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12 Oct 2020
My otherwise trusted Focusrite 6i6 has become a bit too "small" for my needs, inputs wise, with the things I want to mic up and do. Long story short I was looking at the Focusrite 18i20 3rd gen without checking other options, but I've now started looking at other options as the Focusrite is out of stock here in Denmark till 3-5 weeks from now.

Basically it needs to have at least 3-4 mic inputs, as well as some line inputs of course. My 6i6 only has 2 mic inputs. I have been eyeing the Steinberg UR816C, which is slightly more expensive than the Focusrite 18i20. I'm reading mixed reviews on both of them of course, but also very good things about both.

Does any of you have experience with Steinberg interfaces? Are they any good?
10 Oct 2020
So while I've been recording my upcoming album I've suffered some setbacks, learned a thing or two and so on. I had 7 tracks out of 10 done more or less, but I now want to re-record some parts with new knowledge.

1. I've learned that it can be beneficial to be able to re-amp, but I wasn't recording a DI-signal, as I didn't have a DI-box. I've now bought a DI-box and had also bought a re-amp box (which I returned as it was noisy as hell, probably as it was a very cheap one). On the other hand some people say re-amping is actually not THAT ideal compared to just getting the sound right from the start. Some people say that the amp is an extension of the player and that you react differently to and thus play differently on different amps. I have been recording directly from a mic'ed up Laney IronHeart. What do you guys reckon?

2. I am of course double tracking guitars, but on the first iteration of the album, that is the 7 songs I had already recorded, I had double tracked using the exact same settings on my Laney IronHeart and only slightly tweaked EQ to get a different sound on each side. I'm wondering if it would be worth having more drastic differences on the amp before recording the second guitar track? I keep reading different suggestions.

In relation to the 2nd question above here's a track from the album:

Do you think it would benefit from having more distinct guitar sounds on either side? I think that might create a wider stereo sound/effect?
12 Sep 2020
Though I would share this nice little tip I found on YouTube, as I was struggling making my electric guitar sound nice when strummed. It's still not perfect of course, but better than my completely clean sound:

14 Aug 2020
Hey guys and girls of GMC,

I thought I would make a little thread dedicated to the album I'm working on. I'm aiming for it to be my official debut album.

Some years back I wrote some songs and released a demo album on YouTube. It was originally 5 individual songs, but I then stitched them together, included some new material, added vocals and it ended up being one long 49 minute song, which you can hear here:

And an even older demo:

I have since thought about re-writing it, taking it apart, abandoning it and a lot of other things, but then it came to me that it would probably be better to take it apart again, work with some of the original 5 songs, of which a couple have been scratched, and try and create an instrumental album with shorter songs instead, much as was my original plan back in 2016 or so.

Last night and today I finished writing the 8th song for the album. I have 30 minutes and 33 seconds of music now. I was gonna aim for 45 minutes, but looking at albums in similar genre (such as Cynic's Focus and Traced in Air) which are only about 35 minutes long, I realized that maybe that was a good length.

Furthermore I got a bit carried away and looked at production cost of getting vinyls made. It's expensive, but reading about it, it would seem that at 33 RPM you can "only" have 18 minutes on each side if you want the best sound quality. If you put more minutes in you risk decreasing the sound quality. This leads back to the 35 minutes I was mentioning before. But how cool would it be to have the album on vinyl? It seems though that most places you need to order at least 100 vinyl records produced. This can cost 1500+ US dollars or more, from what I have been reading. So maybe some day in the future. I also need to find an artist to do cover artwork, but that can be found on Fiverr for instance.

So, with that said here are the titles for the 8 tracks I have so far:

01. Take Off
02. ~88 Days
03. Deep Blue
04. Galileo's Discoveries
05. Trojans
06. New Horizons
07. Charged Particles
08. Trapped in Ice

I still need to write one or two more tracks before I start recording. We talked about the songwriting process in Gabriel's thread, where I also mentioned that I work in Guitar Pro 7.5 to write my songs. I jam on the guitar till I come up with something I like, write all the ideas, instruments and such in that program, then export the midi of the instruments I cannot play and use VST instruments in Reaper. This is the same way I made the above demo album and the same way I made the following track (it's called 87.969 in working title, but will probably be named "~88 days" later on):

As another little teaser here's a GP7.5 file (right click and save as, as the forum doesn't like the format yet) of Trapped in Ice. It will maybe allow you to understand how I work better:

Attached File ( 100.89K ) Number of downloads: 149

I will try and update this thread with my progress of working on the album. If you have any questions just ask smile.gif

Here's the link to my Facebook page:
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