Guitar Chat With Bogdan Etc. 2008-01-07
Jan 9 2008, 09:45 AM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
12:41:58 Soul_Decision: Guest
12:42:10 Soul_Decision: You'll really enjoy it biggrin.gif
12:42:10 Soul_Decision: Join this amazing site
14:45:49 Steelkonsum: ôo first time Ive seen someone else online here
16:04:15 DeepRoots: Hey
18:54:38 chast: hey guys
18:54:41 chast: *slap*
18:54:52 Tjchep: hi
18:54:57 Tjchep: lol you just woke me up
18:54:59 chast: sup ? smile.gif
18:55:07 chast: oh ^^
18:55:12 Tjchep: nothin man. how about you?
18:55:13 g-forcelover: hello people
18:55:23 chast: i played too much computer today biggrin.gif
18:55:26 Tjchep: lol
18:55:28 Tjchep: what game?
18:55:34 chast: warcraft 3
18:55:40 Tjchep: sick game!
18:55:42 chast: well, dota
18:55:46 chast: that funmap
18:55:47 Tjchep: dota?
18:55:49 Tjchep: oo
18:55:50 chast: for wc3
18:55:52 Tjchep: gotcha
18:55:59 Tjchep: I havent played it in a while.
18:56:09 Tjchep: Just play it in long car rides now
18:57:26 chast: i rarely touched my guitar the last days :/
18:57:43 chast: and i have to do something for school sad.gif
18:57:56 Tjchep: sad.gif
18:58:08 Tjchep: yeah i have some make up work sad.gif
18:59:07 chast: where are the other 2 guys ?^^
18:59:48 Tjchep: i dont know.
18:59:52 Tjchep: *slap*
19:00:04 g-forcelover: right here
19:00:10 Tjchep: ahh
19:00:11 Tjchep: whats up
19:00:21 g-forcelover: im tired
19:00:32 g-forcelover: how are you guys
19:00:40 Tjchep: not bad
19:00:43 Tjchep: a bit tierd
19:01:02 g-forcelover: i feel like playing guitar
19:01:09 g-forcelover: but im not
19:01:16 g-forcelover: no idea why
19:01:16 Tjchep: I dont have any high e strings left.
19:01:21 Tjchep: and I just broke myn.
19:01:25 g-forcelover: smile.gif
19:01:25 Tjchep: sad.gif
19:01:34 g-forcelover: nice.
19:01:44 g-forcelover: on the other hand
19:01:50 g-forcelover: that sucks
19:01:53 Tjchep: lol
19:02:04 g-forcelover: i had a lesson today
19:02:12 Tjchep: private lesson?
19:02:27 g-forcelover: im playing bohimian raspody for my spring band concert at school
19:02:36 Tjchep: very nice dude
19:02:49 g-forcelover: i have to learn the solos on guitar, or im srewed
19:02:55 Tjchep: lol
19:02:58 Tjchep: yeah
19:03:27 Tjchep: I wish I didnt hate learning songs
19:03:34 chast: oh cool solo smile.gif
19:03:41 chast: in bohemian bla
19:03:48 chast: that name is too complicate to write
19:03:51 chast: wink.gif
19:03:53 Tjchep: that is a sick solo thoughh
19:03:55 g-forcelover: sounds faster on the cd
19:04:01 g-forcelover: but thats a good thing
19:04:06 g-forcelover: its acually easy
19:04:10 Tjchep: ahh
19:04:18 chast: well
19:04:29 chast: to play it like may is
19:04:36 chast: not possible tongue.gif
19:04:41 Tjchep: smile.gif
19:04:57 g-forcelover: to play like may???
19:05:03 chast: brian may
19:05:08 g-forcelover: hey zakk
19:05:14 chast: hallo kumpane tongue.gif
19:05:15 g-forcelover: ohhh
19:05:17 ZakkWylde: hey there
19:05:20 g-forcelover: i knew that
19:05:40 ZakkWylde: ahh der herr ausm odenwald:D
19:05:44 chast: jau
19:05:48 chast: x_X
19:06:02 g-forcelover: como estas???
19:06:09 chast: que bien
19:06:11 chast: ohmy.gif
19:06:26 chast: actually i dont know any spanish expect vamos a la playa
19:06:31 chast: and si
19:06:58 g-forcelover: i had to watch the incredibles in spanish
19:07:09 g-forcelover: that movie sucks
19:07:12 ZakkWylde: all I know on spanish is cerveza and puta, which I think is the essential of the language^^
19:07:42 Tjchep: yeah specially in spanish
19:07:46 g-forcelover: what the heck does that mean?!?!?!? laugh.gif
19:07:51 chast: i had to watch finding nemo in english, i did fall asleep, but it was pretty confortable in the cinema tongue.gif
19:07:59 chast: oh yeah i know puta aswell biggrin.gif
19:08:02 g-forcelover: smily didnt work
19:08:13 chast: without :
19:08:14 chast: wink.gif
19:08:25 g-forcelover: oh
19:08:30 g-forcelover: lol
19:08:37 g-forcelover: yayy!!
19:09:25 chast: zakk, gibts in frankfurt noch andere läden außer den musik-schmidt ? ohmy.gif (sorry guys, im too lazy to speak in english with him wink.gif)
19:09:31 Tjchep: scrubs is sick.
19:10:05 ZakkWylde: ne mehr als den brauchst auch net, is der 3größte in deutschland
19:10:13 chast: ja, war da auch schon smile.gif
19:10:16 g-forcelover: did you see the poop/toliet song?
19:10:26 ZakkWylde: going there tomorrow again^^
19:10:29 g-forcelover: tjchep
19:10:31 chast: sau^^
19:10:56 chast: wenn ich da bin, könnte ich am liebsten übernachten^^
19:11:07 ZakkWylde: Going to spend some money, have enough for a halfstack...
19:11:20 g-forcelover: random
19:11:26 chast: well, i will talk some english now tongue.gif
19:11:37 g-forcelover: in a couple days im getting a seven string
19:12:01 ZakkWylde: ...but there is no use for a amp this big because im not in a band right now:p
19:12:06 g-forcelover: i will be back in about 30-45 minutes. got to go eat dinner
19:12:14 chast: well i bought a peavey 6505+
19:12:15 ZakkWylde: what sevenstring g-force?
