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Posted by: yoncopin May 4 2019, 11:54 PM

Original lesson:

I've been really into your vintage and rock essentials Darius! After feedback from the last lesson, I tried to focus a lot more on dynamics in this one. In the end, I used the same plugins and settings as you did, I struggled to find a tone that cleaned up with lighter playing, especially in the intro and the heavier chord parts. I hope you like it, thanks for everyone's feedback!

Posted by: Kristofer Dahl May 6 2019, 09:41 AM

Cool Brian!

There are some notes here and there that would benefit from more accuracy (namely in the faster slurs) - but over all you have the feel down - and it is an enjoyable take.

What draws my attention is your tone, which is very dark compared to Darius'. Having lots of low end also makes it harder to dial in a more touch sensitive sound.

So I recorded a video for you where I try to give as generic sound tweaking advice as possible for this situation - using my LP which is a dark sounding instrument to start off with.

Keep up the good work - you get an 8 from me!

Posted by: Todd Simpson May 7 2019, 06:45 AM

Nicely Done!!! This has some very tricky bits in an you can't hide behind the gain as there is not much gain to hide behind! I like your tone but I do notice it's a pinch darker than D man which makes some bits a bit harder to hear. What are you using BTW for your tone? AXE FX? HELIX? KEMPER?
Your playing is top notch here and you have the "feel" of the track which is key on a groove based track like this. It's not a shreddy thing, it's about the give and take, push and pull of the track and you got it!! Solid 8 from me.

Posted by: Darius Wave May 7 2019, 06:45 PM

Hey there!

Really nice work! I was like "'ś my take" when I heard first few notes smile.gif you did your homework on this one really nicely. You did match the main aspect of tone - this vintage blend of crunch and clean tone breaking through. Some tonal differences may be caused by two things:

1. I use quite thin pick - nylon 0,73 and I tend to rather push it through the string than "hit from the air". I generally was learning guitar on mostly hard to play amps and I was searchign how to get best attack in tone. I have quite sharp tone from the hand by itself.

2. My Presonus interface has quite low impedance on input (usually for guiatr circuits it's around 1 MOhm but Inspire has (as I remember) a half of this, It means I can easier overload the preamp with too loud signal but I get less treble loss from the instrument (brighter sound)

These two things can affect the tone quite well . 2nd one is not worth digging but you can try to change your pick and way of picking at some notes. Please also keep in mind that some delicate mastering eq on full track also affects the way the guitar sounds my recording so please from my point of view consider your tone to be quite a nice match.

If you would like to get closer tonally nesides above, you can add some presence and cut some low mids but only at the stage of amp sim. Don't touch tube screamer settings smile.gif

Now about the playing. Lot of good thngs but we know you're not here to listen about these smile.gif So....let's point out some stuff that could be fixed a little:

Intro - you need to get "ultra soft touch" to play that intro properly. Your dynamics are not wide enough to reproduce proper tension build in this's liek there are some shades missing inbetween.

0:16 - try to let ring the b note over d note (you seperate these)

0:33 - something happens between the powerchords. Sort of "spli strum" while they should connect smoothly with each other.

In general there is a little problem with fretting powerchords. I think it's overexpression in left hand - you fret them too hard and partially it makes some notes sound a little high with the pitch. try to grab them very hard so your hand kind of "stack" while shifting the position and first hit sound a little imprecise.

All these are not happening on the level that would critically affect the performance so I think you did a really good job with just some details to be fixed. But...mot important you do have the expression and mood that want to hear in this lesson. Well done

Posted by: Fran May 10 2019, 07:36 AM

Pass: 7.7

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