Guitar Chat - Instructors And Students gathering. 2008-01-08
Jan 9 2008, 09:47 AM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
09:51:18 drw84215: hey all
09:51:20 drw84215: im new here
13:45:41 Milenkovic Ivan: hi guys
13:46:19 drw84215: hi
13:46:38 Milenkovic Ivan: whats up?
13:46:45 Milenkovic Ivan: playing?
13:47:17 drw84215: i wish
13:47:19 drw84215: im at work
13:47:23 drw84215: im new here.
13:47:42 Milenkovic Ivan: you like it on the mighty GMC? smile.gif
13:48:26 drw84215: love it the forums are so great
13:48:48 drw84215: iv been a memeber of for about 4 months. i found this and like it better
13:48:49 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah, one of the bet i've came across too smile.gif
13:48:59 Milenkovic Ivan: how is there like?
13:49:42 drw84215: honostly
13:50:06 drw84215: the videos are amazing. i havent watched alot of videos on here. iv seen a few that were really really great. and some that didnt help me.
13:50:12 drw84215: but im not happy there
13:50:21 drw84215: they dont have alot of content eather
13:51:10 Milenkovic Ivan: is it the similar price?
13:51:25 Wallimann: Hello :-)
13:51:27 Milenkovic Ivan: Greets Walli
13:51:32 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
13:51:56 Wallimann: Quick question, when is the big chat with everyone?
13:52:13 drw84215: yea its teh same price
13:52:20 drw84215: but i like here alot better
13:52:24 Milenkovic Ivan: its 10 pm +1gmt
13:52:42 Wallimann: haha
13:52:44 Milenkovic Ivan: how long do you play?
13:52:50 Wallimann: Ok, I'll try to figure that out...
13:53:08 Wallimann: who, me?
13:53:11 Milenkovic Ivan: what time zone are you in walli?
13:53:18 Milenkovic Ivan: no no smile.gif
13:53:21 Milenkovic Ivan: good god
13:53:23 Wallimann: Eastern
13:53:31 Milenkovic Ivan: three users and allready a confusion smile.gif
13:53:54 drw84215: me2 walli.
13:54:01 drw84215: im new here how ya doing?
13:54:12 Milenkovic Ivan: what says on your windows timezone
13:54:22 drw84215: iv played for 6 years
13:54:57 Milenkovic Ivan: the main chat is in 10PM Central European TIme
13:55:12 Milenkovic Ivan: thats great drw84215
13:55:27 Milenkovic Ivan: like the blues maybe?
13:55:35 drw84215: blues rock and metal
13:55:39 Wallimann: GMT - 5
13:55:42 drw84215: im really looking to expand my modes
13:55:47 Milenkovic Ivan: cool
13:55:48 drw84215: where is every1 from
13:55:52 xucphra: *meow*
13:56:02 Wallimann: I'm from Tennessee
13:56:09 Milenkovic Ivan: I'm from Serbia smile.gif +1 GMT
13:56:15 drw84215: very nice. im from boston mass
13:56:22 Milenkovic Ivan: its 18.00 o clock here
13:56:50 xucphra: Hello everybody =]
13:56:58 Milenkovic Ivan: Hi smile.gif
13:57:03 Wallimann: hi man
13:57:16 xucphra: Ready for the chat tonight?
13:57:22 Milenkovic Ivan: Sure
13:57:24 Milenkovic Ivan: Why not
13:57:27 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
13:57:50 xucphra: I go back to work tomorrow.
13:57:56 xucphra: Vacation is over
13:57:57 Wallimann: I teach, but will try to come before it ends
13:58:01 xucphra: But I can't
13:58:08 xucphra: Because of the snowstorm.
13:58:21 xucphra: So, I'm stuck in Boston <_<
13:58:37 xucphra: Ah sorry
13:58:40 xucphra: I mean Glasgow
13:58:45 xucphra: I was reading his post
13:58:47 xucphra: Haha
13:59:51 xucphra: So I'm missing a couple days of work
14:01:12 xucphra: About the Hit Collab, are you going to give us a peice to play? Or is it up to us?
14:01:35 drw84215: your in most xucphra?
14:01:44 drw84215: boston*
14:01:46 drw84215: sorry
14:01:53 xucphra: No.
14:01:58 xucphra: But I am living there at the moment.
14:02:08 xucphra: Right now I am in Glasgow
14:02:28 drw84215: oo were in boston? i live in watertown
14:02:33 drw84215: about 10 minutes outside boston
14:02:36 xucphra: I know
14:02:55 xucphra: There's a great Persian restaurant I go to aroun there
14:03:09 xucphra: I live in the south end
14:03:18 xucphra: I go to mit
14:03:22 xucphra: *MIT
14:03:24 drw84215: very nice.
14:03:35 drw84215: what do u take at MIT?
14:03:44 xucphra: Architecture, Computer Engineering
14:04:27 xucphra: And you?
14:05:44 drw84215: ah i work for a civil engineering company and survaying company
14:06:17 drw84215: VTP associates in newton
14:06:25 xucphra: Ah fun.
14:06:35 drw84215: im going to be going to school for civil engineering next septemeber
14:06:49 xucphra: I actually used to work in Silicon Graphics.
14:06:54 drw84215: i worked for a long time as a framer building houses.
14:06:55 xucphra: About 4 years ago
14:06:57 drw84215: ah nice i kno them
14:07:04 xucphra: When I was 16
14:07:10 drw84215: i went to minuteman regional highschool in lexinton. do you kno that school?
14:07:35 xucphra: Well I know where lexington is
14:07:46 xucphra: So I have a general idea
14:08:02 drw84215: its a trade school were i took carpentry and drafting/design.
14:08:07 drw84215: its right off the highway.
14:08:57 xucphra: Ah, the big grey building?
14:09:09 drw84215: no its more brick
14:09:25 xucphra: Oh. Thats a bit farther down
14:09:29 drw84215: yea
14:09:48 drw84215: small world. how long have u been playing guitar?
14:09:59 xucphra: Well I've owned guitars for about 6 years
14:10:27 xucphra: But I haven't actually dedicated my time to actually LEARNING til about a year and a half ago
14:10:42 xucphra: I would just fiddle around etc
14:11:14 drw84215: thats cool
14:13:43 xucphra: And you?
14:13:43 drw84215: so there is a big chat 2nite? is that what i here
14:13:51 drw84215: iv been playing for 6 years
14:13:54 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah
14:13:54 drw84215: the hole time lol
14:13:56 xucphra: Yeah, what time zone are you in?
14:14:03 drw84215: eastern
14:14:08 xucphra: 6 oclock
14:14:16 drw84215: snap. i dont think i can make it.
14:14:28 drw84215: ill try tho. are they common?
14:14:29 xucphra: I'm in Atlantic time.
14:14:39 xucphra: Common?
14:14:46 drw84215: do tey happen alot
14:14:52 drw84215: they*
14:15:06 xucphra: On occasion
14:15:12 xucphra: Like on christmas
14:15:16 xucphra: For example
14:16:36 drw84215: yea. ill see if i can make it. be a great place to get to know every1
14:16:46 xucphra: Yeah.
14:16:57 xucphra: I've only been here for less than a month
14:17:06 drw84215: this is my 4th day lol
14:17:17 xucphra: I've been here since December 20th
14:17:22 drw84215: i couldent sign up for the forum for osmthing reason. i had to email the admins and stuff
14:18:08 xucphra: lol
14:19:01 xucphra: You have a favorite band?
14:19:43 drw84215: tool is my favorite. and led zeppelin
14:19:44 drw84215: i like metal
14:19:46 drw84215: you?
14:21:04 xucphra: Too many lol
14:21:07 drw84215: killswitch engage, shadowsfall, unearth. (all Mass based bands lol). but i love rock to. audioslave and over stuff
14:21:09 drw84215: lol
14:21:38 xucphra: Anything from old school metal, to punk, and classic rock.
14:21:40 xucphra: Anything really
14:22:50 drw84215: yea me 2
14:22:57 drw84215: do u see alot of shows when ur in boston?
14:24:26 xucphra: Well,
14:24:33 xucphra: I'm not in Boston all the time.
14:24:48 xucphra: But it depends on who comes.
14:26:26 drw84215: yea. i go 2 the middle east alot for local shows
14:28:55 drw84215: well i g2g
14:28:57 drw84215: it was nice talking to u
14:29:08 xucphra: kk talk to you later
14:29:13 xucphra: Nice talking to you too
14:29:27 Milenkovic Ivan: Hey Bole smile.gif
14:29:43 Bogdan: hello people wink.gif
14:29:44 Milenkovic Ivan: *slap*
14:29:52 Milenkovic Ivan: early start?
14:30:05 Bogdan: yeah I heard there will be only 50 slots sad.gif
14:33:41 xucphra: Hello!
14:33:55 Bogdan: hello wink.gif
14:33:57 Bogdan: whats up
14:34:07 xucphra: Not much unfortunately.
14:34:18 xucphra: Stuck in Glasgow.
14:34:31 xucphra: Due to snowstorms or something and I can't take a plane back home until friday
14:34:44 Bogdan: wow bad ;(
14:34:53 Bogdan: its not good weather here in serbia
14:35:41 xucphra: Same here
14:36:22 Bogdan: a think a lot of users will be coming in 1.5 hours wink.gif
14:36:36 xucphra: The worst part is, I dont have my guitars
14:36:43 Bogdan: sad.gif
14:37:03 xucphra: I'm coming in 4 hours
14:37:20 xucphra: I mean 3.
14:37:22 xucphra: 5
14:37:28 xucphra: Thats when it's the right time
14:37:33 xucphra: I beleive
14:37:46 Bogdan: no
14:37:54 Bogdan: right time is in 1.5 hours
14:38:05 xucphra: Are you sure?
14:38:15 Bogdan: yeah I organized this gathering wink.gif
14:38:57 xucphra: What time is it there?
14:38:59 xucphra: Atm
14:39:18 Bogdan: here it is 8:39 pm
14:39:24 Bogdan: gathering is at 10:00 pm
14:39:35 xucphra: Ah.
14:39:51 xucphra: Well it's 3:39 here
14:40:20 xucphra: Which means it will be at 5.
14:40:29 xucphra: Dammit.
14:40:33 Bogdan: yeah
14:40:48 Pavel: Bok narode! Hey there!!
14:40:55 xucphra: Hello Pavel
14:41:11 Milenkovic Ivan: cao Pavel gde si covece! Hi all smile.gif
14:41:35 Pavel: evo mene! vidim još nema navel smile.gif
14:41:40 Pavel: navale*
14:41:50 Pavel: totlano sam zgažen tako da ni tipkat ne mogu biggrin.gif
14:41:56 Milenkovic Ivan: nema, ali tu smo za svaki slucaj smile.gif
14:42:19 Pavel: izašo iz kuce u 8 ujutro i vratio se u 8 navecer
14:42:30 Pavel: gotov sam - spavat cu u chat-u hahaha
14:42:30 Milenkovic Ivan: uff, posao ili skola
14:42:32 Milenkovic Ivan: ?
14:42:38 Pavel: fax i onda autoskola
14:43:01 Milenkovic Ivan: ej pavel, uradio sam collab trebam ti poslati fajl smile.gif
14:43:31 Pavel: e super! Muris mi poslao, ti ces isto - i još 5 ljudi moraju - i onda ce na mix - trebalo bi bit super
14:43:47 Pavel: samo čini mi se da tih 5 necu nikad docekat biggrin.gif
14:44:40 Milenkovic Ivan: ma bice wink.gif
14:44:47 Milenkovic Ivan: stavi collab u potpis - reklama wink.gif
14:45:21 xucphra: Is there a guest list or something Bogdan? Any idea how many people are coming?
14:46:01 Pavel: e da - to je dobra ideja
14:46:17 Pavel: xucphra loads of people announced their arrival
14:47:07 Milenkovic Ivan: ej pavel, kako bese mail, psolacu odmah
14:47:15 Milenkovic Ivan: poslacu odmah
14:47:18 Pavel: [email protected]
14:47:26 Milenkovic Ivan: thanks
14:48:22 Pavel: np
14:49:39 Bogdan: o pozdrav Pavel wink.gif
14:50:59 Pavel: ej Bogdan
14:52:14 xucphra: I wish I understood what you were saying
14:52:33 xucphra: I speak 5 languages fluently, but none of them are what you are speaking sad.gif
14:52:36 Milenkovic Ivan: its som eofrm of local language here
14:52:41 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
14:53:16 Bogdan: wink.gif
14:53:29 Bogdan: sorry man Ill speak english only now on
14:53:32 xucphra: What language would that be?
14:53:49 Bogdan: serbian wink.gif
14:53:59 Bogdan: where are you from
14:54:08 Pavel: and Croatian biggrin.gif
14:55:05 Bogdan: Serbo-Croatian as we called it in history wink.gif
14:55:40 Pavel: yep
14:56:37 xucphra: Wow that's interesting happy.gif
14:56:51 Milenkovic Ivan: let all speak in english so we can understand each other cool?
14:56:57 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
14:57:14 xucphra: I have some quite diverse roots so I know some very different languages
14:57:16 xucphra: lol
14:57:54 Bogdan: wink.gif
14:58:59 xucphra: I speak Polish, but that's quite different from what you were speaking wink.gif
14:59:29 Milenkovic Ivan: imagine 10 years from now, we will be playing like this our guitars online smile.gif
15:01:43 xucphra: Wow everyone is joining biggrin.gif
15:02:10 botoxfox: hi ppl
15:02:23 xucphra: Hello =]
15:03:45 Pavel: botoxfox hey man!
15:03:55 Pavel: Milenkovic Ivan ok i got your mail smile.gif thx
15:06:40 xucphra: Well One more hour =]
15:06:55 botoxfox: so whats up?
15:07:53 botoxfox: :?
15:08:42 Pavel: nothing...waiting biggrin.gif
15:09:26 Pavel: i'll leave soon as i am wasted and i ahve a little BF2 game planned by i will be back soon - i bet this chat will be a long one smile.gif
15:11:07 Pavel: k guys i'll see you alter - i ahve to go smile.gif
15:14:50 xucphra: Think the chat will take more than an hour?
15:16:45 Bogdan: i thinks so
15:18:30 xucphra: Ah well, I can only stay for an hour and a half <_<
15:22:26 David.C.Bond: hello everyone!
15:23:27 xucphra: Hello!
15:24:45 David.C.Bond: guess Im a bit early for the chat gathering
15:24:55 Milenkovic Ivan: Hey guys
15:25:07 David.C.Bond: hey ivan
15:25:24 Milenkovic Ivan: hey man smile.gif
15:25:39 Milenkovic Ivan: the crew is slowly ariving
15:25:42 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
15:25:58 David.C.Bond: yeah, slowly but surely
15:26:02 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
15:26:21 DeepRoots: Hey guys
15:26:25 Milenkovic Ivan: nice to see all the known faces laugh.gif
15:26:28 David.C.Bond: hey deeproots
15:26:39 Milenkovic Ivan: hey deeproots welcome
15:27:06 DeepRoots: cheers, just couldnt wait for the gathering...had to climb on early biggrin.gif
15:27:07 botoxfox: hello
15:27:19 David.C.Bond: theres a crazy storm outside here! pretty cool
15:27:35 DeepRoots: ur UK arent you David?
15:27:56 David.C.Bond: yeah, Leeds
15:27:57 xucphra: Yeah there's a storm here too!
15:28:12 DeepRoots: im having some pants weather too here in South Wales
15:28:23 DeepRoots: seems calm now tho
15:28:45 David.C.Bond: guess the whole uk is covered in cloud, nothing new though!
15:28:55 DeepRoots: indeed biggrin.gif
15:29:27 Milenkovic Ivan: mine weather is cool (cold)
15:29:38 botoxfox: here its just dark
15:29:44 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
15:30:05 xucphra: Glasgow is frozen to the ground
15:30:25 DeepRoots: im getting really impatient- i ordered Muris's CD a week ago, and its not arrived
15:30:37 DeepRoots: Im really looking forward to it
15:30:37 David.C.Bond: you had snow in glasgow?
15:30:54 xucphra: Yep/.
15:31:16 xucphra: I'm here visiting my mum. She needed some support
15:31:42 David.C.Bond: ok, where do you live then?
15:33:35 xucphra: Boston and Puerto Rico
15:33:41 xucphra: and San Francisco
15:33:44 xucphra: I go between the three
15:34:00 DeepRoots: awesome- that sounds better than Wales lol
15:34:11 David.C.Bond: ah thats cool
15:34:59 xucphra: Well I study at MIT.
15:35:03 Tjchep: jeeze
15:35:09 Tjchep: whats up everyone.
15:35:12 DeepRoots: wow thats great
15:35:17 xucphra: Hello!
15:35:22 DeepRoots: hey Tjchep welcome
15:35:23 Tjchep: how you doing!
15:35:34 Milenkovic Ivan: nice smile.gif
15:35:54 Tjchep: very good to hear
15:36:06 Milenkovic Ivan: you?
15:36:24 Tjchep: I'm good, just got back from school
15:36:47 DeepRoots: nooo school- dont remind me. I have 3 big exams tommorrow
15:36:50 David.C.Bond: is anyone on facebook?
15:37:01 Tjchep: I have 2!
15:37:17 DeepRoots: what exams are they?
15:37:23 Tjchep: Its just high shcool though smile.gif
15:37:45 Tjchep: Uhh, spanish and algebra
15:37:49 DeepRoots: ahh
15:38:11 Tjchep: Hate how you have to tak 3 years of algebra
15:38:24 DeepRoots: mine are A-levels, im in the Sixth form....i dont know what level thats compared to tho...
15:38:33 Tjchep: sad.gif
15:38:46 Tjchep: Whats higher than A-levels?
15:38:52 DeepRoots: im 17/18 so what would that be
15:39:00 DeepRoots: university
15:39:05 Tjchep: ohh
15:39:15 Dejan: evening everyone smile.gif
15:39:16 DeepRoots: >im in uni next year
15:39:26 DeepRoots: Hey Dejan biggrin.gif
15:39:28 David.C.Bond: hey dejan
15:39:35 Tjchep: nice, hey dejan.
15:40:36 Dejan: what's up guys smile.gif
15:40:43 DeepRoots: so what is the American equivalent then? Im a year below university-
15:40:54 Tjchep: Senior
15:41:01 DeepRoots: cool
15:41:12 Tjchep: I think thats what your asking smile.gif
15:41:18 DeepRoots: well i have 90 mins of Maths and 3 hours of French 2moro !!
15:41:28 Tjchep: 3 hours of french.
15:41:30 DeepRoots: not cool
15:41:32 Tjchep: I'd die dude...
15:41:42 DeepRoots: so will i...
15:42:00 Tjchep: Haha..
15:42:05 botoxfox: french? omg
15:42:11 DeepRoots: bad thing is the maths will be 10 times worse
15:42:21 botoxfox: i had german in school
15:42:35 DeepRoots: yeh french is not so bad tho i enjoy it <almost>
15:43:40 David.C.Bond: I did spanish when I was at school, I got a D sad.gif
15:43:59 botoxfox: gen is coming
15:44:03 Tjchep: Spanish is stupid smile.gif
15:44:04 botoxfox: i think
15:44:13 botoxfox: yay!
15:44:20 xucphra: back everyone
15:44:24 Gen: hey everyone !
15:44:26 DeepRoots: "spanish is Stuipd" thats a tad narrowminded lols
15:44:33 xucphra: lol
15:44:37 David.C.Bond: haha
15:44:39 xucphra: its nice to learn a new language
15:44:41 DeepRoots: Hey Gen hows it going?
