Guitar Chat With Muris Etc. 2008-02-04
Feb 6 2008, 10:22 AM
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17:19:14 botoxfox: lalalalala
17:26:55 botoxfox: eyh*whip*
17:27:06 Gen: oh no
17:27:07 botoxfox: *whip*
17:27:11 Gen: you again
17:27:18 Gen: :{
17:27:35 botoxfox: :{
17:27:41 botoxfox: la la la la la la
17:27:47 Gen: ta ta
17:27:53 Gen: la li lu le lol
17:27:56 Gen: lo
17:27:58 Gen: damn
17:28:32 botoxfox: loser, cant even write la li lu le lo right
17:28:36 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
17:28:49 Gen: yes i am
17:28:53 Gen: i am a loser
17:29:03 Gen: but i dont talk to myself in forums i create!
17:29:23 botoxfox: we cant go on like this
17:29:32 Gen: im leaving
17:29:37 Gen: !
17:29:39 botoxfox: nooo
17:29:45 Gen: because i was waiting for slammer
17:29:53 Gen: he s not comming
17:29:53 botoxfox: I have more smileys here
17:30:00 Gen: oh cool
17:30:02 Gen: i stay then
17:30:41 Gen: i am going to wizz you right now on msn!
17:31:12 Gen: doesnt work sad.gif
17:31:27 Gen: ta ta
17:32:01 Gen: and back!
17:32:04 Gen: im bored smile.gif
17:32:07 botoxfox: yaay!
17:32:19 Gen: what's up
17:32:25 botoxfox: not much
17:32:44 botoxfox: what name would you like to have?
17:32:56 Gen: lol
17:32:57 Gen: idk
17:33:09 botoxfox: "over there" I mean
17:33:15 Gen: yeah i know
17:33:39 Gen: hmm
17:34:09 Gen: hmm
17:34:21 Gen: what about
17:34:22 Gen: Gen?
17:34:42 botoxfox: very imaginative I must say
17:34:49 Gen: yeah i know
17:34:49 botoxfox: what about
17:34:50 Gen: thanks
17:34:53 botoxfox: Gen!!
17:34:56 Gen: !!
17:35:14 Gen: you called yourself botoxfox
17:35:16 Gen: so...
17:35:20 Gen: wink.gif
17:35:33 botoxfox: Correction
17:35:36 Gen: why dont we have the new wink in the chat room?
17:35:38 botoxfox: Botoxfox!!
17:35:42 Gen: yeah
17:35:44 Gen: samwe
17:35:46 Gen: same
17:36:02 botoxfox: yeah, but with exclamation marks
17:36:14 Gen: THAT
17:36:15 Gen: IS
17:36:18 Gen: AWESOM
17:36:19 Gen: E
17:36:28 Gen: its soo cool
17:36:36 Gen: gives an awesome style
17:36:50 Gen: it changes the whole signification
17:36:58 botoxfox: ok, so Gen!! it is
17:37:04 Gen: ok !!
17:37:07 Gen: wink.gif!!
17:37:10 Gen: wink.gif !!
17:37:23 Gen: can i be an admin aswell?
17:37:45 Gen: i wanna have those little cookies!
17:37:53 Gen: and i want the power!
17:38:36 botoxfox: now you log in as Gen!!, ok?
17:38:42 Gen: okay
17:40:27 botoxfox: and by a touch of magic you're now an admin aswell!
17:41:09 Gen: i saw!
17:41:12 Gen: hurray!
17:41:40 Gen: hey siggum
17:41:42 Siggum: whats up
17:41:47 Siggum: hey
17:41:57 botoxfox: hello sig
17:42:07 Siggum: hey bro
17:42:09 Siggum: what ya up to?
