Guitar Chat With Muris Etc. 2008-01-02
Jan 4 2008, 11:00 AM
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16:02:56 Tjchep: ohh man.. somone else is in chat
16:03:56 Tjchep: wassup
16:05:23 Tomy Jeon: hi
17:44:19 ace_frehely: hello?
17:44:37 ace_frehely: is anyone on?
17:57:25 peterorg54: hello
17:57:45 peterorg54: hi
17:57:56 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
19:06:07 USAMAN: *slap*
19:08:26 chast: *slap*
19:08:26 chast: *whip*
19:08:29 chast: *meow*
20:56:13 JVM: hi
21:57:21 Tjchep: whats up
21:57:28 Tjchep: *meow*
22:30:53 stratman33: heelloo
22:30:58 Freddie Fourfingers: 'sup, chaps?
22:31:15 stratman33: freddie i was talkin with you yesterday i think
22:31:20 Freddie Fourfingers: startman!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:31:24 Freddie Fourfingers: dang
22:31:26 Freddie Fourfingers: strat
22:31:38 Freddie Fourfingers: yes
22:31:42 stratman33: whats up
22:31:46 Freddie Fourfingers: before dinner for you
22:31:59 Freddie Fourfingers: ya know....chillaxin
22:32:10 Freddie Fourfingers: sup, slammer?
22:32:10 stratman33: hey Slammer!
22:32:18 Slammer: hello ppl
22:32:22 Slammer: whats
22:32:36 Slammer: up
22:32:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:32:38 Freddie Fourfingers: whats
22:32:44 Freddie Fourfingers: sa
22:32:48 Freddie Fourfingers: me
22:32:50 Freddie Fourfingers: ol
22:32:52 Freddie Fourfingers: stu
22:32:53 Freddie Fourfingers: ff
22:32:58 Slammer: LOL
22:33:01 Slammer: cool
22:33:16 Freddie Fourfingers: where you at strat and slam?
22:33:20 Slammer: how you guys doing tonnight?
22:33:25 Slammer: tonight*
22:33:27 stratman33: goooooooooood
22:33:27 Freddie Fourfingers: shhhhh
22:33:31 Freddie Fourfingers: a star has entered
22:33:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:33:34 Muris: may I join you?
22:33:38 stratman33: yep
22:33:42 Freddie Fourfingers: we are not worthy
22:33:46 Slammer: LOL
22:33:48 stratman33: lol
22:33:49 Freddie Fourfingers: (bows)
22:33:50 Muris: ahhh
22:33:54 Muris: cause of Slamm or?
22:34:01 Slammer: Freddie Fourfingers must be new here...
22:34:05 Freddie Fourfingers: gald to meet you man
22:34:05 Muris: Slamm is my mate
22:34:11 Freddie Fourfingers: I am a nooooooob
22:34:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:34:15 Muris: be careful when you atlk about him
22:34:17 Freddie Fourfingers: here at least
22:34:18 Muris: right Slamm?
22:34:34 Freddie Fourfingers: I've never been careful in my life
22:34:41 Slammer: LOL
22:34:46 Muris: I see...
22:34:50 Freddie Fourfingers: I never know where the line is til I cross it
22:34:52 Muris: sorry Slamm
22:35:03 Slammer: no problem
22:35:13 Muris: is your real name Freddie?
22:35:16 Freddie Fourfingers: no
22:35:19 Freddie Fourfingers: Brad
22:35:22 Muris: ahh ok
22:35:38 stratman33: are you named after freddy from nightmare on elm street>
22:35:40 Muris: mine is Joe...but who cares
22:35:42 Muris: lol
22:35:44 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:35:52 Freddie Fourfingers: nick came from an Iraqi policeman who was missing a finger
22:36:00 stratman33: oh
22:36:07 stratman33: you fought in the war?
22:36:08 Freddie Fourfingers: I don't know how...
22:36:12 Muris: and you're not from iraq,right?
22:36:24 Freddie Fourfingers: no....US
22:36:27 Muris: guys
22:36:29 Freddie Fourfingers: Team America....
22:36:31 Muris: have a question
22:36:39 Muris: is it correct Iran or Iraq?
22:36:47 Freddie Fourfingers: I am from US
22:36:51 Muris: lol
22:36:53 Freddie Fourfingers: been to Iraq
22:36:55 Slammer: ok
22:36:59 stratman33: im from US to
22:37:00 Freddie Fourfingers: "vacation
22:37:16 Muris: you fought there?
22:37:17 Freddie Fourfingers: been to Kosovo and Bosnia too
22:37:21 Freddie Fourfingers: yes
22:37:23 Muris: really?
22:37:28 Muris: Nato troups?
22:37:32 stratman33: thats cool
22:37:38 Freddie Fourfingers: with NATO
22:37:49 Freddie Fourfingers: Vitina in Kosovo
22:37:51 Muris: where in Bosnia,Sarajevo,Tuzla,Mostar?
