Guitar Chat With Vinod Etc. 2007-12-31
Jan 2 2008, 02:09 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
05:47:55 Tomy Jeon: hullo!
05:50:25 Tomy Jeon: Anyone here?
05:58:46 Tomy Jeon: Happy new year!
06:19:14 Tomy Jeon: Hi Vinod!
06:19:21 Tomy Jeon: I'm all alone sad.gif
06:19:32 Vinod: Hi Tom
06:19:43 Vinod: I haven't met you
06:19:55 Vinod: In GMC
06:20:02 Vinod: You new member?
06:20:08 Tomy Jeon: I'm new here smile.gif
06:20:24 Tomy Jeon: Especially to this live chat thing
06:20:41 Tomy Jeon: I joined around about a week ago.
06:20:54 Vinod: Where are you from man?
06:21:17 Tomy Jeon: New Zealand
06:21:27 Tomy Jeon: It's 2008 ㅗㄕㄱㄕ!
06:21:39 Tomy Jeon: I mean, it's 2008 here!
06:22:03 Vinod: So Very Happy New year
06:22:09 Vinod: biggrin.gif
06:22:45 Tomy Jeon: Where are you from and what time is it?
06:22:48 Vinod: All your wishes may come true!
06:22:56 Vinod: I am from Srilanka
06:23:05 Vinod: Its 4;52pm here
06:23:51 Tomy Jeon: Still a lot to go... It's half past midnight here.
06:24:37 Vinod: My brother lives in Australia
06:24:42 Vinod: Melbourn
06:24:58 Tomy Jeon: Ahh, an Aussie!!!
06:25:10 Tomy Jeon: NZ and Australia are very competitive you see.
06:25:28 Vinod: I thought they are frindly
06:25:32 Vinod: 8)
06:25:51 Tomy Jeon: Well, in sports and stuff.
06:26:34 Vinod: Do you watch Cricket
06:26:56 Vinod: ?
06:27:09 Vinod: *meow*
06:27:16 Tomy Jeon: Sometimes. NZ weren't doing too well last year.
06:27:16 Vinod: Is botofox asleep
06:27:23 Tomy Jeon: I think so.
06:27:28 botoxfox: im here
06:27:39 Vinod: Do you know about Srilanka
06:27:58 Vinod: Cricket team
06:28:07 Vinod: Hi Botofox
06:28:11 Tomy Jeon: HI
06:28:27 Vinod: *slap*
06:28:52 botoxfox: not much into cricket
06:29:10 Vinod: I ask from Tomy
06:29:19 Tomy Jeon: Neither. My dad is a golf fanatic though... He hogs the TV.
06:29:34 Tomy Jeon: I sometimes watch while I practice.
06:29:36 Tomy Jeon: smile.gif
06:30:36 Tomy Jeon: Hey usaman!
06:30:42 USAMAN: sup
06:30:50 Vinod: Hi USA MAN
06:30:55 Tomy Jeon: How did you get that pic???
06:30:57 USAMAN: Just checked in b4 work
06:31:04 USAMAN: Im special
06:31:07 USAMAN: lol
06:31:10 Tomy Jeon: lol
06:31:31 USAMAN: there is a little comedy and tragity icon they are in there
06:31:44 USAMAN: in the tool bar
06:31:46 Vinod: select Avatar
06:31:51 USAMAN: 10/4
06:31:55 USAMAN: you got it
06:32:07 Tomy Jeon: Thanks. This avvie best sums me up biggrin.gif
06:32:15 USAMAN: lol...rock star
06:32:31 Tomy Jeon: That's what I want to be when I grow up!!!
06:32:34 USAMAN: where you from
06:32:56 Vinod: NewZealand
06:32:59 USAMAN: WOW
06:33:01 Tomy Jeon: New Zealand
06:33:02 Vinod: lol
06:33:05 Tomy Jeon: Too late...
06:33:06 USAMAN: Ive been near there
06:33:13 USAMAN: Oz
06:33:21 Tomy Jeon: Which city?
06:33:32 USAMAN: Sydney and adelaide
06:33:46 USAMAN: Got a shelia that lives there
06:33:46 Vinod: He hate aussies
06:33:51 Vinod: lol lol
06:33:51 Tomy Jeon: Cool. I want to go to Oz. To the opera house.