19:12:17 chast: and recognized
19:12:22 chast: that its way too loud
19:12:24 chast: lol
19:12:46 ZakkWylde: ehrlich? wanted to buy this one maybe
19:13:05 chast: i dont know, i have no idea about stacks
19:13:15 chast: maybe i was just too dumb to get it silent^^
19:13:25 ZakkWylde: what cab you use with it?
19:13:32 chast: that framus one
19:13:35 chast: cs212
19:14:02 ZakkWylde: 2x12?! damn i was gonna buy a 4x12 form marshall or peavey...
19:14:27 ZakkWylde: my whole house will be torn apart by this thing
19:14:30 chast: well, you have enough possibilities to test tomorrow biggrin.gif
19:14:43 Smikey2006: ahh what a great day! PEOPLE! smile.gif
19:14:47 Smikey2006: hello everyone
19:14:56 ZakkWylde: why 6505+ and not standard?
19:15:04 ZakkWylde: oh hy smikey
19:15:41 chast: i have no idea zakk
19:15:52 chast: it was a
19:16:07 chast: stupid feeling that i have to get a new amp
19:16:09 chast: x_X
19:16:18 Smikey2006: peavey?
19:16:29 Smikey2006: 6505
19:16:33 Smikey2006: is solid
19:16:37 ZakkWylde: it's 200 euros diffrence between 6505 standard and +
19:16:42 Smikey2006: ahh
19:17:04 Smikey2006: well ive got the peavey site booked marked maybe i can discover a difference for yea smile.gif
19:17:04 ZakkWylde: yeah I'm eventually buy a halfstack tomorrow
19:17:27 chast: how long do you have to drive to the musik-schmidt, zakk ?
19:17:27 Smikey2006: i got the Peavey VK
19:17:42 ZakkWylde: i know the diffrence: two equalizers and another preamp tube
19:17:54 ZakkWylde: Nur 15 minuten muhahahaha
19:18:02 Smikey2006: oh ic
19:18:06 chast: :|
19:18:50 ZakkWylde: what else is arround 1200 euro and a good metal tube head?
19:19:15 chast: hm...
19:19:56 chast: engl fireball
19:20:04 chast: but some like them and some not
19:20:08 chast: totally different
19:20:23 ZakkWylde: hmm the engl powerball is 1500, i DON'T like the fireball
19:20:35 chast: ok^^
19:20:55 chast: oO
19:21:10 chast: kostet der dual rectifier schon immer 2500 € ?
19:21:12 ZakkWylde: and the marshall jvm410 got 300 euro higher in november to 1700-.-
19:21:19 ZakkWylde: ja
19:21:24 chast: sad.gif
19:21:43 ZakkWylde: look up the diezel herbert's price...
19:22:04 chast: ...^^
19:22:48 chast: hm.. peavey xxx
19:23:26 ZakkWylde: lol the triple rectifier is 2500 at musik schmidt and the dual at 2590 ^^
19:23:31 chast: biggrin.gif
19:23:53 chast: smikey
19:24:03 chast: you are from canada right?
19:24:13 chast: *slap*
19:24:22 Smikey2006: ahh sry
19:24:25 Smikey2006: yes canada is the place
19:24:33 chast: how much is a dual rectifier there ?
19:24:44 Smikey2006: hmm couldn't tell yea
19:24:45 Tjchep: Triaxis > trip
19:24:47 Smikey2006: id have to look it up
19:25:17 Tjchep: they are $1600 last time i saw them
19:25:26 Smikey2006: well ill take a look on musicians friend smile.gif
19:25:27 chast: in canada ?
19:25:29 Tjchep: int he states
19:25:33 chast: oh man
19:25:35 chast: sad.gif
19:25:37 Tjchep: i think.
19:25:42 chast: in germany it is so expensive
19:25:45 chast: :/
19:25:46 Tjchep: yeah
19:25:49 Tjchep: stick with laney dude
19:25:53 Tjchep: they make quality stuff
19:26:07 ZakkWylde: laney is not the way to go for higain
19:26:25 Smikey2006: yea just about 1600
19:26:31 chast: damn thats not fair^^
19:26:54 ZakkWylde: the worst thing is the marshall price outside the uk...
19:26:59 Smikey2006: im so pumped.. schecters new lineup has just been put into the catalogue.. smile.gif and they've got a v this year haha
19:27:00 Smikey2006: yea
19:27:09 Smikey2006: im not a fan of marshalls
19:27:28 ZakkWylde: ...for the price of a jvm head here i get the head and two quality 4x12 cabs in the uk
19:27:28 chast: music man guitars are expensive aswell in germany sad.gif
19:27:42 chast: Oo
19:27:58 ZakkWylde: uh schecter v?! can you give me a link plz
19:28:14 chast: i am going to look for something to eat, brb
19:28:23 Smikey2006: well i just have a snippet from the catalogue they emailed me
19:28:32 Smikey2006: soo lets see if i can get a picture link
19:28:45 Tjchep: Trip recicifiers are eww
19:29:27 ZakkWylde: never tried them because i was frightened by the price ^^
19:29:32 Tjchep: smile.gif
19:29:41 Tjchep: I've played briefly once, didnt liek it much
19:30:52 Smikey2006:
19:30:56 Smikey2006: lets see if that works
19:31:45 Smikey2006: ouch its a terribly small picture
19:31:58 Smikey2006: but its the new hellraiser line... i can;t wait to find 1 to try
19:32:30 ZakkWylde: ive enlarged it looks wicked thx, know a price for one with trem yet?
19:32:38 Smikey2006: no idea
19:32:46 Smikey2006: i figure they will be about the same price as the old hellraiser line
19:32:49 Smikey2006: 800 ish?
