Guitar Chat With Muris, Jerry Arcidiacono, Hisham, Trond Vold Etc. 2008-02-21
Feb 28 2008, 04:33 PM
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15:16:02 Siggum: ekko ekko ekko... biggrin.gif
16:39:35 Siggum: w00t. someone was in the chat..hehe
16:47:40 botoxfox: sdafkjhllask tired
16:47:47 botoxfox: yawn
16:51:14 Tuubsu: Theres never anyone here!
16:51:53 Tuubsu: I'm just gonna go for some "Blueberry pie" wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif then...
19:09:56 Muris: helooooooo
19:10:01 Muris: anyone????
19:10:06 Muris: Mom?????
19:10:14 Muris: Mom? sad.gif
19:10:49 Muris: where's my mom?
19:11:04 Muris: wait ,you're NOT my mom!!!!!!!
19:11:07 Muris: lol
19:11:07 steve25: hey muris
19:11:10 steve25: tongue.gif
19:11:11 steve25: well
19:11:13 steve25: i could be
19:11:23 Muris: with 25??
19:11:32 steve25: thats the disguise
19:11:32 Muris: don;t think so tongue.gif
19:11:38 steve25: muris
19:11:40 Muris: ahh
19:11:43 Muris: so it's reverse
19:11:43 steve25: what do u think the 25 stands for
19:11:45 Muris: 52?
19:11:48 steve25: lol
19:11:54 Muris: it's ages but in euros?
19:11:56 Muris: lol
19:12:04 steve25: haha the 25 of my name isnt age
19:12:11 steve25: if u look onto my account im 18 tongue.gif
19:12:22 steve25: > 81
19:12:34 Muris: I don't get it now
19:12:39 Muris: you're 18 or 81?
19:12:51 steve25: if i was 81 theres no way id be playing guitar now
19:12:55 steve25: tongue.gif
19:12:59 Muris: why not?
19:13:03 Muris: how old is BB?
19:13:18 steve25: no idea but i mean starting to learn
19:13:20 OrganisedConfusion: hello
19:13:21 Muris: hi OG smile.gif
19:13:26 steve25: hey
19:13:40 Muris: ahh
19:13:41 Muris: OC
19:13:44 Muris: my bad wink.gif
19:13:52 steve25: :/
19:13:58 OrganisedConfusion: Don't come in here too often so may as well try it out smile.gif
19:14:14 Muris: I drop by sometimes
19:14:19 Muris: but it's good to announce it
19:14:36 steve25: i come in here when theres friendly ppl in here, i came in here and some muris and was bitterly disappointed tongue.gif
19:14:44 steve25: saw*
19:14:46 OrganisedConfusion: haha
19:14:54 Muris: really?
19:14:58 Muris: when was that??
19:14:59 Muris: lol
19:15:02 steve25: lol
19:15:13 Muris: so,how's your playing going?
19:15:22 steve25: mine or oc?
19:15:26 Muris: both
19:15:26 OrganisedConfusion: I'm a bit down as I really wanted to practice tonight and do a lick for the competition but I didn't do it
19:15:46 Muris: listen
19:15:50 Muris: as for cometition
19:15:54 OrganisedConfusion: I work between 8am and don't get home till 8PM so don't get so much time anymore
19:16:00 steve25: well its going ok, im slowly increasing speed wit hthe metronome but its a brand new practicing schedule so i have no idea if its going to work
19:16:06 Muris: it doesn't have to be some"shreddy" stuff
19:16:08 OrganisedConfusion: But have local Jam Night on Sunday smile.gif
19:16:14 Muris: even 3 notes sound awesome
19:16:19 Muris: just mix them nicely
19:16:42 Muris: ah,jem on Sunday,have fun! smile.gif
19:16:46 OrganisedConfusion: I find I progress a lot through having band practice every week. Does that usually happen?
19:16:47 Muris: lo
19:16:48 steve25: the only thing thats getting me down is improvising and coming up with my own stuff, i cant even make a decent riff that im happy with
19:16:52 Muris: not Jem
19:16:53 Muris: Jam
19:16:55 Muris: lol
19:16:57 OrganisedConfusion: We are a very jam oriented band at times
19:17:06 steve25: ive never had a jam lol
19:17:08 Gen: hey there
19:17:09 OrganisedConfusion: You've got that Jem you won on the brain lol
19:17:14 Muris: me neither
19:17:16 Muris: biggrin.gif
19:17:19 steve25: yea OC, hes trying to rub it in
19:17:28 steve25: muris, u dont need the jem
19:17:28 Muris: i'm still waiting for it!!!!!!
