Guitar Chat - Instructors And Students gathering. 2008-01-15
Jan 16 2008, 09:45 AM
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04:44:36 Mark.: Ey anyone here?
16:06:40 Bogdan: Hello supersize ! wink.gif
16:07:24 superize: hello and my name is Superize
16:07:45 Bogdan: hhahaha sorry man
16:07:45 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:07:56 superize: its cool
16:08:08 Bogdan: whats up ? where are u from ?
16:08:10 Milenkovic Ivan: hi , man
16:08:45 superize: I am from Northen Sweden
16:09:59 Bogdan: nice... wink.gif We are making here a little Gathering , soon other instructors will join ...and hopefuly a lot of members wink.gif
16:10:14 superize: that sounds cool
16:10:27 superize: I have never been in the chatroom before
16:11:17 Bogdan: well its very fun when it get crowded with people wink.gif
16:11:41 Bogdan: Hello Owen! wink.gif
16:11:57 superize: hi owen
16:12:10 Owen: hey!
16:12:34 Muris: evening smile.gif
16:12:41 Bogdan: Oh nice people are coming in already wink.gif
16:12:46 Owen: tongue.gif
16:12:48 Muris: crap
16:12:54 Bogdan: hello Muris !! wink.gif How was your recording session wink.gif
16:12:59 Muris: and so I finally broke my chair LOL
16:13:02 Owen: recording session???
16:13:04 Owen: tongue.gif
16:13:06 Muris: I used to lay down on it
16:13:10 Muris: watching movies
16:13:17 Muris: now it's gonne LOL
16:13:20 Bogdan: I broke my chair too few days before
16:13:28 Muris: this is my 3rd
16:13:29 Muris: LOL
16:13:31 Bogdan: but I just broke the left hand rest
16:13:36 Robin: hi
16:13:46 Bogdan: so its easier to play in it now wink.gif
16:13:51 Muris: I broke main stand everytime wink.gif
16:13:55 Bogdan: hello Robin , whats up wink.gif
16:14:15 Robin: hey, not much really tongue.gif
16:14:34 Muris: nice crowd so far
16:14:34 Robin: hi guys
16:14:39 Muris: hi there smile.gif
16:14:41 superize: hi
16:14:53 botoxfox: h e l l o
16:14:54 coffeeman: hi there
16:14:58 Hemlok: hello folks
16:15:01 Muris: brb
16:15:08 Bogdan: Hello Botoxfox and Ceffeeman!!!
16:15:09 Fran: Hi all
16:15:09 Bondy: Hiya guys
16:15:09 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:15:19 Bogdan: hello fran and Bondy wink.gif
16:15:31 coffeeman: hi bogdan whats up ?
16:16:07 Bondy: not a lot just thrased the wife at wii tennis so she is going to bed LOL
16:16:17 Bogdan: Just chiling out here , been buzzing whole day now its time to relax wink.gif
16:16:34 Bogdan: ehhehe Bondy I have the wii too. ..its sooooooooo fun
16:16:35 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:17:14 Bondy: yeah just got the winter sports and play metroid prime aswell
16:17:34 Muris: sorry,had to take new chair
16:17:44 Bondy: HUH
16:17:46 Muris: hey Bondy,great pictures LOL
16:18:00 Bondy: LOL kris loved his thought he would hate it
16:18:06 Muris: you made my day last night
16:18:13 Muris: was laughing for hours
16:18:28 Bondy: You made mine buy saying you like it so were even
16:18:36 Muris: ok wink.gif
16:18:43 Bondy: Just done one of andrew
16:18:57 Bondy: Hi matt
16:19:01 Muris: hey Matt,welcome in smile.gif
16:19:04 mattacuk: hello everyone biggrin.gif
16:19:13 Bogdan: hello Matt!
16:19:18 coffeeman: hi matt
16:19:24 Fran: Hi Matt
16:19:30 Muris: lol what is Andrew's? lol
16:19:33 mattacuk: hello my good friends, how lovely to "see" you all
16:19:49 Bondy: the godfather except i called him the forumfather
16:20:03 Muris: try theoryfather
16:20:05 Muris: lol
16:20:15 Bogdan: make one with me Bondy wink.gif
16:20:34 Muris: Bondy takes requests right now so shoot
16:20:35 Muris: wink.gif
16:20:40 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:20:45 Bondy: Anything in particular
16:20:49 Muris: lol
16:20:56 mattacuk: Muris can i ask you a musical question please ? smile.gif
16:21:13 Muris: you can ask everything you want Matt smile.gif
16:21:16 coffeeman: hey what time is in europe right now ?
16:21:18 mattacuk: excellent ok
16:21:24 Fran: 22:21
16:21:26 Muris: 10;20pm here
16:21:28 Bondy: 9;21 here
16:21:34 Bogdan: 22:21 pm here
16:21:34 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:21:38 superize: 22.21 here
16:21:48 mattacuk: well at the moment, well for the past year I have been practicing pretty much always exercises, shred exercises
16:21:50 Bogdan: where are u from cofeeman ?
16:22:04 Muris: Hi Chris,go ahead Matt
16:22:05 coffeeman: im from Colombia , South America
16:22:08 Bondy: Smelly belly hows it hanging
16:22:16 Bogdan: wow thats great ! wink.gif
16:22:22 Fran: cool
16:22:37 Milenkovic Ivan: hey guys whats up
16:22:44 Bondy: Hi Ivan
16:22:49 superize: hi
16:22:50 Fran: Hi Ivan, nice job on the collab
16:22:58 mattacuk: and although i want to be a versitle player, I only concentrate on shred exercises! and i was wondering if this is ok for now
16:23:00 Milenkovic Ivan: thanks man smile.gif it was my plesaure
16:23:02 coffeeman: this is an amazing country , and we have the biggest rock festival in latin america u should come one time with your band
16:23:14 Muris: I guess it's ok Matt
16:23:20 Milenkovic Ivan: whats going on here
16:23:26 Muris: I practiced mostly shredy stuff at the beginning
16:23:29 mattacuk: i want to branch out into more styles for sure
16:23:33 Muris: then I expanded my views
16:23:34 Bogdan: that would be great coffeeman wink.gif
16:23:37 Muris: it comes with time
16:23:38 Milenkovic Ivan: hey muris nice jazz lesson man
16:23:42 Milenkovic Ivan: really like the chords
16:23:44 Muris: thanks Ivan L(
16:23:47 Muris: smile.gif
16:23:48 Muris: *
16:23:48 Bondy: Smelly belly hows it hanging
16:23:57 mattacuk: but i fugure if i master shred and various timeings this is a great foundation for me
16:23:58 Smells: AA AAAA AAA, soz chaps had a few probs getting in there
16:24:17 Muris: absolutely Matt,technique is always well needed
16:24:21 Bogdan: anyone here interested in doing my RNR collab , I can make more slots wink.gif
16:24:28 Muris: just don't lock yourself into it
16:24:31 mattacuk: thats good!! my technique is really comeing on nice,
16:24:37 Muris: and it's ggod you wanna try different styles
16:24:37 Bondy: Bogdan got any pics ya can send me and i will have ago
16:24:46 Muris: shows that you're not locked smile.gif
16:24:46 Milenkovic Ivan: no adverts here Bole tongue.gif
16:24:47 coffeeman: sure bogdan im in
16:25:25 Bogdan: thanks check it out in the collabs forum wink.gif
16:25:39 Bogdan: I'm waiting for your take Ivan wink.gif
16:25:40 Bogdan: heheeh
16:25:50 Bogdan: Bondy , just a sec
16:26:09 mattacuk: ohhh i figured out my pandora save function HAHAHA
16:26:22 Muris: yeah!!
