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> Guitar Chat With Juan M. Valero Etc. 2008-02-22
post Feb 28 2008, 04:35 PM
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04:56:31 visi0n: hey there smile.gif
04:56:49 Batista: Yo
04:57:01 Batista: The writing thing was fucked =P
04:57:16 visi0n: i didnt checked out yet
04:57:39 Batista: So much activity in this chat >_>
04:58:03 visi0n: yes .. where is Muris
04:58:09 visi0n: he said he would be on chat
04:58:19 visi0n: thats why i came
04:58:39 Batista: That was last night as he said. He posted that thread at 1:08 this night
04:59:41 visi0n: argh .. the time is wrong at my forum
04:59:49 visi0n: why is that
04:59:57 visi0n: it says 10:52 am
05:00:04 Batista: Ahh =\
05:00:16 visi0n: Today, 01:08 AM Post #1 Instructor Group: GMC Instructor Posts: 5.608 Joined: 22-June 07 From: Sarajevo,Bosnia Member No.: 2.159 I'll be in a room,dunno how long,probably for an hour top... But what a heck,lets talk.
05:00:16 Batista: Wicked, I have no idea :S
05:00:24 visi0n: huh
05:00:33 visi0n: now it says 1:08
05:00:39 visi0n: when i copy paste it
05:00:40 Batista: Yeah noticed :S
05:00:46 Batista: Strange
05:02:00 visi0n: really strange, it seems to be all good now
05:02:01 visi0n: lol
05:02:11 Batista: Haha biggrin.gif
05:02:55 visi0n: hahaha
05:05:39 visi0n: hi audiopaal
05:05:51 audiopaal: Hi guys smile.gif
05:06:12 visi0n: how are you biggrin.gif
05:06:21 audiopaal: Never been in the chat room before, just realized there was one smile.gif
05:06:32 audiopaal: Oh I'm fine, thank you wink.gif And yourself?
05:06:34 visi0n: haha, its fun the chat room
05:06:37 visi0n: yea im fine too
05:06:42 audiopaal: very lively I see biggrin.gif
05:06:53 visi0n: well hmmm ohmy.gif
05:06:56 visi0n: tongue.gif
05:07:45 audiopaal: hehe.. So what are you up to then? I'm bored at work, would rather be home practicing guitar biggrin.gif
05:08:03 Batista: I am a booger
05:08:06 Batista: More fun now?
05:08:20 Batista: xD
05:08:31 visi0n: i dont have to work today .. biggrin.gif
05:08:36 visi0n: im free
05:08:37 audiopaal: Oh yes, It's starting to pick uow biggrin.gif
05:08:39 visi0n: free day
05:08:52 audiopaal: lucky you. hehe..
05:09:01 Batista: Me neither, first of all because I'm still at school and second because we have vacation xP
05:09:11 Batista: Yeah damn you, you lucky pig!
05:09:31 visi0n: haha Batista lol
05:10:09 Batista: God damn it I am itching behind my ear of all places
05:10:09 visi0n: im gonna go to the local store and try some guitars today
05:10:16 Batista: Cool!
05:10:20 audiopaal: What guitars you gonna try?
05:10:26 visi0n: hmm Ernie Balls
05:10:28 visi0n: i think
05:10:29 visi0n: music man
05:10:30 visi0n: s
05:10:38 visi0n: and a mesa boogie amp
05:11:04 audiopaal: Yeah, they should be good.. Oh, a mesa, nice smile.gif
05:11:04 audiopaal: Yeah, they should be good.. Oh, a mesa, nice smile.gif
05:11:09 audiopaal: wtf?
05:11:10 Batista: I was at the store in my town last week and tested out some Flying V's. Gibson and Jackson to me more specific. They was butt-nasty to sit down and play with!
05:11:31 visi0n: last time i tried a Fender Stratorcast with the Fender Hotrod amp
05:11:34 visi0n: very cool
05:11:37 visi0n: love that sound
05:11:41 audiopaal: I can imagine, never been a fan of V's myself but whatever tickles your pickle I guess biggrin.gif
05:11:55 Batista: But god they were nice to play metal with. Played some Bullet stuff on them, and it sounds damn more nice than on my Schecter (my "metal" guitar)
05:11:57 audiopaal: The hotrod is good?
