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8 Apr 2012
So, it's been four years since I registered here for the first time.
I dug up my old intro in the vintage section. Some of it still fits, some of it doesn't.

I stopped using GMC cause I just didn't feel it helped me. To be honest it gave me absolutely shit.
However, I've developed my creative skills A LOT since last time around. Both bands I mentioned in my old intro are now "dead"(-ish) and kinda developed into two new projects. I even toured with my hardcore band last summer!

I'm still lacking in skills/technique/orwhateveryouwantocallit (which in, my opinion, this site can really help you improve).
I still don't want to be a shredder or the best/fastest/coolest player ever. But I really want my guitaring to improve (faster). And hopefully the one-year subscribtion I just signed will help me with that. And this time around I think I'm more ready to use the tools this site offers (and will be able to offer people around me a lot more too!)

See you in the forums!

Scaled down verison of my old intro
(posted on Jan 30 2008, 03:18 PM):
Well well, I just registered and started surfing around checking out all the different lessons.
My names Sean, 20 years old, part swedish (swedish mom) and part english (english dad). I've lived in Sweden all my life so I basically consider myself swedish even though I'm very proud of my internationally ringing name and my english blood (my god what a self-obsessed dude I sound like).

I've been playing guitar for about 4 years but I've always skipped "the boring" stuff. Such as scales and technique excercises and so on. If you ask me I'm a bloody good songwriter but a useless guitarplayer. I catch myself coming up with brilliant ideas but every so often not being able to use them since I've been too lazy when it comes to "the boring stuff". I've never taken any lessons since I'm too lazy for it but I found this site and thougt it would fit me well. It's got lots of interesting lessons which I can acces any time I want and I can take any time I need on completing.

I've got two bands going at the moment. A punkband ( and a more experimental rock-ish one (, I do vocals and guitar in both.

Then there followed a part covering what I do for a living. In short, I (still) work at a school and I still bloody love kids!
And I ended with some standard namedropping (of bands I still really enjoy):
Thrice, 36 Crazyfists, Cult of Luna, Misery Signals, Boysetsfire, Taproot, The Perishers, Lackarmé (and aaaall the other ones I could spend hours writing down but no one would ever read anyway.) biggrin.gif

2 Apr 2009
Join in on

Only in swedish though.

Ps. If this type of posting isn't aloud then give me shout and I won't do anything like it again..
7 Mar 2009
...or am I better of using a MI Audio crunch box with the vox? I'm looking for an amp (preferably tube) with AC30-type cleans with good headroom and a nice firey distortion like the jcm 800 (listen to Firebreather by Thrice) which handles pedals well. Anyone know of a good amp? I play prog-ish metal/rock like the already mentioned Thrice, Oceansize, Radiohead, Cult Of Luna.

What's the Laney VH100r like? Would this fit my needs?
All suggestions and comments are welcome.
26 Jan 2009
Allright. Ever since I got into pedals I've heard this rant about the importance of true bypass and not loosing tone/colouring your sound/volume loss and so on. But according to some (Pete Cornish [david gilmours guitar tech] for example) a pedalboard/chain WITH true bypass circutry actually damages the sound/signal more than a path WÍTH OUT. What's everyones take on this thing? It'd be great to hear some comments/advice/opinions from instructors as well as other members..
5 Jan 2009
Hey. Just wandering if anyone has any experience with MP pedals. They're pretty expensive and there's not too many different models around. But hey, they all sound terriffic from what I've heard. Anyone actually tried one? Let me know.
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