16:26:29 mattacuk: how cool am I
16:26:34 Milenkovic Ivan: I'll do the take a love rock'n'roll
16:26:37 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
16:26:39 Muris: you're way too cool wink.gif
16:26:39 mattacuk: (not very)
16:27:02 Muris: you tried metronome Matt?
16:27:04 Muris: good one
16:27:23 mattacuk: i have, infact i dont use my "normal" korg metronome any more
16:27:32 mattacuk: i just use the one on the pandora!
16:27:32 Owen: quick question to all the instructors in the room, how much value and effort do you think its worth to place into learning musical theory?
16:27:38 Muris: just plug your headphones and go
16:27:43 Owen: tongue.gif
16:27:47 mattacuk: i have it pluged into my pc soundcard biggrin.gif
16:27:53 mattacuk: the sound is just awsome
16:27:56 Muris: no tomatos from neighbors
16:27:59 Muris: lol
16:28:07 Bondy: sorry the wife was bending my ear then missed most of that
16:28:14 Muris: lol
16:28:21 mattacuk: I have been doing your single string workout and speedburst lesson 2 hours a day to my pandora metronome
16:28:25 Muris: Bondy,how old are you?
16:28:42 Muris: that's great Matt
16:28:55 Muris: I guess you're trying in different tempos wink.gif
16:29:07 mattacuk: i am building myself up yes!
16:29:23 Smells: are we gunna see u take part in some collabs soon Matt?
16:29:34 mattacuk: i have been very careful not to rush speed burst, its paid off with nice clean runs
16:29:37 Bondy: 31
16:29:44 mattacuk: Smells i hope so smells yes !:D
16:29:47 Muris: ohh yeah,Matt has been missing from collabs wink.gif
16:29:49 Smells: cool
16:30:04 mattacuk: whens the next one? i should pay more attention
16:30:16 Owen: Chris, what do you smell of? lol
16:30:18 Smells: theres been a lot just recently
16:30:20 Milenkovic Ivan: I'm building new funky collab soon
16:30:27 Smells: lol, dont ask m8
16:30:32 mattacuk: Milenkovic Ivan thats cause your the funk master!
16:30:40 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
16:30:56 Milenkovic Ivan: funk is great, we can all play it
16:30:56 coffeeman: I love collabs
16:31:10 mattacuk: i still dont have a wah, i cant belive it
16:31:20 coffeeman: participating in collabs messures what you have learned , I think
16:31:31 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah sure
16:31:40 Milenkovic Ivan: i like listening to the sound too
16:31:43 Smells: I agree, makes you push yourself a little harder to imo
16:31:50 Muris: you know what makes me sad guys?
16:31:57 Milenkovic Ivan: what?
16:31:59 mattacuk: Muris Britney ?
16:32:03 Milenkovic Ivan: not playing?
16:32:04 coffeeman: I will participate in ur next funk collab Ivan , and I hope i can make it better tha the first
16:32:07 Muris: lol
16:32:12 mattacuk: lol
16:32:21 Muris: well yeah,Britney among that wink.gif
16:32:33 Muris: I don't have any takes when I was beginner
16:32:42 coffeeman: biggrin.gif
16:32:44 Muris: no recordings
16:32:48 Muris: really
16:32:55 Milenkovic Ivan: for how long?
16:32:55 Muris: I wish to hear that so bad
16:32:58 coffeeman: me neither
16:33:01 Smells: maybe you could do an I nthe style of Muris learning
16:33:01 superize: thats to bad it would be fun to hear Muris
16:33:02 Muris: loser 100%
16:33:03 Muris: lol
16:33:06 mattacuk: i have some tongue.gif
16:33:07 Owen: In a years time I hope I can come back and look t all the rubbish I've done and just laugh
16:33:09 Milenkovic Ivan: laugh.gif
16:33:11 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
16:33:14 Owen: tongue.gif
16:33:21 Bondy: Thats great Bogdan will have go with them
16:33:23 Fran: LOL
16:33:27 coffeeman: ahhhhh im still a beginner , no problem I can still record them
16:33:31 Milenkovic Ivan: I had one recording playing acoustics from 1999 it was
16:33:40 Muris: but it's great to record all the time
16:33:45 Milenkovic Ivan: playing some Riblja Corba, you know it Muris I guess
16:33:49 Muris: specially if you're at beginner stage
16:33:54 Muris: to follow progress etc
16:33:56 Muris: awesome
16:33:57 Milenkovic Ivan: i lost it man sad.gif
16:34:04 Fran: that's why I'm recording a lot lately, to listen to them in one year time and see if I improve... Maybe it's nota good idead after all smile.gif
16:34:13 Milenkovic Ivan: i would give anything for that, we were playing dva dinara druze
16:34:15 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
16:34:17 Muris: dok sjedim za sankom...? wink.gif
16:34:21 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
16:34:30 coffeeman: I have a recording I made with my first band in 1994 , its just awesome(horrible)
16:34:45 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
16:34:48 Muris: awesome-horrible wink.gif
16:34:52 superize: i am going to buy some recording stuff and then i will start record alot more and who knows maybe participate in som colloborations
16:35:04 Milenkovic Ivan: i should post some of my black magic woman covers form back then
16:35:09 Milenkovic Ivan: is still have those
16:35:14 Bogdan: you should do that superize !
16:35:14 mattacuk: i still havent recorded anything of my pandora
16:35:15 coffeeman: it is awesome to have it but it sounds horrible
16:35:19 mattacuk: im a recording nooob
16:35:23 Owen: how many years had you guys been playing guitar before you had your first gig?
16:35:26 Muris: Iahh cmon Matt
16:35:34 Muris: you got proper cable?
16:35:38 mattacuk: i do!
16:35:47 Muris: so,what are you aiting for????
16:35:49 mattacuk: and soundcard
16:35:51 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
16:35:54 Muris: waiting* lol
16:36:01 mattacuk: well im not sure what package to use or how to use it tongue.gif
16:36:02 Milenkovic Ivan: waiting for batter days...
16:36:07 Owen: sad.gif
16:36:08 Muris: I see
16:36:16 Muris: still you can use integral one
16:36:20 Muris: in a meanwhile
16:36:23 mattacuk: cubase is it? cubasis? i get confused lol
16:36:27 Milenkovic Ivan: jsut plug it in the line in
16:36:30 Milenkovic Ivan: cubase
16:36:30 Muris: Reaper is fine
16:36:35 Muris: free tho
16:36:41 mattacuk: reaper it is then
16:36:48 coffeeman: reaper is awesome , I use it every day
16:36:52 Bogdan: yeah you don't need anything special its not hard to learn
16:36:54 Muris: yeah,really works fine
16:37:06 Milenkovic Ivan: making music on a computer is fun
16:37:08 mattacuk: i have reaper installed actually, it looks a bit daungting when i open it up
16:37:16 Fran: Yes reaper is easy, I started using it a few days ago
16:37:18 Bogdan: just conect the cables and hit that red button wink.gif
16:37:18 Bondy: i used reaper to record some vocal very easy to use even i worked that out
16:37:36 Milenkovic Ivan: i checked out some video tutorials for cubase and now know everything
16:37:38 Smells: and you got the reaper section in the forums
16:37:39 mattacuk: i think we have some lessons on reaper on the forum dont we, i should look
16:37:44 Milenkovic Ivan: nuendo too, they are the same
16:37:44 Muris: David my bro!!!!!!
16:37:46 Bogdan: Hello Wallimann
16:37:49 Fran: Give it a try Matt, looks scary but it's easy at least to record a few tracks
16:37:49 Smells: Hi david
16:37:50 Bondy: hiya walli
16:37:52 Milenkovic Ivan: these video tuts have helped me a lot
16:37:53 Wallimann: Hi guys!!
16:37:53 mattacuk: hi David!
16:37:56 Milenkovic Ivan: hey Walli!