17:42:21 botoxfox: not much
17:42:41 Siggum: gonna grab a beer brb
17:45:23 Gen: well g2g bye
17:46:39 botoxfox: gtg
17:51:49 USAMAN: sup g
17:51:59 Bondy: Hi USA
17:52:22 USAMAN: just got home from work...gotta work on my commitment to a couple colabs
17:52:35 Bondy: Ahh cool
17:52:51 USAMAN: sometimes they flow......sometimes not
17:53:22 USAMAN: struggling with one of them...ill work it out
17:53:27 Bondy: Tell me about it had riff block the other night could not get anything downd:( sad.gif sad.gif
17:53:47 USAMAN: i just finished one im kinda proud of...the 80's one
17:54:04 USAMAN: it flowed
17:54:06 Bondy: Well done i look forward to hearing it
17:54:13 USAMAN: its posted
17:54:22 USAMAN: under uploads
17:54:39 Bondy: Have not seen that yet not looked at the forums much today
17:54:59 USAMAN: ive been on this site way to much lately
17:55:11 USAMAN: need to get a life away from gmc
17:55:12 Bondy: LOL its addictive
17:55:13 USAMAN: lol
17:55:26 USAMAN: its helped my playing alot
17:55:37 USAMAN: muris and pavels lessons are great
17:55:44 USAMAN: gab's also
17:55:51 USAMAN: gabes
17:55:54 USAMAN: hehe
17:55:56 Bondy: Mine to but i still play like crap just better crap
17:56:10 USAMAN: lol
17:56:27 USAMAN: I joined cuz of Muris on you tube
17:56:35 USAMAN: man hes got chops
17:56:59 Bondy: Muris is cool hope he is gonna come in in a minute
17:57:05 USAMAN: world class player
17:57:15 USAMAN: i've never chatted with him
17:57:24 USAMAN: seems real cool
17:57:29 Bondy: without a doubt my fav teacher
17:57:31 USAMAN: from his posts
17:58:14 Bondy: I might be getting a custom like his but i want to ask him a few questions
17:58:27 USAMAN: its a cool guitar
17:58:31 USAMAN: no doubt
17:58:37 Bondy: biggrin.gif
17:58:47 USAMAN: ever heard of warmoth guitars
17:58:58 Bondy: NO?
17:59:04 USAMAN: custom shop
17:59:10 USAMAN: buy the parts you want
17:59:14 Bondy: Ahh
17:59:16 USAMAN: tons of neck profiles
17:59:19 USAMAN: bodys
17:59:24 USAMAN: a+ stuff
17:59:27 USAMAN: i own 2
17:59:40 Bondy: Sweet may check em out
17:59:54 USAMAN: check can get parts cheap
17:59:59 Bondy: Speak of the devil
18:00:00 USAMAN: holy crap
18:00:05 Muris: someone asked for me?? wink.gif
18:00:06 USAMAN: bows
18:00:11 USAMAN: im not worthy
18:00:14 Bondy: That would be me
18:00:18 Muris: biggrin.gif
18:00:21 Muris: shot
18:00:30 USAMAN: how are ya man
18:00:36 Muris: well tired a bit
18:00:37 Bondy: I got a mail back from mirza
18:00:40 Muris: just came fro studio
18:00:46 Muris: had 5 hours rec session
18:00:51 Muris: bit it went well
18:00:54 Bondy: WOW
18:01:06 Muris: he answered?
18:01:10 Muris: what did he say?