15:44:48 Gen: good and you?
15:44:53 Tjchep: Nah I didnt mean it litterally
15:44:53 xucphra: I know 5 =]
15:44:56 xucphra: it helps
15:44:58 DeepRoots: Im pretty good thanks
15:45:09 Tjchep: I just am so bad at it in school, and I hate my teacher smile.gif
15:45:19 Tjchep: We cant talk any english in the class, gets annoying
15:45:22 DeepRoots: xucphra you know 5 languages?!?1 Thats crazy !!
15:45:28 xucphra: 5 fluently.
15:45:32 DeepRoots: wow
15:45:37 xucphra: the rest are not so great
15:45:45 Tjchep: what do you know?
15:45:46 Gen: hey max !
15:45:50 chast: hey gen^^
15:45:51 David.C.Bond: 5 thats crazy, i can do english and swedsih
15:45:53 DeepRoots: the rest!!!! you're mad!!
15:46:00 chast: oO
15:46:01 xucphra: English, Spanish, Farsi, French, Polish
15:46:02 David.C.Bond: *swedish
15:46:10 chast: pretty much people here
15:46:21 DeepRoots: la francais est nul...
15:46:23 Tjchep: thats really impressive
15:46:29 botoxfox: i only speak 3 languages :?
15:46:35 Gen: very true deeproots
15:46:36 Gen: lol
15:46:41 xucphra: The ones that i can speak more or less are: Italian, Russian, Portugese
15:46:41 Milenkovic Ivan: whats farsi 8)
15:46:45 chast: i dont understand it
15:46:46 Gen: hey hannes!
15:46:50 xucphra: Farsi is from Iran
15:46:52 DeepRoots: you speak some french Gen?
15:46:52 Fsgdjv: well hello there !
15:46:52 chast: but i think i know what it means tongue.gif
15:47:04 xucphra: Milenkovic Ivan Farsi is from Iran
15:47:16 Gen: yeah, my main language ¬_¬
15:47:21 chast: biggrin.gif
15:47:24 xucphra: which is your main lang?
15:47:32 chast: gen is always surprised by my french skills
15:47:49 xucphra: french is easier than spanish if you ask me
15:48:04 DeepRoots: im actually doing a project at the moment about music piracy in france- would you mind filling one out? would take 1 or 2 mins
15:48:10 Gen: yeah, chast is really good at french
15:48:13 Milenkovic Ivan: DIdn't know that cool
15:48:15 DeepRoots: a questionnaire sorry
15:48:37 Gen: okay deeproots
15:48:41 Gen: if its me that you asked
15:48:42 Gen: tongue.gif
15:49:19 xucphra: ill do it too =]
15:49:19 DeepRoots: yep cheers m8 ill mail you once iv scanned it (not now tho im revising for maths tongue.gif)
15:49:21 chast: someone wants to have cake ?
15:49:25 xucphra: lol i like questionares =]
15:49:37 Gen: okay, i dont live in france, but we speak french here
15:49:55 Gen: and i know pretty much stuff about france since we re invaded by their tv channel tongue.gif
15:49:55 DeepRoots: same difference smile.gif which country is that then ?
15:49:59 chast: i remembered ordering some cheesburger in geneva
15:50:05 Gen: geneva
15:50:07 chast: that was pretty much amazing
15:50:08 Gen: switzelranf
15:50:11 Gen: switzerland*
15:50:20 Gen: haah
15:50:23 Gen: haha*
15:50:24 botoxfox: genevese cheeseburger?
15:50:42 chast: i only had to tell them twice what i want to have
15:50:44 Muris: Dobro vece svima!!! smile.gif
15:50:48 chast: i was succesfull
15:50:52 chast: hey muris biggrin.gif
15:51:00 Gen: hey muris!
15:51:03 botoxfox: hyvää iltaa muris
15:51:07 Fsgdjv: yo muris!
15:51:09 DeepRoots: Muris in the house!!!!
15:51:13 xucphra: gen, j'ai un chalet en Montreux
15:51:20 Gen: cool
15:51:28 Muris: everything under control?
15:51:29 xucphra: i have lots of family there =][
15:51:34 Gen: pretty far from where i live
15:51:40 xucphra: about an hour
15:51:42 Gen: but i love the place
15:51:47 xucphra: its an hour from geneva
15:51:55 Gen: well, not on car tongue.gif
15:51:55 xucphra: with the new expressway
15:52:01 Owen: woah
15:52:07 chast: hey owen biggrin.gif
15:52:07 Fsgdjv: hey owen
15:52:08 Owen: busy
15:52:12 xucphra: hey owen
15:52:20 DeepRoots: Hey Owen whats up
15:52:27 Owen: hey guys
15:52:32 Muris: it's gonna be madness!
15:52:36 Gen: hey owen!!
15:52:37 xucphra: the names should be color coded
15:52:40 DeepRoots: it already is madness!!!!!!
15:52:47 Muris: I can't follow any of talkings here LOL
15:52:54 Owen: not much, I just wrote an article on the GMC wiki about guitar injury and I'd aprreciate some feedback smile.gif
15:52:55 xucphra: nobody can!
15:53:17 Owen: other than that I plan to play some guitar soon lol
15:53:21 Muris: you see,you can't acpect feedbacks
15:53:25 Muris: LOL
15:53:36 Gen: muris
15:53:54 Muris: yes?
15:53:56 Gen: i cant wait for that new lesson tongue.gif
15:54:04 Muris: which one?
15:54:05 DeepRoots: id be glad to but im a tad busy atm- im 50/50 between chat and revising for my Alevels 2moro
15:54:08 Owen: Muris has me confused already, all we need is Pavel to come and talk about dragons and the party is complete
15:54:13 Owen: lol
15:54:14 Gen: on triangle solo you know
15:54:18 DeepRoots: lmao
15:54:18 Muris: ahh LOL
15:54:20 Gen: lol
15:54:21 chast: lol owen biggrin.gif
15:54:23 Gen: paul gilbert!
15:54:26 xucphra: laugh.gif
15:54:29 xucphra: hm
15:54:31 xucphra: biggrin.gif
15:54:33 Muris: can someone give us a shelter from Dragons?
15:54:43 Tjchep: lol
15:54:45 DeepRoots: my house!!
15:54:46 xucphra: lol
15:54:48 Muris: ahh that one!
15:54:54 Muris: is going prety nice
15:54:58 Muris: just to record it
15:54:59 chast: lets talk about ninja we have an expert here biggrin.gif
15:55:03 Gen: !
15:55:08 Muris: which is easier part,10mins maybe wink.gif
15:55:09 Gen: yes
15:55:11 xucphra: who's the ninja?
15:55:12 Gen: muris used to be a ninja
15:55:19 Muris: ohh yeah!!
15:55:26 Muris: smoking bombs etc
15:55:27 Muris: wink.gif
15:55:31 DeepRoots: used to take out his targets with guitar strings....
15:55:35 Tjchep: what color ninja were you?
15:55:39 Gen: haha yeah
15:55:41 Muris: Black!!!!
15:55:45 Tjchep: no way!
15:55:47 Gen: a yellow one
15:55:48 Muris: everything else is a Fake
15:55:52 Gen: tongue.gif
15:55:53 Muris: just like my picking
15:55:54 Muris: LOL
15:55:57 Gen: haha
15:55:57 DeepRoots: lol
15:55:58 chast: biggrin.gif
15:56:00 Tjchep: lol.
15:56:04 xucphra: lol
15:56:13 Tjchep: yellow ninja = powerranger
15:56:18 Gen: !
15:56:20 Muris: well
15:56:24 Muris: yellow is cool
15:56:26 Tjchep: lol
15:56:27 DeepRoots: white ranger was the best
15:56:28 Owen: I'm used to taking myself out with guitar strings am I an anti-ninja
15:56:29 Muris: blue one is nice
15:56:30 Owen: lol
15:56:30 Owen: ?
15:56:32 Muris: wet all the time
15:56:32 botoxfox: go go power rangers!
15:56:33 Muris: LOL
15:56:35 Gen: i always loved the red one
15:56:38 xucphra: *slap*
15:56:45 Muris: fire one?
15:56:47 xucphra: i never saw that show lol
15:56:48 Gen: *whip*
15:56:49 Gen: yeah
15:56:50 Tjchep: The white one was nice.
15:56:54 chast: i had power rangers for gameboy!
15:56:56 Tjchep: you've nver seen power rangers!
15:56:57 Muris: btw,anyone has movie Super Ninja?
15:57:02 xucphra: *meow*
15:57:05 Muris: it's from 80's I think
15:57:07 xucphra: Never
15:57:08 Gen: *whistles*
15:57:09 Tjchep: man!
15:57:15 xucphra: I dunno
15:57:17 Muris: White ninja against those 5 wink.gif
15:57:20 xucphra: Just never interested me
15:57:23 Gen: hmm i dont know
15:57:24 Tjchep: no its fine smile.gif
15:57:28 xucphra: lol
15:57:35 Muris: ninja rules !!
15:57:37 Gen: i ve seen that ninja of beverly hills tongue.gif
15:57:40 DeepRoots: hmm i think we should do a power rangers avatar group!!
15:57:44 Muris: wish I have that suit now
15:57:44 DeepRoots: Im white tongue.gif
15:57:55 Muris: I'd make ALL lesons in it LOL
15:57:55 xucphra: is there a green one?
15:58:02 DeepRoots: yep there is
15:58:03 Gen: hahaha yeah
15:58:04 Tjchep: you could do a powerranger one!
15:58:06 xucphra: well im green
15:58:07 Gen: dressed with a ninja suit
15:58:09 xucphra: lol
15:58:10 DeepRoots: im white
15:58:10 Tjchep: lol they have a guitar party
15:58:11 Tjchep: part*
15:58:15 chast: gen wants to be the pink one
15:58:15 Gen: and talking with a big japanese accent
15:58:18 Tjchep: can I be pink?
15:58:18 Gen: yes
15:58:18 chast: he told me that
15:58:20 Gen: i love pink
15:58:24 Muris: pink?
15:58:27 Muris: pink???
15:58:28 Tjchep: shh
15:58:30 Gen: the color tongue.gif
15:58:31 Tjchep: I didnt pick it
15:58:32 Muris: pink?????
15:58:37 xucphra: heyhey
15:58:39 Gen: yes
15:58:39 Dejan: pink is not a color tongue.gif
15:58:43 xucphra: pink is a perfect color.
15:58:49 Tjchep: lol
15:58:51 xucphra: ........ lol
15:58:53 Gen: i would be a pink ninja who gives triangle lessons
15:58:55 Muris: but what kind of ninja would that be?
15:59:00 Gen: slammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15:59:02 chast: pink is so shiny :?
15:59:03 Tjchep: Pinnk nijas are undercover
15:59:04 xucphra: a ninjagirl.
15:59:04 Muris: a shy one LOL
15:59:08 Gen: slammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15:59:09 botoxfox: i love pink flame maple guitars
15:59:10 Tjchep: ninjas*
15:59:14 Gen: ello govnah
15:59:17 Muris: Slam!!
15:59:18 chast: hi slammer bob
15:59:23 Muris: good you made it
15:59:24 Gen: <8)
15:59:24 botoxfox: slammer
15:59:26 Slammer: Holy....
15:59:29 Gen: haha
15:59:33 xucphra: shit i cannot follow along
15:59:47 xucphra: too many people!
15:59:54 Gen: its time for....
16:00:05 Muris: just stick with ninjas and you'll be fine smile.gif
16:00:14 xucphra: Soon enough, someone will start spamming.
16:00:15 Slammer: damn...never seen this many ppl in the Chat ohmy.gif
16:00:19 xucphra: Hope its not me =]
16:00:19 chast: slammer show!
16:00:20 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:00:20 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:00:21 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:00:22 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:00:26 xucphra: there you go
16:00:29 Gen: lol
16:00:31 botoxfox: asfasdfa
16:00:32 xucphra: I am a psychic
16:00:38 Slammer: ppl call me Spammer sad.gif
16:00:44 Gen: tongue.gif
16:00:45 Tjchep: spam is funny
16:00:47 botoxfox: Slammer the spammer
16:00:48 chast: uh, i wonder why ? ohmy.gif
16:00:52 Muris: Slam is not fine?
16:00:53 xucphra: ohmy.gif
16:00:54 chast: just kidding wink.gif
16:01:00 Tjchep: omg
16:01:06 Slammer: botoxfox I didn't know you're here ohmy.gif
16:01:07 chast: hi rolls and toni
16:01:08 Slammer: LOL
16:01:11 Tjchep: hey guys
16:01:12 Toni Suominen: hi guys!
16:01:14 Rolls: yo
16:01:16 Gen: hey
16:01:20 xucphra: hey toni and rolls
16:01:23 Dejan: hi toni smile.gif
16:01:27 Fsgdjv: hi toni
16:01:29 rokchik: Wow packed house smile.gif
16:01:30 botoxfox: good evening
16:01:32 Toni Suominen: hi! smile.gif
16:01:32 Muris: Hi Toni wink.gif
16:01:37 Slammer: 17 ppl here
16:01:43 Slammer: Hi Everyone
16:01:44 xucphra: seems like more
16:01:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:01:45 Slammer: now 18
16:01:45 Muris: 50 is limit
16:01:49 Muris: more to come!!
16:01:53 xucphra: seems like 200
16:02:00 Tjchep: this is gonna get messy
16:02:02 Slammer: I wonder if Kristofer Dahl might come
16:02:03 Tjchep: lets have a food fight.
16:02:06 Dejan: let's break the limit biggrin.gif
16:02:09 Moon Boots: heyyy! newbie here
16:02:10 Muris: Kris will be here wink.gif
16:02:20 xucphra: hey Moon
16:02:23 rokchik: Hey Moon Boots welcome to GMC
16:02:29 Slammer: maybe Kai and Roo will surprise up
16:02:30 Muris: Welcome Moon!! smile.gif
16:02:33 Moon Boots: thanks guys
16:02:33 Slammer: tongue.gif
16:02:35 chast: hello moon
16:02:44 Slammer: us*
16:02:46 Tjchep: If kai and roo show up, johan will too
16:02:49 chast: that would be great if roo and kai would come :S)
16:02:52 chast: smile.gif
16:02:53 Slammer: and David O
16:02:57 Tjchep: yeah lol
16:02:58 rokchik: Muris I got your pick today...thank you soooo much smile.gif
16:03:06 Muris: You did?
16:03:07 Rolls: need to get some kind of voice recogniction software so I can play guitar and chat at the same time smile.gif
16:03:08 Slammer: and maybe Fabian Shultz
16:03:12 Muris: great,you're welcome:)
16:03:12 Slammer: LOL
16:03:16 Tjchep: Muris I never had a chance to thank you got myn the other day, thanks smile.gif
16:03:16 Slammer: Just in Time Kris
16:03:17 chast: hey kris
16:03:21 xucphra: You know, when i first joined GMC, i thought Kris was a hotshot kinda guy who makes the vids and then ignores the fans. I never thought he would be part of the forums lol
16:03:23 Muris: allmighty Kris!!!!!!!! smile.gif
16:03:26 rokchik: Hey Kris
16:03:35 Kristofer Dahl: Hello - Oh mein Got! Lots of people! biggrin.gif
16:03:36 Fsgdjv: hey kris
16:03:38 xucphra: hey Kris
16:03:40 Slammer: When I joined GMC kris was still making videos sad.gif
16:03:44 Dejan: kris the great biggrin.gif
16:03:48 David.C.Bond: tjena kris!
16:03:49 Slammer: he stopped after I came...
16:03:49 botoxfox: hey kris
16:03:50 rokchik: Muris...I haven't decided if I'm going to use it or frame it
16:03:53 Kristofer Dahl: Slammer - and now?
16:03:56 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:04:07 Slammer: he knows my name
16:04:07 g-forcelover: wow
16:04:08 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:04:11 xucphra: ohmy.gif
16:04:13 chast: ohmy.gif
16:04:15 g-forcelover: this is a lot of people
16:04:17 Kristofer Dahl: Now i am making instructors...maybe biggrin.gif
16:04:20 rokchik: watch out Slammer smile.gif
16:04:27 Slammer: sad.gif
16:04:29 xucphra: Pick me =]
16:04:30 Muris: well Rok,you may use it,since you're lady I can send you another one for framing wink.gif
16:04:35 g-forcelover: how do i be an instructor?
16:04:40 Slammer: LOL
16:04:45 rokchik: I feel special Muris smile.gif
16:04:47 xucphra: This is hectic
16:04:52 g-forcelover: ya think
16:04:53 DeepRoots: i dont even have 1 of your picks yet Muris sad.gif
16:04:57 Moon Boots: very hectic
16:04:58 Muris: well every lady at GMC IS special smile.gif
16:05:00 g-forcelover: me nethier
16:05:07 DeepRoots: maybe it should b included with your album wink.gif
16:05:07 g-forcelover: the pick
16:05:07 Kristofer Dahl: g-force you have got to feel the force
16:05:17 DeepRoots: which still hasnt arrived at my house yet!!
16:05:19 Muris: good idea Roots!!!
16:05:19 g-forcelover: ok
16:05:21 g-forcelover: ifelt it
16:05:21 Kristofer Dahl: ....AND you need a light pick!
16:05:22 xucphra: Inside each of us is a lady waiting to come out lol lol
16:05:23 Tjchep: He has the force man
16:05:26 rokchik: ahhh shucks...but I think there are many who want your pick so I will noy be greedy
16:05:26 g-forcelover: can ibe one yet
16:05:27 Muris: I'll have it for next one,thanks!!!!
16:05:33 Muris: LOL
16:05:37 g-forcelover: ?
16:05:39 Slammer: you can have my pick
16:05:43 Muris: LOL
16:06:01 DeepRoots: if i mail you my receipt could i get one?? biggrin.gif
16:06:04 xucphra: I have half a pick. All of mine break after a few days! sad.gif
16:06:05 Kristofer Dahl: g-foce: No seriously practice practioce practice and the follow the instructions under "Guitar job" biggrin.gif
16:06:14 Rolls: Kris, ever think of making an IRC channel?
16:06:23 g-forcelover: yay!!!!
16:06:37 David.C.Bond: havent seen this many people in chat ever!
16:06:38 Kristofer Dahl: Rolls I don't think we need it - we can make rooms etc here
16:06:39 g-forcelover: i have a good solo ready to be taught
16:06:39 xucphra: Maybe in a year or two Kris
16:06:40 Muris: now I'm lost.....
16:06:54 DeepRoots: me too..
16:06:59 g-forcelover: everyone cofuse muris
16:06:59 rokchik: so am I Muris lol
16:07:00 xucphra: me too sad.gif
16:07:00 Slammer: I can teach how to play a Em chord...
16:07:04 Moon Boots: too many people 8)
16:07:10 g-forcelover: i know
16:07:11 Tjchep: Kris, I have a friend thats reallllly good, and I'm trying to get him to record somthing for the site for a demo. Should I just pm you if he does happen to give in?
16:07:13 xucphra: Stop the talking lol
16:07:14 g-forcelover: is fun
16:07:19 Muris: Slam,I need G chord,have some? wink.gif
16:07:23 DeepRoots: we should talk about flowers and unicorns! thats a universal topic biggrin.gif
16:07:27 Tjchep: Pm you with the video link*
16:07:34 Tjchep: or audio*
16:07:34 Moon Boots: oooh unicorns!
16:07:39 g-forcelover: charlie the unicorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:07:45 xucphra: PIcture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies biggrin.gif lol
16:07:45 Slammer: Muris... G,b,d
16:07:46 DeepRoots: charlie !!!!