19:17:32 steve25: u might as well pass it on
19:17:37 Muris: who said that??!?!?!?!?!?!
19:17:39 OrganisedConfusion: Jem on toast is his favourite snack smile.gif
19:17:44 steve25: i bet
19:17:48 Muris: well
19:17:53 Muris: hide yourself now
19:17:54 steve25: and iced jems is his favorite snack
19:17:54 Muris: lol
19:18:10 Muris: oupsie
19:18:11 OrganisedConfusion: You're gonna have to record a lesson when you get it
19:18:19 Muris: Gen is waiting for a warm welcome
19:18:22 Muris: welcome Gen
19:18:23 Muris: lol
19:18:24 Gen: totally
19:18:30 Gen: lol
19:18:31 OrganisedConfusion: Hey Gen
19:18:32 steve25: gen the welcome
19:18:49 Muris: what's new in Swiss?
19:18:57 Gen: lol not much
19:19:03 Muris: no cheese?
19:19:04 Muris: ;(
19:19:09 Gen: tongue.gif
19:19:13 steve25: nothing new throughout the entire nation?
19:19:28 Gen: huge internet bug today
19:19:39 Muris: cheese throughout entire name for an labum
19:19:41 Muris: thanks lol
19:19:45 Gen: lol
19:19:46 steve25: lol
19:19:56 steve25: as it was a joint effort muris, i can have it too
19:20:15 Muris: you can have what?
19:20:21 steve25: dw smile.gif
19:20:25 Hisham: how are you all
19:20:27 Gen: hey there hannes
19:20:28 Fsgdjv: what's up dawgs?
19:20:30 Gen: hey hisham
19:20:31 Muris: I have some issues when it comes to longer senctences
19:20:33 steve25: i have a cold :/
19:20:33 Muris: keep it short
19:20:34 Muris: lol
19:20:35 Hisham: hi
19:20:47 Muris: hey Hisham!!!! smile.gif
19:20:48 steve25: dw short enough for u? tongue.gif
19:20:48 Hisham: hi gen
19:20:52 Muris: how's it going bro?
19:21:00 Hisham: nice muris
19:21:16 Muris: all cool in Libanon?
19:21:32 Hisham: goiing little complecated
19:21:43 Muris: same here sad.gif
19:22:06 Hisham: i saw now in belgrade whats going up
19:22:11 Muris: yeah
19:22:17 OrganisedConfusion: Hey Hisham
19:22:17 Muris: and mess got even here
19:22:22 Muris: in part of Bosnia
19:22:25 Muris: but never mind
19:22:30 Muris: let's talk guita smile.gif
19:22:31 Hisham: yes
19:22:31 OrganisedConfusion: It sounds crazy on the news
19:22:36 steve25: indeed muris
19:22:42 steve25: itll give maria some entertainment
19:22:59 OrganisedConfusion: Muris can you play guitar with your feet?
19:23:11 steve25: here we go with the youtube clips
19:23:11 Hisham: all over the world is going so crazy
19:23:14 Muris: I can kick it with my feet...if that counts
19:23:15 Muris: lol
19:23:17 Gen: hey jerry
19:23:24 OrganisedConfusion: smile.gif
19:23:28 Jerry Arcidiacono: hello guys
19:23:29 Muris: Jerry,hi smile.gif
19:23:32 Fsgdjv: hey jerry
19:23:33 Hisham: gen what you are doing
19:23:41 steve25: greetings, noble one
19:23:57 Jerry Arcidiacono: I'm almost sleeping :|
19:24:07 steve25: gees jerry u took ages to type that
19:24:09 Gen: chatting, and playing a bit guitar smile.gif
19:24:12 Muris: past midnight?
19:24:13 Muris: wink.gif
19:24:21 OrganisedConfusion: Its 12.30AM here
19:24:26 Hisham: nice from you
19:24:31 steve25: its 12.24am here
19:24:31 Muris: 1:24 here
19:24:33 Jerry Arcidiacono: It's not important what time is it
19:24:43 steve25: lol
19:24:44 Jerry Arcidiacono: I'm getting old and I'm tired... smile.gif
19:24:46 steve25: jerrys an all nighter
19:24:57 Hisham: muris have you any info about viewing lesson doesnt open is thewrs ome problem
19:25:00 Muris: Jerry,c'mon,you're not that old smile.gif
19:25:11 steve25: how old is he
19:25:20 Hisham: in lesson maker
19:25:21 OrganisedConfusion: how old are you Jerry
19:25:25 Muris: sorry Hisham,what was that about,opening lesson in?
19:25:39 Hisham: lesson maker vienig lesson
19:25:51 Hisham: viewing
19:25:54 Muris: but we don't use lesson maker any more
19:26:02 Muris: it's through Icp nw,right?