05:11:59 visi0n: haha
05:12:12 visi0n: the hotrod is pretty good yes
05:12:14 Batista: Me neither, I prefer Les Pauls
05:12:18 audiopaal: Schecter is ok though but sure there is better out there smile.gif
05:12:28 visi0n: when you experience with the gain channel you can get almost a sound like eric johnson
05:12:34 audiopaal: ooh smile.gif
05:12:39 visi0n: that smooth gainy tone
05:12:40 visi0n: biggrin.gif
05:12:44 audiopaal: nice biggrin.gif
05:12:45 Batista: Yeah, it's an okey guitar for the price I gave for it, but it sure is better out there
05:12:55 Batista: Cool!
05:13:12 audiopaal: Yeah I just sold my "old" guitars and bought three new ones biggrin.gif
05:13:22 Batista: What type of guitars?
05:13:24 Batista: did you buy
05:14:46 audiopaal: I sold a LTD MX-130, very hard guitar to come by these days, and a ESP Edwards Explorer imported from japan. And then I bought a ESP Eclipse II, Gibson Les Paul Nashville Junior and a Gibson Chet Atkins SST smile.gif Guitars for all my needs biggrin.gif
05:14:57 Batista: Nice
05:15:22 audiopaal: yeah, expensive as hell though, but totally worth it biggrin.gif
05:15:23 visi0n: got a different question , where are you guys from ?
05:15:23 Batista: I have only been playing for 10 months, and I'm already on my 3. electric guitar xP
05:15:35 Batista: Norway
05:15:39 audiopaal: I'm from Norway smile.gif and you?
05:15:39 Batista: And you?
05:15:45 visi0n: omg batista, im playing for 3,5 years on my first guitar
05:15:49 visi0n: from The Netherlands
05:16:01 audiopaal: Where from in norway Batista?
05:16:14 audiopaal: Nice, 10 months and three guitars, hehe..
05:16:57 visi0n: gehehe
05:17:28 audiopaal: What are your other guitars then?
05:17:32 Batista: Haha:P The first guitar I got was just some cheap crap, to see if I liked to play guitar, and after half a year I bought the Schecter, because I was into metal, and then I got more into rock and stuff, like AFI and The Used and shit, and bought a Gibson Les Paul Studio, which is my favourite guitar all time too.. Luckily I get them a lot cheaper since I know the owners of the shop
05:17:42 Batista: I'm from Sandefjord audiopaal, and you?
05:18:03 audiopaal: The studio is a nice guitar, very good! I'm from Stavanger smile.gif
05:18:32 Batista: Yeah I love the Studio! I tried to play the rock stuff on the Schecter, and it just didn't work out:P
05:18:42 audiopaal: Vision, how is The netherlands? great place? Many good kickboxers from the netherlands in K1 and stuff biggrin.gif
05:18:51 visi0n: gehehe
05:18:58 visi0n: well its foggy here
05:19:01 visi0n: and rainy all day
05:19:02 visi0n: lol
05:19:08 audiopaal: Bat: I can imagine the studio was way better for rock..
05:19:23 audiopaal: hehe, the same as here then. Rainy and foggy shitweather biggrin.gif
05:19:46 visi0n: yes, i couldnt watch to lunar eclipse yesterday because of the foggy weather sad.gif
05:19:48 Batista: Yeah, it sure is! EMG-pickups ain't that good for rock (EMG HZ's in the Schecter)
05:19:53 audiopaal: brb
05:19:57 Batista: Poor you visi0n xP
05:19:59 visi0n: dimarzio pickups !! for the win
05:20:01 visi0n: tongue.gif
05:20:55 Batista: Hehe:P
05:21:04 Batista: Don't think I have tried out dimarzio pickups before
05:21:43 Batista: But those standard Les Paul Studio pickups surely gets the job done too in my opinion
05:23:02 Batista: Can I just ask you a question? What's the difference between Chromatic Tuners and normal tuners? I just remember to have read someplace that a chromatic tuner was a must for live shows
05:26:24 visi0n: i'm going to eat guys .. see you later smile.gif
05:26:30 audiopaal: see ya smile.gif
05:26:41 Tuubsu: ok cya
05:26:42 visi0n: well ill wait
05:26:45 visi0n: Juaaaaaaaaaaaaan
05:26:48 audiopaal: Hey Juan smile.gif
05:26:53 audiopaal: Tuubsu, hello smile.gif
05:26:58 Tuubsu: greetings
05:27:27 audiopaal: It's almost enough for a party in here now, wow smile.gif
05:27:39 visi0n: Juan how is it going with the girlfriend :X ?