16:07:47 Kristofer Dahl: Itäs going to be hard to communicat ehere - what do you guys think, should we split up in rooms?
16:08:00 g-forcelover: were on a bridge charlie
16:08:03 xucphra: everyone will follow you Kris
16:08:03 DeepRoots: perhaps
16:08:07 g-forcelover: but rooms is a good idea
16:08:16 xucphra: lol
16:08:20 Rolls: Kris, would be neat to have specific rooms, where people can chat about topics like practice etc, or get help on specific lessons, but I suppose that is what the forums are for
16:08:23 rokchik: Unicorns...nice subject...I like the song The Unicorn smile.gif
16:08:43 g-forcelover: you guys have S.A.L.S.
16:08:45 g-forcelover: lol
16:08:53 Kristofer Dahl: Rolls it is possible to have fixed rooms - we had that in the beginning, but there hasnt been tooo much chat activity
16:09:07 xucphra: How will the rooms be divided?
16:09:12 DeepRoots: we should perhaps do a gathering once a week?
16:09:14 Muris: thanks Slam wink.gif
16:09:21 xucphra: By topic?
16:09:23 xucphra: Interest?
16:09:26 g-forcelover: good idea deeproots
16:09:26 xucphra: Music Genre?
16:09:31 Fsgdjv: I think fixed rooms would be good, somehow it feels more inviting
16:09:33 Muris: good idea,by topic!!
16:09:37 Kristofer Dahl: Deeproots - yes I think so, this is a fantastic idea of BOGDAN! Thanks! biggrin.gif
16:09:44 g-forcelover: ???
16:09:46 Milenkovic Ivan: hello to all guys
16:09:50 g-forcelover: bogdan
16:09:50 Kristofer Dahl: BOgdan isn't here?
16:09:53 xucphra: Hello!
16:09:57 xucphra: he left a while back
16:09:58 Milenkovic Ivan: whats up?
16:09:58 Muris: he was
16:09:59 Tjchep: Wb ivan
16:10:00 Toni Suominen: Hello smile.gif
16:10:02 Kristofer Dahl: Hello Ivan
16:10:03 Muris: loged out not so long ago
16:10:04 g-forcelover: but kris said bogdans idea
16:10:09 Muris: he'll be back I'm sure
16:10:10 Kristofer Dahl: aha
16:10:12 Milenkovic Ivan: nice to see all the familira faces smile.gif
16:10:17 DeepRoots: they always come back...
16:10:21 xucphra: Soon, seeing as this started about 10 mins ago
16:10:24 g-forcelover: am i familier
16:10:30 Milenkovic Ivan: I'll ask bogdan where he is on msn wink.gif
16:10:38 Muris: sure you are biggrin.gif
16:10:44 g-forcelover: yay!!!!
16:10:47 Gen: ok im back!
16:10:47 Muris: biggrin.gif
16:10:47 Kristofer Dahl: Ok - no panic it's already crowded here! biggrin.gif
16:10:53 xucphra: Hahah
16:10:54 Gen: wow kris dahl in person>!!
16:11:02 rokchik: brb guys...must pay the food delivery guy smile.gif
16:11:04 DeepRoots: *phew was getting concerned there Gen lol
16:11:06 Gen: can i have an autograph ? biggrin.gif
16:11:13 g-forcelover: me too!
16:11:14 Kristofer Dahl: Gen Slammar and Muris arte GMC chat veterans, no doubt about it!
16:11:20 Gen: haha
16:11:21 Gen: lol
16:11:23 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:11:27 xucphra: lol
16:11:33 g-forcelover: lol
16:11:38 g-forcelover: smile.gif
16:11:45 g-forcelover: two smilies
16:11:46 g-forcelover: oh
16:11:46 Tjchep: then theres the newbies sad.gif !
16:11:50 xucphra: I will be one soon, just watch biggrin.gif
16:11:50 DeepRoots: cheese discussion !!!!!!
16:11:53 Milenkovic Ivan: cool.gif
16:11:59 DeepRoots: no thats illy...
16:12:03 DeepRoots: *silly
16:12:13 xucphra: mmm cheese
16:12:15 g-forcelover: i went to a cheese shop, and they had 60 different kinds of cheese wheels
16:12:17 xucphra: lol
16:12:27 Gen: hahaha
16:12:30 xucphra: I lived in switzerland and they had great cheeses there lol
16:12:37 g-forcelover: lucky
16:12:41 Gen: yes
16:12:49 Moon Boots: i like tesco mild cheese :?
16:12:52 xucphra: Kris has a red icon!
16:12:54 Slammer: Gen is from Switzerland
16:12:55 Kristofer Dahl: I lived in Sitxerland as well but I only ate candy...almost biggrin.gif
16:13:01 DeepRoots: welsh national dish = cheese on toast biggrin.gif anyone know the reference?
16:13:02 Slammer: but he is French
16:13:03 Kristofer Dahl: Switzerland sorry
16:13:07 Gen: haha
16:13:08 Milenkovic Ivan: that means hes mad smile.gif
16:13:10 Gen: im not french
16:13:11 Gen: slammer
16:13:13 xucphra: Well the chocolate there is AMAZING as well
16:13:13 g-forcelover: sweden is the best
16:13:15 Toni Suominen: DeepRoots I have heard of it biggrin.gif
16:13:16 Gen: tongue.gif
16:13:16 g-forcelover: i went there
16:13:18 Muris: LOL
16:13:22 g-forcelover: it has good food
16:13:28 Gen: alaways teasing me with that
16:13:32 Muris: did Slamer say again that you're french Gen?
16:13:33 Muris: LOL
16:13:33 rokchik: Ok Back with pizza in hand
16:13:33 Kristofer Dahl: Sweden has cold food
16:13:37 Toni Suominen: I saw it on a Bill Bailey comedy show
16:13:37 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
16:13:38 Milenkovic Ivan: i love chocolate
16:13:39 g-forcelover: and it got dark at 10 pm
16:13:53 DeepRoots: BIll bailey yes Toni wink.gif
16:13:55 xucphra: Chocolate is great. The ones from Switzerland at least biggrin.gif
16:14:07 g-forcelover: swedish chocolate
16:14:08 DeepRoots: hes hilarious if you can follow his humour
16:14:13 Milenkovic Ivan: I like all kinds really, especially the dark one wink.gif
16:14:18 botoxfox: sweden has surströmming
16:14:22 Gen: indeed, swiss chocolates are awesome
16:14:28 Toni Suominen: DeepRoots yeah, I love his comedy shows
16:14:29 Fsgdjv: surströmming is horrible
16:14:31 Toni Suominen: great guy
16:14:34 Milenkovic Ivan: 90% of cocoa biggrin.gif
16:14:34 xucphra: My favorites by far
16:14:40 g-forcelover: i got a tour of the largest hersheys chocolate factory in the world
16:14:45 g-forcelover: at hersheypark
16:14:46 Moon Boots: toblerone is the best!
16:14:48 Kristofer Dahl: Surströmming is rotten fish for everyone who doesn't know - we are very proud of it! biggrin.gif
16:14:49 Milenkovic Ivan: wow
16:14:52 g-forcelover: that park is the best
16:14:56 Muris: Gen,if I send you a pick,would you send me some chocolate then? biggrin.gif
16:14:57 xucphra: hey! I have a great idea biggrin.gif
16:14:59 DeepRoots: lol at Kris
16:14:59 g-forcelover: it has strom runner
16:15:02 Milenkovic Ivan: i would like to go to the chocolate factoru
16:15:07 Gen: haha yeah!
16:15:08 xucphra: Great idea!
16:15:12 botoxfox: norwegian food is crap
16:15:17 Milenkovic Ivan: laugh.gif
16:15:24 xucphra: about....we talk about GUITARS!
16:15:27 Muris: how many picks for kilo of chocolate?
16:15:27 Gen: i ll send you a big chocolate, best one
16:15:29 DeepRoots: welsh beef is unrivalled!
16:15:29 Milenkovic Ivan: wow
16:15:30 botoxfox: finnish food is better
16:15:30 xucphra: biggrin.gif
16:15:31 Gen: and send me your guitar
16:15:31 Toni Suominen: rotten fish = nam nam biggrin.gif
16:15:33 g-forcelover: ill send you chocolate if you give me a pick muris!
16:15:34 Gen: okay?
16:15:39 Kristofer Dahl: Boy we are all a little hungry - we must be
16:15:46 DeepRoots: hmm fair trade there g-forcelover
16:15:49 Muris: are you from Swis too?
16:15:52 g-forcelover: i just found out
16:15:53 Milenkovic Ivan: it depends on the hardness of the pick
16:15:56 xucphra: Ah I'm going out in an hour or more to get some food
16:15:56 DeepRoots: iv already eaten tho !
16:15:57 rokchik: I know I'm weird but I'm not a big fan of chocolate
16:15:57 botoxfox: I had chicken for dinner
16:16:02 g-forcelover: im getting braces in less than a mounth
16:16:02 Milenkovic Ivan: hard pick, dark chocolate
16:16:07 Kristofer Dahl: Hey Bogdan! biggrin.gif
16:16:09 Milenkovic Ivan: light pick, milk chocolate lol
16:16:09 Slammer: Bogdan!!
16:16:09 Bogdan: Hello everyone !!
16:16:11 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:16:14 g-forcelover: hello bogdan!
16:16:15 Gen: hey bogdan
16:16:16 DeepRoots: Bogdan in the House!!!!!
16:16:17 Milenkovic Ivan: hey Bole
16:16:19 Toni Suominen: Hello bogdan
16:16:20 xucphra: Hey Bogdan
16:16:20 Fsgdjv: hey bogdan
16:16:21 chast: hey bogdan
16:16:25 Muris: Hi Bogdan wink.gif
16:16:28 botoxfox: hey bogdan
16:16:29 Tjchep: hi bogdan
16:16:35 g-forcelover: hi bogdan
16:16:40 Tjchep: many his tongue.gif
16:16:41 xucphra: so many HI's
16:16:42 Bogdan: wow smile.gif thanks guys !! So many us here now l;)
16:16:44 DeepRoots: wow good response lol
16:16:44 Tjchep: hi's*
16:16:48 Milenkovic Ivan: wow, what a greeting for our santa lol
16:16:53 Tjchep: lol
16:16:55 xucphra: anyone want to count how many peopel we have in here?
16:16:56 Kristofer Dahl: Thanks for initiating the chat Bogdan! biggrin.gif
16:16:56 chast: biggrin.gif
16:16:57 g-forcelover: hello bogdan
16:16:58 Gen: bogdan, i cant stop laughing when i watch your christmas blooper in that happy new year vid
16:17:08 Bogdan: hahaha me too Gen , me too wink.gif
16:17:09 Gen: hahahh
16:17:09 Gen: with that beard thing
16:17:10 chast: 21
16:17:11 Muris: 21 so far
16:17:13 Muris: wink.gif
16:17:14 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah, you were fun as hell man wink.gif
16:17:17 DeepRoots: the new year vid was a great idea! i loved it
16:17:20 g-forcelover: hi bogdan!
16:17:22 g-forcelover: 22
16:17:22 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah guys
16:17:24 Slammer: GEN
16:17:31 xucphra: thanks for counting. i'm WAY too lazy
16:17:31 Bogdan: Thanks Kristofer we should gather like this more often wink.gif
16:17:32 g-forcelover: KRIS
16:17:35 Gen: yes?
16:17:37 Milenkovic Ivan: i'm sorry i didnt do it, my cam broke down in that period sad.gif
16:17:47 Kristofer Dahl: We should have more humour in our lesson, Muris'es "what a loser" was awesome! biggrin.gif
16:17:50 Milenkovic Ivan: for hte next holidays i hope soo smile.gif
16:17:54 Tjchep: smile.gif
16:17:55 Bogdan: That bear was all the time in my mouth wink.gif
16:17:59 chast: lol yeah kris i argree biggrin.gif
16:18:04 DeepRoots: next year Ivan!! because you will never leave - i hope !!
16:18:12 Muris: ahh,Loser is awesome biggrin.gif
16:18:13 xucphra: We won't let him leave
16:18:15 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
16:18:16 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:18:16 Bogdan: ahahh yeah Muris's computer voice was awsome!
16:18:21 Muris: Mac rules tho I'm PC fan wink.gif
16:18:27 g-forcelover: never heard muris talk
16:18:27 botoxfox: what about an easter bunny costume for easter?
16:18:28 xucphra: me too!
16:18:33 Toni Suominen: yeah, Muris's lesson was hilarious biggrin.gif
16:18:37 chast: wow ben ohmy.gif
16:18:42 Kristofer Dahl: I keep imitating the computer voice and terrorise Maria with it - did you pitch it?
16:18:42 chast: hello ben biggrin.gif
16:18:44 Muris: Hello Ben!!! smile.gif
16:18:49 xucphra: hello ben
16:18:51 Kristofer Dahl: Hello Ben! biggrin.gif
16:18:52 Gen: haha
16:18:52 DeepRoots: it would be funny if that computer voice narrated everything muris did- then added "what a loser" id pay to see that show biggrin.gif
16:18:55 benhowell: Hello Chappies (and Chappeses)
16:18:56 Gen: hey ben
16:19:01 rokchik: Hey Ben
16:19:04 Bogdan: haahahha botoxfox that would be like playboy smile.gif
16:19:06 Milenkovic Ivan: hello old chapp
16:19:06 Fsgdjv: hi ben
16:19:08 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
16:19:13 Slammer: ello Govnah
16:19:13 benhowell: Hello
16:19:16 g-forcelover: hi ben
16:19:17 benhowell: Wow chats busy
16:19:24 g-forcelover: yep
16:19:25 xucphra: quite busy
16:19:27 DeepRoots: ben!! hey ben!
16:19:32 Milenkovic Ivan: afk 10min
16:19:32 xucphra: ;D
16:19:38 xucphra: wink.gif
16:19:41 benhowell: 2nd time for me, im a bit of a noob as they say...
16:19:47 g-forcelover: Food fight!!!
16:19:47 botoxfox: Aww man bogdan now I got a nasty picture in my head! biggrin.gif
16:19:50 Muris: G-forcelover,may I ask why you have this nick? biggrin.gif
16:19:53 Bogdan: smile.gif
16:19:54 benhowell: Hey Deeproots!
16:20:06 Tjchep: hes a jedi undercover.
16:20:06 xucphra: I beleive he loves the G-Force
16:20:08 xucphra: haha
16:20:11 g-forcelover: ?? muris?
16:20:11 benhowell: How is everyone?
16:20:11 Muris: LOL
16:20:16 Bogdan: imagine that computer voice naratating each lessons description hahah wink.gif
16:20:24 xucphra: Haha biggrin.gif
16:20:27 g-forcelover: ohh i just got the question
16:20:28 DeepRoots: so what are the cahnces of more video lessons int eh next few months ben?
16:20:38 DeepRoots: wow bad spelling 2day
16:20:48 Muris: Kirs,do you consider this comp, voice as a speech add? LOL LOL
16:20:54 benhowell: Zilch on regards to the video front im afraid-i havnt got any equipement up to the quality id want to record
16:21:00 g-forcelover: ya ther is badd speling todayy
16:21:08 benhowell: But perhaps something on the jazz theory side
16:21:12 Kristofer Dahl: haha what do you wwant to sell Muris - Nintendo 8 bit! biggrin.gif
16:21:19 xucphra: biggrin.gif
16:21:20 xucphra: haha
16:21:26 DeepRoots: Muris- you should do an explanation video with the computer voice! you could mime to it wink.gif
16:21:26 Gen: lol lol
16:21:32 Slammer: anyone want to buy my sega genesis
16:21:37 Slammer: tongue.gif
16:21:37 Toni Suominen: Nintend 8-bit rules btw biggrin.gif
16:21:47 Toni Suominen: Great games on NES smile.gif
16:21:48 chast: i would buy a nintendo 64
16:21:53 Muris: No really!!This voice can produce everything I want PLUS it sounds SOOO funy LOL
16:21:53 xucphra: who doesnt love a nintendo 8 bit
16:21:54 benhowell: Haha i played on a NES recently, it was insane
16:22:00 Slammer: I have N64 chast
16:22:00 botoxfox: msx music ftw
16:22:03 DeepRoots: jazz theory much appreciated wink.gif id love to get into jazz
16:22:13 Bogdan: nintendo ruls
16:22:13 chast: slammer throw it to me again
16:22:16 chast: like the football
16:22:16 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:22:21 Slammer: oh yes
16:22:28 Slammer: has it gotten there yet?
16:22:33 chast: no sad.gif
16:22:36 Slammer: sad.gif
16:22:40 benhowell: Has this been updated recently, it looks all new layout etc?
16:22:47 chast: i think gen covered it :|
16:22:50 DeepRoots: i have no idea...
16:22:53 DeepRoots: im never in
16:23:00 benhowell: neither me actually..
16:23:05 xucphra: First time it works for me
16:23:10 Gen: covered what chast?
16:23:17 Tjchep: hello dango
16:23:19 Muris: rainthard in the room,all stand up!!!! LD
16:23:19 DeepRoots: i sometimes have a look but no1 is on sad.gif
16:23:26 Kristofer Dahl: Ben - yes we have adde dalittle graphics! smile.gif
16:23:30 Muris: biggrin.gif
16:23:38 benhowell: GMC...what a website, haha its got all bases covered, chat, forum, lessons
16:23:40 Slammer: this is about the 150 time I'm in chast 8)
16:23:42 Kristofer Dahl: Welcome Django!
16:23:43 DeepRoots: <still standing> may i be seated?
16:23:48 Bogdan: 23 people so far wink.gif great
16:23:55 Muris: so you still beat me in chat Slam?
16:23:55 benhowell: Very nice Kris
16:23:59 Bogdan: I said this just to promote my new avatar wink.gif
16:24:00 Kristofer Dahl: Bogdan - we are too many for avatars! biggrin.gif
16:24:00 Bogdan: ahahah
16:24:01 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:24:17 Slammer: I remember when Muris first came to GMC
16:24:17 Bogdan: ahahah sory
16:24:18 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:24:19 xucphra: If Bogdan starts, then everyone will follow lol
16:24:21 Slammer: he came in Chat
16:24:23 Slammer: LOL
16:24:24 Toni Suominen: biggrin.gif
16:24:29 chast: im a chat geek
16:24:29 Muris: Lol,I got mine
16:24:31 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
16:24:35 Bogdan: noooooooooooooooooo
16:24:36 benhowell: lol
16:24:36 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:24:38 Tjchep: lol
16:24:40 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:24:41 Toni Suominen: lol
16:24:47 Gen: i have a pikachu shaped nintendo..
16:24:51 chast: biggrin.gif
16:24:54 benhowell: ? smile.gif
16:24:57 Kristofer Dahl: We stole your idea once again Bogdan biggrin.gif
16:25:01 Bogdan: what is pikachu ?
16:25:01 Sam Hook: Wooo! biggrin.gif
16:25:02 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:25:04 [Action] Slammer: says he doesn't need a avatar
16:25:06 chast: a pokemon
16:25:07 Gen: nevermind tongue.gif
16:25:07 xucphra: Thank you Bogdan for the amazing idea
16:25:10 Bogdan: smile.gif
16:25:18 chast: that yellow one
16:25:21 xucphra: Now i am unique!
16:25:22 Gen: haha
16:25:23 Muris: Slam,you really remember my first chat here?What we were talk about?