19:26:03 Hisham: i mean ico
19:26:05 Gen: hey deeproots
19:26:08 Muris: yeah
19:26:10 DeepRoots: Hey guys!
19:26:11 Hisham: icp
19:26:13 steve25: hey
19:26:20 Muris: so,you have some issues to see the lesson you're working on?
19:26:24 Gen: wow getting crowded
19:26:28 Gen: i wish slammer was here lol
19:26:29 Muris: hey Deep,good to see you! :0
19:26:31 DeepRoots: okay ill leave lol
19:26:32 Gen: hey trond
19:26:35 steve25: yea we'll have all of gmc in here in a bit
19:26:38 DeepRoots: cheers muris
19:26:49 Muris: helo Trond!
19:26:52 DeepRoots: im bidding on similar camera on ebay Muris wink.gif
19:26:52 Trond Vold: hia smile.gif
19:26:54 Hisham: yes i just finished from editting and i want to see the lesson but doesnt work
19:26:57 Trond Vold: never been here before smile.gif
19:27:00 DeepRoots: same actually
19:27:05 Muris: A540?
19:27:09 DeepRoots: indeed
19:27:10 Hisham: deeeproots how are you
19:27:22 Muris: well,it's not last scream of technology lol
19:27:22 DeepRoots: refurbished model from manufacturer
19:27:26 Muris: but works nice biggrin.gif
19:27:30 DeepRoots: very cheap- with guarantee for a year
19:27:40 Muris: what's the current bid?
19:27:42 Jerry Arcidiacono: connection lost... but I'm more awake now biggrin.gif
19:27:50 DeepRoots: $3 lol
19:27:50 Muris: or is it BuyIT Now?
19:27:54 steve25: muris when u getting ur fingers insured?
19:28:14 USAMAN: howdy
19:28:17 DeepRoots: hey Hisham great to see you im great thanks- you?
19:28:21 Muris: I see some brand new are around 100-150$
19:28:23 Gen: hey usaman
19:28:29 Hisham: thanks man
19:28:34 Muris: guess you can get that one for 40-50
19:28:35 DeepRoots: yeh its a great price- i jumped a mile
19:28:58 DeepRoots: wow im tired
19:29:06 DeepRoots: im really behind with school work
19:29:07 Muris: Hisham,you can open the lesson and vidoe isn't playing?
19:29:09 USAMAN: tons of people in her .......nice for a change
19:29:11 DeepRoots: guitar is taking its toll
19:29:13 USAMAN: here
19:29:15 USAMAN: lol
19:29:33 DeepRoots: muris opens one thread- and its packed lol
19:29:49 steve25: show them ur guitar skillers and theyll give u an extension smile.gif
19:29:50 Muris: I had best intense
19:29:54 Muris: look at us now lol
19:29:54 OrganisedConfusion: I need some match sticks to keep my eyes open. I got to get up at half 7 lol. Oh well 6 hours sleep smile.gif
19:30:19 Hisham: yes muris when i press on viewing lesson it doesnt open white page
19:30:27 Muris: ahh I see
19:30:31 DeepRoots: me 2 man- shcool 2moro, we should be asleep. I bet its not ridiculous o-clock for these guys
19:30:33 Muris: I get that from time to time
19:30:38 Muris: it's ok now by the way
19:30:44 Muris: try in few minutes or som
19:30:49 steve25: 00.30
19:30:51 Hisham: so its problem fro the web server
19:31:02 DeepRoots: touche steve - me 2
19:31:12 steve25: u from uk?
19:31:14 Muris: it's U2..not me 2
19:31:16 DeepRoots: yeh u
19:31:26 Gen: akerfeldt just entered
19:31:28 steve25: yeah south
19:31:32 Fsgdjv: lol
19:31:35 steve25: or south west to be exact
19:31:39 DeepRoots: cool im in south wales
19:31:43 steve25: cool
19:31:44 DeepRoots: we are close then
19:31:51 DeepRoots: ish
19:31:52 Muris: I'm not in Wales btw sad.gif
19:31:54 steve25: yeah ish
19:31:56 OrganisedConfusion: I'm in Notts smile.gif
19:32:03 steve25: north?
19:32:15 DeepRoots: Im not good with my place names in UK sorry OC sad.gif
19:32:21 OrganisedConfusion: Nottingham
19:32:26 Muris: Trond,you're 28,right?