19:33:46 ZakkWylde: you have the original, whats the inlay i cant see it right
19:34:39 Tjchep: i like the new headstocks
19:34:43 Smikey2006: gothic cross
19:34:59 Smikey2006: yea its alot like the c1's
19:35:02 Tjchep: mm
19:35:42 Smikey2006: i love the body of the 006 too
19:35:52 Smikey2006: its like the elite ahh i almost got 1 of those haha
19:35:59 ZakkWylde: cool might be worth a buy
19:36:18 Smikey2006: i just wish i could buy the whole line and hang them in my room biggrin.gif
19:37:29 Tjchep: lol
19:37:48 Tjchep: you really like schecters dont you?
19:37:55 Smikey2006: love em smile.gif
19:38:17 Smikey2006: i even bought a shecter t-shirt.. but i havn't got around to gettin the gmc 1 yet ohmy.gif
19:38:36 MCK: hi!
19:38:39 Smikey2006: hey
19:38:39 chast: hey
19:38:40 Tjchep: whats up
19:38:43 chast: ah smikey
19:38:52 chast: you are the guy that runs his own guitar shop ?
19:38:57 MCK: good u?
19:38:58 Smikey2006: trys biggrin.gif
19:39:01 chast: smile.gif
19:39:20 Smikey2006: school is getting in the way.. but just 2 and a halfyears till its my fulltime job smile.gif
19:39:32 ZakkWylde: guten appetit Chast...
19:39:46 chast: thx wink.gif
19:40:28 ZakkWylde: Hmm I wrote 5 articles for GMC wicki to get that badge but still nothing from andrew in response
19:40:37 Smikey2006: haha
19:40:49 Smikey2006: u get a badge for adden to the wiki?
19:40:51 chast: what did you write about?
19:41:13 ZakkWylde: you get a badge like the seniors or instructors i think...
19:41:32 Smikey2006: oh cool
19:41:45 ZakkWylde: I wrote articles on slayer, dimebag , James hetfield, kirk hammett and Zakk Wylde:D
19:41:53 Tjchep: lol
19:41:54 Smikey2006: haha cool
19:42:02 chast: metal \m/
19:42:05 Smikey2006: maybe i should write 1 on schecter biggrin.gif tongue.gif
19:42:11 ZakkWylde:
19:42:12 Tjchep: it would fit you
19:42:18 ZakkWylde: yeah do that
19:42:43 Tjchep: nice dude
19:42:45 chast: i only can play one slayer song
19:42:51 chast: but without solo
19:42:55 chast: deadskin mask
19:42:56 chast: ^^
19:42:58 Tjchep: slayers pretty hardcore
19:43:30 chast: nah
19:43:42 chast: there are much hardcorer bands biggrin.gif
19:43:46 Tjchep: well yes
19:43:53 Tjchep: but From when they started.
19:43:57 chast: yeah
19:44:00 chast: thats sure smile.gif
19:44:16 Smikey2006: haha smile.gif
19:44:26 ZakkWylde: my first song i learnes on guitar was for whom the bell tolls, and the second was raining blood, 3 months on guitar but trying to play raining blood...biggrin.gif
19:44:34 chast: lol
19:44:36 Tjchep: lol
19:44:43 Smikey2006: funn biggrin.gif
19:44:44 Tjchep: that sweep section is pretty crazy
19:44:55 Tjchep: (i think its a sweep section)
19:45:02 ZakkWylde: at least it helped my picking to become faster
19:45:07 Tjchep: yeah
19:45:15 Tjchep: good for rythm
19:45:15 chast: lombardo is a killer drummer
19:46:39 chast: rhythm is so important
19:46:57 Tjchep: yes.
19:47:00 chast: i think too many guys are focusing too much on technique
19:47:07 Tjchep: I think opposite.
19:47:23 Tjchep: there are alot more better rythm players than goo solo players
19:47:33 ZakkWylde: damn my account expired three days ago and my father is on a business trip along with his credit card :{
19:47:40 Tjchep: sad.gif
19:47:45 chast: :/
19:49:04 Smikey2006: i enjoy playing rythem rather than lead in some cases
19:49:27 Smikey2006: there are many more jobs playing rythem.. example... i have a gig at an oldfolks home playing beatles tunes in a few days
19:49:38 Smikey2006: can't play at oldfolks homes with screaming solos biggrin.gif
19:49:57 ZakkWylde: you can but only once...
19:50:02 Smikey2006: hahahaha smile.gif yea
19:50:34 Tjchep: Well, in a real band context, pure "lead" guitarist are not nearly as imporantnt than a rhythm guitarist
19:50:52 Tjchep: not that many band have that
19:51:03 Smikey2006: yea
19:51:30 ZakkWylde: Its bad when the band has only one guitarist and then solos are played, the whole song dies down without rythm
19:51:39 Tjchep: yeah
19:51:49 Tjchep: you have to be extremely good to make somthing sound decent
19:52:06 ZakkWylde: >dimebag darrel
19:52:07 Tjchep: in that case**
19:52:10 Tjchep: lol
19:52:20 Soul_Decision: Yeah 3 chords will give you a song
19:52:24 Tjchep: yeah
19:52:29 Tjchep: thats what most songs are made up on
19:52:48 ZakkWylde: ever played grindcore?! one chord is more than enough^^
19:52:53 Tjchep: haha
19:53:05 ZakkWylde: god i hate grindcore...
19:53:14 Tjchep: their palms get caluses faster than their fingers
19:53:17 Tjchep: yeah me too
19:53:19 chast: grindcore sounds like pigs singing biggrin.gif
19:53:36 chast: im going to game a bit again, cya smile.gif
19:54:25 Smikey2006: haha i got asked to play some grindcore
19:54:29 Smikey2006: it was boring but really fast haha
19:54:38 Smikey2006: so i didn't do it lol
19:54:41 Tjchep: lol
19:54:48 Tjchep: you do some stupid stuff
19:54:58 Tjchep: and it sounds liek animals
19:55:00 Smikey2006: i play whatever biggrin.gif
19:55:08 Smikey2006: pigs tongue.gif
19:55:14 Smikey2006: odd brb
19:55:14 Tjchep: yeah lol
19:56:54 Tjchep: zakk have you trieed to learn angel of death?
19:57:29 Tjchep: * i think thats what its called
19:57:33 ZakkWylde: i can play angel of death but i kinda suck switching from rythm into the solos
19:58:01 g-forcelover: off topic but stupid sibelius student just closed on me and i lost 4 pages of this sweet song me and my sister are writing.