05:29:16 Tuubsu: Juans spirit has left the room...
05:29:19 Juan M. Valero: 8) hello !!!
05:29:22 Juan M. Valero: biggrin.gif
05:29:24 visi0n: biggrin.gif hello!!
05:29:26 audiopaal: biggrin.gif
05:29:28 Tuubsu: ahhh there he is
05:29:33 Juan M. Valero: sorry it's my first time tongue.gif
05:29:36 Juan M. Valero: laugh.gif
05:29:37 visi0n: omg hahaha
05:29:39 botoxfox: hello
05:29:48 Tuubsu: don't worry I'll be gentle
05:29:50 audiopaal: hello boto smile.gif
05:30:10 Juan M. Valero: how are you guys ??
05:30:16 visi0n: im fine biggrin.gif how are you juan
05:30:26 Juan M. Valero: what are you doing ??? you MUST be playing guitar !!!!
05:30:27 visi0n: already explained to your girl about the playing ?
05:30:32 Batista: Wow it was just me, vision and audiopaal here, and then I went on toilet and when I come back it's overfilled with people here ohmy.gif Cool!
05:30:42 Juan M. Valero: hehehe now she is out tongue.gif
05:30:43 Batista: I'm actually playing guitar =P
05:30:43 botoxfox: I'm tired and hungry
05:30:46 audiopaal: I'm great, how are you juan?
05:30:47 visi0n: hahaha
05:30:54 Tuubsu: My guitar is broken:(
05:30:54 visi0n: well i had the same problem man
05:31:06 audiopaal: eeeeek, tragic sad.gif
05:31:12 Juan M. Valero: well, I'm fine... with a bit of pain in my wrist
05:31:31 Juan M. Valero: Nothing dangreous I hope
05:31:33 audiopaal: what happened?
05:31:39 visi0n: gehehe
05:31:55 Juan M. Valero: Marcus Lavendell's lesson happened biggrin.gif
05:32:00 audiopaal: hahaha biggrin.gif
05:32:09 Tuubsu: biggrin.gif
05:32:16 visi0n: i want to practice Marcus his neoclassicla blues funk lesson biggrin.gif
05:32:26 Juan M. Valero: I'm sorr about your guitar, Tuubsu
05:32:28 audiopaal: Gabriel Leopardi got my fingers sore as well, too fast for me yet biggrin.gif
05:32:39 audiopaal: Hey Angel wink.gif
05:32:43 Tuubsu: thanks the volume knob is broken
05:32:47 Angelica: hi there!
05:33:02 visi0n: hey there Angelica
05:33:04 Tuubsu: Well, hello there Angelica
05:33:07 audiopaal: Tuubsu, hope it was turned up when it happened biggrin.gif
05:33:11 Batista: I managed to break the input on my Schecter yesterday >_<
05:33:17 Juan M. Valero: ah, just open your guitar and do a soldering !! biggrin.gif
05:33:25 audiopaal: how are treating your guitars? biggrin.gif
05:33:26 visi0n: lol juan biggrin.gif
05:33:37 Batista: Hahaha:P It was an accident (A)
05:33:48 Tuubsu: yeah I should do that but as it happens mu solder is also broken 8)
05:33:50 Angelica: well finally someone in the room :-D
05:34:04 audiopaal: It's my first time, I'm impressed biggrin.gif
05:34:14 visi0n: hhmmm i treat my guitar nicely because its a she
05:34:21 audiopaal: haha
05:34:25 visi0n: but when it must i can treat here hard too biggrin.gif
05:34:29 Juan M. Valero: biggrin.gif
05:34:30 visi0n: well its for the dynamicccccs
05:34:33 audiopaal: biggrin.gif
05:34:35 visi0n: biggrin.gif:D
05:34:37 Batista: Yeah me too, even though it don't sound like it =P
05:34:40 Tuubsu: biggrin.gif
05:35:04 visi0n: how is it going with the wah angel?
05:35:18 Angelica: well i was just startin practicing now
05:35:22 visi0n: cool
05:35:27 Batista: Yeah cool
05:35:33 visi0n: try first rhythms
05:35:35 Tuubsu: have you got that funky scratching down already, Angelica?
