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GMC Forum _ Todd Simpson _ Quick Licks #79 - Building Speed On Alternate Picking

Posted by: Todd Simpson May 11 2019, 07:55 PM

Per a, I thought I'd put up a QUICK LICKS that features a strict alternate picking pattern across strings (traverse). This is a very simple pattern. 6 Notes, that's all, just 6 simple notes. The same shape on 2 strings so there is no hand shift. It allows you to focus on the picking. The key to picking FAST indeed, the


to simply NOT tense up. Tensing up is one of the worst things you can do. Notice in the video how I'm barely even using the wrist, not at all using the forearm, and above all staying relaxed. Focus on staying relaxed at low speed then speed up while focusing more on staying relaxed than on the notes. The notes are not as important as staying relaxed to be honest. You will hit a brick wall at some point playing in a TENSED fashion. Breaking through that is critical to being able to shred imho. Give these 6 notes a try!

 79.gp5 ( 1.78K ) : 19

You are only 6 notes away from being able to shred like a mad man. The time for you to take the time to make a short vid and get some feedback is now! smile.gif

Posted by: onetabmat May 17 2019, 10:02 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson May 19 2019, 01:12 AM

Well done! This is a great speed drill. I can see that you have plenty of speed on your picking and on your fingering hand, synch could use a bit of polish at speed, but over all you got this! This one goes great with a metronome as a way to work on hand synch. Because there is so much traverse in this, it's easy to either miss a strike or hit the wrong strike. You can play this lick just fine. It's only once you get going brisk that I start hearing little hiccups. You've got the speed and power, it just needs a pinch more control. When you played it slow you didn't miss a note, now all you need to do is match the brisk precision with the slower precision and bam!!
You just..


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