19:58:02 ZakkWylde: its a classic I HAD to learn it
19:58:39 ZakkWylde: g force you said youre gonna buy a 7string... which one?
19:58:42 Tjchep: the solos are SO fast
19:58:54 Tjchep: the RC7 look so sick
19:58:59 Tjchep: rusty cooleys sig
19:59:15 ZakkWylde: yeah Pavel's waiting for over a year:D
19:59:20 Smikey2006: yea biggrin.gif
19:59:26 Tjchep: yeah
19:59:28 Smikey2006: he better write sum awsome 7 string lessions heh
19:59:34 Tjchep: yeah he better
19:59:37 Smikey2006: does walliman have any?
19:59:42 Tjchep: one
19:59:45 Smikey2006: i thought i saw a prog 1 yea
19:59:57 Tjchep: oo a dream theartre lesson
20:00:02 g-forcelover: zakk, the washburn one in the musicians friend catalog, if its not good tell me, but i only have 300 dollars so
20:00:22 Tjchep: Its actually a pretty good giutar
20:00:25 Tjchep: for the money
20:00:29 Tjchep: with a pickup changed
20:00:38 Tjchep: the pickups changed*
20:00:48 Tjchep: 707's from emg and thats a sweet guitar.
20:01:12 ZakkWylde: walliman has a cheap 150$ one of from ebay he said in his lesson
20:01:16 Tjchep: yeah
20:01:21 Tjchep: and it sounds pretty decent
20:01:28 Tjchep: washburn makes good guitars for cheap
20:01:51 Tjchep: what kind of guitars do you have zakk?
20:02:37 ZakkWylde: Jackson King V and Zakk Wylde sig by Epiphone with Emg 81/85
20:02:54 ZakkWylde: you?
20:02:58 Tjchep: umm
20:03:11 Tjchep: Schecter c1-+ and ibanez 470 quilt
20:03:17 Tjchep: needa change the pups out
20:03:25 Tjchep: but that can come later
20:03:52 Tjchep: you like your zakk wylde sig?
20:04:14 ZakkWylde: yeah it's far best no trem guitar for that price
20:04:53 Tjchep: smile.gif
20:05:06 Tjchep: you must have learned farewell ballad right?
20:06:30 ZakkWylde: ofc i tried but somehow i really suck when it comes to pentatonic speed...
20:07:12 ZakkWylde: 3note per string-no problem, pentatonic fretboard wanking-huge problems
20:07:23 Tjchep: yeah
20:07:40 Tjchep: its hard for picking hand
20:09:05 ZakkWylde: it's not the picking (slayer-trained) it's fretting 2 note per string licks at high speed thats hard for me
20:09:19 Gen: wow
20:09:22 ZakkWylde: hi gen
20:09:24 Gen: hi everyone
20:09:27 Tjchep: whats up gun
20:09:32 g-forcelover: hello gen
20:09:50 Smikey2006: hey
20:10:31 g-forcelover: is the dimarzio DP701 blaze middle seven string pickup good for the washburn?
20:10:47 g-forcelover: just found it with 5 stars
20:10:58 Tjchep: i mean its dimarzio
20:11:35 Smikey2006: lol
20:11:38 Smikey2006: obv ... tongue.gif
20:11:52 g-forcelover: ok
20:12:10 Smikey2006: actually im not sure but it could be assumed...
20:12:31 Tjchep: lol
20:12:44 Tjchep: Dimarzio's are ussually pretty good though
20:12:44 g-forcelover: now to convince my parents that i should spend almost all my money on these 2 things.
20:12:51 g-forcelover: yeah
20:12:56 g-forcelover: your right
20:13:04 Tjchep: what two things?
20:13:24 g-forcelover: guitar and pickup
20:13:39 g-forcelover: only changing one for now if i get it
20:13:42 Tjchep: ooo
20:14:08 Tjchep: honestly
20:14:11 ZakkWylde: tell your parents: im gonna earn lots of money once im good at guitar and i will give you every cent back twice...^^
20:14:28 Tjchep: Id just wait till you have money for both the pickups
20:14:36 Tjchep: and i'd seriously consider emg 707's
20:14:40 g-forcelover: im paying for it, but they just say, dont wast your money.
20:14:47 Smikey2006: lol
20:14:51 Tjchep: lol
20:14:55 Tjchep: same here
20:14:58 g-forcelover: i could learn so many new things, holy crap
20:16:11 Tjchep: man it sucks
20:16:19 Tjchep: i got kicked off the school computers for 3 weeks
20:16:34 g-forcelover: when im and adult, or parent, im going to keep up with reality, and know how my kids are thinking if i have kids
20:17:01 Smikey2006: haha
20:17:10 g-forcelover: how can you get kicked off school computers for 3 weeks??!?!?
20:17:16 Tjchep: I dont know.
20:17:17 ZakkWylde: damn i want to listen to farewell balld now...and i cant find it on my computer
20:17:18 Tjchep: lol
20:17:30 g-forcelover: lol
20:17:40 Tjchep: I think i used a proxy or somthing cause I needed to check my email.
20:18:19 ZakkWylde: on which record was the farewell ballad?
20:18:30 Tjchep: not surfe
20:18:35 Tjchep: i think he just did it for a magazine
20:19:02 ZakkWylde: no i know i had an mp3 somewhere...
20:19:16 Tjchep: ahh
20:19:20 Tjchep: well here the youtube line
20:19:24 Tjchep:
20:19:59 ZakkWylde: that does the job thx
20:20:05 Tjchep: no problem
20:20:06 Smikey2006: im in a beatles mood haha
20:20:21 Smikey2006: but! that is gunna switch for sum RUSH!
20:20:22 Tjchep: smile.gif
20:20:27 Tjchep: hahaha
20:21:04 g-forcelover: i dare everyone to look at the related videos and watch the girl play it
20:21:08 g-forcelover: lol
20:21:46 Smikey2006: just because u dared me....