06:34:18 Tomy Jeon: I don't HATE them. It's just the fact that they beat us in every sport last year gets me wound up.
06:34:21 USAMAN: I would love to see New Zealand
06:34:43 Vinod: Just kidding man
06:34:45 Tomy Jeon: I say last year because it's 20 to 1 at January the 1st 2008!
06:34:47 USAMAN: I know a bloke up here that lives a couple miles from me
06:35:06 USAMAN: he grew up in New Zealand
06:35:25 Tomy Jeon: New Zealand has good scenary.
06:35:36 USAMAN: its one Bitch of a long flight
06:35:47 Tomy Jeon: From where?
06:35:49 USAMAN: Ever been across the pond to USA
06:35:55 USAMAN: Minnesota
06:35:57 USAMAN: usa
06:36:03 USAMAN: middle of the country
06:36:15 USAMAN: North
06:36:28 Tomy Jeon: Nah, I want to go to the US of A. You can buy lots of cheap guitars on the internet there.
06:36:35 USAMAN: Very cold right now by your standards
06:36:48 Tomy Jeon: Well, better go now. Too late.
06:36:53 USAMAN: Kinda far from the equator
06:36:55 Tomy Jeon: Happy new year everyone.
06:37:03 Tomy Jeon: it's nearly 1...
06:37:11 USAMAN: Yea...Gotta go to work, its 5:30 am here
06:37:16 Tomy Jeon: I'll see you tomorrow maybe...
06:37:29 Tomy Jeon: Wow! 5:30? Are you a farmer or something?
06:37:37 USAMAN: Electrician
06:37:42 Tomy Jeon: Cool.
06:37:48 Tomy Jeon: See you later then.
06:37:54 USAMAN: Peace bro
06:37:56 Tomy Jeon: I'm tired
06:38:01 Tomy Jeon: Peace out! smile.gif
06:38:01 USAMAN: Happy New Year
06:38:05 Vinod: Bye UsaMan
06:38:15 USAMAN: Later guys
11:04:44 Milenkovic Ivan: Hey guys, just stopped by briefly to wish you a Happy New Year! smile.gif
18:41:40 Tomy Jeon: You asleep botoxfox?
18:42:02 ace_frehely: hello?
18:57:26 USAMAN: *slap* *slap*
18:57:39 USAMAN: *whip*
18:57:48 botoxfox: yo
18:57:54 USAMAN: sup
18:58:00 botoxfox: not much
18:58:02 botoxfox: bored
18:58:19 USAMAN: i think i have seen your name in the new blues solab
18:58:23 botoxfox: one hour into the new year over here
18:58:25 USAMAN: colab
18:58:33 botoxfox: nope
18:58:34 USAMAN: where u live
18:58:41 botoxfox: Norway
18:58:59 USAMAN: Minnesota, USA......its 5:58 pm
18:59:08 USAMAN: 3
18:59:09 USAMAN: 2
18:59:10 USAMAN: 1
18:59:15 USAMAN: Happy Newyear
18:59:36 USAMAN: brb ..gonna grab a beer
18:59:36 botoxfox: happeh new year indeed
18:59:48 botoxfox: mmm beer
19:00:11 USAMAN: indeed
19:00:29 USAMAN: just bought another new guitar
19:00:48 USAMAN: RGA121....499 usd...can you believe that
19:01:42 botoxfox: yeah, thatseems like a nice guitar
19:01:49 USAMAN: I splurged on myself this christmas....
19:01:58 USAMAN: got a new used triamp as well
19:02:16 USAMAN: great neck
19:02:40 botoxfox: man I'm so skint right now sad.gif
19:02:54 USAMAN: Skint?
19:02:58 botoxfox: need money!
19:03:02 USAMAN: Ah
19:03:10 USAMAN: what do you do for a living
19:03:15 botoxfox: nothing
19:03:31 botoxfox: just sitting at home practicing guiar
19:03:33 USAMAN: k what did you do?
19:03:44 botoxfox: well
19:03:54 botoxfox: I did go to school
19:04:05 USAMAN: k
19:04:15 USAMAN: Any plans for college
19:04:20 USAMAN: Music
19:04:22 botoxfox: then aI was a sausag maker aprpentice for 2 years
19:04:44 USAMAN: Im an electrician
19:05:07 botoxfox: so hows that for a living?