16:25:24 chast: electricity
16:25:27 [Action] botoxfox: botoxfox is too cool for an avatar
16:25:29 DeepRoots: red writing is where its at..
16:25:33 DeepRoots: green even
16:25:36 Kristofer Dahl: Ok I started feeling a little evile there...
16:25:37 [Action] Slammer: says let me think Muris
16:25:40 DeepRoots: i forgot lol
16:25:41 g-forcelover: how do we get a chat room avatar
16:25:43 chast: i cant remember how long i played the blue edition of pokemon
16:25:48 Kristofer Dahl: Nice try Deep!
16:25:50 Gen: hahaha
16:25:54 [Action] botoxfox: hmm
16:26:04 Gen: hmm
16:26:04 botoxfox: there it was
16:26:06 Gen: ta ta
16:26:18 Gen: hey stratman
16:26:21 Muris: Slam?
16:26:22 [Action] Slammer: says botoxfox you have to say "Botoxfox says"
16:26:22 Kristofer Dahl: Deeproots - let's try something really new - you have to say something awesomely cool! Gen first!
16:26:23 stratman33: hey
16:26:32 g-forcelover: 24 people
16:26:32 Slammer: Muris
16:26:35 Muris: LOL
16:26:35 [Action] botoxfox: messed up
16:26:35 Slammer: when you first came
16:26:37 g-forcelover: yay!!!
16:26:39 DeepRoots: awesomely cool?!?
16:26:39 xucphra: awesomely cool?
16:26:40 Bogdan: abrakadabra ! wink.gif
16:26:43 DeepRoots: lol
16:26:43 Gen: okay
16:26:43 xucphra: hahah
16:26:46 Gen: hmm
16:26:52 Kristofer Dahl: You got me there! biggrin.gif
16:26:54 Gen: Smell the glove!
16:26:57 Kristofer Dahl: Thatäs cheating
16:26:58 benhowell: lol
16:26:59 DeepRoots: smell my sock!
16:27:04 stratman33: wow theres a lot of people ohmy.gif
16:27:06 botoxfox: smell the fingers
16:27:09 Muris: Why should we???
16:27:10 Muris: LOL
16:27:16 xucphra: Smell the gun.
16:27:19 DeepRoots: ow
16:27:20 Toni Suominen: *meow* Im a cat
16:27:20 Gen: who's the second
16:27:21 Muris: ouch...
16:27:23 Slammer: Muris when you first came you were trying to get ahold of kris because you wanted to be a Instructor...and the rest is history
16:27:27 Slammer: LOL
16:27:29 DeepRoots: no cats sorry tongue.gif
16:27:32 Slammer: and you showed
16:27:33 Toni Suominen: lol
16:27:34 Muris: LOL
16:27:40 botoxfox: well
16:27:42 Slammer: JVM and I some clips from your Myspace
16:27:46 xucphra: The cats are mute
16:27:46 benhowell: Time for a glass of wine...
16:27:47 g-forcelover: cool color
16:27:50 Kristofer Dahl: Toni - you might have started a noise riot *slap*
16:27:50 xucphra: biggrin.gif
16:27:57 botoxfox: pink is da bomb
16:27:59 Bogdan: was that Lavandels catt ?
16:28:01 xucphra: Ouch!
16:28:02 DeepRoots: *slap*
16:28:03 DeepRoots: *slap*
16:28:05 Toni Suominen: lol
16:28:05 DeepRoots: *slap*
16:28:10 DeepRoots: take that all!!!
16:28:13 g-forcelover: *slap*
16:28:13 xucphra: *superman*
16:28:14 xucphra: *superman*
16:28:15 xucphra: *superman*
16:28:15 xucphra: *superman*
16:28:17 xucphra: damn
16:28:18 g-forcelover: sweet
16:28:19 Kristofer Dahl: Lavdenell's cat was cute! biggrin.gif
16:28:20 Bogdan: wow deep , you played my latest lesson wink.gif
16:28:20 DeepRoots: lmao
16:28:20 Toni Suominen: Oh no, what have I done?!?! lol
16:28:21 g-forcelover: it worked
16:28:21 Bogdan: hahaha
16:28:21 xucphra: it doesnt work
16:28:23 benhowell: *eggman*
16:28:30 g-forcelover: *slap*
16:28:34 g-forcelover: *slap*
16:28:35 Muris: my ears are bleeding!!! I'm editing video,full volume,thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
16:28:35 DeepRoots: at Bogdan yes you can hear?!?!?
16:28:36 chast: i love lavendells cat biggrin.gif
16:28:37 g-forcelover: *slap*
16:28:40 Bogdan: *pop*
16:28:41 Tjchep: lol
16:28:43 g-forcelover: me too!!!
16:28:47 benhowell: lol
16:28:48 xucphra: why don't i hear anything??
16:28:51 g-forcelover: *dookie*
16:28:54 xucphra: sad.gif
16:28:55 g-forcelover: dang it
16:29:05 Kristofer Dahl: Muris does that mean we will have slap sounds in your next video?! (What a looser - *slap* )
16:29:06 Gen: its getting colored
16:29:08 DeepRoots: lavendells cat should do lessons "how to annoy instructors- beginner level" *meow*
16:29:10 g-forcelover: *slap*
16:29:17 xucphra: biggrin.gif lol
16:29:18 Slammer: Kristofer Dahl do you jam with Marcus alot?
16:29:23 rokchik: I see the sounds have been discovered smile.gif
16:29:23 chast: lol deeproots biggrin.gif
16:29:27 Muris: nice tip Kris,will see what I can do about it LD
16:29:30 g-forcelover: dude! *meow* is sweet!
16:29:34 xucphra: *slap*
16:29:39 Kristofer Dahl: Deep - can you imgaing how hurt lavendell would get when it comes to advanced?
16:29:47 xucphra: i am a bold person
16:29:48 Gen: haha
16:29:51 g-forcelover: we need marcus on her to annoy him! lol
16:29:53 Muris: LOL
16:29:56 Tjchep: da
16:29:56 g-forcelover: *meow*
16:30:00 Tjchep: [b]da
16:30:01 Kristofer Dahl: Slammer - Marcus and I haven't met!
16:30:07 Muris: I'm a BLIND person,...but who cares LOL
16:30:10 Bogdan: ok i just discovered the mute button
16:30:11 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:30:17 xucphra: [b]everyone will pay attention to me now =]

16:30:17 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:30:17 g-forcelover: nice
16:30:18 DeepRoots: wow internet crashed....toomany cats!
16:30:22 botoxfox: d
16:30:27 Bogdan: if only we had computer voice here , now that would be cool wink.gif
16:30:29 Slammer: You've never met Marcus ohmy.gif
16:30:31 Gen: hey besip
16:30:33 Tjchep: Anyone hungry?
16:30:35 xucphra: i can get that to work!
16:30:36 Slammer: or is that a Joke sad.gif
16:30:44 g-forcelover: what did you say xucphra? i didnt see you
16:30:46 Tjchep: Dragons!
16:30:46 Gen: hey pavel!
16:30:47 g-forcelover: lol
16:30:49 David.C.Bond: yeah im hungry
16:30:50 Toni Suominen: Hey Pavel!
16:30:51 Bogdan: what do you need xucphra
16:30:54 g-forcelover: Pavel!!!!!!!!
16:30:55 Pavel: hey there!!!! Dragooooooooons
16:30:57 Fsgdjv: hi pavel
16:30:57 Muris: Hello Pavel?
16:30:58 Tjchep: lol
16:30:59 Gen: hahahah
16:31:04 Kristofer Dahl: Hi Pavel!! biggrin.gif
16:31:06 g-forcelover: going to get food be back soon
16:31:07 DeepRoots: lavendells new lesson : moving cats with feet
16:31:09 botoxfox: too crowdy! Gah! biggrin.gif
16:31:11 g-forcelover: *meow*
16:31:12 Pavel: ouch - the list is huge
16:31:14 Tjchep: Pavel, did you get your rc7 yet??
16:31:15 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:31:15 Bogdan: Hello Pavel !!
16:31:20 besip: hey i'm here just for a minute;) wanna check who around looks like everybody
16:31:21 rokchik: Hey Pavel
16:31:23 Muris: missed key,it should have been ! wink.gif
16:31:23 Pavel: Tjchep of course not
16:31:25 xucphra: [b] i feel a headache coming
16:31:31 Milenkovic Ivan: bok pavel
16:31:33 David.C.Bond: hey pavel
16:31:37 Tjchep: Ahh, If you did, i would have been crying
16:31:44 Tjchep: So jelous.
16:31:48 Toni Suominen: rc7??
16:31:52 Pavel: Tjchep getting it any time soon smile.gif
16:31:56 Pavel: yeah RC7
16:32:00 Toni Suominen: whats that?
16:32:05 Tjchep: You HAVE to make some 7 string videos
16:32:14 Tjchep: Rusty Cooleys sig
16:32:14 DeepRoots: yeh that would rule
16:32:14 Pavel: Kris - BAN Toni - he doesn't know what RC7 is hahahaha
16:32:18 Bogdan: anyone know anything about warwick cabs ?? I'm thinking of getting one extension but can't try it out ...
16:32:22 Gen: haha tongue.gif
16:32:24 Toni Suominen: aa, ok biggrin.gif
16:32:27 Tjchep: smile.gif
16:32:32 Muris: I'm getting 7 soon as well,gonna be some nasty riffing all over GMC biggrin.gif
16:32:38 David.C.Bond: i dont know what an rc7 is either im afraid
16:32:40 Tjchep: O boy.
16:32:43 Toni Suominen: don't ban me please, im sorry! lol
16:32:46 xucphra: aft 5 mins
16:32:49 DeepRoots: ban him!!!!
16:32:50 Pavel: David.C.Bond RC means Rusty Cooley
16:32:58 Kristofer Dahl: Hehe well I would id didn't do such cool lessons! biggrin.gif No seriously I didn't know either until I read your posts!
16:33:08 David.C.Bond: i see, so its his signature guitar?
16:33:10 Tjchep: Pavel, is he coming out with a 6 string version too?
16:33:12 Kristofer Dahl: "if he didn't "that is
16:33:21 Slammer: hello Pavel
16:33:22 Toni Suominen: Im getting a 7-string aswell, as soon as I have the money, maybe this year smile.gif
16:33:25 Pavel: David.C.Bond yep Dean guitars RC7 - 7-string
16:33:50 Pavel: Tjchep yeah - 6, 7 and 8 string
16:34:00 Tjchep: Thanks dude.
16:34:00 xucphra: back
16:34:01 Slammer: hello Milenkovic Ivan
16:34:04 Gen: is there a ukulele model ?
16:34:09 Tjchep: lol
16:34:10 Pavel: Gen hhahahaha
16:34:15 Gen: lol
16:34:16 benhowell: I have an old Dean Mach V if anyones seen one, its a bit mental!
16:34:19 Milenkovic Ivan: Hi
16:34:21 DeepRoots: yep june 2009 ukelele launch wink.gif
16:34:28 besip: all get in my post:D i'm bored
16:34:29 g-forcelover: 2009?
16:34:35 DeepRoots: yes...
16:34:35 Gen: i cant wait!
16:34:38 xucphra: [b]
16:34:38 Gen: ukulele shred
16:34:39 Tjchep: 6 string though.
16:34:40 DeepRoots: maybe..
16:34:41 Gen: sounds awesome
16:34:42 besip: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
16:34:45 Gen: ukuklele sweeping
16:34:47 Gen: ohmy.gif
16:34:47 xucphra: [b]download that happy.gif
16:34:57 Bogdan: whats that
16:35:00 DeepRoots: what is it xucphra ?
16:35:03 Tjchep: virus!
16:35:06 g-forcelover: *meow*
16:35:07 xucphra: [b]Computer voice for all of you!
16:35:09 Tjchep: kidding.
16:35:13 Muris: Hey Besip,our Checz buddy!!
16:35:18 Muris: Am I right?
16:35:24 DeepRoots: yay cool computer voice
16:35:32 besip: all get in my post i'm boredlol
16:35:44 Gen: lol
16:36:00 xucphra: wink.gif
16:36:04 besip: biggrin.gif nobody answering probaly stupid question lol:D biggrin.gif
16:36:04 Gen: wink.gif
16:36:05 Bogdan: yeaaaaaaah wink.gif computer voice wink.gif
16:36:12 Kristofer Dahl: [b]Well ok instructors should we tell the truth

16:36:16 Slammer -> Slam's Own Room: ohmy.gif
16:36:18 Slammer -> Slam's Own Room: LOL
16:36:21 Gen: huh ohmy.gif?
16:36:22 chast -> Slam's Own Room: tongue.gif
16:36:23 Gen: ohmy.gif *
16:36:23 benhowell: Is this the scheduled 'Big Chat'?
16:36:23 Slammer -> Slam's Own Room: damn
16:36:26 botoxfox -> Slam's Own Room: yo
16:36:29 Slammer -> Slam's Own Room: that was fast
16:36:31 Milenkovic Ivan: yes it is
16:36:34 besip: ne chez but czech manlol
16:36:34 Kristofer Dahl: ...the truth is...
16:36:38 benhowell: Thanks Milen
16:36:39 besip: lol
16:36:39 Slammer -> Slam's Own Room: I didn't think anyone would come
16:36:42 Slammer -> Slam's Own Room: tongue.gif
16:36:42 Milenkovic Ivan: truth?
16:36:44 botoxfox -> Slam's Own Room: too many people
16:36:45 Gen: truth?
16:36:46 Tjchep: O no!
16:36:47 Slammer -> Slam's Own Room: hey I got a Idea
16:36:50 Gen: oh no
16:36:51 Gen: kris
16:36:51 Muris: tipo mistake,sorry biggrin.gif
16:36:53 Tjchep: truth hurts
16:36:54 Gen: dont tell it
16:36:58 Slammer -> Slam's Own Room: everyone leave and I'll make a new room
16:37:09 Gen: i would get embarrassed
16:37:09 botoxfox -> Slam's Own Room: 'k
16:37:11 Slammer -> Slam's Own Room: Leave now!!!
16:37:13 DeepRoots: truth? am i ready for the truth??
16:37:16 xucphra: What's the truth?
16:37:20 xucphra: is it painful?
16:37:25 DeepRoots: whats the truth dammit?!?!?!??!
16:37:25 Tjchep: I dont think anyone is ready for it.
16:37:25 Gen: if everyone knew i wear a superman underwear when i take a shower
16:37:27 Fsgdjv: Are you aliens brainwashing us for some grand agenda?
16:37:35 besip: thats me i'm have to go now....i'm be back so get huurry to my post and aswers couple stupid question:D biggrin.gif biggrin.gif pls i'm be back
16:37:38 Bogdan: Tell them the truth Kris wink.gif
16:37:41 Kristofer Dahl: That our chat only supports 50 users simultaneously - so we are all pretty lucky be in here laready! (hmm was that truth boring?) :|
16:37:42 DeepRoots: Kris is really a computer program....
16:37:46 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
16:37:47 Pavel: ok - PAvel's Room opened
16:37:50 Gen: oh
16:37:53 Tjchep: lol
16:37:55 DeepRoots: okay not so shocking truth...
16:37:58 Gen: sounds like losts s last seasons
16:38:01 Milenkovic Ivan: wow the joke room
16:38:03 Milenkovic Ivan: cool
16:38:06 Tjchep: hah
16:38:14 Slammer -> Joke Room: tell me a joke
16:38:16 besip: all get in my post i'm boredlol
16:38:21 chast -> Joke Room: no sad.gif
16:38:22 Kristofer Dahl: Kris is a computer program was really good though!
16:38:22 Slammer -> Joke Room: LOL
16:38:25 xucphra: I'll stay here for now
16:38:25 Bogdan: I announced yesterday 100+ people chat not knowing that Kris smile.gif ahhaha
16:38:28 Slammer -> Joke Room: damn
16:38:35 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: !
16:38:36 Slammer -> Joke Room: LOL
16:38:37 xucphra: [b]
16:38:38 Gen: kris
16:38:42 xucphra: [b]another one
16:38:43 chast -> Joke Room: biggrin.gif
16:38:47 Gen: you know you re a joker , come to the joke room!
16:38:49 DeepRoots: @ Kris: iv had my suspicions for long enough!!
16:38:50 Slammer -> Joke Room: I think he thought it was pavels room
16:38:53 Milenkovic Ivan: we must fix this chat a bit wink.gif
16:38:54 Kristofer Dahl: Bogdan_ well we are still not over 50 so that's not a problem! smile.gif
16:38:54 Bogdan: But so far so good .. wink.gif
16:38:56 Slammer -> Joke Room: tongue.gif
16:39:01 chast -> Joke Room: maybe
16:39:01 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: where is eveyone.
16:39:06 Slammer -> Joke Room: GEN!!
16:39:08 chast -> Joke Room: *hide*
16:39:10 Gen -> Joke Room: !
16:39:13 Gen -> Joke Room: *fart*
16:39:15 Kristofer Dahl: sad.gif Gen sais I'm a joke sad.gif
16:39:16 Slammer -> Joke Room: haven't talked to you in many years
16:39:19 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: i'm here
16:39:21 Gen -> Joke Room: yeah
16:39:22 Slammer -> Joke Room: ok guys
16:39:23 Gen -> Joke Room: me neither
16:39:25 botoxfox -> Joke Room:;f=7&t=18
16:39:25 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: smile.gif
16:39:27 Slammer -> Joke Room: Lets tell jokes
16:39:27 xucphra: Kris, you know I never thought I would be in the same chat room as you!
16:39:28 Muris: Bogdan,have you tried Acoustic amps?
16:39:30 Gen -> Joke Room: yes
16:39:32 xucphra: biggrin.gif
16:39:34 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: im a joke
16:39:35 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: So, whos your favorite guitarist? Overall?
16:39:37 chast -> Joke Room: i dont know any jokes
16:39:38 botoxfox -> Joke Room: link is a joke
16:39:40 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: dammit not cool
16:39:40 Gen -> Joke Room: botoxfox has got an awesome one!
16:39:41 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: hehehe well i opened this room for those who want to ask me something
16:39:51 Gen -> Joke Room: with old ladies
16:39:53 Slammer -> Joke Room: Gen tell us a joke about Switzerland
16:39:57 Bogdan: well actually i did but didn't like the sound ...maybe the amp was broken or something
16:40:00 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: would have to be Rusty and Turilli
16:40:05 Muris: ahh ok
16:40:07 Slammer -> Joke Room: like all the girls are blond
16:40:08 benhowell -> Joke Room: Tjchep-narrowing down to ones a bit hard...
16:40:08 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: !
16:40:09 Gen -> Joke Room: the coutnry is a joke itself
16:40:11 chast -> Joke Room: Oo
16:40:11 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Can you play any of rustys stuff?
16:40:12 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
16:40:12 Gen -> Joke Room: tongue.gif
16:40:13 benhowell -> Joke Room: Maybe 10 lol
16:40:17 Muris: I'm not sure if they are working any more
16:40:18 Slammer -> Joke Room: and the names are Heidi
16:40:22 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: yep good joke
16:40:23 Kristofer Dahl: xucphra - well we are! smile.gif
16:40:24 Bogdan: do you know if warwick makes any good cabs ?
16:40:28 Slammer -> Joke Room: and they are all farmers daughters
16:40:30 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: not much...