19:32:28 OrganisedConfusion: Midlans
19:32:30 OrganisedConfusion: Midlands
19:32:30 steve25: im in wiltshire
19:32:32 DeepRoots: Muris you should move to Wales- i have nobody to jam with here
19:32:40 Trond Vold: yeapp.. i'm 28
19:32:45 Muris: same here wink.gif
19:32:49 Trond Vold: smile.gif
19:32:49 steve25: muris 4 bono replacement
19:32:51 Jerry Arcidiacono: Muris should move to L.A.
19:32:57 Muris: Deep,so you want me to be your practice tool
19:33:02 Muris: that's sooo nice
19:33:03 Muris: lol
19:33:06 DeepRoots: muris should be cloned- we can all have one then lmao
19:33:11 Trond Vold: haha
19:33:14 steve25: lol
19:33:18 Muris: I knew that was coming
19:33:21 DeepRoots: lol
19:33:22 Muris: I have a printer
19:33:28 Muris: but it prints only paper
19:33:28 DeepRoots: thatll do
19:33:28 steve25: wahey
19:33:30 USAMAN: just make more andrioids
19:33:31 Muris: so no good
19:33:31 steve25: its up with technology
19:33:38 DeepRoots: gah
19:33:40 DeepRoots: o well
19:33:43 Muris: yep wink.gif
19:33:51 DeepRoots: ill have to socialise then
19:33:53 OrganisedConfusion: Any chance of a life size cardboard cut out of you Muris? biggrin.gif
19:33:54 steve25: btw
19:33:58 USAMAN: lol
19:33:58 steve25: which smiley won the poll?
19:34:00 Muris: lol
19:34:02 Trond Vold: thats creepy wink.gif
19:34:04 Muris: cardboard
19:34:07 USAMAN: agreed
19:34:09 steve25: yeah just what i was thinking
19:34:12 DeepRoots: evry morning- "AHHHHHHH"
19:34:16 steve25: how many posters of muris do u have on ur wall
19:34:21 steve25: deep rootes, wrong
19:34:28 Muris: I never made I poster
19:34:34 steve25: he might have lol
19:34:36 Muris: that;s ilegal property if you ask me
19:34:36 DeepRoots: Untill now!
19:34:37 Muris: lol
19:34:42 DeepRoots: EEK
19:34:43 DeepRoots: Ill shut up
19:34:54 Jerry Arcidiacono: You can work for some olograms, Muris
19:34:59 USAMAN: you should market tshirts
19:35:04 Muris: mean holograms?
19:35:06 Jerry Arcidiacono: Don't know if it's the exact word....
19:35:10 Jerry Arcidiacono: yeah
19:35:24 Muris: actually,that;s prety cool thing
19:35:24 steve25: how many would have a muris hologram
19:35:30 OrganisedConfusion: I just want one so I can install a device in the mouth to say Practice Now or Else smile.gif
19:35:37 Muris: imagine benefit from it in teaching sphere wink.gif
19:35:38 DeepRoots: im hungry- what should i have as a midnight snack? any suggestions?
19:35:48 Trond Vold: t-shirt could say "i survived a lesson from Muris, and all i got was this lousy t-shirt"
19:35:48 Jerry Arcidiacono: Hotdog?
19:35:54 steve25: full on roast
19:35:55 DeepRoots: dont have any...
19:36:07 Muris: a hotdog?
19:36:08 Jerry Arcidiacono: mmm... pizza smile.gif
19:36:09 Muris: lol
19:36:12 steve25: with the piggies in blankets and everything
19:36:15 Gen: pizza ftw
19:36:22 USAMAN: sup tj
19:36:27 DeepRoots: i think its all fruit and yoghurt- my parent went to egypt and didnt shop for me before they left- how very kind of them....
19:36:28 Gen: hey tj
19:36:29 Tjchep: whats going on
19:36:36 Jerry Arcidiacono: a lot of people here biggrin.gif
19:36:39 DeepRoots: TJ!
19:36:41 Tjchep: lol
19:36:42 DeepRoots: in the house
19:36:42 Muris: hi Tj
19:36:49 Tjchep: heya muris
19:36:58 Tjchep: even hisham ohmy.gif!
19:37:00 Jerry Arcidiacono: hi Tjchep
19:37:04 Tjchep: hey jerry
19:37:08 Hisham: i see all GMC,Rs will jump here
19:37:08 DeepRoots: think ill grab like 50000000 yoghurts- should hit the spot
19:37:21 Hisham: hi TJchep
19:37:28 Muris: and then we'll brake the google lol
19:37:34 Jerry Arcidiacono: Muris started a revolution
19:37:41 Tjchep: he really did
19:37:41 Hisham: but i see its nice
19:37:55 Muris: no,we had a lot more guys in here once
19:37:55 Tjchep: brb mother is calling 8)
19:38:02 Muris: around 40-50
19:38:04 steve25: what r we chatting now?
