Guitar Chat With Vinod Etc. 2008-01-01
Jan 2 2008, 02:11 PM
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15:12:43 Iluha: hey
15:12:53 Iluha: *whip*
15:27:26 Overkiller: 'ey! wink.gif
15:27:53 Overkiller: *slap*
15:28:56 Overkiller: *whip*
16:05:02 USAMAN: sup
16:05:32 USAMAN: *slap*
20:31:45 JVM: hey chast
20:33:24 edguy: hi guys
20:36:40 chast: hey
20:36:45 chast: *slap*
20:36:50 chast: i just was on the toilette tongue.gif
20:38:36 JVM: sorry i was reading one of andrews lessons tongue.gif
20:38:39 chast: xD
20:38:51 chast: happy new year wink.gif
20:38:58 JVM: you too smile.gif
20:39:40 chast: did you party?
20:39:46 JVM: yeah biggrin.gif
20:39:57 chast: smile.gif
20:39:59 JVM: but its kinda funny
20:40:03 JVM: cause the place i went to
20:40:08 JVM: the power went out just before midnight
20:40:20 JVM: i thought it was on purpose but it wasn't so i ended up leaving around 20 after
20:40:25 JVM: the band was good too sad.gif
20:40:46 chast: :S
20:40:56 chast: we were just some friends
20:41:03 chast: small party at home
20:41:08 JVM: those are fun
20:41:22 chast: yeah it was pretty cool smile.gif
20:41:41 chast: hey sam
20:41:47 Sam Hook: hey guys
20:41:58 JVM: hey sam
20:42:07 Sam Hook: hey
20:42:17 JVM: sup?
20:42:28 Sam Hook: nothing much really, you?
20:43:08 JVM: reading andrews newest lesson smile.gif
20:43:42 Sam Hook: cool
20:45:37 Vinod: *slap*
20:45:43 chast: hi^^
20:45:44 JVM: ohmy.gif
20:45:48 Vinod: Hi
20:45:48 JVM: *slap*
20:45:59 JVM: hey vinod tongue.gif
20:46:15 Vinod: Hi JVM
20:47:10 Vinod: ?
20:47:15 Vinod: 8)
20:47:17 JVM: whats up
20:47:50 Vinod: biggrin.gif
20:48:33 Vinod: no topic 2 chat :?
20:48:43 JVM: well, are you just sitting there?
20:48:48 JVM: hows the weather tongue.gif
20:48:54 JVM: happy new year
20:49:00 JVM: what are you playing lately
20:49:05 Vinod: Happy new year
20:49:27 Vinod: Not playing recntly
20:50:33 Vinod: going 2 d uni
20:50:46 JVM: ah
20:50:55 JVM: yeah I've been too busy to play lately myself
20:51:12 JVM: just played for the first time since friday
20:51:17 JVM: a minute ago
20:51:36 Vinod: What were you playing?
20:51:53 JVM: kind of a shuffle blues thing
20:52:58 Vinod: Andrew is in live chat
20:53:16 JVM: what do you mean?
20:53:32 Vinod: I saw in the forum status
20:53:37 JVM: hmm
20:53:48 JVM: ive been in here for maybe 10-15 minutes and i havent seen him
20:54:04 Vinod: now dissapeared
20:54:07 JVM: maybe he's spying on us :|
20:54:11 chast: ohmy.gif
20:54:20 Vinod: he might be the guest
20:54:28 Vinod: lol
20:54:31 JVM: lol
20:54:31 JVM: maybe
20:55:13 Vinod: I have to go now
20:55:31 JVM: okay smile.gif bye
20:55:32 Vinod: there is Exam near
20:55:40 JVM: good luck
20:55:46 Vinod: thanks
20:56:13 Vinod: Bye C y JVM and chast
20:56:23 chast: cu vinod and good luck smile.gif
20:57:48 chast: hmpf
20:57:50 chast: im bored
20:57:59 JVM: meeeee too
20:59:30 chast: :/
20:59:54 chast: some lessons you are practicing at the moment?