16:38:01 mattacuk: Fran cool smile.gif
16:38:06 coffeeman: check the recording lessons from tony , he explains how to use reaper
16:38:10 coffeeman: Hi David
16:38:16 Muris: in coffe shop again mate?
16:38:17 superize: wink.gif Hi David
16:38:25 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:38:28 Wallimann: No, got back home :-)
16:38:32 mattacuk: coffeeman will do smile.gif
16:38:34 Muris: home sweet home smile.gif
16:38:36 Wallimann: Working on next lesson
16:38:41 Muris: great!!
16:38:45 coffeeman: David I posted aquestion for you today , in your forum did you see it ?
16:38:46 Milenkovic Ivan: whats the lesson
16:38:56 Wallimann: Didn't see it
16:39:05 coffeeman: please another modulation lesson , David
16:39:17 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah that one is great
16:39:23 Wallimann: Lesson is on creating a melody over extended chords
16:39:23 Fran: Oh look at the clock! I'll go practice a while before it's too late and the neighbours kill me!, see you later guys
16:39:34 Bogdan: we have some coffie shops with wi fi access here wink.gif I'm sure its a lot of fun to work from there wink.gif
16:39:36 coffeeman: bye Fran
16:39:39 Muris: take headphones,as I do!!!!!!!
16:39:43 mattacuk: on the subject of recording
16:39:43 Muris: lol
16:39:56 mattacuk: i would like video as well a audio....
16:39:56 Fran: I'll have to in a while, for sure smile.gif
16:40:02 Muris: ok wink.gif
16:40:07 Fran: laters
16:40:11 Smells: cya fran
16:40:13 Muris: bye Fran
16:40:14 superize: headphones are really good to have when practising
16:40:14 coffeeman: yes matt that would be great to learn
16:40:18 Bogdan: see ya fran
16:40:32 Muris: tel sec
16:40:44 mattacuk: is it a case of mixing your recording with a video in movie maker?
16:41:19 Bondy: guys just gonna use photoshop for a minute please forgive me if i dont answer straight away
16:41:51 Bogdan: what are u trying to do matt ? record video and audio simultaniously ?
16:41:51 Milenkovic Ivan: especially when practising some songs wink.gif
16:41:57 Milenkovic Ivan: and need to puch pedals
16:42:19 mattacuk: Bogdan id like to record my lesson progress like you instructor record lessons smile.gif
16:42:21 Milenkovic Ivan: her can record it in two different apps
16:42:38 Bogdan: hmm you can do it by web cam ?
16:42:42 Milenkovic Ivan: you wanna record video?
16:42:47 Milenkovic Ivan: do you have a cam
16:42:49 mattacuk: well i have a good camera
16:42:52 coffeeman: why dont you record it directly to ur cam ?
16:42:57 mattacuk: so i can record video
16:43:02 Milenkovic Ivan: if it is a digital cam you can record video
16:43:05 mattacuk: but its a photo camera,
16:43:08 Milenkovic Ivan: just plug it in firewire port
16:43:11 Smells: you can use movie maker to do both at the same time, if you choose stereo mix in audio options, it`ll record the backing and your guitar from the line in
16:43:20 mattacuk: sadly it doesnt have any ports you see
16:43:27 Bogdan: hmm matt
16:43:34 mattacuk: Smells that sounds good
16:43:36 Bogdan: you can do it like smells said
16:43:38 Milenkovic Ivan: if it doesen't have an firewire option you'll be needing a tvtuner card
16:43:41 mattacuk: ahhh yes
16:43:45 Bogdan: choose your camera as video source
16:43:52 coffeeman: record your videos directly to ur cam, an upload them to your PC
16:43:53 Bogdan: or buy a cheap webcam
16:43:58 Milenkovic Ivan: he can't choose it because the cam is not firewire
16:44:10 Smikey2006: woot people smile.gif
16:44:14 Milenkovic Ivan: does the cam has ANY outs at all?
16:44:15 Smells: cheap webcam is the best option matt
16:44:19 Bogdan: and connect your guitar to mulitfx and through it to sound cards line in
16:44:20 Smells: hi smikey
16:44:26 mattacuk: Milenkovic Ivan it dosent im afraid
16:44:27 fatb0t: Try to get something over 30FPS
16:44:31 Bogdan: hello Smikey
16:44:44 Milenkovic Ivan: well, you'll be needing something that you can connect to PC
16:44:48 mattacuk: well i do have a webcam too
16:44:53 Bogdan: than you will just choose video and audio sources in movie maker
16:44:55 mattacuk: for chatting to friends
16:44:57 Milenkovic Ivan: try soem new megapixel webcams they can do the job
16:45:05 mattacuk: =awsome
16:45:15 Milenkovic Ivan: ordinary webcams have small resolution and a poor framerate
16:45:20 Wallimann: What's the latest lesson you've done folk?
16:45:24 mattacuk: Milenkovic Ivan i think mines quite good
16:45:31 Milenkovic Ivan: im doina asinging lesson smile.gif
16:45:36 Milenkovic Ivan: with a friend
16:45:38 Bogdan: i remember recording something in movie maker and it looked awsome ...gone through web cam
16:45:44 Wallimann: Wow! Interesting!
16:45:54 mattacuk: well this could be my solution !!
16:46:08 Milenkovic Ivan: ive done a blues for beginners, i need to UL it
16:46:15 fatb0t: nice man
16:46:17 fatb0t: I'm stoked for that
16:46:17 Bogdan: yeah try it out ..just need to setup sources for video and audio and your good to go
16:46:19 Milenkovic Ivan: next one is some funky s**t man! smile.gif
16:46:42 mattacuk: Bogdan thankyou i will do that !:)
16:46:55 Wallimann: Excellent
16:47:19 Milenkovic Ivan: wanna do soem fusion stuff, but i hate preparing it
16:47:26 Milenkovic Ivan: cant learn it by hearth <(
16:47:28 Milenkovic Ivan: sad.gif
16:47:50 Bogdan: no pain no gain wink.gif
16:48:24 Wallimann: I know exactly what you mean Ivan
16:48:47 fatb0t: How do you load VSTs into reaper to make cool backing tracks?
16:48:54 Bogdan: its so great to see so many members in a chat room , we will be doing this gatherings now on regular basis I think wink.gif
16:49:06 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah this is great
16:49:19 Milenkovic Ivan: chat has really came alive thanks to you Bole smile.gif
16:49:27 Milenkovic Ivan: respect
16:49:52 Bogdan: fatbot I think you do ...what do you want to make , drum tracks ? Bass tracks ?
16:50:02 Bogdan: thanks Ivan wink.gif
16:50:20 mattacuk: hey guys, im getting bored with my current selection of pentatonic licks, i want some more for my bag of tricks, any lesson suggestions?
16:50:33 Smells: just leaving for a bit, maybe back in while catch ya later guys
16:50:42 mattacuk: by smells! miss you wub.gif
16:50:43 Bogdan: murisis chicken picking lesson wink.gif
16:50:51 fatb0t: Matt marcus utilizes the pentatonic scale in interesting ways I find
16:50:56 Smells: mattacuk lol
16:51:00 Bogdan: see ya Smells ! wink.gif
16:51:03 mattacuk: wink.gif
16:51:24 Muris: back ,sorry smile.gif
16:51:43 coffeeman: David Walliman has a couple of great pentatonic lessons
16:51:52 mattacuk: cool thanks !!
16:52:00 mattacuk: i just want some extra ideas
16:52:01 fatb0t: oh yeah I snatched up a bunch of Davids licks haha
16:52:02 Wallimann: Thanks man
16:52:15 fatb0t: I especially like his Dorian pentatonics
16:52:16 Wallimann: I need lesson ideas guys
16:52:18 fatb0t: a little differnt
16:52:22 Wallimann: any requests?
16:52:31 Milenkovic Ivan: some interval using maybe?