22:37:55 Freddie Fourfingers: in the Serb sector
22:38:02 Freddie Fourfingers: Tuzla
22:38:06 Slammer: Freddie are you in the US army?
22:38:11 Freddie Fourfingers: sigh
22:38:13 Freddie Fourfingers: yes
22:38:17 Slammer: LOL
22:38:19 Muris: when was that,durring agression?
22:38:22 Slammer: my brother is too
22:38:28 Freddie Fourfingers: yes
22:38:33 Freddie Fourfingers: and right after
22:38:38 Freddie Fourfingers: late 90s
22:38:42 stratman33: mackietao you gonna talk lol
22:38:43 Muris: ws that Eagle camp?
22:38:50 Muris: was*
22:38:56 Freddie Fourfingers: yes....Eagle
22:39:06 Freddie Fourfingers: stuff was burning still
22:39:07 Muris: I played there few times
22:39:09 Freddie Fourfingers: bad times
22:39:13 Muris: oh yeah
22:39:19 Muris: no need to remind wink.gif
22:39:28 Freddie Fourfingers: I can only imagine
22:39:32 Freddie Fourfingers: for you
22:39:53 Muris: guess you're bit older that I am?
22:40:02 Freddie Fourfingers: I'm ancient
22:40:06 Slammer: LOL
22:40:10 Muris: Egyot?
22:40:15 stratman33: im far from ancient
22:40:17 Muris: p*
22:40:19 Freddie Fourfingers: but I act immature, so it balances out
22:40:23 Muris: lol
22:40:25 Muris: fair
22:40:32 Muris: really,how old are you?
22:40:33 Slammer: I'm from FL btw
22:40:38 Freddie Fourfingers: 44
22:40:45 Muris: great smile.gif
22:40:49 stratman33: im 13 woot'
22:40:53 Muris: how long have you been playing?
22:41:01 Muris: sorry if I bother too much
22:41:06 Freddie Fourfingers: just got serious last year
22:41:08 stratman33: lol
22:41:10 Freddie Fourfingers: not at all
22:41:13 Muris: good to see someone who was in my country
22:41:22 Freddie Fourfingers: started at 20 with classical
22:41:33 Freddie Fourfingers: your country is beautiful
22:41:36 stratman33: i started at age 10
22:41:55 Muris: thnaks Brad smile.gif
22:42:04 Slammer: stratman33 what kind of guitar do you have?
22:42:23 stratman33: epiphone LP junior it sucks sad.gif
22:42:33 stratman33: been playin on it for 3 years
22:42:45 Freddie Fourfingers: ha! I got one of those too
22:42:48 Muris: every guitar is good
22:42:50 Muris: umho
22:42:54 Freddie Fourfingers: as a banger
22:43:06 Muris: just need to match what fits best to your level
22:43:09 Freddie Fourfingers: I agree with Muris.....Vai could make that Epi sing
22:43:10 Muris: sort of
22:43:17 Slammer: LP Junoir isn't that bad
22:43:22 Slammer: I've played worse
22:43:28 Slammer: like
22:43:31 Slammer: a fancy
22:43:38 Slammer: "Drive" strat copy
22:43:42 stratman33: mine is it's a "special" kind so it's even worse than the normal
22:43:51 Muris: Drive?
22:43:54 Muris: is that brand?
22:43:59 Slammer: yep
22:44:06 Muris: never heard of...
22:44:07 Slammer: really junky
22:44:08 Slammer: LOL
22:44:10 Slammer: like
22:44:11 ace_frehely: muris
22:44:14 Muris: guess so wink.gif
22:44:14 Slammer: $90
22:44:16 ace_frehely: i have a question
22:44:16 Muris: Hi Ace
22:44:21 Muris: shoot
22:44:25 stratman33: mines only $99
22:44:36 ace_frehely: You know the begginer solo in D that you have
22:44:44 Muris: think so
22:44:48 Muris: if it's mine wink.gif
22:44:57 ace_frehely: I noticed you have the echo effect
22:44:58 Muris: why?
22:45:01 Muris: ahh
22:45:01 ace_frehely: what kind is it
22:45:06 Muris: same old good delay
22:45:11 Muris: from Pandora
22:45:15 ace_frehely: ioh its a delay
22:45:21 ace_frehely: ok
22:45:21 Muris: i use it all the time
22:45:24 ace_frehely: thanks
22:45:28 Freddie Fourfingers: Anyone ever make a "guitar" out of a shoe box and rubber bands in elementary school?
22:45:30 Muris: someone is gonna kill me for that sonner or latter
22:45:31 Muris: LOL
22:45:40 Freddie Fourfingers: for what?
22:45:43 stratman33: i have lol in like first grade
22:45:49 Muris: for use of delay all the time wink.gif
22:45:58 Freddie Fourfingers: that would be a bad guitar...