21:00:11 JVM: hmm not really
21:00:41 JVM: lately i've been kind of messing with a modified version of one of i think toni's blues shuffle lessons mixed with a gabriel lesson and one of ivan's tongue.gif
21:00:50 chast: biggrin.gif
21:00:51 JVM: they all sound good together so i just kind of jam with them
21:01:00 chast: thats cool
21:01:18 chast: i practice muris new beginner lesson
21:01:25 JVM: cool thats a good one
21:01:31 chast: have to finish that tapping part than i got it done
21:01:40 JVM: i like how he's showing what chord changes and such are while the video is playing now
21:02:16 chast: and some major pentatonic lesson by gabriel
21:11:09 JVM: well i have to go
21:11:16 JVM: have fun tongue.gif
21:14:41 chast: thx
21:14:45 chast: cya smile.gif
21:31:08 USAMAN: JVM whats up dude
21:31:23 USAMAN: Hows the band thing going
21:31:35 USAMAN: *slap*
21:31:35 JVM: hey smile.gif
21:31:38 JVM: going good
21:31:47 USAMAN: cool
21:31:51 JVM: been busy lately but thats just the holidays
21:31:56 USAMAN: what songs you guys working on
21:32:24 JVM: with the virtual band?
21:32:26 USAMAN: y
21:32:36 JVM: still working on structuring the muse lesson
21:32:43 USAMAN: Got ya
21:32:47 JVM: we have it mostly figured out just not how we're going to put it together
21:32:53 USAMAN: Ive been thinging bout starting one
21:33:08 USAMAN: a vb
21:33:10 JVM: intermediate bnad?
21:33:12 JVM: band*
21:33:12 USAMAN: y
21:33:19 JVM: yeah we need a couple more of those
21:33:28 USAMAN: just my recording skills could use a little help
21:33:43 USAMAN: i got the equipment
21:33:59 USAMAN: just dont really think my skills are up to snuff
21:34:09 USAMAN: recording wise
21:34:14 JVM: hmm
21:34:20 JVM: well it takes some getting used to for sure
21:34:25 JVM: mixing stuff is confusing O_o
21:34:30 JVM: but you're a good player
21:34:31 USAMAN: what software do you use
21:34:37 JVM: audacity and reaper
21:34:51 USAMAN: thanks
21:35:00 USAMAN: i use audition
21:35:20 USAMAN: and sometimes cubase....
21:35:26 USAMAN: cubase is a b though
21:36:08 USAMAN: Had to send my amp head in for repairs....sadness
21:36:19 JVM: ooh thats awful sad.gif
21:36:20 JVM: what amp?
21:36:30 USAMAN: Hughes and kettner triamp
21:36:43 JVM: ohmy.gif i hope its okay
21:36:44 USAMAN: the reverb stopped working
21:36:56 JVM: what kinda reverb does it have on it?
21:37:02 USAMAN: i dont use it much but I dont like broken sh!+
21:37:07 USAMAN: spring
21:37:28 JVM: well hopefully that will get fixed
21:37:32 JVM: nice amp smile.gif
21:37:37 USAMAN: the dang thang has 9 preamp tubes
21:37:51 USAMAN: 12ax7
21:37:57 JVM: sounds great besides broken reverb doesnt it tongue.gif
21:38:01 USAMAN: Yes
21:38:15 USAMAN: clean channel is the star of the amp
21:38:55 USAMAN: I actually like my 5150 heavy channel better but the triamp is way more versatile
21:39:24 USAMAN: 6l6's rock
21:39:29 USAMAN: my triamp has el34
21:39:46 JVM: yeah i love 6l6s
21:40:14 USAMAN: Ive been tryinh to find a good sound out of my x3 live for recording.....
21:40:33 USAMAN: i got flamed by a dude for the last patch i used ...said it was all buzzzzzzzy
21:40:49 USAMAN: fred..
21:40:53 USAMAN: sup
21:41:03 Freddie Fourfingers: what's goin on?
21:41:13 USAMAN: just rappin with jvm
21:41:33 Freddie Fourfingers: about amps?
21:41:48 USAMAN: word to your moms...i came to drop bombs...i got more rhymes than the bibles got psalms
21:41:52 JVM: lol
21:42:02 USAMAN: irish rap
21:42:04 USAMAN: lol
21:42:08 USAMAN: yes
21:42:24 Freddie Fourfingers: usaeminem
21:42:32 USAMAN: just saying my amps bustipated
21:42:37 USAMAN: lol
21:42:50 JVM: *saving for a laney*
21:42:54 Freddie Fourfingers: how bustipated is it
21:43:01 USAMAN: never played one
21:43:11 Freddie Fourfingers: heard laneys are good
21:43:12 USAMAN: just reverb...broketed
21:43:27 USAMAN: stopped workin
21:43:38 Freddie Fourfingers: that sucks
21:43:39 USAMAN: dont really use it much but know
21:43:51 Freddie Fourfingers: what amp is it?