16:52:35 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
16:52:38 coffeeman: another striani modulation lesson David
16:52:49 mattacuk: David i liked that wholetone lesson you did, reminds me of a certain favorite player of mine
16:52:51 Milenkovic Ivan: modes, ordinary workouts
16:53:00 fatb0t: David do you have any riffing lessons, for instance just teaching rhythm and such?
16:53:04 superize: i would like to have a lesson on hove to create a good backing
16:53:09 Muris: we want modes,we want modes!!! smile.gif
16:53:10 coffeeman: Im close to nail the first satriani lesson I will post a video in a few days so you can correct me
16:53:16 Wallimann: Metal prog rythm section coming up soon
16:53:20 fatb0t: ohhh sweet
16:53:23 Milenkovic Ivan: thats cool!
16:53:26 fatb0t: I love your 7 String lesson
16:53:33 superize: that sounds cool
16:53:35 Bondy: Bogdan your gonna wet yourself when ya see this
16:53:36 coffeeman: yes modes please
16:53:36 Milenkovic Ivan: dz dz dz dzzd dzzddzz zd zd zdzd prog metal smile.gif
16:53:42 fatb0t: Dudes I got a question, you know how Pavel says he doesn't use modes?
16:53:48 Bogdan: ahahahhahah great wink.gif
16:53:49 fatb0t: Does that mean he just uses the major and minor scale?
16:53:53 fatb0t: no modes?
16:54:06 Muris: a b c d dz dz dz dz dz d z metal abeceda wink.gif
16:54:15 Bondy: just gotta do some font maybe another 30mins
16:54:18 Milenkovic Ivan: everybody uses modes
16:54:19 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
16:54:31 Wallimann: Pavel uses modes without knowing it. :-)
16:54:47 Milenkovic Ivan: kako ide uspavanka ya malu bebu trashera?
16:54:51 mattacuk: my favorite types of lessons are ones with various timeings smile.gif
16:54:52 Muris: no,he knows it but continues sheating on us lol
16:55:01 Muris: cheating *
16:55:15 Wallimann: haha
16:55:19 Muris: nemam pojma?
16:55:23 Bogdan: take your time bondy wink.gif heheh
16:55:36 Milenkovic Ivan: tasi tasi ta na na na na na
16:55:43 Muris: hehehehe
16:55:55 Milenkovic Ivan: samo sto ovaj drugi deo je kao metalika melodija
16:56:07 Milenkovic Ivan: tongue.gif
16:56:15 Muris: pola tona gore-dole wink.gif
16:56:21 fatb0t: Since you lucky guys all live in Europe anyone going to see Wacken metal fest?
16:56:32 Muris: not lucky lol
16:56:40 fatb0t: Yeah...
16:56:42 Milenkovic Ivan: i would love to go to wacken
16:56:44 fatb0t: some of you lucky guys
16:56:47 Smikey2006: im going in 2009 smile.gif
16:56:51 Bogdan: uff we are not so lucky here wink.gif
16:56:56 Smikey2006: been planning it for a while
16:56:57 fatb0t: =(
16:57:00 Bogdan: bands rearly come here to play
16:57:15 Milenkovic Ivan: i would like to have a big GMC gathering in Stockholm
16:57:19 superize: i think i will go sometimes in thfuture
16:57:20 Muris: I saw U2 in Srajevo,there was no shred tho sad.gif
16:57:20 fatb0t: Yeah that's a bummer man, I live 2 hrs from NYC so I go all the time
16:57:21 Muris: lol
16:57:40 fatb0t: Muris move to another country and shred peoples faces off
16:57:46 fatb0t: haha
16:57:51 superize: i have never seen any great bands live
16:57:52 Bogdan: I saw Joe Satriani last year I think that was great though]
16:57:54 Muris: hmm,need something to move me...
16:57:54 Milenkovic Ivan: I would definately go to stockholm if i could get the papers and see the gathering
16:57:54 mattacuk: i would most like to visit eastern europ than anywhere
16:58:01 superize: just some small lokal bands
16:58:07 mattacuk: im not big on sunny holidays !
16:58:07 Milenkovic Ivan: if it would be a gathering lol
16:58:07 Smikey2006: i would love to..; but i live in canada sad.gif
16:58:31 Milenkovic Ivan: You're a lucky one wink.gif
16:58:44 fatb0t: I need to move out of the US
16:58:50 Milenkovic Ivan: why?
16:58:53 Bogdan: wink.gif
16:59:05 botoxfox: stockholm is 12 a hour drive from me
16:59:10 fatb0t: A progessively more invasive government, stupid foreign policy ect...
16:59:12 Muris: come here,take our citizenship lol
16:59:22 Milenkovic Ivan: lollol
16:59:23 Bogdan: take our souls wink.gif
16:59:24 fatb0t: We have a cake walk compared to many countries, but I believe there is better
16:59:26 mattacuk: who fancys a trip to the UK ??
16:59:33 Owen: me!
16:59:34 Milenkovic Ivan: you will be poor but happy
16:59:36 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
16:59:40 Muris: wink.gif
16:59:43 mattacuk: Owen you already live here tongue.gif
16:59:48 Muris: lol
16:59:51 coffeeman: I love my country , we have a lot of problems but I love it
16:59:54 Owen: sad.gif
17:00:03 Smikey2006: im pritty happy with canada
17:00:10 Milenkovic Ivan: if you come and see how we celebrate our holidays, you would never wnat to go back lol
17:00:11 Owen: but its all wet
17:00:12 Bogdan: Fatbot you see we can't travel anywhare without big problems... wink.gif Can't imagine a trip to us ...
17:00:12 fatb0t: Canada seems cool, I want to check it out
17:00:15 Smikey2006: boaring but consistent
17:00:20 superize: i wouldnt mind living in canada
17:00:22 mattacuk: im pretty happy with England, although its also pretty wet
17:00:32 fatb0t: Bogdon are you from Serbia?
17:00:37 Milenkovic Ivan: bogdon!!! lol
17:00:38 Muris: Forgot to tell you,I got power conditioner for Triaxis biggrin.gif
17:00:46 coffeeman: come to Colombia Matt , is the caribe baby
17:00:46 Wallimann: Yeah1
17:00:53 Smikey2006: we shud have the GMC gathering in canada biggrin.gif
17:00:57 Muris: but I need some NR
17:00:59 fatb0t: haha sounds good
17:01:01 mattacuk: coffeeman biggrin.gif
17:01:01 Milenkovic Ivan: Muris what do you mena?
17:01:07 Muris: hard to play on hi-gain with singles
17:01:08 Milenkovic Ivan: for real?
17:01:20 Milenkovic Ivan: or a joke?
17:01:28 Bogdan: fatb0t Im from Serbia
17:01:29 Muris: and G-Force shall be here soon,it has NR so I guess it'll be fine
17:01:42 fatb0t: The government won't let you travel abroad?
17:01:46 Bogdan: and I was just reading in a bass player magazine about the BOGDON BASS assembly kit
17:01:48 Bogdan: wink.gif
17:01:51 Milenkovic Ivan: you swapped the triaxis?
17:02:00 Milenkovic Ivan: muris?
17:02:02 Muris: swapped?
17:02:06 Muris: no
17:02:08 Milenkovic Ivan: for a conditioner?
17:02:10 Bogdan: its a assembli kit for a bass made of cardboard box wink.gif
17:02:11 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
17:02:16 Muris: I got power for it wink.gif
17:02:34 Milenkovic Ivan: you draw power out of a conditioner device lol
17:02:42 Muris: 100watts 240 to 110 volts
17:03:07 Muris: I wanated to swith one FROM the unit
17:03:26 Milenkovic Ivan: aha i see
17:03:29 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:03:31 fatb0t: David are you a full time guitar teacher in here in the US?
