep: alright
19:43:38 Tjchep: bye muris
19:43:41 Muris: see ya soon
19:43:51 Muris: have a good time anbd practice hard of course :0
19:43:55 Muris: bye!! smile.gif
19:44:00 Tjchep: ;0
19:44:28 nickmarx12345678: im gonna roll out also
19:44:33 nickmarx12345678: homework to do
19:44:34 Tjchep: alright
19:44:36 Tjchep: gotcha
19:44:36 nickmarx12345678: seeyas
19:44:38 Tjchep: bye now

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