05:35:41 visi0n: think thats the best you can practice right now
05:35:43 Juan M. Valero: sorry I'm trying the chat options tongue.gif
05:35:47 Batista: I'm saving for a wah today these days =P If im not buying a noise suppressor first
05:35:48 audiopaal: You must be good then, practicing guitar while writing on your keyboard, damn biggrin.gif
05:35:52 visi0n: haha lol Juan
05:36:00 visi0n: ahhh Chat options whats this *slap*
05:36:03 visi0n: biggrin.gif
05:36:08 Angelica: in fact now i havto leave the room
05:36:13 Juan M. Valero: biggrin.gif
05:36:18 visi0n: oke, we will see you later Angel ..
05:36:19 audiopaal: mkay, bye then biggrin.gif
05:36:20 visi0n: take care
05:36:27 Tuubsu: cya
05:36:29 Juan M. Valero: mmm
05:36:29 Angelica: the problem is that i am forum addict
05:36:36 visi0n: ouch my eyes juan!
05:36:37 Batista: hahaha:P
05:36:42 Juan M. Valero: lol
05:36:43 visi0n: biggrin.gif
05:36:50 visi0n: laugh.gif
05:36:52 audiopaal: Juan, stop that funnybunnying with the options biggrin.gif
05:36:56 Juan M. Valero: looks great !!!
05:36:57 Angelica: i can't get off the pc even thoug i know i sould
05:37:05 Batista: *slap*
05:37:09 Angelica: should sorry
05:37:10 audiopaal: Angel: know what you mean smile.gif
05:37:12 Batista: we have the same problem Angelica =P
05:37:14 Angelica: ouch!!
05:37:22 visi0n: gehhe biggrin.gif
05:37:26 Juan M. Valero: sorry my cat was on the keyboard
05:37:27 Juan M. Valero: tongue.gif
05:37:34 Batista: Hahaha! =P
05:37:41 Angelica: ok ok i go tongue.gif
05:37:45 visi0n: *meow*
05:37:47 Tuubsu: what does this text say??
05:37:50 Batista: *whip*
05:37:54 Juan M. Valero: mmm
05:37:54 visi0n: oehh again
05:37:58 Juan M. Valero: yeah !!!
05:38:02 Juan M. Valero: nice avatar biggrin.gif
05:38:02 audiopaal: test
05:38:04 Angelica: bye
05:38:06 Batista: loool
05:38:09 audiopaal: heeey, I got it too biggrin.gif
05:38:11 Batista: Cya angel =)
05:38:23 visi0n: biggrin.gif haha
05:38:28 Juan M. Valero: bye
05:38:29 audiopaal: yeh smile.gif
05:38:34 Juan M. Valero: (ouch, too late)
05:38:40 visi0n: biggrin.gif
05:38:44 Tuubsu: Oooh! theres some funky ass orange here!
05:38:48 visi0n: ohww yeaa
05:38:49 botoxfox: red
05:38:58 audiopaal: Oh my, this is going too far biggrin.gif
05:39:01 Batista: this should be funny
05:39:06 Batista: white FTW
05:39:12 audiopaal: hahahahaha
05:39:13 Juan M. Valero: mmm black-words ??
05:39:21 visi0n: haha
05:39:21 Batista: sorry, just testing out some white
05:39:22 [Action] botoxfox:
05:39:30 Tuubsu: how you get that avatar
05:39:34 Juan M. Valero: blackie??
05:39:41 Juan M. Valero: is that the correct name ???
05:39:43 Batista: First Tuubsu
05:39:46 [Action] botoxfox: is not amused
05:39:50 visi0n: juan, your still practicing another lesson of marcus his lessons ?
05:40:04 Juan M. Valero: mmm no
05:40:14 Juan M. Valero: I was practicing some of Muris lessons
05:40:18 Batista: You need to put your head in the toilet, then stand on your hands for about an hour, then ask Kris who his first love was. Then if ur lucky u'll get an avatar
05:40:20 visi0n: ah oke cool
05:40:38 audiopaal: well, I'm off to luch. See ya later smile.gif
05:40:45 audiopaal: lunch!!!
05:40:45 Juan M. Valero: bye !!!
05:40:47 Batista: cya fello norbagga
05:40:49 visi0n: seeeee ya
05:40:51 Batista: fellow*
05:40:54 Juan M. Valero: see U
05:40:56 Juan M. Valero: biggrin.gif
05:41:02 visi0n: biggrin.gif
05:41:06 Juan M. Valero: *whip*
05:41:11 Juan M. Valero: lol
05:41:17 Juan M. Valero: that's funny !!!