19:05:20 USAMAN: good...stay busy
19:05:31 USAMAN: 70,000 usd a year
19:05:31 botoxfox: hmm yeah
19:05:43 botoxfox: not bad
19:06:06 USAMAN: + what ever i do that the gov doesnt know about...electrical work
19:06:30 USAMAN: it a union job so the pay info is available anywhere
19:06:42 USAMAN: we all make the same
19:06:43 botoxfox: cool
19:07:07 USAMAN: So what lessons u workin on
19:07:20 botoxfox: none really
19:07:35 USAMAN: i have been doing a lot of muris stuff
19:07:51 botoxfox: just getting bsck to practice after an injury
19:07:52 USAMAN: and working on my theory
19:08:07 botoxfox: strained my picking hand
19:08:11 USAMAN: what happened.....your finger isnt in a sausage is it
19:08:18 USAMAN: lol
19:08:44 botoxfox: nah, don't think so atleast :?
19:09:07 USAMAN: how long you been a member
19:09:17 botoxfox: a year
19:09:26 Overkiller: 'ey!
19:09:27 USAMAN: i got like 2 months i think
19:09:31 botoxfox: hey there
19:09:32 USAMAN: sup man
19:09:53 Overkiller: nuthin' just chillin' lol
19:10:04 USAMAN: sssssshhhhhhh hes here stop talking about him
19:10:08 USAMAN: lol
19:10:20 Overkiller: 8) lol
19:10:33 USAMAN: where u from overkiller
19:10:41 Overkiller: Trondheim, Norway wink.gif
19:10:45 Overkiller: you?
19:10:55 Overkiller: States?
19:10:58 USAMAN: another norwayite
19:11:01 USAMAN: y
19:11:04 USAMAN: Minnesota
19:11:05 Overkiller: k
19:11:08 Overkiller: smile.gif
19:11:17 USAMAN: st paul exactly
19:11:21 botoxfox: we actually live in the same city
19:11:31 USAMAN: thats cool
19:11:40 USAMAN: small world
19:11:41 Overkiller: yeah :| unfortunately....
19:11:44 USAMAN: lol
19:11:56 USAMAN: I would love to visit Norway
19:12:12 Overkiller: You're always welcome! lol
19:12:16 USAMAN: Thanks
19:12:26 botoxfox: it's a bit expensive tho
19:12:30 USAMAN: You guys need to visit Las vegas
19:12:44 Overkiller: why? tongue.gif
19:12:48 USAMAN: or New York
19:12:55 USAMAN: just a cool place to see
19:13:02 USAMAN: Fun
19:13:06 Overkiller: ah, ok^^ Yeah, why not?
19:13:08 Overkiller: smile.gif
19:13:29 USAMAN: ever been to USA
19:13:31 USAMAN: ?
19:13:58 Overkiller: 8) actually not. sad.gif
19:14:10 Overkiller: But one day... wink.gif
19:14:17 botoxfox: me neither
19:14:48 USAMAN: I need to make it to Europe...Been across the Pacific to oz never the other way
19:15:06 USAMAN: That was fun
19:15:15 USAMAN: super long flight thoughj
19:15:16 Overkiller: hehe
19:15:37 Overkiller: When I get to Vegas, I shall NOT bring money! lol
19:15:41 USAMAN: lol
19:15:44 USAMAN: good idea
19:15:59 Overkiller: brb
19:16:00 USAMAN: i made a donation a couple months back
19:16:37 botoxfox: what kind of donation?
19:16:52 USAMAN: Gave to the dealer at a blackjack table
19:17:11 botoxfox: did u win?
19:17:14 USAMAN: nope
19:17:16 USAMAN: lol
19:17:24 Overkiller: typical <_<
19:17:28 USAMAN: he took me for several hundred
19:17:39 USAMAN: I have won in the past.
19:17:44 USAMAN: it can be done
19:17:47 Overkiller: how much?
19:18:03 USAMAN: i think 400 one day
19:18:09 USAMAN: and 150 the next
19:18:20 USAMAN: made me sad
19:18:25 USAMAN: but i had fubn
19:18:26 Overkiller: that's nice, but what did you loose? lol
19:18:28 USAMAN: fun
19:18:45 USAMAN: usd
19:18:49 Overkiller: How much have you lost
19:19:03 USAMAN: ive been there several times
19:19:08 Overkiller: ok
19:19:17 USAMAN: i have broken even roughly
19:19:21 Overkiller: I bet you lost more than you won, rught?
