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4 Nov 2009
Ok, so this is a really long shot... First, let me say, Sorry for being so quiet in the recent months. Life has been difficult-ish with work and relationships and stuff, think most of you know what I mean!

Me and my ex where meant to go to tokyo this saturday, and to cut a long story short - we've had a big fall out. I'm either going by myself, or going with her but spending our time seperately.

I was hoping that someone might have some friends or anyone on here who's currently in tokyo (I know, a long shot!) That might fancie giving me some advice on where to go, or even fancie meeting up at some point! I'm there for a week starting saturday.

Also, if anyone knows any social networking sites that work along the lines of finding people who are going to be in a similar location, that would be great too! I think I know one, and am going to see what I can find out.

Cheers guys,

Be speaking to you all soon.
20 Sep 2009
Hey guys,

Sorry for my disappearance recently. Been busy as a Bee. First things first, I split up with my fiance. Sad news, but undeniably predictable. No hard feelings and sour faces between us, sad that it didn't work out, but thats just the reality of the situation.

On to the good news... I have myself a job! Well, sort of. I'm currently working (unpaid, volunteering) at a guitar shop in Kingston called Charlie Chandlers Guitar Experience.

It is amazing, they specialise in commision sales of boutique guitar equipment. Anything from early 50's Gibsons with original PAF's to Parker Fly Midi guitars.

It's a fascinating guitar store to work in, and in truth, way out of my depth! The store is owned by a luthier and it does attract a few top dogs. We had Pete Townsends technician in the other day, along with Jeff Becks. They were looking at buying a Fulltone TubeTapeEcho... At only around £1000!

If you're ever in Kingston, or indeed london and fancie a little journey to a fascinating little store full of gems! Come by and see me!

I'm hoping that they'll look to hiring me full time once my trial/volunteering is up, but im not certain on how that works. It appears that they could do with the extra help, so fingers crossed!

Hope all is well with everyone,

I'll be making a bit more of an appearance when I get used to full time work life!


14 May 2009
Hey guys,

Got the call today after my interview - no luck with the job sad.gif

Sadly I have very little experience due to illness for a few years, and no degree either. My small experience is in admin/customer service roles.

If anyones has any advice on where to look, which agencies to join, or anything really... Would be appreciated!


7 May 2009
Wahey!! One step closer to getting my dream job - being a caretaker at my local college... Which is on my road!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Been through an assessment day which involved written tasks and pracitcal tasks (including changing bathroom towels huh.gif ) and just got the call for the formal interview.

If I get the job, maybe I'll actually be able to renew my subscription here! It's only been 2 weeks, but I'm thoroughly missing the use of the backing tracks and lesson video's already!

Rock on guys, and wish me luck smile.gif
22 Apr 2009

Not much more to say!

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Hey Adam!
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Hey Aj just thought I would say hello and say I cant wait to get started on the mtp
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haha ya
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Pedja Simovic
Thats great to hear man. Triplets at fast tempo could be tricky ;)
I can't wait for your final take in real tempo - that should be lots of fun :)
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Pedja Simovic
You are doing great on Emir's Vinnie Moore lesson! Keep up the good work :)
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