18:01:22 Bondy: Yep he said he would do it
18:01:31 Muris: you see!! smile.gif
18:01:53 Bondy: I wanted to ask you a question though he says it will cost 1700 euros
18:02:09 Bondy: But i allready have pickups
18:02:21 USAMAN: does he have predetermined body shapes ...does he do custom body shapes
18:02:44 Muris: well mostly he makes shapes like mine from now on
18:02:57 Muris: that's actually my model for the shape and headstock
18:03:06 Muris: but you can modify it I'm sure
18:03:10 USAMAN: its beautiful...checked out your thread (review on it)
18:03:16 USAMAN: 01110101010011101010100111010101
18:03:17 Muris: thanks smile.gif
18:03:53 Muris: Craig
18:04:05 Muris: feel free to ask him anything you have on your mind
18:04:12 Muris: about shape,price etc
18:04:14 Muris: I don'
18:04:23 USAMAN: I know you have heard this a million times......but ...your lessons rock..thanks man
18:04:23 Muris: t have much time to do all work
18:04:27 Bondy: You see i sent him another mail this morning with all the spec on and he answered a previous mail so iam wondering if he has not seen that i already have pickups and that its aleft hand as he never mentioned it
18:04:32 Muris: that's between you and him,if you follow me
18:04:45 Muris: he's veeeery busy man
18:04:49 Muris: have that on mind
18:05:02 Bondy: Ok
18:05:11 Muris: he's general menager of a HUGE company which makes hydraulic parts
18:05:16 Muris: guitars are his hoby
18:05:23 Bondy: Ahh lots of pressure then
18:05:30 Muris: but he'll answer,don't worry
18:05:32 Muris: smile.gif
18:05:44 Bondy: Np
18:05:45 Muris: but please
18:05:52 Muris: as I don't you in PM before
18:05:58 Muris: when writing emails to him
18:06:03 Muris: please
18:06:10 Muris: use capitol letters
18:06:12 Muris: dots
18:06:13 Muris: ,
18:06:15 Muris: etc
18:06:23 Muris: his english isn't that grea]
18:06:27 Muris: great*
18:06:43 Muris: might be hard for him to split all senntences etc
18:06:47 Bondy: I have when i emailed him have been really carful
18:06:55 Muris: great then smile.gif
18:07:37 Bondy: the body shape is gonna be like yours but iam gonna have ainline headstock with chrome hardware
18:07:59 Muris: sure,you chose all details
18:08:09 Muris: if he says yes,you have a deal
18:08:13 Muris: per example
18:08:23 Muris: if you want shape like Jem with hole
18:08:24 Bondy: there is more but it would take me forever to write
18:08:32 Muris: he'd surely say no
18:08:35 Muris: if you follow me
18:09:13 Bondy: He has said yes and that it would take 6 months to build plus 30% up front which is fine
18:09:24 Muris: yeah
18:09:34 Muris: and 6 months is quite fast
18:09:43 Muris: I waited for mine more than year
18:09:55 Bondy: Just need to iron out the finer details with him
18:09:56 Muris: how he has more bodies pressed already
18:10:07 Bondy: wow a year no wonder you could not wait
18:10:17 Muris: I was killing myself biggrin.gif
18:10:19 Muris: wink.gif
18:10:40 Bondy: thats why i want to make sure it is left hand
18:10:53 Muris: left?
18:11:05 Bondy: I play left handed
18:11:09 Muris: aha
18:11:11 Muris: yeah
18:11:13 Muris: well
18:11:25 Muris: it needs new body,neck etc
18:11:47 Muris: I don't think he has prepared left parts already
18:12:00 Muris: but still,6 months is good timing
18:12:12 Bondy: I sent him a mail reconfiming this plus that i allready have pickups perhaps that is why it is 1700 euros
18:12:41 Muris: I have no deal in that Craig,trust me smile.gif
18:12:50 Muris: all I do is give you his email
18:12:59 Muris: you to all connections and arrangements
18:13:10 Muris: do*
18:13:16 Bondy: I dont mean that i mean because its left handed its gonna cost more it usually does
18:13:22 Muris: ahhh
18:13:33 Muris: did I say my english sucks!??
18:13:34 Muris: lol
18:13:38 USAMAN: lol
18:13:45 USAMAN: its not that bad dude
18:13:45 Muris: yeah,that might be the reason
18:13:45 Bondy: Wasnt trying too imply some kind of backhader LOL
18:13:56 Bondy: Backhander
18:14:00 Muris: actually,i believe it'd be his first left hand model
18:14:06 Muris: be proud dude biggrin.gif
18:14:41 Bondy: Would be cool thats why i thought maybe you could check that he understands its a left hand model
18:14:51 Muris: of course
18:15:02 Muris: would be bad to get right hand version smile.gif
18:15:09 Muris: but that's NOT gonna happen
18:15:12 Muris: wink.gif
18:15:13 Bondy: Thanks Muris i would be panicking for weeks otherwise
18:15:23 Muris: no problems
18:15:42 Muris: if you write everything correctly there won't be any misunderstandings
18:16:04 Muris: it's hard to notice "I'm LEFT Handed player" wink.gif
18:16:31 Bondy: LOL i did put left hand in the mail under body
18:16:37 Muris: lol
18:16:43 Muris: be sure wink.gif
18:17:00 Bondy: Stop you will start me worring again
18:17:06 Muris: what pickups do you have?