05:41:19 Juan M. Valero: tongue.gif
05:41:22 botoxfox: *meow*
05:41:26 Tuubsu: Hope you didn't miss me my firefox just spontanieosly combusted
05:41:28 visi0n: mieuw
05:41:31 Batista: I see
05:41:40 Tuubsu: vufff
05:41:42 visi0n: where is muris and marcus
05:41:43 Batista: Tuubsu, to get an avatar You need to put your head in the toilet, then stand on your hands for about an hour, then ask Kris who his first love was. Then if ur lucky u'll get an avatar
05:41:56 Batista: =P
05:42:09 Tuubsu: Ok I'll try that right away
05:42:17 Tuubsu: thanks man
05:42:22 Tuubsu: your a real friend
05:42:23 Batista: Haha anytime=)
05:43:07 Batista: Just ask if there's something else you'd like to know
05:43:23 Tuubsu: Oh I see todays new lessons have arrived have to check those out before I go stick my head in the toilet
05:43:27 visi0n: biggrin.gif
05:43:40 botoxfox: I should change the strings on 2 guitars today
05:43:44 Batista: haha:D
05:43:45 botoxfox: yay
05:43:49 Batista: Lucky you!
05:44:11 Juan M. Valero: mmm
05:44:15 Juan M. Valero: mmm
05:44:16 Batista: Hey, a new lesson from you Juan! Cool!
05:44:23 Juan M. Valero: hehehe
05:44:32 Batista: I'll check it out right away
05:44:37 Juan M. Valero: yeah, In the style of Symphony X biggrin.gif
05:44:43 Batista: After this Bullet song
05:44:48 Batista: Cool:D
05:45:17 Juan M. Valero: hehe, I wish you enjoy... but don't watch the spoken video !!! lol
05:45:28 Juan M. Valero: it's horrible
05:45:32 Juan M. Valero: tongue.gif
05:45:42 Batista: Haha:P You just have them there for the cash? ^^
05:45:58 kyldeee: 'ello there mates
05:46:07 Tuubsu: Nice symphony x lesson Juan
05:46:07 Batista: yo!
05:46:10 Juan M. Valero: hello mate
05:46:10 visi0n: haha
05:46:11 botoxfox: don't worry juan, my subscription has expired so I can't see it anyway
05:46:12 Juan M. Valero: thanks !!
05:46:20 Juan M. Valero: hehehe
05:46:51 Batista: Well it's way to fast for me yet I think=P
05:47:02 Tuubsu: Such Intellectual conversation going on here but sadly I must go wink.gif
05:47:18 visi0n: im gonna lunch
05:47:24 visi0n: seeyouguys
05:47:27 Tuubsu: cya
05:47:31 visi0n: (K)
05:47:31 kyldeee: see ya
05:47:32 Batista: cya
05:47:42 Juan M. Valero: bye ... too late again...
05:47:43 Juan M. Valero: XD
05:47:46 visi0n: nah
05:47:49 visi0n: see you wink.gif
05:47:52 Juan M. Valero: see U
05:47:55 botoxfox: I'm gonna go get some lunch too
05:48:08 Juan M. Valero: what time do you have lunch ???
05:48:10 Batista: Are you leaving too Juan? >_<
05:48:20 Batista: At around 12:00
05:48:29 Batista: Or wait, that's usually breakfast time
05:48:35 kyldeee: yep biggrin.gif
05:48:38 Juan M. Valero: I will here till my girlfriends arrive... (maybe 5 minutes sad.gif)
05:48:48 Batista: Well that's better than nothing
05:48:56 botoxfox: well, TTFN
05:48:59 Juan M. Valero: OMG 12:00 lol, I have lunch at 14h
05:49:01 Juan M. Valero: XD
05:49:08 kyldeee: I haven't even had my morning coffeee yet and it's almost one
05:49:12 Batista: It was damn cool that Symphony-X lesson Juan! Liked the part with 2 and 3 layers of guitar biggrin.gif
05:49:21 Juan M. Valero: hehe
05:49:28 Juan M. Valero: thanks !!!!
05:49:31 Batista: Coffee sucks!
05:49:36 Batista: No problem=)
05:50:04 Juan M. Valero: I like coffe, but I prefer tea !! smile.gif
05:50:14 Batista: I prefer Pepsi or chocolate milk!
