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1 Mar 2009
Hi guys,

I'm thinking about buying a mic, but I want to be able to use it for both vocals and micing the amp. I know there are different types of microphones for each purpose but is it possible to get one that does both? If so, what recommendations do you have? My budget is around $100. Thanks!
23 Feb 2009
Hi Muris,

On your lesson sweeping with tapping, how do you mute the strings when you are picking on the fretboard? I notice that you sweep pick at 18th fret, but its really hard for me to palm mute up there because if I palm mute a string being picked it will just make a screeching noise.

So if I just use the technique I normally use while sweeping high up the fretboard all my notes get muted and screech because they get muted by my palm.

So I was wondering how do you properly palm mute with sweeping and tapping? Thanks for the help!
25 Nov 2008
Hi Kosei, I have been practicing your Spanish Romance lesson..nice lesson!

I was wondering if you could do a lesson on Carmen, like in this video

I want to be able to play both guitar 1 and 2 parts at the same time like the kid does it the video.


edit, here is a better video:
16 Nov 2008
I just ordered a crybaby 535q after reading reviews on here smile.gif. Now I am wondering how am I going use it with my POD XT, espcially for recording.

If I connected guitar->wah->pod xt and connected the pod through USB to record through computer, would it sound right?

I heard that distortion pedal should go before wah in the signal chain (I mainly play with distortion tone with POD)

What is the best setup for recording based on what I have?

I also have an Electro Harmonix Metal Muff, and two amps, and of course some guitars
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