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> Theory Games :) Let Me Share Something :), Sudden rush of creativity... For everyone, who wants to THEORACTICE
Jakub Luptovec
post Feb 14 2008, 09:40 PM
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Well its Valentines day, and I just came back from my darling, with big smile on my face, so I decided, to tell you something, my friends smile.gif This post will be quite big, so prepare dear GMC'ers smile.gif

(I know that this is maybe more suitable for theory board, but I want this to be seen by as many GMC'ers as possible, 'cause I consider its quite useful smile.gif I hope, I wont make Mods mad smile.gif )

Few weeks ago, my iPod Touch got broken, so suddenly, when on way to school, I had nothing to do... All exams are gone and school is no challenge once more... So in school, again nothing to do.. And still, there was an echo in my head.. A,A#,B,C,C#.... Still ringing in my head and I felt so guilty, that I AM NOT PRACTICING ANYTHING... So much time WASTED.. I could have learned all scale formulas, all degrees, all notes... And I have been doing NOTHING.. So I figured out a masterplan biggrin.gif I called it "Theory games" and it keeps me practicing everytime I want, all I need is paper, pen & cellphone..

Now to the concept - at home, I practice almost all day long and I dont want to take guitar with myself to school (schoolmates are stupid...), so I decided, that I have to practice theory - I found my theory knowdledge POOR. So here is what I did:

At morning, I memorized Ionan scale formula (2212221 - not that much of an issue, dont you think? smile.gif) and names of other scale degrees (used Andrews theory lesson ofc) and while in bus, I wrote C major scale notes into my cellphone and started, to count formulas and notes for Dorian, Phygrian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian scales. To each degree, I wrote which note it is, and what is its position in scale. This I have done for all modes, first day for key of C. When I arrived at school, I drew a blank guitar neck on paper and started to write the Ionan notes into corresponding frets on corresponding strings - this way, I got all the boxes on whole neck. Then I erased it with rubber and started the same procedure for Dorian, Phygrian...
Day after, I did the same for C# - you dont necesarilly have to do it in one day - not everyone wants to put school aside:D
At weekend, I drew a seven boxes (for scale formulas and notes) and a guitar neck and started to fill it in - still I had to think it all over, count the degres, made a few mistakes as counting with B#... A month later I was EXALTED about the progress I made.. I didnt have to think about formulas, my moves on fretboard became more systematic and I also noticed HUGE improvement, when practicing and improvising - I remembered much easily all the fretboard positions etc.. smile.gif

To summarize it, the good points of this, that I can see are:
  1. You can practice, when you dont have your guitar to practice:)
  2. It helps overall theory knowdledge
  3. Helps in learning, improvisations & also when writing your own stuff:) - its hard to write poetry, when you dont know words. You might have the ears, to hear what sounds good and bad... But.. Its not enough, to know how to rhyme, to write poetry smile.gif
  4. Helps to develop logical thinking biggrin.gif
  5. Last in order, but not last in importance!! You will be able to off-the-cuff transpose Bohemian Rhapsody, when playing in D tuning biggrin.gif (Muris can do it - and You will to! biggrin.gif tongue.gif)

Hope, you will find it at least a bit useful smile.gif

With regards,

Jakub "phoenix" Luptovec

Btw. some random stuff:D

Dorian formula is still the same, when mirrored => 2122212 - you can better remember it, that it if you read from any end, it is still the same smile.gif

And Phygrian formula is the same, as Ionan, but backwards 2212221 => 1222122
You can come up with more of these I believe:)

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post Feb 14 2008, 10:33 PM
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yes, theres so much time in our days that is "wasted", ive come to a decision that ill use that time like you do. And practice my theory knowledge. Thanks for sharing your ideas smile.gif

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Andrew Cockburn
post Feb 15 2008, 12:07 AM
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Great post Jakub - lots to get people going there smile.gif

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Muris Varajic
post Feb 15 2008, 01:50 AM
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Good way to spend your "free" time! smile.gif


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post Feb 16 2008, 12:53 AM
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Ahhh, good thinking, I need to brush up on my theory, and Im always ahead in school .. biggrin.gif


But still I want answers, what's the point, what does all this mean?
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