21:43:56 USAMAN: dont want a small problem melting down the whole thing
21:44:02 USAMAN: triamp
21:44:12 USAMAN: h&k
21:44:26 Freddie Fourfingers: never heard one
21:44:27 USAMAN: mk 1
21:44:37 USAMAN: Hughes and kettner triamp..mk1
21:44:45 Freddie Fourfingers: I need a good amp myself
21:44:56 JVM: ever heard thomas blug freddie?
21:45:02 JVM: that was my introduction to h&k
21:45:04 Freddie Fourfingers: nope
21:45:08 USAMAN: 3 channel....each hchannel has 2 sep voicings so you got like 6 dif amps
21:45:17 JVM: what kinda music do you like? (freddie)
21:45:29 USAMAN: blug is really good
21:45:40 Freddie Fourfingers: metal, rock, blues, and polka
21:45:46 JVM: cool
21:45:47 USAMAN: 9 12ax7's...4 el34
21:45:58 USAMAN: two effects loops
21:46:01 JVM: if you have the time.. check out some thomas blug on youtube
21:46:07 USAMAN: bump
21:46:07 Freddie Fourfingers: I will
21:46:28 USAMAN: jvm ...where u from
21:46:40 JVM: north carolina
21:46:44 USAMAN: Minnesota
21:46:50 USAMAN: dont ya know
21:46:55 JVM: tongue.gif
21:46:56 USAMAN: ya
21:47:05 JVM: my girlfriend is from minnesota
21:47:10 Freddie Fourfingers: Georgia
21:47:11 USAMAN: what area
21:47:26 JVM: st cloud/sauk rapids
21:47:44 USAMAN: i work near st cloud...becker in st paul
21:48:10 USAMAN: georgia.....never been there
21:48:17 Freddie Fourfingers: cold here tonight
21:48:20 JVM: ive only been to atlanta
21:48:21 USAMAN: hehe
21:48:23 USAMAN: yeah
21:48:30 Freddie Fourfingers: gonna get below 40 maybe
21:48:35 USAMAN: its like 15 below here
21:48:38 Freddie Fourfingers: time for fleece
21:48:45 USAMAN: -15
21:48:47 USAMAN: f
21:48:57 USAMAN: thats shorts weather
21:49:07 Freddie Fourfingers: ha!
21:49:40 USAMAN: man what i wouldnt give for 40 ish
21:49:44 USAMAN: lol
21:49:47 USAMAN: heat wave
21:49:58 USAMAN: get a tan
21:50:05 USAMAN: hay by the pool
21:50:07 Freddie Fourfingers: it's nice...miss the seasons tho
21:50:07 USAMAN: lay
21:50:21 Freddie Fourfingers: hay by the pool IS the south
21:50:24 USAMAN: bask in the 40 degree heat
21:50:29 USAMAN: lol
21:51:10 USAMAN: what guitars you guys playing
21:51:14 JVM: paker
21:51:17 JVM: parker*
21:51:22 Freddie Fourfingers: Ibanez
21:51:25 USAMAN: which models
21:51:35 JVM: nitefly
21:51:39 JVM: humbucker single single
21:52:00 USAMAN: i would really like to try one of those....never see them that much though
21:52:09 Freddie Fourfingers: S470 and rgt42fx
21:52:10 JVM: theyre fun to play on
21:52:18 USAMAN: cool
21:52:20 Freddie Fourfingers: both HH
21:52:33 USAMAN: i got an s2170 se a few months ago
21:52:34 Freddie Fourfingers: Parkers are unique looking
21:52:49 JVM: yeah biggrin.gif
21:52:55 USAMAN: and just got an rga 121 w/case for 499.00
21:53:00 Freddie Fourfingers: I like the Ibanez line
21:53:02 USAMAN: used
21:53:04 USAMAN: mint
21:53:09 Freddie Fourfingers: they play nice and easy
21:53:21 USAMAN: the s with the zr bridge is the best
21:53:30 USAMAN: i love that guitar
21:53:44 USAMAN: 24 frets would make it perfect
21:53:47 Freddie Fourfingers: ya
21:54:01 USAMAN: ever tried a zr
21:54:08 USAMAN: ?