16:40:31 Muris: my brother has one acoustic,older model,from mid 80's I think
16:40:32 Gen -> Joke Room: yes
16:40:36 Slammer -> Joke Room: and they all yodle
16:40:38 xucphra: smile.gif
16:40:38 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Yeah hes super technical
16:40:39 Muris: Pratt used to play on same
16:40:41 Gen -> Joke Room: and there's only drugs dealers in miami
16:40:45 Slammer -> Joke Room: LMFAO
16:40:46 Muris: sounds really awesome
16:40:53 Gen -> Joke Room: and guys with some blue shirts
16:41:01 Gen -> Joke Room: and cubans
16:41:04 Bogdan: i only tried one head (well two of same)
16:41:04 Slammer -> Joke Room: LOL
16:41:05 chast -> Joke Room: and bangbus *cough*
16:41:09 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: right heres a joke- i have 3 A-level exams 2moro and should start cramming biggrin.gif Ill see you all some other time on the forums
16:41:09 Slammer -> Joke Room: ohmy.gif
16:41:15 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: cya guys!
16:41:17 Slammer -> Joke Room: NO
16:41:20 Gen -> Joke Room: no
16:41:21 botoxfox -> Joke Room: ohmy.gif
16:41:22 chast -> Joke Room: no
16:41:22 Slammer -> Joke Room: thats not funny
16:41:23 Gen -> Joke Room: you stay right here!
16:41:24 Bogdan: couldn't dial the tone for me though sad.gif
16:41:25 Gen -> Joke Room: lol
16:41:26 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: he plays for over 23 years
16:41:27 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: lmao
16:41:29 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: yeah
16:41:31 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: i wish
16:41:31 Muris: I see
16:41:34 Bogdan: But I heard that they are cool
16:41:36 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: catch ya all
16:41:36 Muris: you Like Pratt?
16:41:36 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: You'll be there at the rate your going smile.gif
16:41:37 Slammer -> Joke Room: Gen's got a shotgun
16:41:40 Gen -> Joke Room: yes
16:41:40 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: ahhh
16:41:42 Slammer -> Joke Room: you stay here
16:41:49 Gen -> Joke Room: *realoading*
16:41:50 Kristofer Dahl: Ok I'll go joke a little
16:41:53 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: hmm thats a tad violent
16:41:55 Gen -> Joke Room: kris!
16:42:04 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: he shall replace me with fish jokes
16:42:04 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: Gen said I was a joke sad.gif
16:42:05 xucphra: Is it worth it to spend 100$ more to get a PodX3 Live instead of a PodXT Live?
16:42:08 Gen -> Joke Room: noooo
16:42:10 Gen -> Joke Room: lol
16:42:10 Bogdan: what Pratt do you mean ? wink.gif
16:42:10 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: First joke!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
16:42:10 DeepRoots -> Joke Room: bye all
16:42:14 Gen -> Joke Room: i said you were a joker
16:42:16 Gen -> Joke Room: yes!
16:42:17 Muris: Guy smile.gif
16:42:22 Gen -> Joke Room: okay
16:42:23 Gen -> Joke Room: so
16:42:25 Gen -> Joke Room: slammer
16:42:27 Gen -> Joke Room: tell us a joke
16:42:27 Toni Suominen: xucphra I think so yes smile.gif
16:42:34 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: hopefully
16:42:36 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: have you seen all his lessons here -
16:42:37 Gen -> Joke Room: and see if master kris thinks its fun
16:42:37 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room:
16:42:38 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: Deeproots left when I cam sad.gif
16:42:39 xucphra: I mean, is it worth 100$
16:42:40 Muris: did I spell it wrong once more? LOL
16:42:42 Slammer -> Joke Room: ohmy.gif
16:42:42 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: came
16:42:45 Gen -> Joke Room: no
16:42:47 Gen -> Joke Room: he had to leave
16:42:54 xucphra: The difference
16:42:55 Muris: I think it's Guy Pratt
16:43:03 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: Ok Slammer pressure is on you
16:43:06 Slammer -> Joke Room: Kris Gen is thinking about being Instructor
16:43:07 Gen -> Joke Room: yes
16:43:11 Gen -> Joke Room: LLO
16:43:13 Toni Suominen: I've gotta go now guys, I've got an early school day tomorrow! bye guys, cya!! smile.gif
16:43:13 Gen -> Joke Room: LOL
16:43:15 chast -> Joke Room: yeah
16:43:16 Gen -> Joke Room: you !!!
16:43:20 xucphra: Bye!
16:43:22 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: Wel I haven't hread him play yet!
16:43:23 Milenkovic Ivan: See you Toni
16:43:24 chast -> Joke Room: he also told me this
16:43:25 Bogdan: actually I don't know the guy by name ? S kim svira ?
16:43:26 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:43:26 Muris: See ya Toni! smile.gif
16:43:27 Slammer -> Joke Room: Gen can teach Eric CLapton Style
16:43:33 Gen -> Joke Room: slammer is thinking about being a mod
16:43:38 Slammer -> Joke Room: for blues Beginners
16:43:41 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: That's good we need that
16:43:45 Gen -> Joke Room: well
16:43:50 Gen -> Joke Room: im not good tongue.gif
16:43:52 Muris: Pink Floyd ,od Delicate Sound of Thunder pa nadalje wink.gif
16:43:53 Slammer -> Joke Room: Gen can teach Eric Clapton style
16:43:57 Gen -> Joke Room: no
16:43:59 chast -> Joke Room: gen only would make in the style of paul gilbert
16:43:59 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: he has some cool video stuff on his website
16:43:59 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: slammer, you're incredibly good at jokes !
16:44:09 xucphra: Everyone went to the Joke room :\
16:44:09 Slammer -> Joke Room: thanks Fsgdjv
16:44:12 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: and also his ChopsFromHell video instructionals are top stuff
16:44:13 botoxfox -> Joke Room: gen can teach yngwie parody style
16:44:16 Bogdan: Hmm don't kill me but I'm not big of a fan of Pink Floyd wink.gif
16:44:17 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Are they?
16:44:17 Gen -> Joke Room: yes!
16:44:23 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: I am sorry but I am afraid I will offend Gen if I ask if this was the joke! sad.gif
16:44:24 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Better than angelos stuff?
16:44:29 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Speed kills*
16:44:31 Muris: yeah,lots of jokers here,we need some neat players here biggrin.gif
16:44:32 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: haha
16:44:33 Gen -> Joke Room: dont worry
16:44:34 Gen -> Joke Room: tongue.gif
16:44:36 Slammer -> Joke Room: LOL
16:44:37 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: you're to nice kris
16:44:47 Slammer -> Joke Room: Kris
16:44:52 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: biggrin.gif
16:44:54 Muris: Listen to Delicate if you get some chance,you'll love it wink.gif
16:44:54 Gen -> Joke Room: i can do a paul gilbert lesson
16:44:56 xucphra: Yeah. it seems GMC doesnt have as many guitarists as we thought!
16:44:56 Slammer -> Joke Room: there is something I always wanted to ask you
16:45:04 Gen -> Joke Room: are one lick lessons allowed?
16:45:05 Gen -> Joke Room: i mean
16:45:07 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: they are at another level
16:45:08 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: haha
16:45:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yaaaaaaaaaay
16:45:11 Gen -> Joke Room: i ll do a lesson, on playing a bend
16:45:15 Gen -> Joke Room: !
16:45:18 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: No not as it is now!
16:45:20 Muris: I was joking about players tho LOL
16:45:22 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: Speedkills is directed for beginners
16:45:27 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: ahhh
16:45:28 xucphra: I know lol
16:45:29 Gen -> Joke Room: 2 bends then
16:45:31 Slammer -> Joke Room: Kris are you gonna make more licks of the day?
16:45:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats going on everyone ?
16:45:32 Gen -> Joke Room: lol
16:45:34 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: Rusty's stuff is advanced/insane difficulty
16:45:35 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: Are one note lessons allowed? I'll play one note
16:45:39 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: yeah.
16:45:40 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: that will fit perfectly
16:45:42 Muris: Hey John!!
16:45:44 Gen -> Joke Room: lol
16:45:45 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: it would be awesome
16:45:46 Muris: It's John right?
16:45:47 xucphra: chatting!
16:45:48 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: !
16:45:49 Bogdan: actually I will "skinuti" ga sada wink.gif
16:45:50 benhowell -> Joke Room: ahh...note choice....
16:45:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hows it going muris biggrin.gif
16:45:53 Muris: LOL
16:45:53 Gen -> Joke Room: fsgdjv is better than me!
16:45:53 chast -> Joke Room: brb
16:45:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah its john tongue.gif
16:45:57 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: lol
16:45:58 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: Well I don't know if I will- but perhaps we will expand that section
16:46:03 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Under the influence is pretty amazing
16:46:03 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: youre also a good joker gen!
16:46:06 xucphra: Hello John
16:46:08 Muris: nek ostane na lokalnom nivou,jezicki LOL
16:46:09 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: fsdjv no not allowed biggrin.gif
16:46:09 Gen -> Joke Room: tongue.gif
16:46:13 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: sent mail to the guitar store - they have no new info about the release date sad.gif
16:46:18 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: can't wait for that guitar to arrive
16:46:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey thery xucphra
16:46:21 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: naaaw sad.gif
16:46:24 Slammer -> Joke Room: what about in the style of bob dylan
16:46:24 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Yeah
16:46:27 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: it looks so cool
16:46:28 Muris: to "skidanje" nije bas popularno ovdje wink.gif
16:46:31 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: Sure!
16:46:35 Bogdan: zato sam i rekao
16:46:35 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: Under the Influence is his most simple song
16:46:36 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:46:37 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: or in the style of avril lavigne?
16:46:41 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: yeah
16:46:44 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: I know smile.gif
16:46:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill brb I want to check out the other room wink.gif
16:46:48 Gen -> Joke Room: what about in the style of that triangle player you showed me on that clapton vid slam
16:46:50 benhowell -> Joke Room: smile.gif
16:46:55 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: I havent got his album sad.gif
16:47:00 Muris: I knew it sad.gif
16:47:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: just checking out the other rooms , hey pavel biggrin.gif and Tjchep
16:47:03 xucphra: sad.gif
16:47:04 Gen -> Joke Room: who loves triangle?
16:47:05 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: hey there Eat
16:47:05 Milenkovic Ivan: should we say "taking close off" lol
16:47:08 xucphra: nobody likes me!
16:47:11 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: hey eat
16:47:11 Gen -> Joke Room: i think its awesome for shred stuff
16:47:12 Bogdan: smile.gif
16:47:13 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: So I see the trend - you are looking for atopic that I won't accept! But all in the style are ok
16:47:15 Dejan: ko tu koga skida biggrin.gif
16:47:16 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: lol
16:47:20 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: even inthe style of GEN! biggrin.gif
16:47:20 Muris: I do like you smile.gif
16:47:20 xucphra: biggrin.gif
16:47:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: tjchep you going to be on xbox later ?
16:47:22 Muris: hehehe
16:47:24 Gen -> Joke Room: haha
16:47:25 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: yeah dude
16:47:25 Gen -> Joke Room: yes
16:47:25 Slammer -> Joke Room: I'm gonna make a Aspiring Instructor Lesson and put it on the forums...
16:47:26 xucphra: hehe
16:47:27 Gen -> Joke Room: !
16:47:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: cod 4 biggrin.gif ?
16:47:35 xucphra: Everyone else is leaving because of me
16:47:35 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: neg
16:47:36 Muris: skida se sve i svasta,samo tisu wink.gif
16:47:37 Bogdan: smile.gif where are u from guys wink.gif
16:47:37 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: dont have it
16:47:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: ouch
16:47:40 xucphra: *cries a little bit*
16:47:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: get it !
16:47:42 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: yeah sad.gif
16:47:43 Gen -> Joke Room: you just have to play at 506 bpm
16:47:43 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: lol
16:47:44 xucphra: lol
16:47:46 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: no money
16:47:48 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: got mass effects
16:47:48 Gen -> Joke Room: not that hard
16:47:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: i hate it
16:47:54 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: Well a triangle lesson would have to be really special to get accepted
16:47:57 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: really?
16:47:57 Gen -> Joke Room: easy to get with practice
16:48:00 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: i think its frigin sick
16:48:02 Gen -> Joke Room: haha
16:48:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: its to hard on legendary
16:48:07 Muris: there goes Rainthard...
16:48:10 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: Cod4? sucks imo
16:48:11 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: triangle lessons for guitarists
16:48:15 Gen -> Joke Room: yes
16:48:19 Gen -> Joke Room: its needed
16:48:20 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: its got a crap story line
16:48:20 Fsgdjv -> Joke Room: all guitarists really just want to get good at triangle
16:48:20 xucphra: =[
16:48:21 Gen -> Joke Room: !
16:48:23 botoxfox -> Joke Room: what about a tambourine lesson?
16:48:24 Gen -> Joke Room: yeah
16:48:25 Muris: with missing J LOL
16:48:27 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: but multi is pretty fun
16:48:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: onlin destroys the campaign
16:48:31 Gen -> Joke Room: or kazoo lesson
16:48:32 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: yeahh
16:48:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: online*
16:48:37 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: I liked it online
16:48:38 Kristofer Dahl -> Joke Room: Ok thanks for the joking biggrin.gif I will get back to main chat now!
16:48:40 Slammer -> Joke Room: or bongo
16:48:42 xucphra: We should havea competition
16:48:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Pavel's Chat Room: well im going to check out the joke room brb
16:48:47 Slammer -> Joke Room: me too
16:48:47 Gen -> Joke Room: okay sad.gif
16:48:49 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: i like Cod 1 and 2 because of storyline
16:48:49 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: ok
16:48:52 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: yeah
16:48:53 xucphra: Whoever is the last one in the chat gets a free pick!
16:48:53 Muris: you think you can beat me??
16:48:54 Muris: LOL
16:48:55 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: i think nothing can beat Cod1 in story
16:48:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room: Howwwwdy
16:49:01 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: smile.gif
16:49:02 xucphra: lol
16:49:04 Gen: !
16:49:05 Muris: ahhh
16:49:11 Bogdan: how was your stay in the joke room kriss
16:49:11 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: That was realeased a while ago
16:49:11 Muris: come on guys!!!
16:49:12 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:49:15 Muris: we were afraid
16:49:19 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: like 96 or somthing
16:49:22 Kristofer Dahl: I survived! biggrin.gif
16:49:24 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: it was totally fresh and better graphics than MOH
16:49:25 Gen: tongue.gif
16:49:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I joined the joke room and everyone left sad.gif
16:49:27 xucphra: wow everyone just came back!
16:49:28 Muris: like we're some kind of losers here biggrin.gif
16:49:30 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: O yeah
16:49:31 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: COD1 is old but the best COD IMO
16:49:37 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: mm.
16:49:39 xucphra: biggrin.gif its true
16:49:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyy Slammer biggrin.gif
16:49:42 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: I really liked it when I had it.
16:49:48 Slammer: the joke room wasn't very funny sad.gif
16:49:52 Gen: yes
16:49:57 xucphra: of course not!
16:49:57 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
16:49:59 Gen: because you didnt tell any jokes
16:50:01 xucphra: why woulda joke room be funny?
16:50:02 Muris: really,even with you inside?
16:50:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slammer , Gen I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssed you guys !
16:50:03 Gen: slammer
16:50:08 Gen: haha lol
16:50:08 Slammer: ESJ!!!
16:50:09 Milenkovic Ivan: you got tricked ha
16:50:11 Milenkovic Ivan: ?
16:50:11 Kristofer Dahl: No you didn't do a very good joking job - honestly
16:50:14 Gen: i missed you too !
16:50:18 Slammer: sad.gif
16:50:20 Kristofer Dahl: You will have to make it up inte forum or wiki!
16:50:24 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
16:50:34 Bogdan: you need the santa outfit - that one never fails ! wink.gif
16:50:38 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Is that other guy you mentioned in Rhapsody on fire?
16:50:39 Gen: hahahah
16:50:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Gen I cryed my self to sleep last night, where were you ?
16:50:46 xucphra: btw, I was thinking of contributing to the Wiki. how do i start?
16:50:57 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: yep
16:50:58 Gen: i was playing with gilbert and petrucci at the budokan
16:51:01 Gen: pretty cool gig
16:51:01 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: ahh
16:51:06 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: They are pretty cool.
16:51:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: pssssh there noobs
16:51:13 Gen: yeah i know
16:51:15 Gen: but still
16:51:15 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Not very farmiliar with them though.
16:51:22 Kristofer Dahl: xucpha easiest is to just edit an article that already exists - just click "edit"!
16:51:22 Gen: people were amazed by me
16:51:33 xucphra: But if i want to add my own?
16:51:38 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: they are in my TOP 3 bands lsit
16:51:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I play with my teeth better and faster then gilbert wink.gif
16:51:45 botoxfox: think i need to check out the wiki
16:51:47 Gen: yeah
16:51:48 Bogdan: I must admit that that Wiki thing is a little confusing to me wink.gif
16:51:49 Gen: anyone can
16:51:54 Milenkovic Ivan: same here
16:51:54 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Yeah, you did somt lessons on them didnt you?
16:51:57 Bogdan: for me..
16:52:02 Milenkovic Ivan: but i will try to write something soon
16:52:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I agree Bogdan
16:52:19 Kristofer Dahl: Then read the help topic on the wiki board - it has all the info you need. Basically all you need to do is to copy a template article
16:52:22 Milenkovic Ivan: i think i'll get a hang of it wink.gif
16:52:32 xucphra: I see! Thanks Kris
16:52:37 Milenkovic Ivan: when I do something
16:52:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it makes me feel like I forgot how to read theres just so much info, great though smile.gif
16:52:44 Milenkovic Ivan: ALl we need is practice smile.gif
16:52:44 Kristofer Dahl: As it is now instructors aren't let in sad.gif - but I hop eHenrik can fix it this week
16:53:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im finally learning the modes smile.gif
16:53:12 Bogdan: will there be a promo page for each instructor , with bio etc ?
16:53:13 benhowell -> Joke Room: Early night for me, see you later guys, nice to chat
16:53:17 Gen: btw, is henrik progressing on guitar?
16:53:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I got a good teacher and im on my way smile.gif
16:53:30 Slammer: ESJ which is your favorite?
16:53:31 xucphra: Oh I dunno of I introduced myself to all of you; I'm Aleksander smile.gif
16:53:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hmmmm
16:53:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Dorian !
16:53:40 benhowell -> Joke Room: bye
16:53:43 Kristofer Dahl: Absolutely - actually we can fix that as soon as Henrik has fixed the issue
16:53:45 Slammer: hello Alaksander
16:53:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill bbl see ya
16:53:52 Fsgdjv: hey aleksander!
16:53:53 Slammer: Aleksander*
16:54:02 Kristofer Dahl: then we can gather all instructor bios on a good spot in the wiki
16:54:02 Bogdan: that will be awsome.. wink.gif
16:54:11 Kristofer Dahl: perhaps in the gmc portal
16:54:15 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: Well Its dinner time now.
16:54:16 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: Tjchep yep
16:54:19 benhowell: Early night for me guys, nice to chat, see you later
16:54:20 Muris: Sounds cool biggrin.gif
16:54:25 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: nice talking to you man.
16:54:26 xucphra: Bye ben
16:54:26 Gen: good night ben
16:54:27 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: Rhapsody Of Fire 1, 2 and Turilli style
16:54:32 rokchik: c ya Ben
16:54:33 benhowell: Night guys
16:54:33 Kristofer Dahl: see you ben
16:54:35 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: I liked those all sad.gif
16:54:37 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: smile.gif*
16:54:41 Milenkovic Ivan: buy benny
16:54:42 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: see ya
16:54:42 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: smile.gif
16:54:43 Muris: See ya Ben!! smile.gif
16:54:45 Bogdan: cheers Ben wink.gif
16:54:46 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: i am wasted - going to sleep
16:54:50 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: haha
16:54:52 Fsgdjv: good night ben
16:54:52 Tjchep -> Pavel's Chat Room: bye
16:54:53 Kristofer Dahl: ANd you can make the articles really as huge as you want!
