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"the only thing that's holding you back, is the way you thinking" mr'vai
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14 Nov 2018
A little back story and personal experience:
I was one of those kids who would be like; "pff, sleep. don't need that"
Often I would be running with an average 3-5 hours sleep or not sleeping at all.

Couple years ago I went 3 days without sleep (with just will power, no caffeine or any aid from substances). I remember I had a gig late that night, but my body just went on shut down mode. My potassium level dip into the red zone and I found my self unable to move both my arms and with heart shredding over above the 500bpms.

Ended up sleeping in the local hospital, leaving in the morning in a more stable condition.

But ever since those days I've never been able to maintain a consistence sleep for more than 2-3 months.

Nowadays my main issue is a restless mind. I can go to bed at 22:30 and stay awake until 6 AM to wake up at 8AM for work or school.
My body is relaxed but my brain is raging no stop.
And it's exhausting, anxiety starts to build up. It becomes hard to even put some solid food in your stomach. And you are just trying to survive the day.

My first year in a jazz school, was hell. I was barely hitting 4 hours sleep, was exhausted all day. I was trying really hard to improve, but I SUCKED and I couldn't improve, I would get lost in the harmony more than I like to admit. felt like shit.

I would go back home and often think that I not cut for this, maybe I should just quit. I would dread waking up again to fail again. I would leave the bus near the subway terminal and just panic.
It really took a toll on me.

The second semester of the first arrived!
I knew I needed (need) to change my habits. So I started to try and get atleast 7-8 hours (like a normal human tongue.gif ).
And I recall the other guitarist coming to me and asking me! Dude what are you doing diferent, like you following the changes and being more overall musical.

My answer was quite simple: I am sleeping.

After some research I've came across this podcast. Which was the cousciouness call that my subconsciouss was trying to make (I know this sounds hippy, but oh well.)
I think there's a lot of things said in it that not only we can apply in our lifes, but to our overall progression with the guitar.

One of my favorite quotes from it is. (Around 30:00 onwards) (and around 40:00 using pianists example)
"practice does not make perfect, practice with a night of SLEEP makes perfect!"

I am still trying to fix myself! There are days that anxiety just beats me up. but I am working on it!
30 Jan 2018
So my sister used to casually take classic lessons while in high school.
A couple years ago she decided she wasn't interested anymore, so we had this digital piano gathering dust.

Been waiting to learn a few chops myself. So I decided to power it on.

And this was the issue I came across. In at least two keys.

It doesn't matter how soft I play the note always comes as if I slammed the key with a sledgehammer. huh.gif Sometimes it even comes out as a kind of 2 note trill rather than one note.

Any kind of suggestion how I might fix this.
22 Nov 2017

Probably one of my favorites I've seen on youtube.
Thought of sharing.
15 May 2017
This one has been an really highlight in our late night Magic The Gathering sessions, I thought I do share with you guys.
Here's some hella groovy, awesome ethnic prog music from the 80's.

A few of my favorite tracks

The album:
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