19:38:08 Muris: now THAT was a mess biggrin.gif
19:38:08 Jerry Arcidiacono: Yes, I know
19:38:24 Hisham: i thinkits a coctail chattinh
19:38:29 USAMAN: did you get that mesa retubed
19:38:45 Muris: oh yeah,this morning,thanks for asking smile.gif
19:38:50 Muris: it works fine now
19:38:51 USAMAN: and???????
19:38:54 USAMAN: cool
19:39:01 Muris: more gain,less noise
19:39:06 Muris: Bob does his job wink.gif
19:39:07 DeepRoots: mmmm strawberry yoghurt- any lid lickers here?
19:39:12 USAMAN: notice any difference in sound (Tone)
19:39:22 Muris: well not much
19:39:22 steve25: who doesnt lid lick?
19:39:26 Jerry Arcidiacono: strawberry yoghurt it's good
19:39:29 Muris: maybe small difference in highs
19:39:33 Muris: nothing radical
19:39:38 USAMAN: i never did either when retubing
19:39:40 Muris: smother highs
19:39:47 DeepRoots: oooh yeh- lick the lid of life smile.gif
19:39:49 Muris: not hursh like with EH,sort of
19:39:53 USAMAN: i just did my triamp
19:40:06 USAMAN: sounds the same
19:40:12 Tjchep: muris what brand did you go to?
19:40:12 Muris: well yeah
19:40:19 Muris: sound is usualy the same
19:40:28 Muris: you get more or less gain
19:40:33 Muris: that's all in general
19:40:41 Muris: all JJs
19:40:52 Jerry Arcidiacono: Muris, have you tried some VHT heads?
19:41:05 Muris: not so far Jerry
19:41:06 DeepRoots: ahh man waay to tired- im off to bed. Andy Mckee will send me to sleep
19:41:09 Muris: i tried poweramp
19:41:10 USAMAN: everyone says ...i used and so tubes and now it sounds like a new amp...ahhhh....sure
19:41:12 Muris: but not head
19:41:18 DeepRoots: ta ta everyone good night!
19:41:24 Tjchep: good night mate
19:41:27 USAMAN: see ya round
19:41:29 Muris: night Deep smile.gif
19:41:35 USAMAN: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
19:41:42 Jerry Arcidiacono: Good night Deep
19:41:43 DeepRoots: bye bye <snore>
19:41:48 steve25: nn
19:41:56 Hisham: by deep
19:42:05 USAMAN: that nite nite?
19:42:07 USAMAN: lol
19:42:14 Muris: lol
19:42:18 Tjchep: hisham - where are your lessons at man! same with you jerry
19:42:22 USAMAN: nighty nite
19:42:34 Jerry Arcidiacono: I've been very busy
19:42:42 Tjchep: gotcha, band stuff?
19:42:43 Jerry Arcidiacono: and I've had a strong flu!!!!
19:42:45 USAMAN: we miss your lessons
19:42:47 Hisham: comming soon i just finished one
19:42:54 Tjchep: really? owch. my mom has that too
19:43:02 Jerry Arcidiacono: Rehersals, and so on...
19:43:06 USAMAN: muris is trying to set a record lately
19:43:12 Tjchep: Very understandable.
19:43:14 OrganisedConfusion: Jerry what do you get up to when you're not making lkessons,playing guitar or is music a full time thing for you?
19:43:18 USAMAN: the last two were amazing
19:43:37 Muris: thanks UM smile.gif
19:43:45 USAMAN: np
19:43:50 Jerry Arcidiacono: I teach guitar in a couple of music schools around Turin
19:44:04 Jerry Arcidiacono: Gigs and GMC are the rest smile.gif
19:44:10 OrganisedConfusion: cool
19:44:17 OrganisedConfusion: wish I could live off Music
19:44:27 Muris: you have Uni degree Jerry?
19:44:31 Muris: a college or som?
19:44:31 Hisham: ok see you guys later
19:44:37 OrganisedConfusion: I've got an annoying Engineering job optimising Pilot Training for specific missions
19:44:40 Hisham: goodnight
19:44:41 USAMAN: later
19:44:41 Tjchep: bye hisham
19:44:46 Muris: later Hisham,have fun smile.gif
19:44:51 OrganisedConfusion: night Hisham
19:44:53 Hisham: bye TJchep
19:44:58 Jerry Arcidiacono: Good point Muris smile.gif I've almost a degree on computer science
19:45:07 Jerry Arcidiacono: See you Hisham
19:45:15 Muris: I see
19:45:23 Muris: so those are private schools?