18:17:12 Bondy: Hellcats
18:17:24 Muris: what combination?
18:17:35 Bondy: I got the set
18:17:41 Muris: singles,humbs?
18:17:46 Bondy: thats what stan suggested
18:17:52 Bondy: All singles
18:17:55 Muris: ahh
18:17:57 Muris: my bad
18:18:09 Muris: of course those are singles
18:18:19 Muris: you are into some Strat sound I guess??
18:18:22 Bondy: its gonna rock heard some sound bites from them man they whale
18:18:41 Muris: you tried them already?
18:19:01 Bondy: heard some clips on the website
18:19:05 Muris: ah ok
18:19:09 Muris: and,impressions?
18:19:36 Bondy: i have a jackson with 2 singles and ahum wanted somtihg differant
18:19:46 Muris: I see
18:19:58 Muris: singles are cool
18:20:01 Bondy: Ahh the tone is amazing
18:20:04 Muris: crispy sound
18:20:13 Muris: you can't do much on higain cause of noise
18:20:26 Muris: but everything has its price
18:20:31 Bondy: Plus it wont look just like your so noone will kaugh at ne
18:20:42 Muris: lol
18:20:52 Muris: no laughs here ,mate wink.gif
18:21:01 Bondy: I know
18:21:29 USAMAN: doesnt yours have your name on the headstock? (muris) what does he put on the others
18:21:38 Muris: he's finishing another guitar,probably for colection
18:22:06 Muris: wood is awesome,no laquire,just wax,like on Warvick basses
18:22:13 Muris: gonna steal it for sure biggrin.gif
18:22:18 Bondy: LOL
18:22:38 Muris: well teher's isn't my name on it but there's my Logo
18:22:46 Gen: hey people
18:22:46 Muris: hi Gen
18:22:48 USAMAN: oh
18:22:52 USAMAN: hey
18:22:52 Bondy: Hi Gen
18:23:18 Gen: sup in there
18:23:21 USAMAN: couldnt tell from the pic
18:23:40 Bondy: Iam of to bed getting later i goota be up early
18:23:48 Gen: ok cya
18:23:53 USAMAN: nice chatting with ya....gotta go 2
18:23:54 Gen: good night smile.gif
18:23:56 Bondy: See you guys later thanks Muris
18:24:00 Muris: see ya Craig
18:24:08 Bondy: Later usa man
18:24:10 Muris: wish you luck with new axe,gonna love it wink.gif
18:24:11 USAMAN: take care guys
18:24:17 USAMAN: im out
18:24:22 Bondy: Thaks BYE
18:24:28 Muris: you're welcome
18:24:30 Muris: bye
18:24:39 Muris: well
18:24:46 Muris: sounds wicked
18:24:51 Muris: but I'll pass as well
18:24:55 Muris: came home recently
18:24:59 Muris: tired as hell
18:25:04 Gen: oh okay
18:25:15 Muris: hi and bye botox smile.gif
18:25:19 Gen: bye
18:25:20 Muris: must take some rest
18:25:23 Muris: see ya
18:25:37 botoxfox: well
18:25:41 Gen: LOL
18:25:49 botoxfox: im off to bed now
18:25:54 Gen: haha
18:25:55 Gen: ok
18:26:08 Gen: im getting outta here aswell
18:26:16 botoxfox: try coming up with names
18:26:20 Gen: yeah
18:26:24 Gen: i ll try
18:26:37 Gen: cyayoyeyuuuueueunsbnc
18:26:38 botoxfox: then its settlled
18:26:41 botoxfox: srdfghjkl
18:26:49 Gen: gonna kick myself of the chat!
18:26:53 Gen: here we goooo
18:26:54 Gen: rvbrf
18:26:54 Gen: v
18:26:55 Gen: vf
18:26:55 Gen: v
18:26:55 Gen: rfv
18:26:55 Gen: fr
18:26:55 Gen: vfr
18:26:56 Gen: v
18:26:56 Gen: fr
18:26:56 Gen: vfr
18:26:56 Gen: vf
18:26:56 Gen: rv
18:26:56 Gen: fr

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