20:22:02 Tjchep: how come there isnt any girl super shredders
20:22:32 Tjchep: well atleast any huge well know ones
20:23:44 g-forcelover: smikey, you will be suprised
20:24:04 Smikey2006: haha i kno 1
20:24:13 Smikey2006: i can't find 1 of a girl sad.gif
20:24:21 Smikey2006: ill look again lol..
20:24:33 g-forcelover: first one in related videos
20:24:51 ZakkWylde: its a dude but it says hot girl
20:24:55 Smikey2006: oh haha
20:25:04 Smikey2006: he does an ok job except his tone sounds like balls haha
20:25:19 g-forcelover: ohhh
20:25:23 g-forcelover: ahhh!!!!
20:25:26 g-forcelover: scary
20:26:05 g-forcelover: how ya doin bogdan!
20:26:07 ZakkWylde: our bass instructor! hail thee bogdan^^
20:26:32 Bogdan: Hello People ! wink.gif
20:26:41 Bogdan: whats up
20:26:47 Tjchep: hey bogdan
20:27:03 Bogdan: are you getting ready for tommorows gathering ? wink.gif
20:27:22 ZakkWylde: Maybe you can help me: is there a bass amp that is loud enough to do rehearsals for arround 300 euro?
20:27:37 Bogdan: hmm maybe behringer ?
20:27:41 g-forcelover: be back in 10 minutes goin to get a shower
20:27:42 Smikey2006: fender rumble?
20:27:47 Bogdan: for rehersals you need 100wats
20:27:53 Bogdan: yeah fender rumble is cool!
20:27:57 g-forcelover: behringers are good
20:28:15 Smikey2006: i think its only 75 but i like it smile.gif
20:28:23 ZakkWylde: i got a deal on a warwick 150 watt amp for 300 but i dont know if its good, gotta test tomorrow
20:28:24 Bogdan: behringer's in my oppionion can be cool but get often broken
20:28:36 Bogdan: there is Fender Rumble 100
20:28:56 Bogdan: I play it when we have rehersals at one practice room
20:29:01 Smikey2006: oh ic
20:29:13 Bogdan: is it combo ?
20:29:19 Smikey2006: yup
20:29:29 Smikey2006: well the 75 is..
20:29:34 Bogdan: I mean for warwick ?
20:29:35 Bogdan: wink.gif
20:29:39 Smikey2006: oh
20:29:40 ZakkWylde: yes it is
20:30:02 Bogdan:
20:30:09 Bogdan: here is fender rumble
20:30:23 Tjchep: stupid question
20:30:31 Tjchep: what makes a good bass amp?
20:30:40 Tjchep: I mean like, depth or bassiness?
20:30:49 Bogdan: same thing as guitar amps
20:30:52 ZakkWylde: the sound! no im just kidding wann know too
20:30:53 Tjchep: ahh
20:30:58 Bogdan: there are good ones and bad ones
20:31:02 Tjchep: Gotcha
20:31:11 Tjchep: but they are all solid state correct?
20:31:12 Tjchep: or no?
20:31:21 ZakkWylde: there are tubes aswell
20:31:22 Bogdan: no there are tube ones
20:31:37 Bogdan: but a lot of people use solid state
20:31:44 Tjchep: oh
20:31:45 Tjchep: brb
20:31:51 Bogdan: its much better working on bass than on guitar amps
20:31:58 Bogdan: I don't know why wink.gif
20:32:14 Bogdan: whats the model zakk of that warwick ?
20:32:29 Bogdan: that sounds cool , I hear good things about warwick amps
20:33:03 Bogdan: this fender rumble is very nice too , I has a really sweet sound (I like it) but tends to get a little too much thin when playing slap on it
20:33:15 Bogdan: for fingerstyle works great
20:33:18 ZakkWylde: wait a sec
20:33:52 Bogdan: where are you from people ?
20:33:53 ZakkWylde: Warwick WC Sweet 15.2 Bass Combo
20:34:06 ZakkWylde: Germany, near frankfurt
20:34:50 Tjchep: wait bogdan do you play guitar too?
20:35:46 Bogdan: I played a long time ago though
20:36:10 Bogdan: well that warwick looks nice
20:36:36 Bogdan: If you like the tone go for it..15" speaker will give you a very big lowend
20:36:47 Bogdan: though it has a little slower responce
20:37:08 Bogdan: so when you play something fast with fingers not everything is going to come out clearly
20:37:16 ZakkWylde: i like the 8band equalizer on it, gonna try it tomorrow at my musicstore
20:37:35 ZakkWylde: you mean it's not ideal for fast stuff?
20:38:07 Bogdan: well it sound a little oldschool wink.gif
20:38:12 Bogdan: for example
20:38:20 Bogdan: when you play a scale fast with finger
20:38:40 Bogdan: fingers , you are not going to hear very very clear all the notes coming out
20:38:56 Bogdan: because 15" is a biiiig speaker and very bassy too
20:39:07 Tjchep: shake your room ohmy.gif!
20:39:42 ZakkWylde: i wonce had the chance to play one from my friend...
20:39:56 Bogdan: that tends to get little slow and muddy...but it has a great low end
20:40:39 Bogdan: Yeah Tjchep - yesterday I was checking something and turned up my amp in my room and everything was shaking like crazy!!! windows , doors , computer wink.gif
20:40:49 ZakkWylde: ever played a markbass mini combo?
20:40:53 Bogdan: it has a 15" in it too wink.gif
20:40:56 Tjchep: yeah that happends with my tiny amp. really annoying
20:41:02 Tjchep: has a 8 inch speaker
20:41:08 Tjchep: bass sucks in it sad.gif
20:41:40 Bogdan: actually no , there arent many stores here in Serbia with bass equipement sad.gif
20:42:28 ZakkWylde: this markbass is a litle combo with a 1x12 in it but has 500 watts!!! that thing was far louder than the drums when tunred to 4 of 10
20:43:02 Bogdan: wow wink.gif thats a little monster wink.gif
20:43:34 Bogdan: my amp has 250wats and its more than enough for gigs etc
20:44:48 g-forcelover: i dont play bass, but im saying i can crank my 15 watt amp loud enough to be heard in the back of a theater that holds 1000 people.
20:45:01 Tjchep: You are in a band with ivan correct?