19:45:47 Jerry Arcidiacono: I started uni but in the last years music became the main thing
19:45:59 Jerry Arcidiacono: Yes, private schools
19:46:04 Muris: good smile.gif
19:46:12 Muris: I'm doing everything private
19:46:14 Muris: cough
19:46:18 Gen: lol
19:46:21 OrganisedConfusion: I graduated finally last year
19:46:23 Muris: I'm not playing taxes
19:46:26 Muris: cough
19:46:29 Jerry Arcidiacono: Ahah
19:46:30 OrganisedConfusion: I have a Masters in Engineering
19:46:31 Muris: until one day
19:46:44 Muris: when men in black come at my door
19:46:48 Muris: and take me away
19:46:49 Tjchep: lol
19:46:49 Muris: lol
19:47:04 Jerry Arcidiacono: We are going to find you after that
19:47:17 USAMAN: wear a tin foil hat ....they will never find you
19:47:31 Muris: good one!!]
19:47:37 Muris: foil hat!
19:47:44 Muris: wink.gif
19:47:50 USAMAN: keeps the brain waves in
19:47:51 Tjchep: or put on sunglasses
19:47:55 Tjchep: they'll think your bono instead
19:47:55 Muris: lol
19:48:02 steve25: they already do
19:48:05 Muris: ahh
19:48:10 Muris: they are not looking for Bono
19:48:12 Jerry Arcidiacono: oh.. the bono thread biggrin.gif
19:48:15 Muris: he pays all taxes
19:48:18 Tjchep: no they arnt.
19:48:18 Muris: I'm safe then
19:48:19 Muris: lol
19:48:22 Tjchep: hah
19:49:16 Muris: guys,do we have any progess in calssified section?
19:49:19 Muris: buy/sell
19:49:32 Muris: it kind a stops
19:49:38 Tjchep: yeah not much.
19:49:46 USAMAN: i usually use ebay
19:49:50 Tjchep: yah
19:49:57 Muris: but it'd be great to see more deals between members,don't you think guys?
19:50:03 Tjchep: well
19:50:04 steve25: more fights
19:50:09 Tjchep: i'm selling my guitar to deeproots
19:50:13 steve25: :/
19:50:14 Tjchep: mostlikely
19:50:20 Muris: ohh yeah
19:50:21 USAMAN: i agree
19:50:22 Jerry Arcidiacono: I'm searching for a Hughes&Kettner Attax preamp!!!
19:50:24 Muris: I've seen that one
19:50:27 Muris: well done smile.gif
19:50:30 Tjchep: smile.gif
19:50:36 Jerry Arcidiacono: Please PM me if you find it on the NET
19:50:37 USAMAN: i have an attax 412 cab
19:50:51 Muris: attax,is tahat something new?
19:50:51 USAMAN: celestion rockdrivers
19:50:54 Jerry Arcidiacono: I want that preamp
19:51:03 Jerry Arcidiacono: 1992 Muris I think...
19:51:07 Muris: lol
19:51:09 USAMAN: yeah
19:51:12 Muris: guess not
19:51:13 Tjchep: Hmm.. does guitar center buy used stuff?
19:51:13 Muris: lol
19:51:19 Jerry Arcidiacono: I'm nostalgic, I know
19:51:25 USAMAN: they will not give you much
19:51:28 Tjchep: ahh
19:51:32 Muris: noo
19:51:35 Trond Vold: better to use ebay
19:51:41 Tjchep: Well of course
19:51:42 Muris: I'm just of of many things
19:51:45 Tjchep: I just didnt know how they got it
19:51:49 USAMAN: they will basically insult you with an offer so you leave
19:51:54 Muris: like following brands,models etc
19:51:58 USAMAN: me 2
19:51:58 Tjchep: mm.
19:52:25 Jerry Arcidiacono: I've tried the Attax Head many years ago and it was very well
19:52:34 Tjchep:
19:52:34 Tjchep: hah.
19:52:49 Muris: all tube head?
19:52:54 Jerry Arcidiacono: I need the preamp for a backup system
19:53:10 Jerry Arcidiacono: mosfet.. or semi-tube. I don't remember
19:53:27 Muris: like tube in preamo,solidstate in amp?
19:53:38 USAMAN: ada mp-1 they are cool and you can find them cheap.
19:53:40 Jerry Arcidiacono: something like that
19:53:50 Jerry Arcidiacono: Like the marshall valvestate
19:53:56 Muris: so preamp is tube and they sell it separately?
19:54:38 Jerry Arcidiacono: I think this preamp model is solid state
19:54:48 Muris: ah,ok
19:54:53 Jerry Arcidiacono: I can check on Harmony Central
19:54:55 Muris: anything on eBay?