21:54:12 Freddie Fourfingers: never have
21:54:32 USAMAN: check it out you will never want for a different trem
21:54:46 USAMAN: never......NEVER ....goes out of tune
21:54:52 Freddie Fourfingers: tried a friends custom Carvin...that was sweet, but $1200
21:54:59 USAMAN: love carvin
21:55:03 USAMAN: great necks
21:55:15 Freddie Fourfingers: plays through a 5150
21:55:16 USAMAN: cheap to for what you get
21:55:18 Freddie Fourfingers: Peavey
21:55:29 USAMAN: i own one of those.......5150
21:55:35 USAMAN: old one
21:55:40 Freddie Fourfingers: that thing is LOUD!!
21:55:43 USAMAN: beat up but still works great
21:55:45 JVM: I have to run guys tongue.gif
21:55:49 USAMAN: yup
21:55:50 Freddie Fourfingers: later jvm
21:55:52 JVM: cya
21:55:59 USAMAN: a legendary heavy channel
21:56:05 USAMAN: later bro
21:56:09 Freddie Fourfingers: later
21:56:24 USAMAN: not much for clean though
21:56:51 USAMAN: what amp you use
21:57:02 Freddie Fourfingers: if I had the money, I'd look into something like a Fender Twin for clean
21:57:43 USAMAN: i use my triamp ....=crystal.......or i have an el84 crate combo that has a really nice sparkle
21:58:07 USAMAN: i really have grown fond of el84 tubes
21:58:14 Freddie Fourfingers: got a Fender G-Dec for home and a Vox DA5 in the truck....both just for practice but fine
21:58:22 USAMAN: yup
21:58:22 Freddie Fourfingers: I need to get a tube amp
21:58:33 Freddie Fourfingers: or want
21:58:57 USAMAN: i gotta clean house on some equipment soon
21:59:05 USAMAN: its insane round here
21:59:18 USAMAN: need a 7 string
21:59:21 USAMAN: ?
21:59:27 USAMAN: ibanez
21:59:27 Freddie Fourfingers: funny how fast it accumulates, and then you want something better
21:59:39 USAMAN: 1527 prestige
21:59:43 USAMAN: mint
21:59:49 USAMAN: new pups
21:59:52 USAMAN: case
21:59:56 USAMAN: going
21:59:58 USAMAN: going
22:00:03 USAMAN: still here
22:00:06 USAMAN: going
22:00:09 USAMAN: going
22:00:14 USAMAN: aw hell
22:00:18 USAMAN: lol
22:00:26 Freddie Fourfingers: ha!
22:00:36 USAMAN: got a mex tele also
22:00:51 Freddie Fourfingers: got a Samick Tele here
22:01:02 USAMAN: im trying to sell mine
22:01:03 Freddie Fourfingers: is yours the standard
22:01:11 Freddie Fourfingers: the $399 one
22:01:19 USAMAN: no
22:01:28 USAMAN: its the cheapie
22:01:40 USAMAN: its got sd antiquitys in it though
22:01:45 USAMAN: plays great
22:01:52 Freddie Fourfingers: like teles
22:01:55 USAMAN: y
22:02:03 Freddie Fourfingers: I'd have 100 guitars if I could
22:02:03 USAMAN: ive just got to many guitars
22:02:13 USAMAN: did i say that
22:02:15 USAMAN: wtf
22:02:20 Freddie Fourfingers: out loud even
22:02:21 USAMAN: to many guitars?????????????????
22:02:30 USAMAN: not possible
22:02:32 USAMAN: 12
22:02:41 USAMAN: im running out of room
22:02:50 Freddie Fourfingers: need bigger house
22:02:55 USAMAN: maybe thats it
22:03:03 USAMAN: i like the way you think
22:03:26 USAMAN: presonus eureka anyone
22:03:42 USAMAN: preamp....compressor...parametric eq........
22:03:54 USAMAN: phantom power
22:03:59 USAMAN: going
22:04:01 USAMAN:
22:04:04 USAMAN: sorry
22:04:11 Freddie Fourfingers: wait....I gotta check on a ruckus and make sure the husky hasn't eaten a cat
22:04:11 USAMAN: ill stop pedaling goods
22:04:19 USAMAN: lol
22:04:32 USAMAN: mmmmmmMMMMM........cats
22:05:08 USAMAN: tastes like chicken
22:07:19 Freddie Fourfingers: she was just playing, he said to an empty room
22:11:11 peterorg54: hello
22:11:15 peterorg54: freddie
22:11:21 Freddie Fourfingers: hey
22:11:54 peterorg54: it's been a while since i got loged in to this chat room
22:12:16 Freddie Fourfingers: I'm new...but active while on vacation
22:12:25 Freddie Fourfingers: haven't seen you
22:12:26 peterorg54: oh
22:13:11 peterorg54: i used to always log into this chat room like few weeks ago..