05:50:15 kyldeee: tea is good also
05:50:25 Juan M. Valero: well, in fact I prefer beer !!! lol
05:50:29 kyldeee: haha
05:50:37 kyldeee: hear hear
05:50:55 Batista: I'm straight edge so no beer on me tongue.gif
05:51:22 Juan M. Valero: oh
05:51:32 Juan M. Valero: you are so unlucky !! lol
05:51:36 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
05:52:08 Batista: Haha a lot of people tell me that =P But I don't like it anyways. I don't touch anything containning alcohol or that stuff
05:52:20 Batista: containing*
05:52:58 kyldeee: hats of to you then smile.gif I couldn't do that..
05:53:38 Batista: I think that it's three on my class level who haven't been drunk, and thats me and my two bestfriends tongue.gif And I'm only 15 (turning 16 in March)
05:53:54 Juan M. Valero: well, a bit of alcohol is good, but if drink too much would become a alcoholic... or a rock star lol
05:54:04 Batista: Hahahaha tongue.gif
05:54:06 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
05:54:24 kyldeee: Well you still have time
05:54:31 Batista: Me?
05:54:36 kyldeee: yeah
05:55:03 Batista: Well I'm gonna get across a lot of temptations I guess, but I'm gonna be strong lol tongue.gif
05:55:11 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
05:55:13 Batista: And resist
05:55:24 kyldeee: what's the legal drinkin age iun ur country
05:55:30 kyldeee: in
05:55:39 Batista: 18
05:55:43 kyldeee: yep
05:55:50 Batista: But people get drunk from the year they turn 14
05:56:10 kyldeee: yeah I think it's like that everywhere biggrin.gif
05:56:15 Juan M. Valero: mmm
05:56:17 Batista: Yeah
05:56:23 Juan M. Valero: here you can drink beer at 16
05:56:23 Batista: Where are you from kyldeee?
05:56:31 kyldeee: Finland
05:56:36 kyldeee: what=
05:56:38 kyldeee: ?
05:56:48 Batista: I'm from Norway? wink.gif
05:57:03 Juan M. Valero: and other high degree at 18
05:57:20 kyldeee: that's weird
05:57:36 kyldeee: here it's 18 and 20 or was it 22
05:57:45 Batista: Well in our neighbour country Denmark it's 16 on alcohol, and I was on a soccer-cup there when I was 14 and I had a bet with a mate wether I could buy alcohol or not and I succeded.
05:57:46 Juan M. Valero: mmm
05:58:28 Batista: I bought beer there and won the bet, but the guy I bought from didn't even ask for ID
05:59:54 kyldeee: Yeah couple of years ago when I was still a minor it was easier to buy alcohol, but it's got stricken
06:00:36 Batista: That's good in my opinion
06:00:49 kyldeee: yeah definitely
06:01:46 Juan M. Valero: well, I'm not sure... forbidden is not always the best solution
06:02:10 Juan M. Valero: lick it happens with drugs
06:02:31 kyldeee: yeah I know what's you mean
06:02:38 Batista: Well beer is better than drugs I suppose
06:02:41 visi0n: Baaaaaaaaaaaack
06:02:50 Juan M. Valero: yeah, beer is better
06:02:58 visi0n: give beer
06:03:04 kyldeee: here
06:03:14 visi0n: and here
06:03:36 Batista: hahaha;P
06:03:37 visi0n: who wants to jam with me on msn ?
06:03:38 visi0n: lol
06:03:53 Juan M. Valero: I studied it (that's true I'm not joking !!) and 2 beers every day is good for your health
06:04:05 kyldeee: really
06:04:11 visi0n: if it stays at 2 beers
06:04:17 kyldeee: I'm geting one right now
06:04:19 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
06:04:22 Batista: Does the size of the beer has anything to say?tongue.gif
06:04:28 visi0n: hahaha
06:04:30 Batista: have*
06:04:34 Juan M. Valero: it's good for your heart and to fight against cardiovascular risk
06:04:36 visi0n: 2 x 5 L
06:04:41 Juan M. Valero: lol
06:04:43 Batista: haha lol
06:04:45 visi0n: biggrin.gif
06:04:49 kyldeee: that what I was thinkin
06:04:49 Juan M. Valero: 2 small beers !!!
06:04:57 Juan M. Valero: lol lol
06:05:09 visi0n: oke thats the same as 1 beer 10L ?