20:45:03 Bogdan: is it tube amp?
20:45:06 g-forcelover: lil' monster!
20:45:09 Bogdan: yeah Tjchep
20:45:17 Tjchep: thats cool never knew!
20:45:22 g-forcelover: am i in a band with ivan?
20:45:38 Tjchep: no i meant bogdan smile.gif
20:45:45 g-forcelover: ohhh
20:46:21 Bogdan: this chat is a little confusing with 5 people in it wink.gif I can't imagine tomorrow when it gets crowded with 100+ people wink.gif
20:46:28 Tjchep: why 100 peopel?
20:46:41 Smikey2006: wahh really?
20:46:46 Smikey2006: that will be brruttall heh
20:46:54 Tjchep: yeah it will lol
20:46:57 Bogdan: well there gonna be a instructors gathering here and all members are welcome
20:47:03 Tjchep: when?
20:47:05 Smikey2006: what time is this 100 person chat ?
20:47:07 Tjchep: tongue.gif
20:47:11 Smikey2006: compare it to now.. haha
20:47:22 Bogdan: there is a thread in master class forum
20:47:29 Tjchep: Ahh ok.
20:47:29 Smikey2006: ermm the time i mean... how many hours from now tongue.gif
20:47:32 Smikey2006: oh okay.. ill brb lol
20:47:35 g-forcelover: in eastern time in america? (for the big chat)
20:47:35 Bogdan: 8th january 10pm GMT+1
20:47:50 Tjchep: G-force what state do you live in?
20:47:59 g-forcelover: north carolina
20:48:03 Tjchep: nice
20:48:07 Bogdan: now there is a site where you can convert this time so you can see what will it be in your time zone
20:48:08 Tjchep: lucky man
20:48:18 Tjchep: i think thats.
20:48:28 Tjchep: 4pm in the states
20:48:31 Tjchep: or
20:48:31 Bogdan: zakk is in the same time zone (GMT+1)
20:48:32 Tjchep: 5
20:48:34 Tjchep: 6*
20:48:40 Bogdan: well lets see
20:48:45 g-forcelover: so its six?
20:48:54 Tjchep: i think its -4 hours right?
20:48:55 Tjchep: h/o
20:49:10 Tjchep: ahh so its 4
20:49:14 Tjchep: -5 hours
20:49:15 Bogdan:
20:49:21 Tjchep: 4PM
20:49:33 Bogdan: enter 22:00 GMT+1 and convert it to your time zone
20:50:25 g-forcelover: got it. 4. ill be there
20:50:37 Tjchep: Me too man.
20:50:39 Tjchep: should be good fun
20:50:44 Tjchep: but could get really messy.
20:50:53 g-forcelover: i know
20:50:58 g-forcelover: gezze
20:51:16 Tjchep: But man, i just orderd one of andy james's dvds
20:51:19 Tjchep: pretty excited
20:51:54 Bogdan: great wink.gif Im looking at some 2x10 speaker cabs but won't get them soon.. wink.gif
20:52:20 Tjchep: why not an 8x10?
20:52:20 g-forcelover: i want to start playing bass
20:52:29 Tjchep: i'd look cool tongue.gif
20:52:39 Bogdan: smile.gif Drumer intimidating bass rig wink.gif
20:52:48 Tjchep: smile.gif
20:52:59 Bogdan: wow heres the man who recorded first solo for my collab
20:53:10 USAMAN: How ya doing
20:53:15 g-forcelover: im going to get a bass guitar book, and after my guitar lesson i will pick up a bass and learn out of the book.
20:53:30 g-forcelover: im doing good, how are you USA?
20:53:31 USAMAN: thats a smokin backing track
20:53:36 Bogdan: thats great G , how long did you play guitar
20:53:39 USAMAN: great
20:53:41 Bogdan: thanks USA smile.gif
20:53:50 Bogdan: and you made a very energetic solo!
20:53:56 USAMAN: Me ...guitar question
20:53:58 g-forcelover: uhh, 8 months
20:53:58 USAMAN: ?
20:54:12 USAMAN: 3 months
20:54:18 Bogdan: I asked g , but love to hear your answer
20:54:26 Bogdan: you play 3 months usa ?
20:54:33 USAMAN: y
20:54:40 Bogdan: wow thats impressive
20:54:41 g-forcelover: keep it up, and practice!!!
20:54:42 USAMAN: lying my ass off
20:54:46 USAMAN: lol
20:54:50 USAMAN: years
20:54:51 Tjchep: I like that solo though man!
20:54:57 g-forcelover: ohhh
20:54:58 g-forcelover: lol
20:55:07 USAMAN: thanks...i just noodled it and it came ot pretty cool
20:55:10 Tjchep: smile.gif
20:55:20 USAMAN: i never plan out my uploads
20:55:22 Tjchep: Thats what i always do for collabs
20:55:31 Tjchep: I tell myself to.. never happends though
20:55:48 USAMAN: i get a basic idea what i want and go for it
20:55:52 Tjchep: yeah
20:56:12 Bogdan: wink.gif
20:56:12 Bogdan: and you are telling me USAman that you are playing this solo after just 3 months of guitar practice ?
20:56:14 Smikey2006: i can';t figure out the time of this chat biggrin.gif i figure i wont be there anyways
20:56:21 USAMAN: ive been playing for a long time 41...only been serious for about a year and a half
20:56:22 Tjchep: oo
20:56:26 g-forcelover: hey smikey, why dont you change your name to 2008?
20:56:28 Tjchep: what time zone are you?
20:56:29 Bogdan: smikey , where do you live
20:56:35 Smikey2006: Eastern standard
20:56:37 Smikey2006: canada
20:56:39 Tjchep: 4 pm
20:56:46 Bogdan: ill convert it for you
20:56:46 Smikey2006: yea im 6 hours behind
20:56:51 USAMAN: use to just pick it up once a month or so
20:57:03 Tjchep: Your doing well though usa man
20:57:04 Bogdan: wink.gif
20:57:07 Bogdan: hahahahah
20:57:11 Tjchep: wait didnt you just get an ibanez prestige?