17:03:33 Milenkovic Ivan: mistake here
17:03:35 Muris: but impossible to make same one on 220v,can't fit into
17:03:54 Muris: comes too big
17:03:58 Muris: more wire
17:04:02 Muris: fat one wink.gif
17:04:07 Milenkovic Ivan: sweet troubles smile.gif
17:04:15 Muris: kind of...
17:04:20 Muris: biggrin.gif
17:04:34 chast: hey
17:04:37 Muris: hi Control
17:04:42 Muris: and Chast wink.gif
17:05:03 Smikey2006: smile.gif
17:05:04 Control: hi guys. im new here. and im also ALL NEW with guitar. i have a normal guitar not an EL guitar... i just wanna know what you guys think i should start with?
17:05:07 Control: hello
17:05:10 Muris: and Smikey
17:05:20 Smikey2006: lol ive been here for a bit smile.gif
17:05:25 Bogdan: hello Chast wink.gif
17:05:42 Muris: type beginner into search field smile.gif
17:05:53 Muris: tons of lessons for your level
17:05:55 mattacuk: Muris do you still use your Musicman guitar ? smile.gif
17:06:05 Muris: ahh not biggrin.gif
17:06:05 Control: ok il give it a try ^^
17:06:10 Bogdan: also check out the acoustic lessons part
17:06:18 Muris: it's in closet from September
17:06:24 Bogdan: find something that looks doable to you and go for it
17:06:25 fatb0t: !! blashphemy
17:06:30 mattacuk: Muris aww poor guitar !! sad.gif
17:06:32 Smikey2006: thinkin of sellin it? tongue.gif
17:06:36 Muris: yeah sad.gif
17:06:45 Smikey2006: orlllyy? ...
17:06:45 Milenkovic Ivan: how much wink.gif
17:06:45 fatb0t: Does it have the d Tuna muris?
17:06:48 Muris: I'm thinking of using it for next lesson or two
17:06:48 Owen: Muris did you ever win that Jem?
17:06:52 mattacuk: i never used to like them, but since you joined i think there cool !! hehe smile.gif
17:06:57 Smikey2006: lol i call it if he sells it tongue.gif
17:06:58 Muris: ohh yeah
17:07:02 Muris: it's closed
17:07:07 Muris: counting votes
17:07:13 Owen: its been like that for ages
17:07:15 Owen: hasnt it?
17:07:22 Muris: me and david are gonna plit guitar,I take neck and pups biggrin.gif
17:07:28 Wallimann: haha
17:07:29 Wallimann: yeah man
17:07:32 Muris: wink.gif
17:07:43 Owen: you said you were giving me it when you won mate wink.gif
17:07:50 Muris: oh yeah sad.gif
17:07:51 Owen: I distinctly recall
17:07:54 Owen: tongue.gif
17:07:57 Muris: wink.gif
17:08:00 Wallimann: sorry for being so silen, working at the same time...
17:08:06 Owen: Dibs on the whammy
17:08:08 mattacuk: i REALLY REALLy want a Vintage Ibanez Rocket Roll2 smile.gif
17:08:20 Reaver: Hello everyone
17:08:25 Smikey2006: hello reaver
17:08:27 fatb0t: Can I record onto you reaver?
17:08:32 Reaver: what do you mean?
17:08:35 Smikey2006: lol
17:08:36 Muris: lol
17:08:37 fatb0t: haha just kidding
17:08:44 Reaver: pervert tongue.gif
17:08:47 Muris: lol
17:08:53 Smikey2006: oh man biggrin.gif
17:08:58 Reaver: LOL
17:09:14 Owen: did he get the wrong end of the stick?
17:09:15 Muris: btw Reaper is quite nasty name for app,don't you think?
17:09:16 Bogdan: matt I realy really want a pay pal account wink.gif
17:09:18 Owen: lol
17:09:20 fatb0t: I think it's awesome
17:09:22 Smikey2006: so i am trying to set up for recording (finally)
17:09:25 mattacuk: hehehe
17:09:26 fatb0t: I feel metal as hell when I record using that thing
17:09:30 Muris: lol
17:09:32 Smikey2006: what does everyone say i need
17:09:36 Smikey2006: ive got a git.. an amp.. and a comp
17:09:37 coffeeman: why cant you open it Bogdan ?
17:09:39 Reaver: when I actually get good enough to record then I might set up for recording haha
17:09:41 Smikey2006: and a budget of 500
17:09:54 Smikey2006: lol.. and its very low end im looking at
17:09:58 fatb0t: indeed
17:10:02 Bogdan: My country is the coolest one so we are not supported in the paypal list wink.gif
17:10:14 Smikey2006: lol
17:10:19 Owen: yeah
17:10:19 coffeeman: thats bad news
17:10:23 Owen: they get coolpall instead
17:10:35 Owen: he's like paypal just with sunglasses
17:10:38 Muris: lol
17:10:40 Bogdan: smile.gif
17:10:48 Smikey2006: lol
17:10:48 Muris: Owen is silly wink.gif
17:10:59 Muris: btw I'm sure Serbia WAS on the list
17:11:01 mattacuk: 8)
17:11:08 Muris: I know when I was making my account
17:11:11 Milenkovic Ivan: no no muri you were sure wink.gif
17:11:20 chast: oh hi Owen
17:11:26 chast: tongue.gif
17:11:28 Muris: it was together Croatia,Bosnia AND Serbia
17:11:28 fatb0t: Chast has a really dirty room
17:11:31 chast: lol
17:11:35 Smikey2006: lol
17:11:43 Milenkovic Ivan: they kicked us out probably
17:11:44 Bogdan: well I think it was on the list but a lot of years in the past
17:11:48 Muris: they must changed policy or som
17:11:50 Muris: dunno
17:11:54 Milenkovic Ivan: when they saw what kind of people they are delaing with
17:11:56 fatb0t: Scammers in Serbia!
17:11:57 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
17:11:58 fatb0t: JK
17:12:04 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:12:28 Muris: but it's aweful indeed
17:12:29 Reaver: hey Ivan
17:12:31 Reaver: smile.gif
17:12:36 Milenkovic Ivan: probably some wiseguys did the rippoff and goodbuye paypal
17:12:38 Wallimann: Anyone here uses EJamming?
17:12:40 Muris: I can't receive money and I don't like it at all
17:12:41 Bogdan: life is not fair sad.gif
17:12:41 Milenkovic Ivan: shoot
17:12:47 Muris: and you can't even send
17:12:52 fatb0t: No David, what is eJamming?
17:12:58 mattacuk: ok guys i have a challenge for you, guess this Amp model ! its descibed by korg as "1991 model 100w amp head covered in snake skin"
17:13:00 Bogdan: well I tried it David didnt work for me
17:13:06 Wallimann: Software that allows you to jam online
17:13:09 chast: biggrin.gif
17:13:10 Muris: Soldano biggrin.gif
17:13:15 Wallimann: too bad
17:13:21 Wallimann: I need some jamming partners
17:13:22 Bogdan: does it work for you ??
17:13:26 Reaver: anyone in here like playing RHCP?
17:13:26 Wallimann: yeah
17:13:28 Bogdan: it was in beta
17:13:29 chast: david
17:13:31 Wallimann: sometimes it works great
17:13:31 fatb0t: Does it cost money?
17:13:32 chast: is it free ?
17:13:33 Muris: that's Soldano Matt
17:13:35 Milenkovic Ivan: i think those stuff has some latencxy going on?
17:13:37 Bogdan: Well I do Reaver wink.gif
17:13:38 Muris: snake skin head
17:13:41 Wallimann: I'm in USA and I jammed with a guy from Italy
17:13:44 Wallimann: No latency
17:13:47 fatb0t: haha did you pwn him David?
