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> Gmc Rock Ballad Collaboration, Final mix & comments
Chris Evans
post Feb 9 2008, 11:05 PM
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I`d like to thank everyone for taking part

Quite a long collab, just over 11 mins smile.gif

Here we go straight in with the comments, please remember that these are just my opinions and are not designed to offend in any way but to try and help improve on certain areas smile.gif

so.. here we go.

A great effort from you here mate, this was more of an "effect style" solo, that I have to say, really grew on me the more and more I heard it, I know you`ve not been playing long, and I think you did a good job of staying within the boundaries, my only comment to you here was to change it up a little more, especially on the second half of the backing, nothing wrong with some repetition in a solo but a little too much I think this time, great effort smile.gif

Really nice start into this one, nice little tapping part early on too, nicely carried all the way through, build up to the end was great, the only thing I`d comment on here was the actual tone of the guitar, your tone actually reminds me of how mine used to be, on slower, lighter pieces it still gives a harsh attack, a slightly warmer more rounded tone would have really been the icing on the cake for this solo mate, great job!

Stevie Ray Vaughn
I like the way you started here, building up the melody to the backing leading to the climatic part of the backing and saving the little shred part right till the end, great work smile.gif I wont comment on your tone coz I know its something that you are not happy with yourself, and you and me are working on that already wink.gif As a tip maybe dedicate some of your practice to some vibrato technique to give your slower solo parts more feel, nice solo mate, well done!

Where did you get that tone from?? rolleyes.gif wink.gif Was totally undecided as to what take to use for you mate, both had excellent qualities, but I agreed with you in the end, your second attempt had more structure to it, so I used that one, the intro in to your solo I thought was fantastic, and throughout your solo I felt flashes of brilliance too, you have great tone and a nice "feel" to your playing, my only comment for you is indeed the actual structure of the solo, I think if you work on that part of your playing more and hook up those great licks, your gunna be playing some truly excellent solo`s, great work mate!

Now this is the truth when I say that I`ve hummed the start of your solo to myself all week, really enjoyed your take, so not much to say here, I know you work very hard and its really paying off mate, if theres anything to work on more it may be your vibrato but I know you are working hard on everything so just keep it up, excellent!

A nice take this, again the intro in was nice and you began to build up your melody, pointers for you would be to work on your bends, try to keep yourself in key when your bending and bend to the next note in the scale, try to make the notes flow a little more into each other, I`m not sure if you know what I mean and its kinda hard to explain, but your on the right track mate, just keep practicing, excellent effort well done! smile.gif

Andrew Cockburn
This was just awful ......... laugh.gif not! lovely take mate, I loved the tone of your guitar, really warm, theres two bits that stand out for me in this take 1. your very first note in, played with great feel and set the mood 2. theres a little slide off not long after the start, I dont know if it was an incidental or deliberate and its strange how the smallest thing can make a solo sound truly great, at a guess I would say this is a preferred style for you, slow, mellow, melodic, others that I`ve mentioned vibrato to should really listen to Andrews take here, I know its something he has worked extremly hard on and boy was it worth it mate! excellent!

Another excellent take, well thought out and nicely structured, executed brilliantly, love the harmonised run at the end, the only thing maybe was a tadge too much reverb in there for my taste, it made it quite hard to mix in, but apart from that I really liked your take, great job!

A nice lead here, nice little melody, you left a rather strange gap before the last part of the backing, nothing wrong with gaps but this seemed slightly out of place? smile.gif again to work on your bends a little more and include vibrato as part of your practice routine and your well on your way mate, overall it was a nice take, great effort!

Well I thought this was just great smile.gif I added a little bit of delay to your tone as I thought it was a little "dry" excellent start in to your solo and an equally excellent ending run on your take! I think theres a few little things to work on, not much, just to tighten up a little on timing maybe and again to sustain some of your notes just a tadge longer sometimes to make it flow nicely. excellent job mate, well done!

A ha, my pm buddy Kaz smile.gif

I was really pleased you did a second take here, it showed you`d listened to your previous take and realised a few things that where not right, I think youve got some great ideas throughout this take mate, a tip for you is phrasing, we`ve spoke about it before but I thought of a way to put it accross to you, imagine singing a line from a song, and the words are sung and flow with the music, now imagine them just saying them short and sharp, which sounds the best ??? the sung, flowing with the backing version of course smile.gif try and introduce this into your playing, its just practice mate and since you already have good ideas its just a question of executing them correctly smile.gif listen back to this collab in a few weeks and you`ll notice the difference I guarantee ya wink.gif your doing brilliantly and the introduction of your new Korg effects is great, brilliant effort mate thanks smile.gif

I think David Walliman mentioned this in his last collab and he`s spot on, you have a very unique sound/style that is instantly recognisable as "Jason" smile.gif very rythmic style to your playing, your intro was real nice, personally I felt you could have developed that a little more before moving into the more rythmic part of your playing, but I think thats part of what makes your solo`s unique, great work as always mate, well done smile.gif

well, this actually totally threw me if I`m honest, I dont know why but I wasnt expecting a clean take from you mate smile.gif so I`m pleased you did, I added a tadge of chorus, a bit of delay and some EQ to your guitar, really nice take this, I thought a couple of your bends where slightly off, but then you`d already mentioned that so no need to point you in that direction smile.gif I really liked it, you almost seemed nervous about the outcome in the forum, it was mellow, smooth and laid back, I especially liked the second half of your solo, great job mate!

So finally we have Chast smile.gif A great effort here again, great build up for the second half of the backing, and you tried to give the piece some feel too smile.gif a little work on timing maybe but apart from that another great take, excellent job mate!

So thats it, its all over, till the next time, I really enjoyed listening to your solo`s, each was individual and great in its own way, thank you for taking part, I hope you enjoyed it too.
Please remember again that the comments are just my opinions and trying to help you out.

all the best till the next time guys


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