16:54:56 Pavel -> Pavel's Chat Room: bye man! See you
16:55:29 Kristofer Dahl: I think everyone should create a bio of their own in the wiki (especially instructors!)
16:55:30 botoxfox -> Too many ppl I'm, going crazy xD: sad.gif
16:55:39 xucphra: That would be nice =]
16:55:47 Pavel: ok guys - i'm off! totally wasted - need a good sleep! smile.gif see you around the forum! Good luck smile.gif
16:55:53 xucphra: so you dont have to introduce yourself everytime someone else is there lol
16:55:54 Gen: cya pavel
16:55:56 Kristofer Dahl: See you Pavel!
16:56:00 rokchik: Kris that's a pretty cool idea
16:56:00 Bogdan: yeah that would be great , to have pictures of members and instructors with bio and everything...
16:56:01 xucphra: bye pavel
16:56:07 Muris: Bye Pavel wink.gif
16:56:14 Milenkovic Ivan: Bok Pavel smile.gif
16:56:45 Gen: *whip*
16:56:52 Slammer: oww
16:56:54 Milenkovic Ivan: whoa, don't do that,
16:56:56 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
16:57:04 Gen: the chat was dead
16:57:05 Milenkovic Ivan: i'm recording lol
16:57:06 Gen: !
16:57:08 Gen: oh lol
16:57:09 Gen: srry
16:57:13 Milenkovic Ivan: kidding wink.gif
16:57:15 Kristofer Dahl: Rok - yes everyone should have one! smile.gif
16:57:17 Tjchep: Man I think i'm going crazy
16:57:23 Tjchep: swore somone said dinner
16:57:28 Kristofer Dahl: Ok I am going to sleep now as well!
16:57:31 Tjchep: thats how hungry i am smile.gif
16:57:37 Tjchep: good night
16:57:38 Gen: okay
16:57:41 Gen: good night kris
16:57:49 xucphra: Night Kris
16:57:51 Milenkovic Ivan: whats this
16:57:51 Slammer: Kris please Stay
16:57:51 Muris: Night Kris,talk soon !! smile.gif
16:57:53 Slammer: sad.gif
16:57:57 Bogdan: good night Kris
16:58:01 botoxfox: ta ta kris
16:58:01 Milenkovic Ivan: everybody's leaving lol
16:58:06 Kristofer Dahl: See you all - and we will for sure do more of these, let's discuss it in the forum! smile.gif
16:58:07 Bogdan: what are you recording Ivan
16:58:07 rokchik: Night Kris....I'm hoping to get some wiki articles created soon
16:58:08 Milenkovic Ivan: good night captain kris
16:58:09 Gen: bah bah
16:58:12 xucphra: btw...Great job with the chat Bogdan!
16:58:21 Milenkovic Ivan: the song you gave me 5 minutes ago lol
16:58:26 Bogdan: thanks Xucphra wink.gif
16:58:31 Kristofer Dahl: Bye
16:58:34 botoxfox: im off too c ya
16:58:39 Slammer: NO
16:58:39 Gen: hmm
16:58:44 Gen: ta ta
16:58:50 botoxfox: ta ta
16:58:51 Bogdan: se ya! botox
16:58:56 xucphra: im off too! cya all later!
16:59:00 Gen: LLOL
16:59:00 Tjchep: o man
16:59:06 Slammer: pretty soon it's just gonna be Me and GEN and Botoxfox and that who it always is
16:59:08 Gen: cya aleks
16:59:16 xucphra: actually
16:59:16 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
16:59:16 Gen: yes hahahah
16:59:17 xucphra: wait
16:59:20 botoxfox: i said im leaving
16:59:24 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:59:24 xucphra: no ill be afk for like 10 mins
16:59:25 Gen: sad.gif
16:59:29 xucphra: then ill be back =]
16:59:29 Slammer: not you too
16:59:35 Gen: <8)
16:59:36 Milenkovic Ivan: see you then m8
16:59:50 botoxfox: farewell
17:00:02 Milenkovic Ivan: Hey Muris hows the Road King going
17:00:07 Milenkovic Ivan: buying?
17:00:14 Tjchep: whats the road king?
17:00:34 Milenkovic Ivan: Mesa tubehead
17:00:35 Muris: well,still waiting for my friend to give me "green" light
17:00:43 Muris: he bought it not so long ago
17:00:49 Tjchep: oo that
17:00:53 Tjchep: I loved that one.
17:01:01 Muris: guess he needs some time to get bothered with it wink.gif
17:01:09 Gen: i prefer the hughes and kettner duo tone
17:01:15 Gen: or something, dont remember the name tongue.gif
17:01:22 Slammer: Muris can I ask you a question
17:01:30 Muris: Duo Tone is great amp indeed
17:01:39 Muris: but Road King is The King biggrin.gif
17:01:43 Gen: tongue.gif
17:01:46 Muris: sure Slam,go ahead
17:02:01 Tjchep: Muris didnt you just get a triaxsis?
17:02:10 Muris: well sort of
17:02:18 Muris: have some issues with power converter
17:02:19 Milenkovic Ivan: good question wink.gif
17:02:25 Muris: it's 110v version
17:02:34 Tjchep: ahh
17:02:40 Muris: but anyhow,I'm onto this King biggrin.gif
17:02:46 Slammer: it's about the modes... like for instance. When you G mixolydian it's the Key of C right?
17:03:02 Fsgdjv: I'm off to get some sleep, good night guys
17:03:07 Muris: notes are the same,sort of,but Root is G
17:03:09 Milenkovic Ivan: goo dnight man
17:03:11 Gen: night link
17:03:17 Tjchep: night
17:03:17 Muris: so you can't say it's in key of C
17:03:27 Muris: it's more like in key of G,G mIxo
17:03:38 Muris: night smile.gif
17:03:40 Slammer: but it's the C major scale right?
17:03:51 Gen: LOL
17:03:51 Muris: no,it's G mixo scale
17:03:54 Muris: wink.gif
17:04:00 Gen: what's up botox?
17:04:00 Milenkovic Ivan: the term key has a relative meaning
17:04:01 Tjchep: Man I hate theory.
17:04:10 Milenkovic Ivan: think of it more loosely
17:04:31 Gen: hmm
17:04:34 Milenkovic Ivan: modes are too some form of keys of their own
17:04:49 Milenkovic Ivan: it all depends on the harmony and how you change the chords
17:04:52 Muris: absolutely
17:05:01 Slammer: so you can play a G mixolydian over a G chord?
17:05:02 Muris: you use "key" to lock something
17:05:02 Milenkovic Ivan: the real goal is too learn all scales and chords
17:05:05 Milenkovic Ivan: in all keys
17:05:12 Muris: so it's in ey of G,G Mixo
17:05:14 Milenkovic Ivan: from there on its piece of cake wink.gif
17:05:38 Gen: hey jacmoe
17:05:48 Tjchep: I'm still a complete theory newbie, so say your playing over a g chord
17:05:50 Slammer: but can you play a G Mixolydian over a Chord Progression of C-Am-F-G?
17:06:03 Slammer: LOL
17:06:04 Tjchep: well Ill ask after slammer, sorry! smile.gif
17:06:11 Slammer: sorry for the dumb questions
17:06:13 Muris: yes,but must feel G as root
17:06:14 Milenkovic Ivan: have you tried it?
17:06:17 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:06:32 Slammer: go ahead TJ
17:06:42 Milenkovic Ivan: the best way to learn it is when you acctually play that one and see if it fits
17:06:55 Milenkovic Ivan: you must experiment a lot with those
17:07:06 Muris: try some Satch's tunes
17:07:17 Muris: he uses to play many modes over same key
17:07:23 Tjchep: So say your playing a G chord right? Your goal is to either end on a note within that chord or play within the notes that make up the chord right?
17:07:27 Muris: Not of This Earth per example
17:07:54 Muris: sort of TJ,yeah
17:08:17 Tjchep: Gotcha
17:08:43 Muris: actually,amin goals are to understand what are you playing and why do you play it
17:08:44 Gen: okay guys, i gotta go, bye everyone !
17:08:48 Muris: something like that smile.gif
17:08:51 Tjchep: bye gen
17:09:00 Muris: bye Gen smile.gif
17:09:01 Milenkovic Ivan: buy man
17:09:35 Milenkovic Ivan: Has anybody heard something about Samson mics
17:09:48 Tjchep: Nothing sad.gif
17:09:56 Slammer: so is Bm7b5 the same as Bdim?
17:09:59 Bogdan: I saw that they make wireless for instruments wink.gif
17:10:09 Milenkovic Ivan: Samson?
17:10:20 Bogdan: yeah they have a good web site
17:10:22 Muris: almost slam
17:10:28 Muris: it has same triad
17:10:33 Muris: but 7th isn't the same
17:10:46 Muris: it should be diminished as well
17:10:58 Slammer: because on andrew's theory lessons it says in the Key of C the 7th chord is Bdim
17:11:06 Milenkovic Ivan: 7th is minor only
17:11:07 Muris: well yeah
17:11:12 Muris: but only triad
17:11:16 Muris: not 7th chord
17:11:24 Slammer: and on DavidO lesson it says the 7th chord is Bm7b5
17:11:31 Muris: that's right
17:11:31 Slammer: sad.gif
17:11:35 Slammer: I'm confused
17:11:38 Muris: but you must understand something
17:11:42 Milenkovic Ivan: no no its Bdim like in diminished
17:11:47 Muris: you can write dim7 as only dim
17:11:48 Milenkovic Ivan: it has diminished 5th
17:11:58 Muris: which makes some confusion indeed
17:12:10 Slammer: LOL
17:12:30 Muris: per example in GP
17:12:32 Slammer: so is it Bdim or Bm7b5 the 7th chord in the key of C?
17:12:39 Muris: there isn't dim 7 as option
17:12:41 Muris: only dim
17:12:52 Slammer: ok
17:12:55 Slammer: thanks
17:13:02 Slammer: ...
17:13:10 xucphra: back!
17:13:13 botoxfox: sdafdfsa
17:13:14 Muris: both are fine Slam
17:13:19 Muris: first one as a triad
17:13:25 Muris: and second one as 7th chord
17:13:38 Slammer: oh ok
17:13:44 Muris: Bm7b5
17:13:53 Muris: has same triad as Bdim
17:13:59 Muris: but not like dim7
17:14:08 Muris: and GP doesn't offer dim7
17:14:15 Muris: sadly...
17:14:39 Slammer: thanks for answering the questions guys
17:14:50 Slammer: I would ask more... but I'll stop
17:14:53 Slammer: biggrin.gif
17:15:08 xucphra: back =]
17:15:12 Milenkovic Ivan: Hi
17:15:14 Slammer: HEMLOK!!!
17:15:19 Hemlok: Hey everyone!
17:15:21 Muris: ask if you need anything else wink.gif
17:15:24 xucphra: smile.gif
17:15:26 Hemlok: Hey Bammer
17:15:27 Muris: Hey hemlok!! smile.gif
17:15:43 Milenkovic Ivan: whats up xupchra
17:15:43 xucphra: what i miss?
17:15:54 Milenkovic Ivan: did you record the chorus smile.gif
17:15:56 Hemlok: what a good turn out in chat today
17:16:01 xucphra: no guitar remember =]
17:16:09 Tjchep: no guitar?!
17:16:17 Milenkovic Ivan: what do you mean
17:16:20 Muris: ok guys,I'm gonna leave too
17:16:21 xucphra: I'm stuck in glasgow because of a snowstorm
17:16:23 Milenkovic Ivan: you have to recrod the guitar
17:16:23 Hemlok: alrighty i am going to work, cya everyone smile.gif sad.gif
17:16:25 Slammer: If I had a Chord Progression of Am-E-F-G what would be some good scales to solo with
17:16:26 Tjchep: bye muris
17:16:27 Milenkovic Ivan: aaa
17:16:29 Milenkovic Ivan: yes
17:16:31 Milenkovic Ivan: sorry wink.gif
17:16:32 xucphra: i dont get back til friday
17:16:33 Muris: must finish lesson,it's on other windows smile.gif
17:16:36 Muris: see ya soon
17:16:37 Slammer: besides the Minor Pentatonic
17:16:39 Muris: have a nice time
17:16:42 xucphra: bye Muris
17:16:48 Muris: bye guys!!
17:16:49 Milenkovic Ivan: Buy Muris
17:16:50 Slammer: cya Muris
17:17:12 Slammer: damn...
17:17:16 Slammer: everyone left
17:17:18 Slammer: LOL
17:17:22 Tjchep: yes sad.gif
17:17:27 Milenkovic Ivan: some Cmajor\Aminor, or A harmonic minor
17:17:34 Slammer: oh cool
17:17:37 Slammer: Thanks man
17:17:48 Milenkovic Ivan: because yo have Emajor chord
17:18:03 Milenkovic Ivan: you can use the G# note from the Aharmonic minor
17:18:12 Milenkovic Ivan: to give it more characxter wink.gif
17:18:18 Slammer: and also Am pentatonic would work too?
17:18:22 Milenkovic Ivan: clapton does this occasionally in ballads
17:18:34 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah Aminor is like the best choise
17:18:56 Milenkovic Ivan: but occasioanlly throw in a G#note, when over Emajor chord change
17:19:11 Slammer: thanks
17:19:12 Tjchep: Ivan, do you have any original instrumental recordings?
17:19:12 Milenkovic Ivan: it will definately color the solo a bit
17:19:38 Milenkovic Ivan: well, i have numerous projects started, but i cant finish them don't ahve time
17:19:43 Tjchep: gotcha
17:19:46 Milenkovic Ivan: working a lot
17:19:51 Tjchep: what do you do?
17:20:21 Milenkovic Ivan: Doing lessons, playing with a band, studying for a master degree
17:20:40 Tjchep: ah
17:20:52 Milenkovic Ivan: I really don' ahve too much fre time, but I'll do something soon
17:21:01 Milenkovic Ivan: I must takea vacation or something
17:21:02 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
17:21:05 Tjchep: lol
17:21:14 Slammer: do you study at university?
17:21:23 FretDancer69: Hello everyone
17:21:34 Slammer: hey Dancing man
17:21:36 Milenkovic Ivan: yea
17:21:39 FretDancer69: its been a while since i chat tongue.gif
17:21:53 Slammer: hola como estas?
17:22:00 Milenkovic Ivan: university of organisational sciences, computers...boring wink.gif
17:22:26 Tjchep: how old are you ivan?
17:22:34 Tjchep: no to be intrusive or anything smile.gif
17:22:36 FretDancer69: Muy bien smile.gif
17:22:38 Milenkovic Ivan: 23 m8
17:22:51 Tjchep: ahh
17:22:53 Milenkovic Ivan: old kid I am smile.gif
17:22:56 Tjchep: smile.gif
17:22:59 Slammer: want to hear how old I am?
17:23:04 FretDancer69: 18
17:23:04 Milenkovic Ivan: sure
17:23:05 Tjchep: 18.
17:23:07 Slammer: ohmy.gif
17:23:09 Slammer: sad.gif
17:23:10 chast: 18
17:23:14 Slammer: HEY!
17:23:17 Tjchep: I copied fretdancer wink.gif
17:23:17 FretDancer69: lol
17:23:18 Slammer: WTH
17:23:22 FretDancer69: lol
17:23:55 Slammer: FretDancer69 is 69
17:24:01 Tjchep: Im 81..
17:24:09 Milenkovic Ivan: what?
17:24:13 Milenkovic Ivan: 81?
17:24:15 Tjchep: yeah.
17:24:17 xucphra: This is boring -=[
17:24:21 Milenkovic Ivan: really?
17:24:21 Slammer: chast is 55 year old German Officer
17:24:25 chast: lol
17:24:27 Tjchep: yes!
17:24:43 xucphra: wow
17:24:45 Tjchep: I have some grandkids that keep me young though
17:24:58 Slammer: yes you go skydiving with them
17:25:03 Tjchep: Yeah.
17:25:19 Milenkovic Ivan: Few man, 81 are you sure lol
17:25:26 Tjchep: No I
17:25:32 Tjchep: am pulling your leg
17:25:33 Slammer: yeah in 65 years
17:25:37 Tjchep: lol im such a jerk
17:25:50 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
17:25:57 Tjchep: i'm 16. smile.gif
17:26:07 Slammer: Milenkovic Ivan you really like Blues right?
17:26:23 Milenkovic Ivan: yes i do, i`m a bluesman
17:26:27 Slammer: cool
17:26:28 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
17:26:29 Slammer: I love blues
17:26:39 Milenkovic Ivan: blues i great, it really gets me going
17:26:41 FretDancer69: Slammers blues tongue.gif
17:26:46 Slammer: ohmy.gif
17:26:54 Milenkovic Ivan: soloing freely on the blues track is the best
17:27:01 Slammer: LOL
17:27:01 Milenkovic Ivan: i like all kinds of blues
17:27:04 Slammer: yeah
17:27:11 Slammer: Eric Clapton is my favorite guitarist
17:27:15 Tjchep: I love pockets smile.gif
17:27:20 Milenkovic Ivan: one of mine too
17:27:28 Slammer: and I also like SRV and Hendrix
17:27:33 Milenkovic Ivan: in the early days i use to adore him
17:27:40 Milenkovic Ivan: they are my favorites too wink.gif
17:27:45 Tjchep: I dont know, I really dont like hendrix
17:27:48 Milenkovic Ivan: SRV and Jimi are the best
17:27:53 Slammer: Hendrix is cool
17:27:54 Tjchep: some of his stuff is OK but.
17:28:06 Tjchep: Well pretty good* but other stuff is..
17:28:17 Milenkovic Ivan: well, its all good music, depends on the mood
17:28:22 Tjchep: yeah
17:28:29 Milenkovic Ivan: sometimes he plays like s**t to me
17:28:31 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:28:33 Tjchep: I dont know, he never really did much more me.
17:28:45 Tjchep: I'm a super oppiniated person though smile.gif
17:28:56 Slammer: SRV is awesome
17:29:00 Tjchep: SRV is sick
17:29:01 Slammer: especially
17:29:04 Milenkovic Ivan: srv is one of the greats yes
17:29:09 Slammer: Scuttle buttin
17:29:18 Tjchep: hes like the refined version of hendrix
17:29:18 Milenkovic Ivan: mary had a littel lamb lol
17:29:46 Milenkovic Ivan: hendrix wa an idol to him
17:29:57 Slammer: FRETTY!!!
17:29:58 Tjchep: I thouhgt it was the other way around?
17:30:08 Tjchep: oo never mnind*
17:30:11 Slammer: LOL
17:30:19 Tjchep: missunderstood
17:30:20 Milenkovic Ivan: no, hendrix was an idol TO SRV
17:30:22 FretDancer69: LOL
17:30:23 FretDancer69: tongue.gif
17:30:25 Milenkovic Ivan: typo
17:30:27 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:30:30 Slammer: I also like Eric Johnson
17:30:33 Slammer: right TJcheo
17:30:34 Milenkovic Ivan: hes cool
17:30:34 Tjchep: omg
17:30:36 Slammer: TJchep
17:30:36 Tjchep: lol
17:30:43 Tjchep: manhatten
17:30:45 Milenkovic Ivan: he looks like a pshyco to me lol
17:30:46 Slammer: YES!!!