17:13:48 mattacuk: oh i never heard of it before
17:13:49 Reaver: you know how to play under the bridge bogdan?
17:13:50 Milenkovic Ivan: really?
17:13:53 Milenkovic Ivan: thats cool man
17:13:54 Muris: Soldano??
17:13:56 chast: i would have guessed its a marshall plexi ohmy.gif
17:13:57 coffeeman: I want to jam with u David
17:13:58 Muris: ahh wink.gif
17:14:03 Wallimann: yeah we shoul;d
17:14:03 Bogdan: I know on bass but Ivan know on guitar wink.gif
17:14:06 Milenkovic Ivan: i know i play it every night lol
17:14:14 Milenkovic Ivan: kidding wink.gif
17:14:24 Reaver: you ought to share some time, I have never found an accurate tab of that song from beginning to end on the internet
17:14:27 Milenkovic Ivan: on gigs, kids like to hear it smile.gif
17:14:30 Reaver: plenty of accurate intro's though
17:14:33 chast: david im going to download ejamming sounds cool :9
17:14:41 Wallimann: cool man
17:14:46 Reaver: I'm trying to figure out a rhythm part of it
17:15:00 Milenkovic Ivan: rhythm
17:15:01 Muris: Ninja Jam is something similar I think
17:15:02 Milenkovic Ivan: ?
17:15:03 Bogdan: well Ivan plays it like the live version at the Slane Castle
17:15:09 Bogdan: with improvised licks wink.gif
17:15:09 Muris: I just hate thoese server things
17:15:10 Milenkovic Ivan: you mean chords?
17:15:23 Muris: conetc here,go there,paste this,copy that
17:15:23 mattacuk: and im guessing "high gain amp with eye catching metal plate " is mesa boogie ?
17:15:27 Reaver:
17:15:32 fatb0t: totally tripe rectifier
17:15:33 Reaver: 39-43 seconds in
17:15:34 Muris: I'm too stupid to make it working lol
17:15:42 Reaver: that particular rhythm part
17:15:55 Milenkovic Ivan: hold on, i'll listen... wink.gif
17:16:06 mattacuk: fatb0t triple rec?or maybe double - not that i know the difference lol
17:16:10 chast: hey muris, your d beginner solo is so cool to play smile.gif
17:16:36 Muris: thanks Chast wink.gif
17:16:41 Bogdan: wow Reaver I havent seen this video wink.gif
17:16:44 Milenkovic Ivan: those are just chords man
17:16:45 Bogdan: thank you very much!!!
17:16:59 mattacuk: how about "UK manucatured 100w modern guitar amp" Marshall maybe ?
17:17:01 Reaver: I don't know what they are haha
17:17:08 fatb0t: hahaha
17:17:14 Muris: hmm might be Marshal
17:17:18 fatb0t: David, is tehre any catch for this eJamming thing dude?
17:17:19 Muris: or even Hi-Watts
17:17:20 chast: i think so too
17:17:27 coffeeman: mmm I dont think I can jam with u david , I guess u jam depending on the skill level
17:17:30 Milenkovic Ivan: whole verse part goes: E B C#m G#m A
17:17:35 Milenkovic Ivan: and then repeating
17:17:45 Owen: Muris, I have a lesson request specifically for you tongue.gif
17:17:48 Wallimann: No man, I don't care
17:17:49 Bogdan: and there are some lick on the top of it
17:17:55 Wallimann: We should jam sometime
17:18:04 chast: i am just downloading it *wait*
17:18:06 mattacuk: is there a fender model ?
17:18:07 Milenkovic Ivan: hey Walli?
17:18:11 Muris: it's E B C#m A in second round wink.gif
17:18:13 Reaver: without actually going and searching what those chords are, I don't know what they are aside from an E a B and an A, and I play them much further up on the neck tongue.gif
17:18:17 Wallimann: Yeah?
17:18:18 Owen: I think you should make a ninja funk fusion lesson, using shurikens as plectrums tongue.gif
17:18:27 Milenkovic Ivan: what internet speed do you have?
17:18:32 Reaver: me?
17:18:36 fatb0t: I'm watching some youtube videos of it, the software looks way legit. Too legit to be free but hey, Reaper is free so who knows
17:18:36 Bogdan: last time I used Ejamming I couldnt connect to anyone
17:18:38 Bogdan: sad.gif
17:18:38 Muris: ninja rulzzzzzzz biggrin.gif
17:18:39 chast: lol owen great idea biggrin.gif
17:18:52 Wallimann: I have cable
17:19:01 Milenkovic Ivan: okay, but what speed?
17:19:01 mattacuk: "guitar amp covered in tweed cloth"
17:19:15 Milenkovic Ivan: AC1
17:19:18 Wallimann: hang on, checking.. :-)
17:19:21 Milenkovic Ivan: cockburn wink.gif
17:19:26 Muris: now that's question
17:19:28 Muris: no idea
17:19:31 mattacuk: Milenkovic Ivan hahaha
17:19:37 coffeeman: ok Im logging in Ejamming
17:19:38 mattacuk: i thought maybe a fender
17:19:38 Muris: I guess you can send an email to Korg Matt
17:19:41 chast: hm i only know tweed cabintes ? :S
17:19:48 mattacuk: chast i tried but they never reply sad.gif
17:19:55 mattacuk: muris even smile.gif
17:19:58 chast: muris tongue.gif
17:20:00 Muris: really?
17:20:03 Muris: odd
17:20:17 Muris: I asked few things too and I got all answers...
17:20:19 mattacuk: yeah korg never ever reply to my questions - that makes me a saaaad Panda sad.gif
17:20:36 chast: haha matt biggrin.gif
17:20:45 Wallimann: download: 17244kb/s upload: 1896kb/s
17:20:51 Owen: Korg never replied when I recommended Muris to them sad.gif
17:21:00 Muris: ;(
17:21:04 Muris: sad.gif
17:21:05 Bogdan: if I have two 8ohm cabs conected in parallel and amp with 250w at 4ohm will I use the full power of the amp ?
17:21:07 Muris: sad.gif
17:21:08 Reaver: what's the key looking shape on the right of the screen, next to the blue character
17:21:08 Milenkovic Ivan: what??!!
17:21:09 Muris: sad.gif
17:21:12 Wallimann: I think we should all get endorsed
17:21:14 coffeeman: the internet conection in colombia sucks
17:21:16 Milenkovic Ivan: DL 17244?
17:21:17 mattacuk: i dont think Korg can comment on the real amp names
17:21:22 Owen: someone needs to endorse me
17:21:26 Owen: lol
17:21:26 Milenkovic Ivan: no wonder it works sad.gif
17:21:28 Wallimann: yeah
17:21:33 chast: owen i will endorse you beer!
17:21:34 Milenkovic Ivan: i have 1024kbps
17:21:38 Milenkovic Ivan: sad.gif
17:21:45 Muris: yeah I guess so
17:21:46 Wallimann: I trid the speedtest at
17:21:46 Owen: I have 60kbps
17:21:50 Milenkovic Ivan: and UL 128
17:21:50 coffeeman: Im downloading the software
17:21:51 Bogdan: I have 512 kbps wink.gif
17:21:58 Muris: maybe you can find some discusion on fourms
17:22:00 Owen: and this is in the UK...
17:22:01 Muris: forums
17:22:03 Muris: somewhere
17:22:10 mattacuk: Muris good idea
17:22:13 Muris: wink.gif
17:22:14 Bogdan: owen 60kbps ?
17:22:19 Bogdan: thats like dialup ?
17:22:19 Owen: yeah
17:22:21 Milenkovic Ivan: i've upgradede a few days ago to 1024
17:22:34 Milenkovic Ivan: but hey 17000...
17:22:38 Milenkovic Ivan: walli thats great
17:22:41 coffeeman: I think I will upgrade to
17:22:44 Owen: max speed available in the UK is like 800kbs but no one gets that
17:22:44 Milenkovic Ivan: is that T line or something?