22:13:12 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:13:19 peterorg54: but now im just
22:13:22 peterorg54: getting tired..
22:13:23 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:13:30 Freddie Fourfingers: hard to find people in here
22:13:36 peterorg54: hehe
22:13:42 Freddie Fourfingers: must be practicing or something
22:13:47 peterorg54: yea..
22:13:55 peterorg54: theres this guy
22:13:56 peterorg54: called
22:13:58 peterorg54: slammer
22:14:01 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:14:02 peterorg54: he was
22:14:03 peterorg54: my
22:14:04 peterorg54: like
22:14:06 peterorg54: partner
22:14:08 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:14:21 peterorg54: who always goes to caht room
22:14:32 peterorg54: but now he's retired two
22:14:33 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:14:42 Freddie Fourfingers: retired from chat?
22:14:47 peterorg54: well
22:14:50 peterorg54: not retired
22:15:02 peterorg54: but not going a lot any more..
22:15:03 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:15:23 peterorg54: so
22:15:26 peterorg54: ur new
22:15:30 peterorg54: at this site
22:15:31 peterorg54: ?
22:15:40 peterorg54: and new at guitar ?
22:15:52 Freddie Fourfingers: yeah.........joined last summer......expired....rejoined november
22:15:57 Freddie Fourfingers: well
22:16:06 peterorg54: ohhh
22:16:08 peterorg54: so
22:16:09 Freddie Fourfingers: played classical for a while
22:16:13 peterorg54: ur not excatly new at guitar
22:16:14 peterorg54: oh
22:16:15 peterorg54: k
22:16:24 Freddie Fourfingers: sucked at rock and metal
22:16:35 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:16:38 Freddie Fourfingers: conentrated on rock and metal
22:16:46 peterorg54: im sure u would be better
22:16:53 Freddie Fourfingers: still suck at rock and metal
22:16:57 Freddie Fourfingers: but a little less
22:16:58 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:17:22 peterorg54: so
22:17:26 peterorg54: is ur name freddie
22:17:32 Freddie Fourfingers: dissapointed it doesn't come overnight
22:17:36 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:17:36 peterorg54: haha
22:17:46 Freddie Fourfingers: not freddie for real
22:17:49 peterorg54: oh
22:17:53 peterorg54: whats ur name
22:17:57 Freddie Fourfingers: Brad
22:18:01 peterorg54: oh
22:18:02 peterorg54: k
22:18:09 peterorg54: im
22:18:10 peterorg54: pete
22:18:11 peterorg54: r
22:18:14 peterorg54: as u can see
22:18:17 peterorg54: in my user name
22:18:19 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:18:32 Freddie Fourfingers: yep....straight shooter
22:18:36 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:18:41 peterorg54: im hugry
22:18:49 Freddie Fourfingers: get nachos
22:19:06 peterorg54: well gonna eat dinner soon
22:19:15 peterorg54: ohh
22:19:16 peterorg54: ytaeah
22:19:17 Freddie Fourfingers: cool
22:19:19 peterorg54: i gotta tell u
22:19:28 peterorg54: i just bought new amp \
22:19:49 Freddie Fourfingers: what kind?
22:19:52 peterorg54: probably should say ..
22:19:54 peterorg54: congratulations
22:19:55 peterorg54: or something
22:20:03 peterorg54: sad.gif
22:20:10 Freddie Fourfingers: CONGRATS
22:20:14 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:20:21 peterorg54: oh
22:20:26 peterorg54: it's VOX one
22:20:30 peterorg54: do u know vox
22:20:47 Freddie Fourfingers: I have a Vox.....just the DA5, but it sounds great
22:20:58 peterorg54: hehe
22:21:07 peterorg54: it sounds awesome
22:21:14 peterorg54: i was going to buy a marshall
22:21:16 peterorg54: but
22:21:24 peterorg54: guitarcenter dude recommended a vox
22:21:39 Freddie Fourfingers: yeah....I wanted a Marshall also...but...
22:21:41 peterorg54: cuz vox is pretty similar to marshall
22:21:49 peterorg54: but i love my vox
22:21:51 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:22:05 peterorg54: and bought a pedal too
22:22:05 Freddie Fourfingers: I hear that Marshall is a good amp if you spend the money for it
22:22:13 peterorg54: yeah
22:22:16 peterorg54: maybe
22:22:17 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:22:17 Freddie Fourfingers: but their lower cost amps are not that great
22:22:24 peterorg54: hm
22:22:28 peterorg54: true
22:22:32 peterorg54: i guess
22:22:32 Freddie Fourfingers: I mean, like over 1000
22:22:33 peterorg54: ..