22:45:59 Muris: well not all the time
22:46:04 Freddie Fourfingers: delay sounds good tho
22:46:06 Muris: but let say in 80%
22:46:16 Freddie Fourfingers: fattens the sound up a bit
22:46:34 Muris: gives more space and comfort I would say smile.gif
22:46:56 Muris: so
22:47:07 Muris: just wanted to say hi since I saw you in the chat
22:47:12 Muris: I was sleeping actually
22:47:12 Slammer: HI
22:47:15 Freddie Fourfingers: never heard of it a modeling system?
22:47:19 Freddie Fourfingers: ok
22:47:20 Muris: and needed some drinke
22:47:23 Muris: and here I am:)
22:47:29 ace_frehely: i have the spider 3 120
22:47:33 stratman33: hi mackietao
22:47:36 Muris: yeah,it's samll processor
22:47:38 Slammer: I have spider 75
22:47:40 Muris: pocket size
22:47:44 ace_frehely: so mine would probably sound a little different
22:47:45 Slammer: spider 3 75
22:47:46 Muris: see ya guys
22:47:51 Muris: enjoy your time
22:47:51 Freddie Fourfingers: like the pod or Tascam
22:47:53 stratman33: see ya
22:47:54 Muris: bye smile.gif
22:47:56 Slammer: bye
22:47:57 ace_frehely: bye
22:47:58 Freddie Fourfingers: cya
22:48:09 Slammer: LOL
22:48:10 stratman33: down to 4
22:48:13 Slammer: damn
22:48:16 Freddie Fourfingers: bm
22:48:17 Slammer: well
22:48:17 Freddie Fourfingers: bam
22:48:19 Freddie Fourfingers: bam
22:48:21 Slammer: I gtg
22:48:25 Slammer: in like 5 mintues
22:48:25 Freddie Fourfingers: bam again
22:48:27 Slammer: LOL
22:48:43 Freddie Fourfingers: good to meet you slammer
22:48:51 Slammer: you too...
22:48:59 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:49:04 Freddie Fourfingers: where are you?
22:49:08 Slammer: FL
22:49:12 Freddie Fourfingers: oh yeah
22:49:14 Freddie Fourfingers: GA here
22:49:15 stratman33: michigan for me
22:49:16 Slammer: miami to be exact
22:49:22 Freddie Fourfingers: columbus
22:49:23 Slammer: I use to live in GA
22:49:39 Slammer: for like a year
22:49:42 Freddie Fourfingers: it's freezing here tonight
22:49:47 Slammer: LOL
22:49:54 Slammer: it's like 40 degrees
22:49:54 Freddie Fourfingers: like in the 20s
22:49:55 Slammer: here
22:49:59 stratman33: its only like 10 degrees outside here
22:50:05 Slammer: and this is freakin cold for miami
22:50:10 Slammer: I need a coat
22:50:10 Freddie Fourfingers:
22:50:12 Slammer: sad.gif
22:50:15 Freddie Fourfingers: fleece
22:50:24 stratman33: 40 degrees would feel so warm for me
22:50:33 Freddie Fourfingers: right......
22:50:33 Slammer: when it's 60 degrees here ppl were jackets
22:50:38 Slammer: and coats
22:50:40 Slammer: LOL
22:50:50 Slammer: wear*
22:50:57 stratman33: holy crap when its 60 here we're wearing t shirts and shorts
22:51:20 Slammer: well, it's usally 80-90 year round
22:51:23 Freddie Fourfingers: that's why the South surrendered....didn't want anymore winter battles
22:51:23 Slammer: LOL
22:51:32 stratman33: lol
22:51:33 Slammer: exect december and january
22:52:00 Freddie Fourfingers: It hits 130 or so in Iraq in summer
22:52:06 stratman33: u there mackietao?your not talkin...
22:52:08 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:52:13 Freddie Fourfingers: its
22:52:16 Slammer: reminds me of st Louis
22:52:24 Slammer: 105 in june
22:52:25 Slammer: sad.gif
22:52:30 stratman33: wow
22:52:53 Freddie Fourfingers: you have to put ice in your underpants
22:53:00 Slammer: st louis actually was hotter than miami sad.gif
22:53:03 stratman33: lol
22:53:07 Slammer: sometimes ohmy.gif
22:53:10 Freddie Fourfingers: or you'll go insasne
22:53:21 Freddie Fourfingers: insane
22:53:23 Freddie Fourfingers: see
22:53:28 Freddie Fourfingers: I alreaky am
22:53:32 Freddie Fourfingers: already
22:53:37 Freddie Fourfingers: see again
22:53:43 Slammer: LOL
22:53:51 stratman33: lol
22:54:10 Freddie Fourfingers: gotta go......
22:54:15 Slammer: ok
22:54:18 Slammer: me too
22:54:18 Freddie Fourfingers: been good to see ya
22:54:22 stratman33: me too, see ya
22:54:23 Slammer: you too cya

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