20:57:13 Bogdan: you got me there
20:57:21 USAMAN: thanks...i really appreciate it
20:57:24 Bogdan: because I know GMC works wonders wink.gif
20:57:27 USAMAN: yup
20:57:31 USAMAN: two of them
20:57:37 USAMAN: hehe
20:57:53 USAMAN: an it......and an rga 121
20:58:20 USAMAN: this site has helped me so much
20:58:29 USAMAN: muris's lessons rock....
20:58:29 Bogdan: smikey in eastern canada its 6pm
20:58:30 g-forcelover: this site is the best
20:58:43 USAMAN: i just did his knoffler lesson....
20:58:58 Tjchep: lucky man
20:59:00 USAMAN: man is that one fun ...its really outside what i normally play
20:59:12 USAMAN: beautifully written
20:59:18 Bogdan: what do you think about the chicken picking one ? wink.gif
20:59:20 USAMAN: he is so damn good
20:59:25 Tjchep: yeah he is
20:59:28 USAMAN: really hard
20:59:54 USAMAN: i started it and quit....i will learn it though...its just wierd picking
21:00:09 Bogdan: yeah , but it sounds very fun
21:00:16 USAMAN: VERY
21:00:35 USAMAN: i did all of his mixolydian solo lessons
21:00:46 Tjchep: i'd bee cool to just play randomly in a guitar shop
21:00:54 USAMAN: those are very fun
21:00:59 Tjchep: after playing some metal stuff or somthing smile.gif
21:01:06 USAMAN: and i did most of roos stuff
21:01:11 USAMAN: roo rocked
21:01:54 USAMAN: he should come back
21:02:11 Bogdan: who is he ?
21:02:29 USAMAN: ex instructor....check his lessons
21:02:33 USAMAN: great player
21:02:54 USAMAN: very origional
21:03:00 USAMAN: roos mad farm
21:03:09 USAMAN: is one of them
21:03:16 Tjchep: hes insane dude
21:03:25 Tjchep: really good
21:03:36 USAMAN: he has a three part lesson thats so good its sickning
21:03:42 USAMAN: e
21:03:52 Bogdan: great , what happened to him ?
21:04:06 USAMAN: according to Muris he didnt have the time
21:04:19 USAMAN: was busy with other stuff
21:04:19 Bogdan: too bad sad.gif
21:05:02 USAMAN: i checked his website....(roo) and muris mentioned that i had posted a thread about him (roo) wondering what happened to him
21:05:21 Bogdan: so G when your going to switch to bass ? smile.gif
21:05:39 USAMAN: hopefully he comes back as a guest or something on a colab
21:06:19 USAMAN: Anyone play Battlefield 2
21:06:37 USAMAN: pc online
21:07:01 Bogdan: I did
21:07:13 USAMAN: no more?
21:07:24 Bogdan: no just few times though
21:07:33 Bogdan: I switched to consoles
21:07:41 Tjchep: Hey guest, join gmc. Its sick!
21:07:42 Bogdan: I played a nintendo wii whole day wink.gif
21:07:46 USAMAN: just wondering I just started my own game server
21:07:57 USAMAN: ranked
21:08:07 USAMAN: need players
21:08:11 Bogdan: thats great , thats a great game..
21:08:27 USAMAN: its really addictive....almost as bad a guitar
21:08:34 Bogdan: but I had to quit playing on pc because my hardware could not keep up
21:08:48 USAMAN: bf2 is a mem hogggggggggggggggggggggg
21:08:58 USAMAN: 2 gig minimum
21:09:08 USAMAN: ram
21:09:51 Bogdan: my computer is a little old ..I barly do lessons on it
21:10:23 USAMAN: you need an upgrade...
21:10:28 USAMAN: where you from
21:10:34 Bogdan: Serbia wink.gif
21:10:46 USAMAN: what os are you running
21:11:10 Bogdan: well I actually do need an upgrade but I'll have to invest to a completly new computer (to go to DDR2 motherboard and everything)
21:11:13 Bogdan: win XP
21:11:27 Tjchep: what kind of video card do you have usa man?
21:11:32 USAMAN: yeah.....mines not to bad yet but Im due soon
21:11:45 USAMAN: im still running xp ...
21:12:03 USAMAN: it works fine for me
21:12:20 USAMAN: 7900 gs
21:12:25 Tjchep: gotcha
21:12:30 Bogdan: and I just got very used to my old one so I don't think Ill be upgrading soon..though my sister prommised that she will give me her computer (and I give her mine) ..Shes got better one
21:12:40 Bogdan: Xp is cool you don't need the vista
21:12:45 USAMAN: i agree
21:12:51 Tjchep: vista is a memory hog
21:12:58 USAMAN: my buddy just bought a jealous
21:13:00 Tjchep: takes up 512 just backing
21:13:29 USAMAN: those are so bad a$$
21:13:43 Tjchep: macs are super expencive though
21:13:46 USAMAN: y
21:14:00 USAMAN: but worth it if you got the $
21:14:06 Tjchep: o yeah
21:14:15 Tjchep: but also depends what your gonna be using it for
21:14:16 Bogdan: macs are cool wink.gif
21:14:22 USAMAN: true that
21:14:32 Tjchep: they are turning into a fashion icon now!
21:14:34 USAMAN: recording and vid
21:14:50 USAMAN: they are the best at that
21:14:54 Tjchep: yeah
21:14:56 USAMAN: hands down
21:15:00 Tjchep: Same with modeling
21:15:03 Tjchep: 3d modeling
21:15:04 USAMAN: yup
21:15:13 Tjchep: well anything graphics based really
21:15:29 USAMAN: so i get my am head back tomorrow.......Yeah boy
21:15:45 Tjchep: whats an am head?
21:15:57 USAMAN: tubes.............amp head
21:16:01 Tjchep: ahhh
21:16:03 USAMAN: reverb repaired
21:16:14 USAMAN: swapped from el34 to 6l6
21:16:18 Tjchep: how old was it?
21:16:22 USAMAN: 99
21:16:30 Tjchep: ahh
21:16:34 USAMAN: 1999 triamp...Hughes and Kettner
21:16:46 Bogdan: nice usa man wink.gif
21:17:04 USAMAN: it was part of my insane spending spree this year
21:17:21 USAMAN: head...4x12...2 guitars....3 months
21:17:27 Tjchep: lol
21:17:33 Tjchep: jesus
21:17:37 Tjchep: 2 guitars 3 months?