19:55:02 Jerry Arcidiacono: Nothing from months...
19:55:10 Jerry Arcidiacono: Only some combos
19:55:20 Muris: do you checking only italian eBay or ww?
19:55:27 Jerry Arcidiacono: Yeah, I know the ADA
19:55:35 Jerry Arcidiacono: International ebay!
19:55:40 USAMAN: i had one way back...i remember it fondly
19:55:42 Muris: and nothing....
19:55:49 Muris: that's bad
19:55:52 Jerry Arcidiacono: Nuno was an ADA user and Paul Gilbert as well
19:56:00 Jerry Arcidiacono: Great yeeeeeears!!!!
19:56:01 Muris: ADA is cool!
19:56:05 Tjchep: Jerry you've met nuno right?
19:56:18 Jerry Arcidiacono: Yes! During 2005 spring
19:56:25 Tjchep: Very cool
19:56:28 Tjchep: is he a nice guy?
19:56:30 USAMAN: he has a really cool style
19:56:43 Muris: I guess they are ALL great guys
19:56:46 Muris: well
19:56:50 Jerry Arcidiacono: Yes, he is a very nice guy
19:56:51 Muris: except YJM
19:56:51 Tjchep: yngwie?
19:56:52 Muris: lol
19:56:53 Tjchep: lol
19:56:59 Tjchep: Thats cool
19:57:04 USAMAN: he gets ripped on so hard
19:57:06 OrganisedConfusion: Anyway. I really need to pass out for the night otherwise I will never get up for work.
19:57:12 OrganisedConfusion: Good night everybody and talk tomoz
19:57:14 Muris: go ahead
19:57:16 Muris: job is job
19:57:22 Muris: nn smile.gif
19:57:22 Tjchep: Good night
19:57:27 Jerry Arcidiacono: good night
19:57:27 Tjchep: thanks for the help
19:57:29 USAMAN: later
19:57:58 USAMAN: hola benny
19:57:59 Tjchep: Hey benny
19:58:09 Benny-G: hey guys!
19:58:12 Muris: trond,how about you?
19:58:56 Muris: *slap*
19:58:56 Trond Vold: hm? =)
19:59:01 Muris: ahh ok smile.gif
19:59:05 Muris: well,anyhting
19:59:20 Muris: you moved away
19:59:21 Trond Vold: i'm under attack from my dog
19:59:24 Muris: lol
19:59:25 Tjchep: lol
19:59:26 USAMAN: gerrrrrrrrrrrrrr
19:59:32 USAMAN: bite back
19:59:38 Jerry Arcidiacono: wolf!
19:59:48 Muris: what kind of a dig you have?
19:59:54 Muris: lol
19:59:56 Trond Vold: well, dog might be wrong description.. a small bear would be more appropriate
19:59:56 Muris: dog*
20:00:05 Trond Vold: a mix of scheafer and king-poodle
20:00:11 Muris: ahh
20:00:17 Muris: those are great
20:00:22 Muris: lots of fun with it?
20:00:23 Jerry Arcidiacono: ohmy.gif
20:00:28 USAMAN: fear
20:00:44 Trond Vold: yea, he's great.. but dont know how big he is
20:00:50 Muris: yeah
20:00:54 Tjchep: Hm..
20:00:59 Muris: big dogs are usuly the most friendly
20:01:19 Trond Vold: i got a cat too, and this little thing picks on the dog all the time
20:01:30 Muris: you see smile.gif
20:01:47 Muris: I don't like those small chineese dogs
20:01:54 Muris: a friend of mine had one once
20:01:59 Muris: I came to his place
20:02:00 Tjchep: me either.
20:02:05 Muris: he opened the door
20:02:06 Tjchep: got bit and had stitches
20:02:12 Gen: well bye everyone, g2g
20:02:12 Tjchep: stiches*
20:02:14 Muris: dog was between his legs
20:02:19 Muris: jump
20:02:21 Muris: and
20:02:23 Trond Vold: ohmy.gif
20:02:23 Muris: bite
20:02:24 Tjchep: bye gen
20:02:24 Muris: lol
20:02:29 Trond Vold: mean little things
20:02:49 USAMAN: gonna get going guys.....catch ya next time...
20:02:57 Muris: sure,see ya
20:03:02 Muris: I'll be oof soon
20:03:35 Jerry Arcidiacono: The bed is calling me...
20:03:43 Muris: my girlfriend has final exam tomorrow mornign
20:03:46 Jerry Arcidiacono: See you soon guys!
20:03:51 Muris: sort of master degree
20:03:51 Trond Vold: i got a whole night of staring at a pc infront of me
20:03:56 Tjchep: bye
20:03:59 Jerry Arcidiacono: Good luck to her!