19:19:25 Overkiller: right*
19:19:29 USAMAN: its true
19:19:37 Overkiller: of course tongue.gif
19:19:42 botoxfox: that reminds me how much money I've wasted this past year
19:19:48 USAMAN: i have walked away with a free trip b4
19:20:07 Overkiller: nice
19:20:45 USAMAN: i look at it like ...everything costs money there....if im entertained for several hours its worth something you get "free " drinks
19:20:58 USAMAN: problem is a 150.00 drink better be good
19:21:13 USAMAN: really good
19:21:27 USAMAN: what is you main guitar guys
19:21:27 botoxfox: it better be
19:21:59 botoxfox: mine is an RG550 reissue
19:22:04 USAMAN: nice
19:22:10 USAMAN: and overkiller
19:22:16 Overkiller: huh?
19:22:27 USAMAN: guitar...see above
19:22:50 USAMAN: im loving my s2170 se-ntf
19:22:52 Overkiller: oh
19:23:19 USAMAN: just wish it had 24 frets
19:23:29 USAMAN: other than that its perfect
19:23:29 Overkiller: my guitar? A shitty little cheap guitar... but at least I can play on it. lol Saving up now...
19:24:02 USAMAN: as long as it has strings thats all thats important
19:24:15 USAMAN: how long you guys been playing?
19:24:24 USAMAN: im old
19:24:27 botoxfox: a 24 fret s is coming out next year
19:24:32 USAMAN: NO
19:24:38 USAMAN: dont tell me that
19:24:52 USAMAN: sadness overwhelms me
19:24:54 Overkiller: I'm a guitar n00b
19:25:19 USAMAN: i started 21 years ago
19:25:33 Overkiller: wow ohmy.gif
19:25:41 USAMAN: my firsat guitar didnt even have a name
19:25:51 botoxfox: 29 April will be my 5th anniversary
19:26:02 botoxfox: for playing
19:26:04 USAMAN: it was a Ted Nugent looking hollow body like a 335
19:26:16 USAMAN: total piece of crap
19:26:32 USAMAN: it was missing parts...i had to make the bridge
19:26:50 USAMAN: intonation was shite
19:26:54 USAMAN: lol
19:27:07 USAMAN: but i learned on it
19:27:08 Overkiller: I've soon played for 3 years. yay me... :|
19:27:13 USAMAN: cool
19:27:33 USAMAN: stick with it its a great
19:27:48 USAMAN: learn theory no matter what wnyone tells you
19:28:01 USAMAN: its super important
19:28:38 USAMAN: i went for years and didnt know any theory......Now i do and its everything
19:29:16 USAMAN: its the difference between someone that plays guitar and someone that plays music
19:29:21 Overkiller: cool? I don't know shayt when it comees to guitar playing...
19:29:37 USAMAN: practice makes perfect...i still suck....
19:29:43 USAMAN: but i try
19:30:03 USAMAN: I have never been very dedicated to it untill the last 4 years
19:30:14 USAMAN: now its all i want to do
19:30:54 Overkiller: How much in average do you play each day? Sry for my crappy english ..
19:31:06 USAMAN: learn the major scale backwards and forwards...think of it like learning a song...
19:31:13 USAMAN: a couple hours at least
19:31:19 Overkiller: ok
19:31:24 USAMAN: your english is great
19:31:36 USAMAN: havent heard you talk
19:31:49 Overkiller: really? thnx biggrin.gif But I'm still not happy with it...
19:31:58 Overkiller: Oh, you don't wanna hear that! lol
19:32:06 USAMAN: My friend from Australia laughs at my accent
19:32:16 USAMAN: I dont think i have one of course
19:32:29 USAMAN: You do really well bud
19:32:45 Overkiller: Thank you smile.gif
19:32:52 USAMAN: good sentence structure, a lot better than a lot of people
19:33:25 USAMAN: I only know English so you got one on me
19:33:35 Overkiller: Thank you, it means alot biggrin.gif
19:33:46 Overkiller: hehe
19:34:25 USAMAN: Its always funny when someone does not have a good grip on how to put sentences together in your language
19:34:48 botoxfox: I speak finnish in addition to norwegian and english
19:34:49 Overkiller: haha, yeah
19:35:08 USAMAN: Also I have found that things mean different things in different cultures....example
19:35:09 Overkiller: You speak finnish?