17:22:45 fatb0t: GMC endorsement deal
17:22:46 fatb0t: hhaa
17:22:54 Milenkovic Ivan: walli
17:22:59 Wallimann: It's Comcast cable
17:23:11 Milenkovic Ivan: thats great man
17:23:19 Milenkovic Ivan: i have adsl
17:23:20 Owen: nuts
17:23:28 mattacuk: i have a 2 meg adsl
17:23:29 Milenkovic Ivan: ove telephone
17:23:35 mattacuk: which means i get about a meg lol
17:23:41 Bogdan: I thought you have higher speed there in UK
17:23:43 Muris: lol
17:23:48 Bondy: i'am done uploading now
17:23:58 Owen: bsee I got that last year but then Bt decided that they were gonna vary the speed people got
17:24:02 fatb0t: I desperately need a shower
17:24:03 fatb0t: ah ahahhahaha
17:24:05 Wallimann: There's a difference btween kb/s and Kb/s
17:24:08 Owen: so I got slower
17:24:20 coffeeman: yes me too , Ithogut my conection was aweful but yours is like a telefax
17:24:24 Owen: kilabit and byte
17:24:39 Milenkovic Ivan: they doubled our speed form 256 to 512 earlier this year
17:24:40 Milenkovic Ivan: BUT
17:24:43 Muris: yeah
17:24:44 Owen: kilabits I get 60x8
17:24:46 Milenkovic Ivan: left UL speed at 64kbps
17:24:46 fatb0t: *meow*
17:24:53 Milenkovic Ivan: because of the torents lol
17:24:55 Bogdan: there is a diference between KBPS and Kb/s
17:25:02 Muris: bit and byte aren't the same,be aware biggrin.gif lol
17:25:04 Milenkovic Ivan: too many seeders pirates wink.gif
17:25:13 Owen: ...
17:25:30 Owen: and so there was a long pause
17:25:36 Bogdan: wink.gif
17:25:41 Muris: and you ruined it lol
17:25:45 Milenkovic Ivan: instead of having a 1024-256 line a have now 1024-128 because of piracy
17:25:45 Smikey2006: who will break the silence..
17:25:48 Smikey2006: oh its been broken smile.gif
17:25:52 Milenkovic Ivan: not me personaly wink.gif
17:25:54 Muris: wink.gif
17:26:02 Milenkovic Ivan: the whol fu**ing country lol
17:26:05 Bogdan: i have 512/256 wink.gif
17:26:07 Wallimann: I think my connection is not that fast.. I mean it is fast, but maybe we weren't using the same bytes
17:26:22 Owen: because of piracy my friends have purchased more metal than they normally would
17:26:22 Wallimann: are you all trying from
17:26:26 Muris: I like to bite cookie lol
17:26:30 Owen: no joke tongue.gif
17:26:33 Bogdan: how much do you download kb/s ?
17:26:49 Milenkovic Ivan: pazljivo bole..
17:26:53 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
17:27:08 Muris: what's download?
17:27:15 Muris: can you make music with that?
17:27:24 Smikey2006: lol
17:27:25 Owen: if you really want
17:27:32 Smikey2006: u can.. steal music...with that smile.gif
17:27:37 Owen: its like major plaguirism
17:27:39 Milenkovic Ivan: if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything lol
17:27:44 fatb0t: 15457 kbps download 1551 upload on Optimum Online US
17:27:46 Owen: everyone else writes the same music
17:27:47 Bogdan: when you download a trial software or something from
17:27:48 Bogdan: wink.gif
17:28:02 Muris: ahh thanks guys
17:28:06 Bondy: Try this
17:28:10 Muris: and what about upload,is that cool?
17:28:23 Milenkovic Ivan: UL is not cool sad.gif
17:28:25 Bogdan: wink.gif
17:28:26 Smikey2006: slightly less tongue.gif
17:28:26 fatb0t: *whip*
17:28:27 Milenkovic Ivan: i have only 128
17:28:43 Muris: so it's better to go for download then??
17:28:52 mattacuk: ive said it before, and ill say it again, we need a kris "you ready" sound bite
17:28:52 Milenkovic Ivan: and we all know WHY do i have 128
17:28:58 Milenkovic Ivan: its because of BOGDAN lol
17:29:12 fatb0t: haha that'd be too funny matt
17:29:17 Milenkovic Ivan: he is using the rest of the link from serbia
17:29:18 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
17:29:21 Bogdan: ahahahah thanks Bondy !!! hahaahah it really great wink.gif!!!
17:29:32 mattacuk: fatb0t we need to put the pressure on to get it
17:29:36 Bondy: you like it
17:29:41 Muris: You ready!!!!!
17:29:44 Muris: slap
17:29:45 Muris: lol
17:29:47 mattacuk: You ready !!
17:29:49 mattacuk: hahaha
17:29:53 fatb0t: I think this is a proprietry chat from invision
17:29:57 mattacuk: maybe various kris sound bites
17:29:59 Muris: You ready!!!!!
17:30:00 Muris: You ready!!!!!
17:30:01 fatb0t: He might be able to upload new sound clips though
17:30:01 Muris: You ready!!!!!
17:30:02 fatb0t: who knows
17:30:02 Muris: You ready!!!!!
17:30:09 mattacuk: Im ready
17:30:12 mattacuk: :|
17:30:12 Muris: wink.gif
17:30:23 mattacuk: lol
17:30:29 Milenkovic Ivan: aaaaaaa
17:30:29 Bogdan: its great I'm still laughing wink.gif
17:30:34 Owen: DL : 1012 Upload :71
17:30:35 coffeeman: hey have you heard the song form Chris Angel , Mindfreak
17:30:35 fatb0t: I played so much guitar today my insanely hard calous's are like soft and warm and goosy and gross
17:30:36 coffeeman: ?
17:30:38 Milenkovic Ivan: lol lol lol
17:30:42 Bondy: Muri i have just done one of bogdan check it out
17:30:43 Wallimann: Ok guys, I'm gonna head off. I have some recordings to do
17:30:55 Milenkovic Ivan:
17:30:58 Owen: yeah, I have "revision" to do
17:31:01 Owen: so I better go
17:31:03 Owen: sad.gif
17:31:04 Milenkovic Ivan: this is great man
17:31:07 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
17:31:07 Wallimann: see you all soon
17:31:08 mattacuk: by David !!
17:31:17 Smikey2006: i think ill be back in a bit gunna finish my article on bc rich:)\
17:31:17 Bondy: Bye david
17:31:34 coffeeman: Bye david
17:31:34 Muris: see ya mate
17:31:58 Muris: I'll have to eat something soon
17:32:02 Muris: before I collaps
17:32:06 Bogdan: see ya guys!
17:32:07 coffeeman: hahaha
17:32:07 mattacuk: awwww
17:32:13 Muris: I ate at 11am
17:32:15 Muris: ...
17:32:25 mattacuk: oh my
17:32:30 mattacuk: you need goldfish !
17:32:34 Muris: lol
17:32:37 mattacuk: lol lol
17:32:39 Muris: I need a soup!!!!
17:32:41 Muris: lol
17:32:46 mattacuk: goldfish soup
17:32:47 Reaver: cyas!
17:32:49 Muris: wink.gif
17:32:50 Reaver: practice time
17:32:50 Smikey2006: lol..
17:32:54 Bondy: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
17:32:58 mattacuk: "theres a goldfish in my soup, take it away at once"!"
17:32:59 Muris: see ya reaver
17:33:04 fatb0t: I need a Peavey wolfgang
17:33:16 Muris: that's not a fish!!!!!!