06:05:17 Juan M. Valero: or 2 cups of wine
06:05:28 visi0n: redwine they say
06:05:36 Juan M. Valero: 33 cl
06:05:43 Batista: In germany they got those big 10L cup's of beer I think? tongue.gif
06:05:53 visi0n: i dont know
06:05:56 kyldeee: yep they got everything
06:05:58 Juan M. Valero: yeah, red wine, and better if it's from Spain !!!
06:05:59 Juan M. Valero: lol
06:06:02 kyldeee: sausages and beer
06:06:07 visi0n: Bueno !!
06:06:10 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
06:06:17 Batista: biggrin.gif
06:06:41 visi0n: beer and girls
06:07:03 Batista: and guitar 0o
06:07:03 Juan M. Valero: and maube guitars :?
06:07:03 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
06:07:07 visi0n: yes
06:07:09 visi0n: lol
06:07:09 Juan M. Valero: *maybe
06:07:11 Batista: ^^
06:07:21 visi0n: well the guitar is after we played with the girl/s
06:07:28 kyldeee: of course
06:07:31 kyldeee: smile.gif
06:07:33 Juan M. Valero: hahahaha you nail it !!! XD
06:07:37 visi0n: hahahaha
06:07:48 Batista: hahaha
06:08:13 Juan M. Valero: red wine RULES
06:08:27 Batista: Pepsi and chocolate milk rules xD
06:08:38 visi0n: Chocalate and Milk !
06:08:41 kyldeee: I haven't drinked it that much but with food I think it's quite good
06:08:41 Juan M. Valero: hahahaha , what a crazy converstion about beer and red wine !! we are in a guitar site !!! biggrin.gif
06:08:49 visi0n: hahaha
06:08:49 kyldeee: haha
06:08:59 visi0n: well its a Guitar Master Beer Chat
06:09:08 visi0n: lol
06:09:10 Batista: And Pepsi and chocolate milk!
06:09:13 Batista: lol
06:09:14 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
06:09:17 kyldeee: right
06:09:20 Juan M. Valero: let's talk about Steve Vai, Petrucci and the typical topics XD
06:09:26 visi0n: yeahh
06:09:33 visi0n: im gonna see Satriani 2 times This year
06:09:34 visi0n: woohoo
06:09:39 visi0n: and 28th februari Joe Stump
06:09:40 Batista: Have any of you heard of Jade Puget? ^^
06:09:53 visi0n: nope
06:09:58 kyldeee: can't say I have
06:10:11 Batista: The guitarist in AFI
06:10:16 Batista: Strongly underrated
06:11:04 visi0n: i like petrucci his playing so much
06:11:27 Juan M. Valero: yeah, is a great player
06:11:33 kyldeee: Knopfler is coming to Helsinki in April and I'm so going to be there
06:11:39 Batista: I like Jade Puget :?
06:11:43 Batista: lol
06:11:47 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
06:11:55 visi0n: he went 2 times here .. sad.gif and i didnt knew
06:12:04 Juan M. Valero: Oh, my girl is in the house !!!
06:12:15 Batista: Quickly! Hide Juan!
06:12:20 visi0n: quick !!!! hide the GUITA
06:12:22 visi0n: R
06:12:29 visi0n: throw it out of the windows
06:12:34 Batista: And Juan so we can continue talk to him!
06:12:35 visi0n: window* lol
06:12:37 kyldeee: the girl or the guitar
06:12:41 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
06:12:46 Batista: Juan! Throw yourself out the window! tongue.gif
06:12:47 visi0n: euhmm let me edit my post
06:12:54 visi0n: throw your girl out of the window
06:12:57 kyldeee: haha
06:12:58 kyldeee: biggrin.gif
06:12:59 Batista: lol
06:12:59 visi0n: hahaha
06:13:00 chast: hi ekkie biggrin.gif
06:13:07 visi0n: lol scheiße
06:13:08 visi0n: biggrin.gif
06:13:11 chast: biggrin.gif
06:13:11 Batista: yo chast
06:13:16 visi0n: piemol smile.gif
06:13:21 chast: tieten
06:13:23 visi0n: hahaha
06:13:24 Batista: jeg har det bare bra .. hva med dere?
06:13:31 chast: oO
06:13:38 chast: i only understand dutch
06:13:39 chast: ;D
06:13:50 chast: vision teaches me
06:13:51 Batista: I certainly don't! tongue.gif
06:13:59 visi0n: Juan estas ahi
06:14:02 Batista: Was is los? Is that correct?