19:35:13 USAMAN: nope
19:35:14 botoxfox: yup
19:35:19 USAMAN: i barely speak english
19:35:21 USAMAN: lol
19:35:25 Overkiller: lol
19:35:34 USAMAN: my friend from Oz
19:35:38 USAMAN: Australia
19:35:47 USAMAN: was going to a mall with me
19:35:57 USAMAN: there is a candy store in there named
19:36:10 Overkiller: ...breath... lol
19:36:16 USAMAN: Fanny Farmer....i thought it was innocent ..,,she laughed her head off
19:36:37 USAMAN: it really doesnt mean anything here.
19:36:53 USAMAN: I dont know about you guys but to her a fanny is in the front
19:37:02 USAMAN: get my drift
19:37:19 botoxfox: think I get it
19:37:23 Overkiller: lol
19:37:24 USAMAN: she was taking pics of the sign and laughing her head off
19:37:47 Overkiller: LOL I get it now, I'm a bit slow lol
19:37:50 USAMAN: lol
19:37:54 botoxfox: lots of that kind of stuff in japan
19:38:10 USAMAN: so you speak Japanese as well//////
19:38:16 botoxfox: no
19:38:23 USAMAN: oh
19:38:40 USAMAN: I was going to be really amazed
19:38:48 USAMAN: you should have said yes
19:38:52 botoxfox: just check out
19:39:03 botoxfox: ok yes then biggrin.gif
19:39:06 USAMAN: Engrish...rofl
19:39:16 USAMAN: 2 funny
19:39:53 USAMAN: Links dont seem to work from the chat window
19:40:01 USAMAN: it logs you out and in
19:40:15 botoxfox: hmm
19:40:18 USAMAN: i will check it out though
19:40:26 botoxfox: what browser do you use?
19:40:34 USAMAN: explorer
19:40:41 USAMAN: it may be me
19:41:01 USAMAN: if this computer had a leg it would kick me in the seeds
19:41:07 USAMAN: it hates me
19:41:22 USAMAN: and i know it
19:41:30 botoxfox: my computer deslikes me a lot too
19:41:37 USAMAN: beer break......brb
19:42:35 Overkiller: Come back sober!
19:42:42 USAMAN: So what is the weather like it summer?
19:42:58 Overkiller: lol no, far away from that...
19:43:04 USAMAN: lol
19:43:08 botoxfox: dark
19:43:11 USAMAN: time zones screw with me
19:43:12 Overkiller: yup
19:43:26 USAMAN: its winter here.....
19:43:33 botoxfox: snow?
19:43:39 USAMAN: oh yes
19:43:41 Overkiller: It's almost spring soon...
19:43:50 botoxfox: no snow here sad.gif
19:43:51 USAMAN: we are in the middle of winter
19:43:51 Overkiller: in norway
19:44:13 USAMAN: its gonna be around -15 f tonight
19:44:19 Overkiller: botoxfox, what's up with the ":(" ? I hate snow tongue.gif
19:44:33 USAMAN: its not that bad....
19:44:40 USAMAN: snowmobiles anyone
19:44:48 botoxfox: I like snow
19:45:12 USAMAN: I got a Yamaha vmax
19:45:21 Overkiller: it's disturbing... It's fun to throw snowballs at other people tho lol
19:45:27 USAMAN: 2004
19:45:29 USAMAN: I agree
19:45:42 USAMAN: just sold my ditch pickle
19:45:47 Overkiller: call me childish, but I like it lol
19:46:18 USAMAN: i suppose that means nothing
19:46:23 USAMAN: ditch pickle
19:46:35 Overkiller: ditch pickle?
19:46:45 USAMAN: An Arctic Cat snowmobile......they are painted green
19:47:00 USAMAN: ride in the ditches on the side of the road
19:47:03 Overkiller: oh^^
19:47:07 botoxfox: brb, have to check plane bus schedules or whatever u call it
19:47:20 Overkiller: m'kay
19:47:34 USAMAN: mr...macky...m'kay
19:47:48 Overkiller: drugs are bad... m'kaay? lol
19:47:50 USAMAN: you get much usa tv
19:47:53 USAMAN: lol
19:47:57 USAMAN: yes you do
19:48:15 Overkiller:
19:48:25 USAMAN: they are taking a left down backa lackka dockka street
19:48:47 USAMAN: team ...seen it
19:48:50 Overkiller: what? 8)
19:48:51 USAMAN: ?
