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My interests are of course guitar playing. Besides that I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan through and through.
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9 Jan 2018
Inspired by this video by John Browne from Monuments:

...I ran through my own history and replied with this:

"I enjoyed watching this video! My first guitar back in 2002 was an acoustic Fender Sierra Vista. Had a pickup in it, and I did a few recordings, but I think they've been lost in time. Luckily. Then at christmas that year, I believe, I got a Hohner Stratocaster, that my parents bought from a set of friends. In 2003, when I was 14 I got a Yamaha AES800. This guitar was A DREAM to play, though the price was sort of lower midrange, I suppose. The action was fantastic and it was poribably the first guitar I got that made me feel I could play faster stuff (for better or worse). In 2005 at some point I wanted to play Dream Theater's A Change of Season, and I got myself a demo model of the Schecter C7 diamond series that came out in 1999, but this was apparently made before that. That's the information I've been able to get at least. It came with a Floyd Rose, which none of the other models at the time did. Then a few years of no new guitars, as far as I remember, untill I bought a "Wolf"/HK guitar on Ebay for very little money. It played alright, but it was what it was, nothing special. At the time I also got a 6 string bass from the same company. That was actually surprisingly good. In 2009 I bought an American Stratocaster in olympic white. Played and sounded like one. Sold it to afford an 8 string Iron Label. Sold that to venture into the land of Prestige Ibanez' with a lazer blue RG3570. That was my first sort of expensive or higher end guitar, and I don't think I'll ever sell it unless absolutely necesary. I think in the meanwhile I owned a few different VERY cheap guitars that I got for almost free. Samick, korean Hamer, you name it. Those have been sold again. Basically all my guitars to this point, except for the Schecter and RG3570Z had been sold again. Eventually bought myself a really nice Ibanez 7 string. The RG752MFS-VFD. Beauty. 39 made world wide as far as I know. Limited run. Lovely to play, my favorite guitar. Then just a week ago or so I sold my Schecter C7, which had actually been listed for almost 3 years. I had changed the pickups for a D-sonic and Air Norton (Petrucci style), and changed the licensed under FR bridge for an original. Basically that alone must have been around $500, plus the guitar of course, and I ended up getting about $250 for the whole thing. Bit disappointing, but I was getting sick of the sight of the guitar, given that it had been for sale for so long. I put the money towards an RGA8, which arrived yesterday.

If you don't know it, check out the RG752MFS-VFD on pictures at least. Killer guitar!"

What's your guitar history? smile.gif
8 Jan 2018
My friend introduced me to this app (and website), and I know very little of it so far, but basically it seems you type in things you want to do (either habits, daily things or to-do things) , and as you complete them, you can tick them off, get some experience points and grow your character somehow. I'm gonna test it out for various things in life, including maybe guitar practice smile.gif

7 Jan 2018
I used to play this game with a friend almost every day when I was a kid at about 10 years old maybe.

Now I talked to him the other day, and I said: "Do you remember we used to play this game?", and he said he'd just recieved a new game in similar style that he was gonna play:

Those games have come a long way since 1999 smile.gif But so have all games of course!
7 Jan 2018
I often have very vivid dreams, though most often with a nightmarish undertone. It's starting to bother me a bit, but the other night I had a really interesting dream. Not about guitars or anything related to music, but as I wrote to a friend of mine:

"I dreamt my old math teacher arranged survival trips to a forest near Chernobyl which had many hills, valleys, even mountainsides in the forest. And we had to survive for 14 days there, but the tough part was that there were lots of mutated animals. Like stampedes of stags that were 3 times as tall as a normal stag and they would hunt you down, so you'd have to climb up trees, but they could climb too, but only to a certain point. But when you got above that point there were evil monkeys that would break the branches you were sitting on, so you'd have to hurry.
Then there were lakes filled with 3 headed snakes, but they could only get you if you were in a patch of sunlight in the lake, otherwise they couldn't see you. So we hid underneath giant mushrooms to not be seen. Then there were some trains going through the forest as well, but some were ghost trains with ghosts on them, while others were real trains with food. But you'd have to be careful as they trains were very fast, and there'd be like 5 tracks and the trains would come almost at the same time, so you could easily be hit by them, but still you had to be fast, as other survival teams might come and take the food before you."

Then at some point I woke up, half relieved and half intrigued as to what else my mind could have come up with smile.gif

I swear I'm not on any drugs laugh.gif
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