17:33:20 fatb0t: hahahaha
17:33:27 Smikey2006: i need a POD .. some recording software and a micraphone
17:33:30 Smikey2006: ... or something
17:33:31 mattacuk: I wub my fishies
17:33:38 fatb0t: if yo u hae a pod you don't ned a mic!
17:33:38 Muris: Pod is a fish??
17:33:40 Milenkovic Ivan: i need some fresh picks wink.gif
17:33:52 Smikey2006: oh that saves me money biggrin.gif
17:33:53 mattacuk: Muris lol
17:33:54 fatb0t: yeah
17:33:58 fatb0t: What pod do you have?
17:34:00 Smikey2006: pod is the best fish ever
17:34:04 Muris: wink.gif
17:34:12 Smikey2006: its a fish that helps u record smile.gif
17:34:13 fatb0t: The elusive pod fish of Eastern Europe
17:34:14 Bondy: I gotaa feed my fish back in a min
17:34:22 Muris: lol
17:34:25 Muris: knew it...
17:34:26 mattacuk: pod fish has all the best scales
17:34:30 mattacuk: BOOM BOOM
17:34:31 fatb0t: hahah nice
17:34:32 Milenkovic Ivan: feed the fish..
17:34:32 Muris: gonna eat something guys
17:34:39 Muris: maybe I come back latter on
17:34:39 Smikey2006: im gunna get sum tea
17:34:41 Muris: see ya latter
17:34:43 mattacuk: bye bye Muris !!!
17:34:46 chast: bon appetite
17:34:48 chast: oO
17:34:51 Milenkovic Ivan: buy muris
17:34:53 Muris: bye guys!! smile.gif
17:34:55 chast: cya
17:34:57 Muris: thanks
17:34:59 mattacuk: im off to bed
17:35:05 mattacuk: night guys!
17:35:06 Muris: to buy what???
17:35:07 Muris: again???
17:35:11 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
17:35:13 Muris: i have no money man!!!
17:35:15 Muris: lol
17:35:23 fatb0t: hahaha me neither
17:35:25 Muris: cheers wink.gif
17:35:31 Milenkovic Ivan: getoutta here smile.gif
17:35:51 Milenkovic Ivan: afk 10minutes
17:36:00 fatb0t: that chat is dying slowly but surely'
17:36:45 fatb0t: later guys
17:37:28 Bogdan: wink.gif
17:37:29 chast: if you are not familaar
17:37:30 chast: biggrin.gif
17:37:33 chast: i love that outtake
17:37:34 Bogdan: ahhahaah
17:37:43 chast: so funny biggrin.gif
17:37:43 Bogdan: unfamiliar
17:37:46 Bogdan: wink.gif
17:38:20 Bondy: i'am suprised i went for this long lol lol
17:38:32 Bogdan: I had plenty of bloopers from that shooting wink.gif Just didn't have the heart to put them all on..
17:38:59 Bondy: Go on could do with a laugh lol lol
17:39:25 chast: im gonna watch it again now tongue.gif
17:39:30 Bogdan: smile.gif
17:40:15 Bogdan: I lost the videos bondy wink.gif heheheh I was trying to do a spoken video unprepeared and with a little temparature (of being sick) wink.gif
17:40:33 Milenkovic Ivan: thats the best wink.gif
17:40:34 chast: along with this song *beeep*
17:40:36 Bogdan: so it turned crazy wink.gif
17:40:50 Milenkovic Ivan: i did one S.V.A. when i was sick it was terible
17:40:50 Bondy: lol
17:41:14 Bogdan: the telephone rings only when I'm actually using microphone to record
17:41:18 Bogdan: smile.gif
17:41:27 Milenkovic Ivan: thats murphy fo rya
17:41:32 Bondy: I gotta go practice for 30 mins before i go to bed see ya later guys its been fun
17:41:32 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
17:41:39 chast: cu smile.gif
17:41:39 Milenkovic Ivan: buy man
17:41:42 Milenkovic Ivan: se ya later
17:41:43 Smikey2006: cya
17:41:43 Bogdan: After that moment I gave up the spoaken video
17:41:48 Bogdan: wink.gif
17:41:58 Bogdan: see ya Bondy!
17:42:05 Milenkovic Ivan: spoken video is easy, just do some powerpoints and crossfades
17:42:10 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:42:51 Milenkovic Ivan: put the paper behind the camera or something
17:42:56 coffeeman: Im back
17:42:56 Milenkovic Ivan: and then jsut read
17:42:59 Milenkovic Ivan: hi an
17:43:02 Bogdan: I did that for the first one wink.gif
17:43:11 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
17:43:14 Bogdan: and I was blind for few days wink.gif
17:43:19 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
17:43:23 Milenkovic Ivan: how come?
17:43:25 coffeeman: I was upgrading my internet conection now I have 1000 kbps
17:43:29 Bogdan: because I have the light mounted on the camera
17:43:33 Milenkovic Ivan: thats great man?
17:43:35 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
17:43:47 Bogdan: and I put the paper next to it (so I would be looking into the camera)
17:43:54 Bogdan: smile.gif
17:43:55 Smikey2006: lol
17:44:14 Bogdan: and the light was bright wink.gif wink.gif
17:45:48 Milenkovic Ivan: hey i have 850kbps!
17:45:54 Milenkovic Ivan: what a rippoff!
17:46:19 Milenkovic Ivan: 862-103
17:46:35 Milenkovic Ivan: i should have 1024-128
17:46:37 Bogdan: smile.gif well I think adsl does not garantee the speed
17:46:44 Milenkovic Ivan: nope
17:46:49 Milenkovic Ivan: i htink not too
17:46:51 Bogdan: it has a ratio thing...
17:46:59 Milenkovic Ivan: no no
17:47:08 Milenkovic Ivan: the ratio ahs nothing to do with this one
17:47:15 Bogdan: If the network is buisy you are sharing the link with other users
17:47:30 Milenkovic Ivan: offc oruse
17:47:53 Bogdan: yes its not he ratio , but the speed is not garanteed as I know..
17:48:36 Bogdan: but 862 is pretty well wink.gif
17:49:04 Milenkovic Ivan: but 103.. wink.gif
17:49:24 Milenkovic Ivan: well, better thatn 50 i guess smile.gif
17:49:54 chast: 2939-374 here
17:50:13 Bogdan: where are u from chast ? i forgot ?
17:50:18 chast: germany
17:50:47 Bogdan: thats a nice speed wink.gif
17:51:10 chast: well, the connections in germany are pretty good
17:51:24 chast: at least i think that is more than enough^^
17:51:32 Bogdan: yeah it is wink.gif
17:51:41 chast: for living in a small village
17:51:55 chast: in the big citys you have 160000 down
17:52:00 chast: 16000
17:52:01 chast: ^^
17:52:05 Milenkovic Ivan: see ya guys, i'm going to hit the practice
17:52:12 Milenkovic Ivan: buy all
17:52:13 chast: ok cya ivan
17:53:01 Bogdan: in what village do you live ?
17:53:12 chast: michelstadt
17:53:13 chast: tongue.gif
17:53:23 chast: wait brb
17:55:12 chast: re
17:55:30 chast: oO
17:55:33 Bogdan: smile.gif
17:55:44 chast: some strange sounds were here oO
17:56:01 Bogdan: hehehe
17:57:49 chast: so empty sad.gif
17:58:15 Bogdan: too bad sad.gif I'll go to bed now...It was nice chatting with you all!
17:58:25 chast: you cant do that!
17:58:31 chast: you are not familaar with that tongue.gif
17:58:48 chast: well, i dont want to stop you
17:58:53 chast: have a good night smile.gif
17:58:59 Bogdan: wink.gif
17:59:05 Bogdan: unfamiliar wink.gif
17:59:25 Bogdan: thanks man see ya in the forum! wink.gif
17:59:33 chast: cya smile.gif
22:35:22 Nick325: hello

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