21:17:46 USAMAN: i have a 5150 and a triamp
21:17:52 Tjchep: you like the 5150?
21:17:53 Bogdan: USAMAN , are you coming here to chat for tommoros big gathering
21:17:54 Bogdan: wink.gif
21:18:01 USAMAN: yup ...i was on an ibanez i love them
21:18:09 USAMAN: i didnt know about it
21:18:15 USAMAN: what time
21:18:30 Bogdan: well there is thread in masterclass forum
21:18:36 Bogdan: its at 10pm GMT+1
21:18:42 USAMAN: i will check it out and .,.......yes
21:18:47 Bogdan: there is one web site for converting time zones
21:18:54 USAMAN: i have one
21:18:55 Bogdan: its about 6pm your time
21:19:02 Bogdan: something like that
21:19:19 USAMAN: i have a friend from oz that i use a site for cuz i can never remember what time it is there
21:19:39 USAMAN: she gets kinda pissed when i call at 4am her time
21:19:48 Bogdan: wink.gif ehehhe
21:19:58 Bogdan: that time is it now at your place
21:20:01 Tjchep: heya slammer
21:20:03 Bogdan: wink.gif
21:20:03 Bogdan: hello slammer
21:20:08 USAMAN: 8:20 pm
21:20:17 Bogdan: you know what time is here wink.gif
21:20:19 Slammer: Hello Fellas
21:20:22 USAMAN: nope
21:20:23 Bogdan: 3:20 am wink.gif
21:20:25 Bogdan: hehehe
21:20:26 USAMAN: lol
21:20:35 Slammer: 9:20 Pm here wink.gif
21:20:38 USAMAN: christ ....go to bed dude
21:20:43 USAMAN: lol
21:20:57 Slammer: so whats up guys?
21:21:00 USAMAN: nada
21:21:09 USAMAN: just blabing
21:21:16 USAMAN: blabbing
21:21:16 Bogdan: ok tomorrow at 4pm your time is gathering
21:21:24 Slammer: brb
21:21:26 Slammer: phone
21:21:28 Bogdan: yeah I will go to bed now .. wink.gif
21:21:31 Tjchep: 9.20 here too
21:21:39 Tjchep: good nice bogdan
21:21:42 Tjchep: night*
21:21:46 Bogdan: I just stopped by here and time passed.. wink.gif
21:21:52 Tjchep: lol
21:22:02 USAMAN: i will be a little late but ...i will make it....i am at work until 3:30 then 1hour 15 minute commute
21:22:02 Bogdan: Thanks Tj you too wink.gif
21:22:11 USAMAN: later friend
21:22:16 chast: oh
21:22:20 chast: slammer-bob biggrin.gif
21:22:25 chast: hi all smile.gif
21:22:32 Tjchep: hey chast
21:22:37 USAMAN: +1
21:22:40 Bogdan: no problem Im sure we will chat tomorrow whole night (for me ) wink.gif
21:22:46 Bogdan: see ya people , cheers ! wink.gif
21:22:50 USAMAN: see ya then....
21:22:52 Slammer: <8) Oh hi Spongebob
21:22:54 chast: cya
21:22:59 Slammer: CYa
21:23:01 chast: hi patrick
21:23:10 USAMAN:
21:23:30 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:23:44 Slammer: Chast
21:23:53 chast: slammer
21:24:01 Slammer: do you know Fabian Shultz?
21:24:07 chast: no^^
21:24:11 USAMAN: n
21:24:12 Slammer: LOL
21:24:20 Slammer: you should meet him
21:24:33 USAMAN: and he is???
21:24:46 Slammer: Instructor on GMC
21:24:49 USAMAN: oh
21:25:02 USAMAN: i dont remember seeing him...what style
21:25:11 Slammer: well
21:25:18 Slammer: he did some Tapping Lessons
21:25:26 Slammer: a couple months ago
21:25:31 USAMAN: i will check it out
21:25:33 Slammer: LOL
21:25:36 chast: slammer
21:25:42 chast: will you be on the chat tomorrow?
21:25:50 Slammer: I'll try to make it
21:25:53 chast: smile.gif
21:25:54 Slammer: but it might be hard
21:25:57 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:26:02 Slammer: becuase
21:26:03 chast: i will kick gens ass to come here aswell
21:26:10 Slammer: other ppl might try to use the PC
21:26:31 chast: then you have to
21:26:40 chast: i dont know what
21:27:02 Slammer: lock them in the GARAGE!!!
21:27:09 USAMAN: I gotta run guys....have a great ...morning/afternoon/evening/night/hangover
21:27:14 Slammer: NO
21:27:18 Slammer: I just got here
21:27:20 Slammer: sad.gif
21:27:35 Tjchep: bye usaman
21:27:37 chast: slammer with the big red hammer
21:27:43 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:27:44 USAMAN: later
21:27:47 Slammer: Laterz
21:27:48 chast: cya
21:27:55 Slammer: it's just us now
21:27:58 Slammer: ....
21:28:07 chast: Oo
21:28:12 Slammer: Hi SLamber
21:28:14 chast: thats kinda scares me
21:28:22 Slammer: remember from SS #3
21:28:26 Slammer: Robin interview
21:28:29 Slammer: LOL
21:28:33 Slammer: Hi Slamber
21:28:43 chast: biggrin.gif
21:29:21 chast: *throwing a ball at slammer*
21:29:41 [Action] Slammer: says goodbye
21:29:44 chast: hey patrick
21:29:51 chast: lets play with that piece of paper!
21:29:53 [Action] Slammer: says I gtg
21:30:00 chast: nooooo!
21:30:04 [Action] Slammer: says cya
21:30:05 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:30:12 chast: cya
21:30:42 Tjchep: well
21:31:01 Tjchep: I need to go finish up my home work.
21:31:10 Tjchep: So ill see you guys tommorowo possibly
21:31:29 chast: ok i leave aswell
21:31:30 chast: cya

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