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10 Jun 2014
Question for you gear gurus out there.

I have a couple different guitars, and I know "basic" info about guitars (i.e. difference between single-coil and humbucker, difference between Gibson scale length and Fender scale length, what sounds certain guitars are "typically known for") if that makes sense. But I don't really know that much about the more detailed aspects of the guitars (i.e. what different finishes/bridges/tuners may or may not do to the sound, what neck profile a guitar has), but I know what I like as far as how it feels in my hands and what I like playing.

I am thinking about upgrading my go-to, everyday electric guitar that I keep in standard tuning for practicing and just sitting down and playing stuff in standard tuning. I have a couple others that I keep in alternate tunings for different sounds.

Anyway, I know what "kind" of guitar I want, but I don't know what guitar that actually is as far as make/model. Maybe you guys can look at what I like about the guitars I have played, and let me know if you know of something that is similar to what I am describing?

I think I want a guitar that is:

  • 25" - 25.5" scale length
  • Contoured body like a PRS
  • p90 pickups
  • volume/tone control for each p/u not necessary
  • a neck that plays like my Fender Telecaster

That's really it. I would go and try them out from there to find the one that fits me.

By contoured body, I mean the spot where your strum-hand forearm rests on the body.

The question I have is about that final point: a neck that plays like my Tele. I don't know what it is about the neck that I like so much more than other guitars. It's a maple fingerboard, so I don't know if that has to do with it? I'm 6'6", so a Gibson scale-length neck feels a little squashy in my hands, so that's why I note about scale length; I don't know what type of neck profile the guitar has...maybe a U? D? C? Not sure.

The neck just feels good when I'm playing it, the words slick or fast come to mind but I don't know if that is correct.

Any advice on how I can narrow down what it is I like about the Tele neck so I know what to look for in other guitars (i.e. is there a standard neck profile on their Mexican Telecasters?), or is it just something I need to find out by just playing a bunch of different guitars until I notice a pattern in the types of necks I like playing?

25 Feb 2013
I realize this could be the subject of an entire forum or book, but maybe someone can help with at least laying out the important bits. Lots of people get into guitar and I feel like most of them, myself included, get obsessed or at least infatuated with certain gear or even the idea of certain gear without truly understanding what differences it really makes.

Granted, I know some of this is subjective opinion, but I was hoping some informed individuals could give some info on some of the common items players get hung up on, and give their opinion on where spending our hard-earned money truly matters.

Here are a few common items we desire and a couple broad topics. Some are a sound, some are pieces of gear (or even parts of a piece of gear), please help enlighten myself and/or others on one or more of these (or add your own) on what does/doesn't make a big difference in tone, sound, quality, etc., and maybe give an example of what would be a good purchase for each.

1. All the experts say tone is in the fingers, but what is the most important piece of gear for your personal tone? If you had $2000 right now to improve your sound, what purchase would make the most difference: an amp, a guitar, upgrading parts of each?

2. What is the most important aspect of a guitar that someone should be evaluating when looking to upgrade? (Obviously this is going to depend on what you are into to an extent, but..) For instance, is the type of wood the body/neck made of that important? Why is a set neck vs. bolt-on neck important, or does it even matter? Is it really worth buying a custom PRS over an SE line PRS for the average to above-average player? If I have only owned one or two guitars, I don't have a huge frame of reference, so what do I need to be wary of?

3. Can someone please explain P-90 pickups - the sound vs. traditional single-coil and humbuckers. What type of sound is it, that if I said to you, "I want my sound to be like this... or I want to model my tone after the guitar sound on this album..." that would make you say I should get P-90s over the other types of pups?

4. What piece of gear do you see many people get hung up on, that really is a waste of time, or at least not as important as people seem to think?

5. For your standard blues/rock and roll/hard rock/heavy metal guitar player, what would you suggest as the best basic guitar-amp set-up (i.e. a specific guitar and amp model)? Like, if someone isn't necessarily into some specific genre/sound like math-rock or black metal or whatever, but just wants to rock and play a variety of styles all within the basic rock/heavy metal platform.

Hopefully you get the basic idea of what I am getting at. Feel free to respond to any of these questions or add/answer your own that you hear often or that you find yourself thinking, "gee, if people would just realize _______ about guitar gear/playing, they could save so much time/money by focusing on the things that really matter for your sound (beyond practice, practice, and more practice of course.)

10 Jun 2012

I'm in the market for a new guitar, one that would be used mostly for playing Mastodon songs, and some other alternate tuning stuff. I'm looking to spend $150-$350(US). Not looking for extraordinary quality, just something that is well-built and will sound good and stay in tune at the lower tunings Mastodon songs require. I believe that you can find really decent guitars at a decent price, especially when its use is destined for higher distortion. If I find a decently built guitar, I can upgrade the tuners and pickups later for a fraction of the price of buying a top of the line Gibson or PRS or whatever, and will sound pretty good for my purposes.

Most Mastodon songs are in D-standard (DGCFAD), but many are also in drop-C (CGCFAD) and drop-A (AGCFAD) tunings. I would think a longer scale would help with the guitar not sounding too muddy with the lower string tensions, especially when talking about drop-C and drop-A. Correct me if I am wrong in that assumption. I'm tall too (6'6"), so the longer scale wouldn't bother me.

Any suggestions for brands/specific models that would be a good match for what I need? Something that is decent quality, relatively cheap, and will sound good and stay in tune with lower, aggressive tones?

29 Mar 2012
The Black Keys do an absolutely amazing version of a classic song called "Stagger Lee" based on the folk character.

It is currently my favorite song, and I desperately want to learn it, and I think a lot of other people would be benefit from it as its blends genres somewhat and I think is on an open tuning and incorporates slide work.

Any help with this song would be so greatly appreciated. All the tabs I have found online and pretty much crap, and I haven't been able to find a lesson either.

Album Version:

Badass live version (maybe the best live performance I've ever seen on a network TV show)

That tone is just killer

I would love some help with this song more than I can express. It's so just...well it's just freaking badass. And again, I think it would make a great lesson and would benefit many users and open them up to a great artist and niche musical group of raw, overdriven blues-influenced rock outfits like The Black Keys and the White Stripes.

Thanks in advance for any consideration you give this.


27 Mar 2012
So, Dan Auerbach is not the greatest guitar player who ever lived, but his playing style/tone/approach has influenced me maybe more so than any other guitar player besides Jimi Hendrx and Tom Morello.

Any suggestions on how to get closer to his amazing guitar tone, especially from their older material? Specifically the awesome overdriven tube amp sound on albums like Rubber Factory and Magic Potiion, and his out of this world fuzz tones?

A few examples:

So any suggestions as far as amp/pedals/guitars? I want to start a Black Keys cover band.

My current gear:
Vox AC4TV head and cabinet, Big Muff (which I want to trade for a fuzz pedal with more low end and...umph?), Washburn HB32DM hollowbody, PRS SE Standard.

I'll probably need a higher wattage amp to play over a drummer. Please offer your opinions. Thanks

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