22:22:35 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:22:48 peterorg54: ah man
22:22:57 peterorg54: i was using a crappy amp
22:23:33 Freddie Fourfingers: I've done that too.....the one that came with the Ibanez jumpstart pack
22:23:47 peterorg54: hehe
22:23:50 peterorg54: like
22:23:52 peterorg54: it';s incomparable
22:24:00 peterorg54: mlike
22:24:01 peterorg54: like
22:24:04 peterorg54: i was a beginner
22:24:08 peterorg54: mayne still am ..
22:24:12 peterorg54: hi
22:24:15 peterorg54: yea so
22:24:20 peterorg54: it's really incomparable
22:24:21 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:24:24 Freddie Fourfingers: hay thar
22:24:30 stratman33: wuutsssss upppp
22:24:41 peterorg54: and bought a new guitar too
22:24:43 peterorg54: ha
22:24:44 peterorg54: ha
22:24:44 Freddie Fourfingers: yep...hard to get motivated sometimes with bad sounding equipment
22:25:00 peterorg54: i changed all of my equipments
22:25:02 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:25:07 Freddie Fourfingers: what's goin on strat
22:25:11 peterorg54: cuz i was a beginner
22:25:13 peterorg54: u know
22:25:14 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:25:19 stratman33: my guitar sucks horribly:{
22:25:27 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:25:33 Freddie Fourfingers: might hear you
22:25:37 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:25:40 peterorg54: oh well
22:25:45 peterorg54: i gotta hit dinner
22:25:46 stratman33: lol
22:25:47 peterorg54: brb
22:25:51 Freddie Fourfingers: see ya
22:25:55 stratman33: c ya
22:25:57 peterorg54: no
22:25:58 peterorg54: brb
22:26:00 peterorg54: no cya
22:26:07 Freddie Fourfingers: what kind strat
22:26:12 stratman33: r u guys in a virtual band?
22:26:22 Freddie Fourfingers: not me
22:26:30 stratman33: im thinkin about makin one
22:26:35 peterorg54: k
22:26:36 peterorg54: brb
22:26:47 Freddie Fourfingers: sounds like a blast
22:27:02 stratman33: i know...but i dont have mixing gear:(
22:27:23 stratman33: so i probably couldnt be a leader:(
22:27:35 Freddie Fourfingers: I don't either.....but I don't think decent gear would be too expensive
22:27:51 stratman33: but I'd be happy just to be able to join a band..but there full
22:28:08 Freddie Fourfingers: have you done any of the collaborations?
22:28:36 stratman33: nah i think being in one of the bands would be cooler smile.gif
22:29:01 Freddie Fourfingers: probably, but they both look like fun
22:29:28 stratman33: in a band you're not under as big of a time crunch to get your piece done.
22:29:38 Freddie Fourfingers: true
22:29:53 stratman33: i hate pressure lol
22:30:19 Freddie Fourfingers: me too...speaking of which I have to go...early day tomorrow
22:30:37 Freddie Fourfingers: my vacation is over
22:30:49 stratman33: i still have 6 more days smile.gif
22:30:49 Freddie Fourfingers: no more hours and hours of practice
22:30:59 Freddie Fourfingers: the end of the world
22:31:21 Freddie Fourfingers: stupid work
22:31:31 Freddie Fourfingers: getting in the way and all
22:31:32 stratman33: im 13 so im still in school
22:31:45 Freddie Fourfingers: you've got forever ahead of you
22:31:53 Freddie Fourfingers: that's cool
22:31:58 stratman33: and sports and that leaves me little time to practice
22:32:18 Freddie Fourfingers: you should be able to play like Vai by 18
22:32:28 Freddie Fourfingers: it's all good man
22:32:35 stratman33: .....if im lucky
22:32:46 Freddie Fourfingers: enjoy school while you're there
22:32:57 Freddie Fourfingers: I know all adults say that, but it's true
22:33:08 stratman33: school work sucks but the social aspect is good
22:33:37 Freddie Fourfingers: I know parts of it suck........I wish I could tell you that it changes later but....
22:33:50 Freddie Fourfingers: well anyway
22:34:13 Freddie Fourfingers: good to meet you
22:34:24 Freddie Fourfingers: gotta go
22:34:30 stratman33: c ya!
22:34:32 Freddie Fourfingers: good luck with everything

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