20:04:00 Trond Vold: cya
20:04:01 Muris: see ya Jerry! smile.gif
20:04:06 Muris: was nice talking
20:04:16 Fsgdjv: well, i'm off aswell
20:04:19 Jerry Arcidiacono: Of course Muris, good night
20:04:19 Fsgdjv: good night
20:04:24 Muris: night smile.gif
20:04:35 Tjchep: boy. did we dowgrade
20:04:45 Muris: sort of sad.gif
20:04:48 Tjchep: sad.gif
20:05:29 Tjchep: Welcome back benny
20:05:56 Benny-G: Hey I was just attempting to find myself a good photo
20:06:04 Tjchep: smile.gif
20:06:07 Muris: any luck?
20:06:32 Trond Vold: heh.. i should find one too, cameras hate me
20:06:32 Benny-G: Yeah biggrin.gif
20:07:00 Tjchep: hahah
20:07:06 Benny-G: Well you and me share a lot in common Trond
20:07:22 Muris: you do?
20:07:31 Benny-G: Cameras hate us haha
20:07:34 Trond Vold: smile.gif
20:07:36 Muris: lol
20:07:58 Muris: i thought there was something else wink.gif
20:08:07 Benny-G: lol
20:08:15 Tjchep: Muris, I've seen you mentioning your brother playing guitar somwhere, Is he doing anything within music?
20:08:18 Muris: age,country,whatever
20:08:29 Muris: well,he play bass
20:08:34 Muris: as a hoby actaully
20:08:40 Trond Vold: .. currently drooling over one of these, want to order a custom one
20:08:45 Tjchep: ah, gotcha.
20:09:12 Muris: these looks nice Trond smile.gif
20:09:15 Muris: good luck wink.gif
20:09:32 Trond Vold: need to rob a bank first
20:09:32 Muris: we plays with a local bend here
20:09:43 Muris: do bass parts for my solo stuff
20:09:52 Muris: but he's graphical designer
20:09:52 Tjchep: thats cool.
20:10:02 Tjchep: Neat.
20:10:10 Muris: he plays with a local bend here *
20:10:11 Benny-G: Hey Muris my brothers a graphic designer too
20:10:19 Muris: there you go
20:10:27 Muris: something incommon biggrin.gif
20:10:32 Benny-G: My brothers designed awesome fliers for my bands gigs and such
20:10:32 Tjchep: lol
20:10:34 Muris: wink.gif
20:10:41 Muris: same here
20:10:50 Muris: I used a gun to do that
20:10:57 Benny-G: lol
20:10:57 Muris: but we done the work after alkl
20:10:58 Muris: lol
20:11:03 Benny-G: Whats the name of your band
20:11:12 Muris: mine?
20:11:18 Benny-G: yeah
20:11:21 Muris: ahh
20:11:26 Muris: I play in several bends
20:11:32 Muris: hard to tell the name biggrin.gif
20:12:07 Benny-G: haha my band has gone through like ten names. We agree on just about everything but a name
20:12:15 Muris: yeah
20:12:24 Muris: name is that is wink.gif
20:12:32 Muris: so
20:12:40 Muris: i'll have to excuse myself now
20:12:50 Muris: must go to bed now
20:12:57 Muris: have a nice time guys!
20:13:00 Muris: see ya soon smile.gif
20:13:03 Trond Vold: ok smile.gif nite
20:13:04 Benny-G: you too!
20:13:06 Trond Vold: cya
20:13:09 Muris: bye
20:13:31 Benny-G: Well im out for now guys Im gonna grab a bite to eat, Im starving
20:14:09 Tjchep: man
20:14:14 Tjchep: that was quick.
20:14:27 Tjchep: Those guitars look nice though
20:15:07 Trond Vold: yea.. but can expect to pay 2000$+ for one
20:16:12 Trond Vold: .. these are cool too
20:17:20 Tjchep: your looking for a new guitar?
20:18:15 Trond Vold: yea, looking for a custom one
20:20:10 Tjchep: Nice, how long have you been playing mate?
20:20:45 Trond Vold: 18 years or so
20:21:02 Trond Vold: with some breaks here and there
20:21:31 Tjchep: very nice
20:21:50 Tjchep: so are you gigging alot now or what?
20:23:51 Trond Vold: nah, i used to play alot live a few years ago.. but mostly just playing/recording by myself now
20:25:02 Trond Vold: too much work being in a band
20:25:23 Tjchep: gotcha
20:25:35 Tjchep: well man, I gotta go do some stuff
20:25:48 Tjchep: so, i'll see you later

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