06:14:08 visi0n: Was ist losch
06:14:12 chast: ist
06:14:14 visi0n: das ist Deutsch
06:14:14 chast: ^^
06:14:15 visi0n: not dutch
06:14:29 visi0n: tongue.gif
06:14:32 Batista: xP
06:14:42 Batista: I know some frases of spanish too
06:14:52 visi0n: gehe
06:14:53 Batista: Yo me llamo Batista
06:15:03 Batista: And I can count to ten on spanish xP
06:15:08 visi0n: im learning spanish from luciana tongue.gif
06:15:16 Batista: Cool lol
06:15:19 kyldeee: I'm gonna go have some cup of coffee, I'll be right back
06:15:25 visi0n: my teacher haha
06:15:27 Batista: Gonna miss you
06:15:36 Juan M. Valero: hahaha
06:15:40 visi0n: yeaaaah petrucci solo (8)
06:15:54 Juan M. Valero: well I must say goodbye guys !!
06:16:01 visi0n: oke im off too
06:16:02 chast: cu juan
06:16:03 visi0n: see you Juan
06:16:05 Batista: Cya=)
06:16:06 chast: no ekkie
06:16:08 chast: you cant do that
06:16:10 Juan M. Valero: hasta luego !!! (another spanish sentence)
06:16:15 visi0n: hasta luego wink.gif
06:16:16 Batista: Adios amigo
06:16:19 Juan M. Valero: hehe
06:16:24 visi0n: geheh
06:16:24 Juan M. Valero: wonderful !!
06:16:46 Juan M. Valero: ciao... ouch, that's not spanish lol
06:16:47 Batista: Hasta la vista baby!
06:16:50 Juan M. Valero: hahaha
06:16:52 Batista: lol:P
06:16:55 Juan M. Valero: that's great !!!
06:17:02 visi0n: juan
06:17:08 Juan M. Valero: Adeu !!! (that's in catalan)
06:17:10 visi0n: a que hora youre back ?
06:17:18 Batista: I gotta show you that I can count to ten sometime in spanish Juan ^^
06:17:52 Juan M. Valero: uff, I don't know... I have some classes and I'm playing with the orchestra today
06:17:59 Batista: Have fun Juan
06:18:03 visi0n: see you
06:18:30 Juan M. Valero: well I think I don't play something but I need to go tongue.gif
06:18:39 visi0n: well GO biggrin.gif see you
06:18:46 Juan M. Valero: so see you !!!
06:18:49 Juan M. Valero: biggrin.gif
06:18:54 Batista: see you
06:19:05 visi0n: im off too guys ..
06:19:12 Batista: FU >_<
06:19:17 chast: no ekkie
06:19:19 chast: you arent
06:19:22 visi0n: need to do some works .. and go to local shop trying some guitars out
06:19:28 visi0n: tongue.gif
06:19:36 Batista: So ur own aren't good for you anymore? shame on you!
06:19:53 visi0n: not that, i just want to try out many guitars
06:19:57 visi0n: because i want a new guitar
06:20:25 Batista: You think ur parents are trying out new sons sometimes? Because they want a new? Don't think so!
06:20:50 visi0n: hahahaha
06:20:54 visi0n: you nailed it
06:21:13 chast: well i go aswell tongue.gif
06:21:18 chast: need some sleep
06:21:20 chast: cya
06:21:22 Batista: They've been loyal to you since the day you were borned. Just imagine how you would feel if they used you like that!
06:21:26 Batista: Damn you americans! tongue.gif
06:21:27 Batista: cya
06:21:29 Batista: have fun lol
06:22:08 Batista: Well im out of here too then .. Hope you find some fucking new guitars so you can ditch the shit you have then! MF! tongue.gif
06:22:10 visi0n: what the... its 12 o clock here
06:22:17 visi0n: biggrin.gif
06:22:21 visi0n: see you man;)
06:22:25 Batista: nah just kidding ... have fun lol
06:22:26 Batista: cya
06:22:31 visi0n: cya wink.gif
06:49:13 Staples: Awesome. Only one.

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Juan M. Valero
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Ouch I had forgotten it !!!! laugh.gif
It was the 1st time that I entered to the Chat, I need to enter again tongue.gif but now I'm a bit busy !!! thanks guys for this good time smile.gif

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