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> The Living To Dead('till All Is Nothing), More Epicness, No Joke
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post Jan 25 2008, 04:38 AM
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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Living To Dead
('Till All Is Nothing)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

There once was an emperor
A once mighty king
Brutal, And terrifying
Was his reign

Across the lands
He sought to spread
His influence and power
The living to dead

Till all was nothing
And nothing was all
The greatest civilizations
Before him fall

The innocent are dead
And the young are enslaved
Against his war machines parade

See the greatest of men
Bow down to him
See the water turn red
And see the skies start to dim

I can hear the screams from here
In their hearts I strike my fear
Following my only wish
Taking them to, The darkest abyss

A corrupted man
An evils born
Earths at his mercy
As lives are torn

Searching for
A supposed evil
Raping the world
Killing its people

On his side
He holds the throne
As he takes the lives
As he hears the moans

The darkest of evils
Or the purest of wills?
The heart of honor
Or the heart to kill?

See the greatest of men
Bow down to him
See the water turn red
And see the skies start to dim

I can hear the screams from here
Into there hearts, I strike my fear
Following that hopeless wish
Its taking me under, to the darkest abyss

And so my story ends
Ive destroyed my empire
Dragged from my throne
To the executioners spire

People of my country
Plot against me
If my death brings peace
Then let it be

My own Queen
conspired to kill
Was I so desperate
I saw not her will?

I only wanted the best
Forgive me my Queen
For what Ive done
To our once beautiful country

Let them know
Of what is too come
A doomsday for sure
Evil in its purest form

Forgive me god
Let my life be undone
But protect my country
From the power

Of the evil ones!!


The things found
By the emperor of old
But how can we believe
With the lies that he's told?

Evil from the
Furthest of realms
Brought by a lord
A lord of hell

A Deafening Silence
Is the call for war!!

© Brett Windnagle, Ryley Gartshore 2008

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ok so first off you might notice that there is quite a bit of lyrics here, and as there should be. A Few days ago GMC's own Stevie Ray Vaughan came to me with an idea for a song and a story he would like to have me work on, when i saw the idea, i had to agree, here is what we planned.

So the story is this....An Emperor goes apparently mad and power hungry, taking everything he has, all the resources, and going to war, destroying empire after empire. He exhausts his resources to the point where his country is in ruins and his people are ravaged by war, so in the style of the french revolution, they drag him from his throne, and execute him, his own queen planned his demise he got to evil.

But thats not all, the emperor went to war because he found something that led him to believe a dark and evil force was coming and it would kill everythign he loved. In his plight to save his empire searching for this evil, he doomed himself.
And the queen finds out about this 'evil', a little to late.

Thats all im saying but here is a brief synopsis of where me and Stevie are going

01. The Living To Dead ('Till All Is Nothing)
---This introduces the emperor and his war, the destruction he causes, and the consequence of it. Although he is originally good intentioned, he goes off the deep end.

02. Silence Calls For War
---An instrumental that Stevie and me both are excited to write and record, its an idea based around the calm before the storm, whatever the emperor feared, this is the ominous silence that precedes it.

03. Working song title
---The things the emperor feared have showed themselves, and the Queen must gather what remains of her empire to battle this evil.

Its still a work in progress, but im quite obsessed with this, Stevie came up with a brilliant idea and we have just gone to town with this, and the story gets deeper by the day!!

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post Jan 25 2008, 04:42 AM
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Really like. Keep up the good, epic work wink.gif


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