19:49:07 Overkiller: ah, Team America is awesome!! I love Trey and Matts work lol
19:49:15 USAMAN: they are brilliant
19:49:19 Overkiller: yep
19:49:31 Overkiller: They have signed onto season 15 of SP
19:49:43 USAMAN: i love how they do the canadians with the hinged heads
19:49:59 USAMAN: dirka dirka
19:50:03 Overkiller: lol yeah, that's hilarious
19:50:15 USAMAN: kick the baby.....
19:50:30 Overkiller: don't kick the baby biggrin.gif KICK THE BABY!
19:50:38 USAMAN: cartman is my hero
19:50:58 Overkiller: yeah, lol he's just awesome! Screw you guys, I'm going home!
19:51:26 USAMAN: guys...home schooling kicks ass..
19:51:34 Overkiller: Haha
19:52:00 Overkiller: All the South Park episodes are just awesome! Never dissapointing
19:52:09 USAMAN: I just saw the eposode with the visitors
19:52:15 botoxfox: south park rulz
19:52:19 USAMAN: agree
19:52:22 ace_frehely: no bevis and butthead are the coolest!!!
19:52:26 Overkiller: They took 'ur juuubs!!
19:52:31 USAMAN: those were funny 2
19:52:58 Overkiller: Yeah, Beavis and Butthead are also funny, but SP just takes the cake... Seriosly.
19:53:08 USAMAN: then they sick some metal hooba jube up yer butt.......chef
19:53:30 Overkiller: lol
19:53:33 USAMAN: anyway
19:53:46 USAMAN: Is it a new year yet in Norway
19:53:53 USAMAN: soon ....
19:53:56 USAMAN: 3
19:53:57 USAMAN: 2
19:53:58 Overkiller: is the best site to watch SP episodes
19:53:58 USAMAN: 1
19:54:06 USAMAN: cool
19:54:08 USAMAN: thanks
19:54:30 USAMAN: ever seen venture bros?
19:54:31 Overkiller: yeah, it was new year 2h ago
19:54:33 USAMAN: cartoon
19:54:38 USAMAN: oh
19:54:39 USAMAN: lol
19:54:45 Overkiller: nah, haven't. What's that?
19:54:50 USAMAN: its good ...
19:55:05 USAMAN: futurama
19:55:07 USAMAN: ?
19:55:20 Overkiller: of course
19:55:21 USAMAN: i am bender please insert girder
19:55:41 Overkiller: hehe
19:56:07 USAMAN: you ever visit andrews lessons
19:56:15 USAMAN: theory
19:56:27 Overkiller: some times, yeah... But not enough, tho lol
19:56:35 USAMAN: know the major scale
19:56:38 USAMAN: ?
19:56:50 Overkiller: yes, I think so
19:56:56 Overkiller: :?
19:57:05 USAMAN: dude.....its the roots
19:57:23 USAMAN: ever take lessons
19:57:26 botoxfox: sorry for being bad company
19:57:32 USAMAN: not at all
19:57:52 Overkiller: Yes, I do take lessons
19:58:00 Overkiller: lol
19:58:00 botoxfox: I've been awake for 21+hours now
19:58:01 USAMAN: I probably talk/ type 2 much
19:58:10 USAMAN: sweet
19:58:24 USAMAN: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...head falls on keyboard
19:58:31 botoxfox: so I'll think Ill call it a day
19:58:34 Overkiller: lol
19:58:49 botoxfox: c ya
19:58:50 USAMAN: take it easy man......nice to meet you
19:58:53 Overkiller: cya
19:59:00 Overkiller: Thnx for the chat m8
19:59:16 USAMAN: I should probably go 2
19:59:22 USAMAN: gotta sss
19:59:23 Overkiller: yah, me 2
19:59:25 Overkiller: 3
19:59:26 Overkiller: 2
19:59:27 Overkiller: 1
19:59:27 botoxfox: toodeloo
19:59:29 Overkiller: bye

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