17:31:04 Tjchep: he does look pshyco, kinda like bono
17:31:10 Tjchep: hes a great guitar player
17:31:16 Milenkovic Ivan: i watched his lesson, he talkes like a some guitar playing psycho
17:31:26 Milenkovic Ivan: he is one of the greats too
17:31:27 Tjchep: lol
17:31:34 xucphra: Eric Johnson is pretty awesome
17:31:40 Tjchep: he looks like hes had plastic surgery imo
17:31:43 Tjchep: botox
17:31:44 Slammer: LOL
17:31:46 xucphra: hahaha
17:31:55 Milenkovic Ivan: i don't liek his music, but his technique is pretty interesting
17:31:55 Bogdan: see ya guys !
17:31:58 xucphra: His shirts are way too baggy
17:31:59 Milenkovic Ivan: very original
17:32:00 Tjchep: lol
17:32:07 Slammer: what about SLash?
17:32:11 Tjchep: EHH
17:32:16 Milenkovic Ivan: slash is cool too
17:32:25 Tjchep: Slash is still overrated.
17:32:32 Slammer: the Ending Solo of November Rain ohmy.gif
17:32:36 Milenkovic Ivan: people don't like him, being poser and all, but hey he's a rock star
17:32:38 g-forcelover: slash is the best
17:32:46 Milenkovic Ivan: and he's playing is pretty good too
17:32:48 Tjchep: Yeah hes not poser
17:32:48 g-forcelover: he is my fav guitarist
17:32:51 xucphra: I Eh.
17:32:56 xucphra: Slash is overrated
17:32:59 Tjchep: yeah
17:33:02 xucphra: if you ask me
17:33:05 Milenkovic Ivan: that is relative
17:33:07 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:33:07 Slammer: a little IMO
17:33:10 Slammer: but
17:33:13 Tjchep: I think muris is better smile.gif
17:33:17 g-forcelover: the ending solo of november rain is hard for me
17:33:18 xucphra: biggrin.gif
17:33:18 Slammer: LOL
17:33:20 Tjchep: lol
17:33:26 Milenkovic Ivan: Muris kicks ass lol
17:33:29 Tjchep: yeah he does
17:33:45 Slammer: I think that Marcus is one of the best player that is undiscovered
17:33:56 FretDancer69: TRUE
17:33:56 Milenkovic Ivan: Marcus?
17:33:59 g-forcelover: dan is too
17:34:04 Slammer: Lavendell
17:34:27 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah hes great too
17:34:37 g-forcelover: [b]i come back and nobodys here
17:34:38 xucphra: I used to think Muris was actually Bono
17:34:40 Tjchep: Yeah.
17:34:41 Slammer: LOL
17:34:43 xucphra: lol
17:34:46 FretDancer69: hes identical lol
17:34:48 g-forcelover: lol
17:34:49 Slammer: g-forcelover what's up?
17:34:49 Tjchep: His stuff is super easy to apply to playing though
17:34:54 Tjchep: too*
17:35:03 g-forcelover: the roof is up
17:35:06 Slammer: ohmy.gif
17:35:07 g-forcelover: *meow*
17:35:15 xucphra: i would never have guessed
17:35:31 g-forcelover: *meow*
17:35:36 g-forcelover: *slap*
17:35:40 g-forcelover: *whip*
17:35:46 g-forcelover: yay!!
17:36:02 Milenkovic Ivan: you wouldn't believe it but there is a guy that goes on gigs sometimes with me, a guitarist of our local power mtal band
17:36:11 Slammer: ohmy.gif
17:36:12 Milenkovic Ivan: he looks just like Murislol
17:36:16 Slammer: LOL
17:36:22 Milenkovic Ivan: I'll give you a link
17:36:24 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:36:28 Milenkovic Ivan: just a sec
17:36:40 Mrblomme: hi biggrin.gif
17:36:43 Tjchep: you play metal ivan?
17:36:45 xucphra: Hi!
17:37:05 Slammer: who wants to collab with me?
17:37:08 Slammer: ....
17:37:10 Slammer: ..............
17:37:13 Slammer: .........................................
17:37:14 xucphra: ME! biggrin.gif
17:37:15 g-forcelover: [b]ohhh!!! me
17:37:16 Slammer: ..................................................................
17:37:21 Slammer: ................................................................................
17:37:30 Tjchep: ditto
17:37:31 Tjchep: lol
17:37:32 g-forcelover: [b].............................................................................
17:37:33 Slammer: ok do you have Recording equitment?
17:37:39 xucphra: I do biggrin.gif
17:37:40 Milenkovic Ivan: i don't play metal
17:37:42 Tjchep: oo
17:37:43 g-forcelover: i have accecs
17:37:48 g-forcelover: to equip
17:37:50 xucphra: but I get my PodX3 Live in a couple weeks
17:37:54 Tjchep: I have ux1.
17:37:57 Mrblomme: lol closed my window xD
17:37:58 Tjchep: right now smile.gif
17:37:58 xucphra: but thats not what i record with now
17:38:02 Milenkovic Ivan: thats a cool device
17:38:04 Tjchep: yeah
17:38:07 Tjchep: its nice and cheap!
17:38:21 g-forcelover: i know the manager of the local music store and his garage is a mini studio
17:38:32 Slammer: anyone here have any BT?
17:38:35 Milenkovic Ivan: okay.. and?
17:38:37 Tjchep: I have some.
17:38:42 Tjchep: alot acctually
17:38:45 g-forcelover: [b]i dont really know about all that recording stuff
17:38:46 Slammer: ANy good?
17:38:51 Tjchep: Yeah a few
17:38:56 Tjchep: what genre?
17:38:59 Tjchep: blues?
17:39:05 g-forcelover: Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17:39:16 Milenkovic Ivan: hey guys anybody wants to contribute to my collab
17:39:20 Milenkovic Ivan: we are making a song
17:39:27 Tjchep: I though about it.
17:39:30 Slammer: what kind is it?
17:39:32 Milenkovic Ivan: there are few slots open
17:39:33 g-forcelover: so many collabs!
17:39:34 Milenkovic Ivan: rock song
17:39:37 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
17:39:40 Mrblomme: I would like but I think I'm not advanced enough Ivan tongue.gif
17:39:53 Milenkovic Ivan: why not?
17:39:55 Tjchep: advanced enough isnt a word smile.gif
17:39:57 Mrblomme: dont know biggrin.gif
17:40:00 Milenkovic Ivan: you can do some fills
17:40:06 Tjchep: fills are so fun
17:40:07 Milenkovic Ivan: that can be fun really
17:40:17 Mrblomme: yeah ok if its not to hard I'm in biggrin.gif
17:40:37 Milenkovic Ivan: check it out on the forum, you'll see it in my signature
17:40:40 Mrblomme: I only dont know if I can record good tongue.gif
17:40:41 Tjchep: man when are you putting the blues collab together again?
17:40:44 Tjchep: the 12th?
17:40:53 Milenkovic Ivan: the blues collab is still open
17:40:58 Milenkovic Ivan: until the 12th
17:41:01 Tjchep: yeah I already posted my take
17:41:06 Milenkovic Ivan: oh wink.gif
17:41:08 Tjchep: kinda wanna repost smile.gif
17:41:12 Milenkovic Ivan: you wanna do it again? lol
17:41:16 Milenkovic Ivan: sure no problem
17:41:24 Tjchep: I dont have a high e string.
17:41:29 Tjchep: need to go to guitar shop
17:41:30 Mrblomme: I'll check on the forum, just a minute
17:41:45 Milenkovic Ivan: real guitaryst don't need a E string lol
17:41:54 Tjchep: I'm a wanker.
17:41:59 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
17:42:30 Milenkovic Ivan: you wanna see that guy that plays wiht us occasionally that looks just like Muris? lol
17:42:35 Tjchep: yeah
17:42:37 Milenkovic Ivan: he plays power metal
17:42:41 Milenkovic Ivan: just a sec..
17:43:59 Milenkovic Ivan:
17:44:03 Milenkovic Ivan: here it his
17:44:07 Milenkovic Ivan: he even has a Axis
17:44:09 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
17:44:11 Slammer: LOL
17:44:36 xucphra: is he the one on the far right?
17:44:38 Slammer: ok guys
17:44:38 Mrblomme: I've posted in the blues collab topic, am I in now ?
17:44:41 Slammer: it's been fun
17:44:43 Slammer: But I gtg
17:44:44 xucphra: [b]
17:44:45 Milenkovic Ivan: when i saw Muris's lessons first i though that he is the same guy
17:44:45 Tjchep: haha
17:44:52 xucphra: haha
17:44:53 Slammer: cya guys
17:45:07 Milenkovic Ivan: see ya man
17:45:08 xucphra: bye slammer
17:45:08 Tjchep: Ivan, you only own one guitar?
17:45:43 rokchik: gotta go bye guys
17:45:46 Tjchep: bye
17:46:30 Mrblomme: when does Kris come? tongue.gif
17:46:38 Tjchep: Hes already come sad.gif
17:46:42 Tjchep: Hes asleep now
17:46:45 Mrblomme: Ooo
17:46:51 Milenkovic Ivan: yes, onlu one, can't afford strat right now
17:46:57 Tjchep: Ahh
17:46:59 Milenkovic Ivan: things aren't too good in my country
17:47:09 Tjchep: you are form serbia right?
17:47:11 Milenkovic Ivan: we can't buy guitars of the shelves
17:47:13 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah
17:47:16 Tjchep: why not?
17:47:26 Milenkovic Ivan: because, the average pay here is like 300e
17:47:33 Mrblomme: yeah I can understand, Serbia is not one of the most rich country's I think ?
17:47:34 Tjchep: ahh
17:47:42 xucphra: Same as Poland
17:47:43 Milenkovic Ivan: for me, ai have more, but when a strat costs like 1000e
17:47:47 Milenkovic Ivan: get the picture
17:47:59 Milenkovic Ivan: You got it m8 smile.gif
17:48:06 Tjchep: yeah
17:48:08 xucphra: Salaries in poland are really low
17:48:10 Tjchep: that stinks sad.gif
17:48:18 Tjchep: you ever want to move out of serbia?
17:48:21 Milenkovic Ivan: but people get along, must do somethign you know..
17:48:27 xucphra: and everything is sold in euros even though the main currency isnt euros
17:48:32 Mrblomme: salaries in Belgium are pretty well
17:48:38 xucphra: and euros are much stronger
17:48:44 Milenkovic Ivan: sure, but we are cuttoff, we need visa's and lots of papers to go anywhere
17:48:46 Tjchep: Salaries in america are pretty decent.
17:48:48 xucphra: so it's really hard to afford everything
17:48:55 Tjchep: Sorry to hera that ivan
17:49:13 Milenkovic Ivan: well, i do get along prety well, i'll buy a strat soon
17:49:19 Tjchep: ahh
17:49:34 Mrblomme: You keep rockin, with or without strat biggrin.gif
17:49:37 Milenkovic Ivan: but i cant really afford to buy many gear
17:49:42 Tjchep: yeah
17:49:42 Milenkovic Ivan: thanks man smile.gif
17:49:55 Milenkovic Ivan: thats a nice thing to say
17:50:19 Mrblomme: np dude, I'm sure I'll learn a lot of things of you in the future
17:50:33 Tjchep: A new guitar wont make you a better player thats for sure.
17:50:36 Mrblomme: and now, not only in the future xD
17:50:46 Tjchep: Yeah what do you have planned for us ivan?
17:50:53 Milenkovic Ivan: you got it, practice is what counts the most
17:50:57 Milenkovic Ivan: well..
17:51:06 Milenkovic Ivan: i've done a funk rhythm lesson
17:51:10 Milenkovic Ivan: it will be live soon
17:51:15 Tjchep: Ahh
17:51:24 Tjchep: You should seriously consider Andy timmons lesson
17:51:30 Mrblomme: thats why I created my practice log on the forum, to be sure I practice enough
17:51:38 Milenkovic Ivan: thats great man
17:51:43 Milenkovic Ivan: you know what i do?
17:51:59 Milenkovic Ivan: i keep my practice logs in one notebook
17:52:08 Tjchep: I wish I practiced.
17:52:09 Milenkovic Ivan: write my own exercises
17:52:09 Tjchep: smile.gif
17:52:18 Milenkovic Ivan: systems
17:52:22 Tjchep: I just jam.
17:52:35 Milenkovic Ivan: i'll photo one page and send it too you, but it is not good smile.gif
17:52:44 Milenkovic Ivan: scramlbed
17:52:52 Milenkovic Ivan: get a sustem working
17:52:52 Tjchep: what do you log in there?
17:52:58 Tjchep: metronome speed and stuff?
17:53:07 Milenkovic Ivan: everything that i practice
17:53:15 Tjchep: Ahh.
17:53:18 Milenkovic Ivan: all the exercises, speeds
17:53:18 Mrblomme: o thats nice, but with me its more a matter to put it online, then the guys on the forum see that I practice, otherwise I'll forget it and quit the excercises tongue.gif
17:53:25 Mrblomme: ok nice
17:53:46 Tjchep: Ivan, If you got a nice break would you do guitar for a living.
17:53:51 Milenkovic Ivan: well, it is not that big deal to write something like htat really
17:54:00 Milenkovic Ivan: sure why not
17:54:05 Milenkovic Ivan: i allready do that
17:54:08 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:54:12 Mrblomme: I know but i'm pretty lazy at some times smile.gif
17:54:13 Milenkovic Ivan: but maybe in the future who knows
17:54:35 Tjchep: Not meaning to be rude, but i've yet to gig
17:54:44 Tjchep: Do you mind me to ask your average pay is?
17:54:46 Milenkovic Ivan: sorry?
17:54:56 Milenkovic Ivan: well
17:55:12 Mrblomme: I think that depends on where you have to gig
17:55:17 Milenkovic Ivan: i work here on the site and make it pretty decent out of it
17:55:27 Milenkovic Ivan: all my money from gigs goes to the band
17:55:39 Milenkovic Ivan: we keep the money together
17:55:40 Tjchep: Like for records and stuff?
17:55:47 Tjchep: recording*
17:55:51 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah, recordings, traveling expences, gear
17:55:57 Tjchep: Gotcha, good idea
17:55:58 Milenkovic Ivan: wahtevere, music videos
17:56:01 Tjchep: yeah smile.gif
17:56:11 xucphra: You have any music vids?
17:56:18 Milenkovic Ivan: we get along, but not too much money there let me tell you
17:56:26 Tjchep: yeah
17:56:31 Mrblomme: I'm sure you find him on youtube biggrin.gif
17:56:31 Tjchep: but good fun though?
17:56:33 Milenkovic Ivan: no, we are currently working on one, will post it as soon it gets done
17:56:46 Milenkovic Ivan: who?
17:56:55 Mrblomme: O I thought you tongue.gif
17:56:57 Tjchep: hah, I'm sorry for all the questions, but time for dinner
17:57:04 Tjchep: bye guys
17:57:08 Milenkovic Ivan: buy man smile.gif
17:57:18 Mrblomme: earlier on the day I came along Kris on youtube, never knew he was on youtube biggrin.gif
17:57:37 Mrblomme: some free lesson vid tongue.gif
17:57:51 Milenkovic Ivan: kris is cool, crazy guy
17:58:13 Mrblomme: yes idd biggrin.gif I wish I could play like him ...
17:58:16 xucphra: Well I'm to you guys later
17:58:22 Mrblomme: cya wink.gif
17:58:27 Milenkovic Ivan: he made this site, thats quite a thing
17:58:30 Milenkovic Ivan: buyman
17:58:54 Mrblomme: yes idd, the first time I saw the site I allready knew it was great
17:59:17 Milenkovic Ivan: the site is fenomenall
17:59:34 g-forcelover: yep!
17:59:35 Milenkovic Ivan: i had the luck to encounter it
17:59:37 g-forcelover: agreed
17:59:54 Mrblomme: I had to choose between a teacher where I would buy 60 euro's a month (what I did for almost 1 year) and GMC for like 9Euro's ... this is ways beter !
18:00:00 Milenkovic Ivan: i was on some music forums before and boy, thats was terrible let me tell you
18:00:22 g-forcelover: im taking cheap, but good lessons and this site
18:00:25 g-forcelover: it is awsome!
18:00:27 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah man, this IS definatelly better, lot of things to learn and diversitys
18:00:33 g-forcelover: ive made so much proggress
18:00:36 Mrblomme: the same with me, I was googleing and on some moment I came along GMC tongue.gif
18:00:52 Milenkovic Ivan: i came along forum first
18:00:57 Milenkovic Ivan: some topic...
18:01:05 Mrblomme: and you can watch again and again, my teacher wouldnt do that 340times biggrin.gif
18:01:24 Milenkovic Ivan: and begin to read, and read, an read, and then i saw up there video lessons and guitar jobs..
18:01:30 Milenkovic Ivan: the rest is history wink.gif
18:01:38 Mrblomme: thats now a couple of years ago ?
18:01:54 Milenkovic Ivan: haha, no couple of moths ago lol
18:02:05 Mrblomme: oo you're only that long on the site ? biggrin.gif
18:02:15 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah biggrin.gif
18:02:24 Milenkovic Ivan: from november
18:02:30 Mrblomme: didnt know that hehe i'm also only a couple of months here
18:02:33 OrganisedConfusion: hey all
18:02:44 OrganisedConfusion: I've been here all the time but dead busy with coursework
18:02:44 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah, i'm newbie lol
18:02:47 Milenkovic Ivan: hey man
18:02:56 Milenkovic Ivan: wahts cource work
18:02:58 Mrblomme: o i'm here from septembre but I had a few months where I was a little (read a lot) lazy tongue.gif
18:03:02 OrganisedConfusion: Dont you just hate work
18:03:18 Milenkovic Ivan: whats a coursework
18:03:27 OrganisedConfusion: just work for my uni course basically
18:03:39 Mrblomme: you mean homework ?
18:03:40 Milenkovic Ivan: whats that man, i don't understand
18:03:42 OrganisedConfusion: I do Systems Engineering post graduate at university
18:03:51 OrganisedConfusion: yes home work
18:03:58 OrganisedConfusion: but more advanced tongue.gif
18:04:01 drw84215: hey every1
18:04:02 Milenkovic Ivan: ah, i get it
18:04:04 Mrblomme: woho did I win a price ? biggrin.gif
18:04:08 Milenkovic Ivan: something similar here too
18:04:14 Milenkovic Ivan: but i hate
18:04:18 Milenkovic Ivan: i hate school
18:04:20 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
18:04:28 Mrblomme: everebody does tongue.gif
18:04:30 OrganisedConfusion: I've really not been playing enough guitar lately sad.gif
18:04:36 Milenkovic Ivan: it is not too difficult but it takes time
18:04:46 Milenkovic Ivan: I'm sorry to hear that
18:04:56 Milenkovic Ivan: I too get sad when I don't play
18:05:06 OrganisedConfusion: But my band has just found a permanent bassist which is great for us
18:05:15 Milenkovic Ivan: hey thats great man
18:05:15 Mrblomme: just like all things smile.gif if you practice, that can be school or guitar, if you practice you get better otherwise it wont work
18:05:17 OrganisedConfusion: We hadn't a bassist for 4 months
18:05:37 OrganisedConfusion: It makes me a lot more committed to practice now
18:05:38 Milenkovic Ivan: i'm glad for you man
18:05:40 Mrblomme: we dont have a drummer biggrin.gif cant find one lol
18:06:10 OrganisedConfusion: How was Bogdan's birthday celebrations?
18:06:11 Mrblomme: I know 2 drummers and they're all in 4 bands tongue.gif
18:06:34 dango: hi, Ivan, how's your wah pedal? . could you consider to do wah pedal lesson? I am going to get it for myself but i don't know anything about it.
18:06:37 Milenkovic Ivan: great, we played wii
18:06:45 Mrblomme: ooo wii ownz biggrin.gif
18:06:47 Milenkovic Ivan: it was fun, we played guitar hero
18:06:50 OrganisedConfusion: cool. I haven't had a go on one yet
18:06:52 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
18:07:04 OrganisedConfusion: I only just tried guitar hero for first time the other day
18:07:06 Milenkovic Ivan: i did the wah rhythm lesson
18:07:19 Milenkovic Ivan: it will be live in a couple of days i allready uploaded it
18:07:24 Mrblomme: I allready did, but the controller slipped out of my hand into the screen of my friend ...
18:07:31 OrganisedConfusion: cool
18:07:33 Mrblomme: that was pretty bugger biggrin.gif
18:07:39 OrganisedConfusion: I need help with my wah playing
18:07:54 Milenkovic Ivan: i did some fine funky wah chops
18:07:56 OrganisedConfusion: It just sits collecting dust at the minute sad.gif
18:08:03 Milenkovic Ivan: funk is great on wah
18:08:05 OrganisedConfusion: I loved the funk lesson the other say
18:08:08 dango: great
18:08:11 OrganisedConfusion: day even
18:08:14 Milenkovic Ivan: it is not too difficult
18:08:30 Milenkovic Ivan: i'll do one or two more lessons on wah soloing
18:08:40 Mrblomme: great biggrin.gif
18:08:40 Milenkovic Ivan: i have some fine wah chops to show
18:08:42 OrganisedConfusion: smile.gif
18:08:46 Milenkovic Ivan: i like wah pedal
18:08:51 Mrblomme: only bugger that I dont have a wah pedal tongue.gif
18:08:55 Milenkovic Ivan: but i don't use it too often
18:09:01 OrganisedConfusion: I'm really trying to move from just playing predominantly metal
18:09:14 OrganisedConfusion: Want to learn more Funk and Jazz techniques
18:09:26 Mrblomme: I also played a long time only metal, but now I'm more playing blue's etc and rock
18:09:47 Milenkovic Ivan: afk 2mins
18:09:50 OrganisedConfusion: I just started doing my theory grading also so hopefully I will be brushing up on that
18:10:03 dango: Ivan i like your vamp lesson
18:10:07 Mrblomme: usaman welcome biggrin.gif
18:10:14 USAMAN: holy hanna.....
18:10:18 Mrblomme: looks like we meet again biggrin.gif
18:10:19 USAMAN: sup dudes
18:10:39 Mrblomme: everything up and kicking here ^^
18:10:49 USAMAN: yeah...tons of people ....sup peoples
18:11:14 Mrblomme: half of the people don't say a word ^^
18:11:21 USAMAN: trreally
18:11:32 USAMAN: speak damn
18:11:52 USAMAN: *whip*
18:11:54 Mrblomme: biggrin.gif Ivan will be back right away, he's afk for 2 minutes
18:12:01 USAMAN: got ya
18:12:12 Milenkovic Ivan: here i am guys
18:12:14 USAMAN: no amp today.......sadness......not back from repairs
18:12:36 USAMAN: they had to order something for it
18:12:44 USAMAN: more sadness
18:12:59 Mrblomme: you'll have to wait a week , even more sandess tongue.gif
18:13:09 USAMAN: dont say like that
18:13:11 Mrblomme: sadness¨I mean tongue.gif
18:13:11 Milenkovic Ivan: hey man, wahts with the amp
18:13:12 USAMAN: lol
18:13:21 USAMAN: um smoked my triamp
18:13:30 Milenkovic Ivan: how?
18:13:35 USAMAN: reverb stopped working
18:13:35 Mrblomme: smartass biggrin.gif
18:13:43 USAMAN: +
18:13:46 drw84215: hey guys. im new here
18:13:54 USAMAN: i am having it retubed and biased
18:13:54 Milenkovic Ivan: hi man
18:13:57 Mrblomme: welcome drw84...
18:14:02 Milenkovic Ivan: thats cool
18:14:04 USAMAN: to 6l6 powertubes
18:14:09 Milenkovic Ivan: i have only one tube in mine
18:14:13 USAMAN: not a big el34 guy
18:14:14 Milenkovic Ivan: no worries lol
18:14:16 Mrblomme: that'll cost tons of money ? /p
18:14:28 USAMAN: argggggggg
18:14:33 USAMAN: not to bad
18:14:37 drw84215: i just got a vox ad30tv for xmas
18:14:39 drw84215: man it rocks
18:14:48 USAMAN: 140 for tubes....(power only) and bias
18:14:49 drw84215: its got a 6v6 preamp in it i think. im looking it up now
18:14:51 Mrblomme: nice xmas you got man smile.gif
18:15:10 Milenkovic Ivan: is it your first?
18:15:12 USAMAN: repair
18:15:15 drw84215: yea man i made out this year
18:15:16 Mrblomme: I got the korg me 30 metronome from my granny hahah lol
18:15:33 Milenkovic Ivan: thats cool
18:15:38 Milenkovic Ivan: you have a cool granny lol
18:15:47 Milenkovic Ivan: is that the blue one?
18:15:47 USAMAN: all grannys are cool
18:15:49 drw84215: my first amp? no i had a traynor for awhile but it was just to big. sold it and got a bass and amp for it. i was running out of my computer for a bit
18:15:53 Mrblomme: yes indeed haha but my mother told her biggrin.gif
18:16:06 Mrblomme: jup just like the one Kris uses
18:16:17 Milenkovic Ivan: bogdan ahs that too
18:16:26 Milenkovic Ivan: we bought one for our drummer too wink.gif
18:16:27 Mrblomme: its a pretty good one
18:16:31 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah
18:16:39 Milenkovic Ivan: i have a TM-40 Korg
18:16:45 Milenkovic Ivan: its similar only silver
18:16:58 Mrblomme: ooo tongue.gif
18:17:01 Milenkovic Ivan: the same options
18:17:02 drw84215: i ahve a stupid quicktime metronome. i hate it lol
18:17:24 USAMAN: I've been using my x3 for recording....Ivan slammed my recording tone...i was drinking the night i recorded that was a really bad take
18:17:30 USAMAN: lol
18:17:35 Mrblomme: my opinion is, if you can set the bpm like you wish, a metronome is and stays a metronome biggrin.gif
18:18:00 Milenkovic Ivan: no problem man
18:18:00 Mrblomme: it says tuut or beep so tongue.gif
18:18:14 Milenkovic Ivan: i can get a little serious when commenting thsoe
18:18:18 USAMAN: it still hurts .....
18:18:20 USAMAN: lol
18:18:20 Milenkovic Ivan: but its all relative
18:18:24 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
18:18:30 USAMAN: np
18:18:34 Mrblomme: tongue.gif
18:18:36 USAMAN: it did sound super shitty
18:18:47 Milenkovic Ivan: try more next time wink.gif
18:18:52 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
18:18:56 USAMAN: i listened to it the next day and was bummed that i posted it
18:19:08 OrganisedConfusion: I tend to use the metronome on but I do have a metronome for when I'm elsewhere away from PC
18:19:10 Milenkovic Ivan: wow, you were that drunk> wink.gif
18:19:29 USAMAN: i just did bogdons rnr one else has uploaded anything yet
18:19:35 OrganisedConfusion: I daren't post anything lol as it would sound terrible
18:19:47 Milenkovic Ivan: hey he told me
18:19:52 Milenkovic Ivan: he said you did great
18:19:52 Mrblomme: idem ditto here biggrin.gif
18:19:57 USAMAN: its a really cool track to play over
18:20:05 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah, little long though...
18:20:10 Milenkovic Ivan: i told him that
18:20:12 USAMAN: he did a great job ...thats some really fun stuff
18:20:22 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah, rockabilly is very fun
18:20:42 USAMAN: i could play over that stuff for hours
18:21:07 Milenkovic Ivan: everybody can, thats the beauty of it
18:21:13 Mrblomme: *meow*
18:21:18 Mrblomme: sorry about that ^^
18:21:22 drw84215: wtf
18:21:28 drw84215: scared me lol
18:21:38 USAMAN: *slap*
18:21:40 Mrblomme: lol Evil Kitty tongue.gif
18:21:46 drw84215: ha ha i didnt no u could do that stuff
18:21:52 USAMAN: they are all evil
18:21:58 drw84215: wow
18:22:06 drw84215: this chat is so much better then the other site iv been on
18:22:31 USAMAN: there are some cool dudes on this site...and very talented
18:22:34 Mrblomme: the only minor point is that most of the time there is nobody online lol
18:22:39 OrganisedConfusion: I don't know who designs all of GMC's functionality but they deserve an award lol
18:22:48 drw84215: hmm i see
18:22:54 Milenkovic Ivan: well, guys, i'm off to bed
18:22:55 drw84215: i was using for a few monhts
18:22:59 drw84215: but i left
18:23:01 Milenkovic Ivan: see you tomorrow on the forum
18:23:04 Milenkovic Ivan: buy
18:23:05 USAMAN: y
18:23:10 Mrblomme: ok Ivan Bye wink.gif
18:23:14 drw84215: bb
18:23:17 drw84215: it was to limeted
18:23:41 drw84215: the info on there was pretty good but it stoped after like pentotonic scales
18:23:52 Mrblomme: I'm also to bed, its 12:30PM here and I have to get up at 6AM for school tongue.gif
18:23:56 Mrblomme: bye guys
18:23:59 drw84215: then one day i found this. and its so much better
18:24:00 drw84215: bb
18:26:04 USAMAN: im not sure but i think ivan slammed me again.......:|
18:26:20 g-forcelover: i got to go!
18:26:25 g-forcelover: siya guy!
18:26:28 USAMAN: later
18:26:35 g-forcelover: (guys and girls)
18:26:44 USAMAN: peace
18:38:39 chast: oh
18:38:43 chast: its empty now sad.gif
18:38:51 chast: *slap*
18:39:07 stratman33: whats up
18:39:16 chast: just gamed a bit
18:39:44 stratman33: just beat rock band solo guitar on expert smile.gif
18:40:12 Dejan: oh it cleared up a bit smile.gif
18:40:20 Dejan: it was too crowdy biggrin.gif
18:40:23 chast: biggrin.gif
18:40:43 stratman33: ya i came in a couple hours ago and there was like 15 people blink.gif
18:41:14 stratman33: when you tried to ask something no one would answer because of to many people typing
18:42:05 Dejan: i'll be here for another half an hour
18:42:39 stratman33: oh... im waiting for leedbreak to log on so we can make more progress in valley soldiers
18:43:11 Dejan: some online game?
18:43:24 chast: no
18:43:28 chast: its their virtual band smile.gif
18:43:42 stratman33: no valley soldiers is the virtual band im in
18:43:48 Dejan: a virtual band?
18:43:55 Dejan: how does it work
18:43:57 chast: dont you know that project ? biggrin.gif
18:44:06 Dejan: nope
18:44:09 chast:
18:44:12 chast: here you are smile.gif
18:44:15 stratman33: you know...the virtual band project?it has its own subforum
18:44:28 stratman33: oh chast gave the link smile.gif
18:45:07 stratman33: i didnt know about it for a while either because i wasnt really into the collaborations
18:45:43 stratman33: hey usaman!
18:45:46 Dejan: didn't know about it smile.gif
18:45:53 stratman33: its really cool!
18:46:02 USAMAN: lol
18:46:06 USAMAN: howdy
18:46:11 stratman33: hey
18:46:30 Dejan: i see smile.gif
18:46:37 Dejan: hi usaman
18:46:53 USAMAN: How ya doing....stuffs face full of food.......
18:47:06 stratman33: you in one of the bands chast?
18:47:09 Dejan: i think i'll try some collaborations when i got time
18:47:19 chast: yeah, but i have some recording issues sad.gif
18:47:28 chast: in the cover bangas
18:47:31 Dejan: what king
18:47:38 Dejan: kind*
18:47:50 stratman33: me to, the only way i can record is playing while my computer picks up the sound
18:47:59 chast: im too lazy to explain it all now
18:48:10 USAMAN: you need software?
18:48:20 stratman33: no i have audacity
18:48:48 USAMAN: k
18:49:00 USAMAN: stuffs face full of more food................
18:49:07 USAMAN: beer mmmmmmmmmmmm
18:49:30 stratman33: i can record, but the quality sucks cuz none of my stuff can hook directly into my computer
18:49:32 USAMAN: done now....burpppppppppppppppppppp
18:49:47 USAMAN: using microphones....?
18:50:19 stratman33: how could that help the sound quality....?
18:50:24 USAMAN: i have recorded directly into my sound card and had pretty good results
18:50:47 stratman33: well my entire set of gear sucks so that could be the problem
18:51:23 USAMAN: buya korg pandora.....
18:51:39 USAMAN: they are cool
18:51:45 stratman33: im saving for a new guitar so....that would have to wait sad.gif
18:51:50 USAMAN: got ya
18:52:01 USAMAN: what ya got your eye on for a new guitar
18:52:12 USAMAN: anything special
18:52:19 USAMAN: ?
18:52:29 stratman33: some ESP'S fender strat, some ibanez RG lower end...
18:52:48 USAMAN: got ya
18:53:11 USAMAN: the ibanez s series with the zr trem is a dang fine instrument
18:53:19 stratman33: cant be to much, im only 13 afterall wink.gif
18:53:23 USAMAN: i see
18:53:45 USAMAN: beg parents....
18:53:53 USAMAN: Pleeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeee
18:54:08 stratman33: nah i dont want to get on their bad side.... wink.gif
18:54:17 USAMAN: hehe
18:54:23 USAMAN: cool man
18:54:43 USAMAN: its good that your willing to work for what you want.....bravo
18:54:54 stratman33: thanks
18:55:24 USAMAN: personally ...i begged at 13......didnt work......worked...bought my own
18:55:46 stratman33: but even saving for a $300 would take me a reeeeeeeeaaalllllyy long time
18:55:53 USAMAN: yeah
18:56:02 USAMAN: i know what your saying
18:56:30 USAMAN: cut grass.....shovel snow
18:56:41 USAMAN: it works
18:56:48 USAMAN: worked for me
18:56:52 stratman33: i do...but i dont get paid much
18:56:58 Dejan: gotta go guys, bye smile.gif
18:57:02 stratman33: see ya
18:57:02 USAMAN: cut my grass
18:57:04 chast: bye smile.gif
18:57:09 USAMAN: ill hook ya up
18:57:14 stratman33: ha i live in micigan
18:57:20 stratman33: *michigan
18:57:22 USAMAN: just head for minnesota
18:57:27 stratman33: lol
18:57:35 USAMAN: paper route
18:57:37 USAMAN: ?
18:57:42 stratman33: id end losing money after paying for the flight lol
18:57:49 USAMAN: yeah
18:58:03 USAMAN: ive been to the U/P
18:58:14 stratman33: u ever been to mackinac?
18:58:15 USAMAN: snowmobile trip
18:58:20 USAMAN: near
18:58:25 USAMAN: not in
18:58:29 USAMAN: or to
18:58:29 stratman33: the fudge is great
18:58:42 USAMAN: i was in ironwood and hearley
18:58:46 USAMAN: then south
18:58:48 stratman33: riding around the island is fun......
18:58:59 USAMAN: so i sister went there
18:59:10 USAMAN: several years ago
18:59:15 stratman33: cool
18:59:42 stratman33: i live in the LP so you've never been near my area
18:59:46 USAMAN: its tough to make $ when you young
19:00:06 stratman33: ya and discouraging when all you guys show the guitars you get...
19:00:08 USAMAN: a couple years and you can get a job
19:00:15 stratman33: true
19:00:22 USAMAN: i wont talk about mine then
19:00:25 USAMAN: im old
19:00:28 USAMAN: older
19:00:47 USAMAN: ive been collecting for a few years
19:00:51 stratman33: hey mackietao
19:01:04 USAMAN: lot of traffic tonight
19:01:28 stratman33: never much traffic around here...pretty small town i live in
19:01:46 USAMAN: I mean on the forum/ chat
19:01:52 stratman33: ohhhhhhhhhh lol
19:01:56 USAMAN: hehe
19:01:58 Mackietao: hi! =)
19:02:04 USAMAN: hey!
19:02:10 stratman33: hey!
19:02:18 USAMAN: HEY!
19:02:25 stratman33: last time you were in the chat you didnt say a word wink.gif
19:02:33 USAMAN: who?
19:02:34 Mackietao: See I missed a chat gathering while working :/
19:02:50 USAMAN: i always hog the screen
19:02:59 USAMAN: im a motor mouth
19:03:04 stratman33: nah we've been back and forth
19:03:10 stratman33: back
19:03:12 stratman33: and
19:03:14 stratman33: forth
19:03:28 Mackietao: you guys drunk? xD
19:03:36 USAMAN: lol
19:03:39 USAMAN: no
19:03:41 stratman33: id go to juvy wink.gif
19:03:44 USAMAN: i had one beer and he is 13
19:03:57 USAMAN: lol
19:04:07 Mackietao: Name kind of implies 33 though biggrin.gif
19:04:21 stratman33: that was my football number lol
19:04:26 USAMAN: yes it does.....what you trying to pull stratman
19:04:30 Mackietao: alright =)
19:04:42 stratman33: and basketball number
19:04:44 Mackietao: pull some strings I bet
19:04:45 USAMAN: its like a fake id
19:05:25 USAMAN: where ya from mack
19:05:35 Mackietao: swedeb
19:05:38 Mackietao: sweden... =)
19:05:46 USAMAN: home of the saab
19:05:52 stratman33: dang it gottta go write a freakin essay sad.gif might be back on later tho c yaaaa
19:05:58 USAMAN: and jets
19:06:05 USAMAN: later dude
19:06:09 stratman33: c ya guys
19:06:37 Mackietao: yeah smile.gif something like that
19:06:43 USAMAN: the griffen isnt it
19:06:51 USAMAN: in
19:06:56 USAMAN: griffin
19:07:08 Mackietao: That might be the american name for it.. yes... Swedish it is.. "jas 39 Gripen"
19:07:17 Mackietao: I think
19:07:22 USAMAN: there ya my bad memory
19:07:40 USAMAN: what does gripen mean
19:07:49 USAMAN: does it translate
19:08:07 USAMAN: i like aviation
19:08:18 Mackietao: as an adjective I think it´s some kind of bird...
19:08:19 USAMAN: always have
19:08:38 Mackietao: I meant substantive
19:08:53 USAMAN: got ya
19:09:04 USAMAN: practicing any lessons?
19:09:04 Mackietao: and in verb it means "arrested".. haha
19:09:18 USAMAN: probably for speeding
19:09:21 Mackietao: nah, just got home from work.. going to sleep in a few minutes
19:09:32 USAMAN: i gotta go soon 21
19:09:34 USAMAN: 2
19:09:43 USAMAN: nice talking w/ya
19:09:48 USAMAN: see ya round
19:09:50 Mackietao: Thx, u2 smile.gif
19:09:55 USAMAN: peace
19:09:58 USAMAN: im out
19:10:01 Mackietao: peace man
19:10:57 chast: im going to game a bit
19:11:03 chast: cu smile.gif
19:27:06 xucphra: Is there anybody there?
19:38:38 xucphra: :?
19:44:00 xucphra: eh this is boring =[
19:51:03 xucphra: sad.gif sad.gif
19:55:20 xucphra: anyone home?

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